General Hospital Weekly Summary For April 23-27.

Shocked and confused.

As Carly admitted to Luke that she had feelings for Johnny, Kate showed up at Johnny’s after trashing Sonny’s cake. She called the mob boss over so he could catch her with his rival. That worked. Sonny was furious. Johnny taunted him and Carly arrived as Sonny stormed off. Johnny tried to explain. Carly was even more shocked that he kept calling Kate ‘Connie’. After Johnny yelled at Connie, Kate returned and freaked out. He started having regrets too. Carly ran over to Sonny’s and tried pulling him into bed. He stopped her, insisting that he loved Kate. They both tried to figure out what she was up to.

Kate wanted to explain herself to Sonny but she ran into Ewen first. He thought she needed to be committed before Connie could come back. She became distraught and knocked him out. Meanwhile, Matt told Patrick that Spinelli suspected them in Lisa’s death. Both doctors insisted on their innocence. Patrick continued to mope. Liz tried to cheer him up and then ran into Spinelli, who shared his suspicions with her. They found Ewen unconscious. Spin went over to the court house. He told Maxie about his suspicions. She refused to let him make them public, but admitted she saw Matt kill Lisa. As the trial started, Felicia showed up.

McBain dropped by Sonny’s with a warrant. After looking around, he left behind an article about his dead sister behind. After he left, Jason heard about his visit and was livid. He ran around town and began ranting to Liz. He told her what had happened and she insisted he could still be a father to the baby. He went off to find Sam, who had just had another secretive discussion with McBain. She admitted that McBain helped her get the test results. This made him furious.

Tracy failed to trick Anthony into signing divorce papers. She tried looping Luke in to help. He ended up stopping her from poisoning her husband. Meanwhile, Dante started to worry about Lulu disappearing. Little did he know that Ronnie had her. And Olivia asked Sonny to get Johnny off Steve’s back. When she went to the station, she learned the doctor was going to be arrested for dealing organs. She ran off to Dante and asked for his help. Heather eavesdropped on Olivia spilling all of the details about Maggie and everything else.

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