General Hospital Weekly Summary For April 16-20.

Laying blame.

Sonny warned his son to stay away from Starr. Michael asked Starr if she was using him. She claimed not. Across town, Jason went to see Kate as she was in the middle of a meltdown. He didn’t know what to do so he called his boss. Sonny refused to think there was anything wrong. Kate ran off to vent to Ewen. He thought it was time she was committed. She agreed but wanted to break the news to Sonny. A verdict came in for his trial before she could. He was found not guilty. Johnny was not amused. Carly asked him if he framed her ex. He was offended. They argued and made out. Meanwhile, Michael planted the idea that Johnny killed Cole in Starr’s head. She just wanted to leave town but went to see Johnny instead. He badmouthed Sonny and offered her a recording deal as well as a chance to see Sonny go down. She took the offer. Later, the cops confronted him about possibly being involved in an organ trading scheme. He had a fit.

Olivia continued trying to get rid of Heather without much luck. She turned to Sonny, asking him to make Johnny back off of Steve. She also lashed out at Kate, which riled up Connie, who nearly lamped her. She took over control and started to scheme as she planned Sonny’s birthday party. Olivia dropped in on Steve to tell him Johnny wouldn’t be a problem for long. Steve had enough to deal with thanks to Heather, who nearly got into a brawl with Maggie and then started playing head games with Ewen.

Sam got the paternity results and went to meet McBain. They talked about her problems and she looked at the results, which revealed that Franco was the father. She went home and told Jason that he was really Franco’s twin and that the baby was his brother’s. He was furious that she’d been keeping things from him. Meanwhile, McBain was outraged that Sonny got off again. Anna told him he had two months to dig up something new on the guy or to leave it alone.

Delores’ fellow cops laid out their case against her husband, Eddie. She wasn’t happy about it and blamed Lulu. When Johnny stopped by, Delores took him aside and told him to keep his end of their deal. Dante had his doubts about Eddie’s guilt and so did Lulu. She admitted to her dad that she thought Ronnie was the culprit. And Spinelli told Matt that he believed Patrick killed Lisa. The doctor refused to believe that so Spinelli started suspecting him.

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