Days Of Our Lives Spoilers From April 19 & 20.

New allies, old games.

Realizing that they are losing their livelihoods, EJ and Kate attempt to confront Stefano. She begs for forgiveness. He dumps her like trash. Elvis doesn’t get treated much better. He’s desperate to know why his papa is treating him like a leper. Stefano will not explain, but when he is alone, takes out the letter from Alice and admits to himself that EJ is not his son. Meanwhile, Elvis mopes around and runs into Sami. He offers to help her out at CW, but after she hears that he’s on the outs with Stefano, she turns him down. He mopes away from her and bumps into Nicole. As he does some more begging, Sami bumps into Austin who yammers about getting his marriage back together with Carrie. He has no idea that his wife has been having erotic dreams about Hernandez. She tips Rafe off and he gets hungry to confess that he is not Nicole’s baby’s daddy.

Ian shocks Madison by offering her a divorce. She assumes there must be a catch but he says he just wants her to be a happy camper. She jogs off to fill in Brady. They have celebratory sex and start planning the wedding. Meanwhile, Ian spends some time with Kate. She cries to him about her imploding marriage. He reveals that his marriage is over too, and that means that they can be together. Lucas walks in on this scene and suddenly the abrupt end to her marriage makes sense. He vaguely recalls Ian from his childhood. Ian calls Brady and Madison over to announce that he is appointing Kate Co-CEO of Mad World so that they can go head to head against Sami and Stefano.

Gabi’s been losing her handle on reality lately. It doesn’t help when Will breaks the news that he’s gay. She blames herself so he has to tell her how these things really work. Gabi doesn’t spend much time trying to get her head around it because her mind has already wandered back into obsessing over Chad. She asks Will for help tearing him away from Mel.

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  20 responses so far...

  1. From patsy

    I could see Rafe and Nicole posiable together and it might work if they get to know each other befor falling in love or lust what ever you call it But Rafe and Carrie DISGUSTIBNG .i DONT SEE HOW THE FAMILE could like that at all Well m aybe Marlena because she gave Carrie her blessing to go after her sisters husband

  2. From Grandma Judy

    I voted above that I don’t want to think about it, because I just plain don’t like Rafe and Carrie together. I loved Rafe and Sami! But I’m liking Rafe and Nicole, even though they’re lying about Rafe fathering her baby. I enjoy how he is looking out for her and how much she appreciates it, since she says nobody has ever treated her this well before.

  3. From dc

    well, from what i am reading carrie is gonna be gone soon along with austin, jack and madison.
    i can see jack, carrie and austin leaving but madison, i thought her and brady were gonna finally get to be together.. jack will probably go off on another assignment, and austin and carrie will probably go back to there old jobs (out of the country).. if madison goes will brady be far
    behind, after all that will leave him with no one..
    glad abby has someone now (cameron).

    nicole and ej will probably get back together (eventually)..
    abe will go to pieces when lexie dies (she is suppose to leave in une).
    love that abby has got a new love interest. cameron is HOT

  4. From Lisa

    UGH..Ej stop begging MOVE ON please as a fan of your character i don’t like that at all, it is boring and pathetic..STOP IT !

  5. From Grandma Judy

    DICK CLARK REST IN PEACE!! I loved American Bandstand and the many years of your New Year’s Rockin’ Eve!! You are one of the greats!!

  6. From Guest_23

    Love reading everyone’s comments. Days has been up & down for me lately. Hopefully with the new writers storylines will get better. This is off topic, but I’ve been guilty of reading Fifty Shades. Aside from the graphic details and so-so writing, I really was drawn to the romance and love story (one of the reasons I started watching Days as a teenager). Anyway, the whole time I was reading it, I was picturing EJ aka James Scott as the main character Christian Grey. James is definitely easy on the eyes =) I can’t believe they’re going to turn the book into a movie, wonder what rating (R or NC-17) it will get and who will be the actors… Anyhow just wanted to say that. Hope there will be more romance and good stories on Days. Thanks!

  7. From Lynne

    Carrie’s attitude has bugged me lately but I did want to see them together. I don’t think its going to happen since Rafe is sticking around and Austin and Carrie are out. Rafe and Nicole may be interesting but I think EJ and Nicole together are better.

  8. From DM

    I got use to Rafe and Sami being married now I can’t and don’t want to imagine him with anyone else least of all Nicole.

  9. From Missy

    I hate Rafe/Carrie. Rafe’s character is changing for the worse, and I have never liked Carrie, always acting better than thou when she has plenty of skeletons in her closet! Carrie is boring boring boring!

  10. From Laura

    I can’t stand Carrie and Rafe together. I also can’t stand Rafe and Nicole together.

    So – Rafe can’t forgive Sami’s one night of grief sex since he can’t stand cheating. But he wants Carrie – didn’t she cheat on Mike with Austin? And Lucas with Austin (or was that just a kiss). I would think he would be worried that she would eventually cheat on him with Austin (again).

    And I don’t understand him and Nicole. The woman who switched his stepdaugther at birth and tried to keep her. I would think that because of what she did, he would want nothing to do with her.

    As bad or messed up as Sami is, I think there are characters who are in many ways worse. I used to want Same and Rafe back together, but I think Sami should never want to speak to him again after wanting his sister and helping Nicole.

  11. From Kat

    10 Laura, you have some really good comments there, however I would add, and why would Nicole want Rafe, he has been nothing but a mean b…… towards her in the past, and yes she switched babies, but he helped keep a baby from her bio Dad (Grace).
    But you got the Carrie thing down real good, She is a Big cheat, but Carrie does not get it,
    Sami knows what she did……
    Give me a break, after twenty years on and off with Austin, she does need more time think, to have or not a baby…..
    Austin, dump her, while you still are young enough to start a whole new life.

  12. From Amanda D

    I am liking the EJ/Kate/Stefano storyline, tho Kate going from Queen Beeotch to sniffling sniveling little girl is hard to believe (will someone PA-LEESE get that necklace out of her cleavage soon, it is very distracting and no self respecting woman would wear that hooker outfit anyways even if life is crumbling at her feet)

    Please give up on Rafe & Carrie ~ I agree with the person above who said Carrie is “boring boring boring” – I’ve been thinking the same thing for like 15+ years now….

  13. From Grandma Judy

    Nicole and Rafe had no use for each other in the past but what EJ and Sami did is what made Nicole and Rafe bond. Both in the same pain for the same reason and now he is helping her with what she wants to do, keep her baby a secret from EJ. She is in awe of how he went out on a limb to claim he is the baby’s father. I kind of like them together, same as I saw a spark between them a long time ago when Rafe was pretending to come on to her when he wanted that tape. That incident is long ago behind them and now they are on the same mission together. I would still prefer to have Rafe and Sami get back together but I can go with Rafe/Nicole in the meantime. And, we know things change so fast on the show that this really is only in the “meantime”.

    I’m happy Carrie and Austin are leaving Salem!! Hope Austin eventually stops apologizing to her all the time!! How about telling her “get lost honey, I’ve had it!”

  14. From Kat

    Nothing New and Heroic about Rafe, helping a woman -Sami- and now Nicole, keep a baby secret from the bio Father.
    As a matter of fact, this is just a repeat performance, and what limb is he really on. In his Mind, he is sitting in a big old Oak Tree, Rafe is ruled by Arrogance in so many ways.

  15. From Grandma Judy

    Guess as long as Nicole is in awe of what Rafe’s doing, like she said yesterday, that’s all that matters between them right now. I have never seen arrogance in Rafe. Pretty hard to match the arrogance that comes out of EJ! To each his own. . . .

  16. From Kat

    Just have a feeling that the Awe Nicole is in, will not last to long. She does love EJ, and will sure prove that one sooner or later….
    I agree that EJ can be very arrogant, but please, don’t anybody say, that Rafe IS Not.

    And, it is not all that matters right now, the baby’s rights are being trashed all over right now,but what else is new in Salem.
    Babies are just pawns to be used by the adults, to make themselves feel better for what ever reason.
    Nicole and Rafe, both for their own reasons, are using this pregnancy to get revenge on EJ.
    Pretty simple to me, but that’s Me.

  17. From Lori

    I dont like carrie , I think Sammi and EJ will be a couple, since Sami has teamed up with Steph. I REALLY dont like madison, shes a liar and a cheat. she gets on my nerves. Raffe would be better off with a nicer woman. And what about Ej not being Stephs son? who is his father then?

  18. From Lori

    Sammi and Ej as a couple, and who is EJ’s father then? get ride of Madsion and Carrie a total drag

  19. From toni

    I have been thinking for a long time that somehow princess Gina and the pawn are ej’s parents. Rafe is being a hypocrite. Carrie is very boring. Can’t believe Rafe really thinks it is ok to be lusting after his sis n law.

  20. From Lifestar

    I simply cannot believe some people say that Rafe and Nicole could be a good couple! Their characters are totally opposite of each other. Rafe has moral, ethics, conscience, etc. while Nicole is way off on these concepts and characteristics! Rafe and Nicole cannot and will not be together. Besides, they do not look good together. They have no chemistry together!

    On the other hand, Rafe and Carrie belong together. The truth is Rafe and Sami’s marriage already has a lot of problems before Carrie felt for Rafe and Rafe Felt for Carrie. So, it is not accurate for people to say that she is going after her sister’s husband! It is also not Carrie’s own fault to have feelings for Rafe although Austin doesn’t deserve to be dumped by Carrie. However, Carrie has to follow her heart and she needs to allow herself and Rafe to find happiness and true love together just like Marlena and John and Melanie and Chad, etc.!

    Yes, Carrie and Rafe belong together and they are soul mate. Rafe and Carrie are a much better match than Rafe and Sami!

    So, Carrie has to stay in the show just to attract the Carrie and Rafe fans and to show fans that true love has a place in life after they fought so hard and long to reveal each other how they feel about each other at the safe house!

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