General Hospital Spoilers For April 30-May 4.

Your own worst enemy.

Sonny is still trying to swallow what Kate did and Jason is still clueless about the whole situation. Stone Cold goes to see Sam, who has been bonding with Carly. If he wasn’t already confused about being the uncle/father to his dead twin’s child then that would have done the trick. She returns to work and ends up in danger at a motel.

Olivia interrupts Connie when she’s in the middle of robbing Kate. Will Liv catch on? Connie runs off to see Johnny. In spite of his suggestions, she has no desire to back off on her war against the people of Port Charles. Women keep showing up at his place. Starr is next. She distracts him with tears and then steals something before running off. She turns to Sonny to get revenge while Connie’s busy trying to flee the country. Meanwhile, Carly starts to get the goods on her and Johnny has some disturbing information about Starr for Michael.

When Dante goes looking for Lulu, he winds up fighting it out with Ronnie. Dante has to turn to Delores for her help. That’s not enough so he also enlists McBain and they burst into the Haunted Starr. Meanwhile, Maggie continues to get on Heather’s nasty side when the plucky pediatrician sticks her galoshes in her gob. And Maxie begs Spinelli to keep who killed Lisa a secret for Matt’s sake. He agrees to do what she wants, but she winds up with some startling news.

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