McPherson and Thomas Out As Head Writers Of Days Of Our Lives. (Updated.)

Another new direction.

Updated: April 6.

New Head Writers Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell will be joined by Lorraine Broderick to reshape “DOOL.” Broderick, who was a protegee of Agnes Nixon, formerly worked on “All My Children” for a dozen years and was a breakdown writer for “One Life To Live.” She also worked on “DOOL” as Head Writer in 1999 but was fired less than a month later.

Original article: April 4.

Soap Opera Digest has reported that Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr. Have been let go as the writers of “DOOL.” They are being replaced by former Co-Executive Producer and one-time Co-Head Writer Gary Tomlin and former Co-Head Writer Christopher Whitesell.

“Passions” vets McPherson and Thomas Jr. joined the series last May and saw the show through its large revamping last fall. McPherson tweeted, “Thank you DOOL fans. You are the best and we love you! NBC never let us tell our stories. They kept stopping us and changing our direction. Sad.”

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  1. From Sistah Tru

    So NBC wouldn’t let you tell your stories, eh? How about stop rehashing the same BS year after year?! More secret DiMera spawns? Gina & John are back? Will’s & Justin are pillow biters? Damn! No wonders soaps are being cancelled left & right!

  2. From Precious

    Here we go again…God only knows where this soap opera is heading this time, or how many of our favorites will get the axe every time they decide on a change…:(

  3. From Kaitlin

    They just better not axe the latest arrivals. Marlena, John, Lucas – they all HAVE to stay.
    I hope Will’s storyline still continues so well.

  4. From Nikki

    I for one hope Will’s story does not continue because it is ruining the show. There is a reason ratings have gone down!!! So many of my friends have stopped watching since the Will storyline!!. I sooo miss the old Days…sigh!

  5. From Daysgal

    Kaitlan, I hope they continue Will’s great story too!

  6. From jimmy

    Go Will. Love what they are doing and hope new writers continue. The story is real and true and not rushed. Many of my friends are watching now. Im a true fan started at 6 and am now 42. I stayed home from school for many events before we owned a VCR :) Oh and Hope and John story should have carried on with them pretending to be Princess G and Pawn and not told us. That would have been a good Summer story for sure

  7. From Chloe

    How about bringing Shawn D and Belle back? Stop splitting up the couples

  8. From Cindy

    The man who plays Will is one of the best actors on the show right now. I hope he is allowed to continue. I agree with Jimmy that Will’s story is very real and heartbreaking and hopeful. It should help attract new viewers as us old-timers die out. :-) I have been watching with my mom since I was very young.

  9. From Austin_Dentist

    Aw, I really felt Days was getting back on track after the mess of the last few years. Hopefully they continue to spotlight the relationship of Will and Marlena – those are two amazing actors!

  10. From Jerri

    I don’t like where they went with the Will story line and know I won’t like what they’re planning for the Abby and Lexie’s half brother. I’ve been watching for almost 45 years.

  11. From Lynne

    Its really hard to follow the show when this happens. They drop story lines like they are nothing. Nothing makes sense. I do hate that its the same old stuff year after year. Hate the Sami show. So tired of John and Princess Gina. I want to fast forward every time they come on. Love the actor that plays Will. He is amazing. Whatever they do with him, I just hope they use him. He is a great actor. I hope they keep the old characters and not fire everyone. Same actors but better story lines please!

  12. From CM

    Will was straight…now he’s gay…maybe the new writers will make him bi…or better yet, a transvestite. Kayla, one of the most popular characters ever, returns…apparently just to clean tables. I guess when Shane returns it will be to feed the birds in Salem Place for a couple days a month on-screen. No…we want John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, Jack/Jennifer, Shane/Kim, and (if only) Steve/Kayla…and we want them having adventure and intrigue in the storylines. The new writers could just put in tapes of Days from 1985 to 1990. THAT is what got me hooked on this show…and I miss it. So many soaps have gone away, if Days would only have decent storylines, the audience would be there…if for no other reason than by default.

  13. From Jerri L

    I would love for Days to go back to way they were in the 80′s. The best storylines. I was home one day from school and watched with my grandmother. Never stopped watching except for the Marlena/Satan storyline. Would love to see Kim and Shane back on in the main story. They were the reason I became a faithful viewer. Please bring back our 80′s Days.

  14. From Lucy

    I like the Will story line only because it plays out the turmoil that must happen, I do hope he is not gay tho. I hate Sami-story, John/Gina story. I watched this show with my late mother when I was 10, I am now 56, and have NEVER been so tempted to totally QUIT the show. It really stinks. I also don’t want Billie and Bo back, I liked them in the past but am sick of the Bo/Hope/fill in the blank ‘other woman’ recycled story lines. I like Kate and Stphano, so don’t break this up!!!

  15. From Travis

    Chandler Massey, I agree, is one of the best actors on Days and the storyline with Will and his coming out is great. Will is one of the most interesting characters and the kind of character I really wanted to see on Days a decade ago. Nevertheless, it’s wonderful to see now and I’m sure is a comfort to those teenagers who are struggling and in the process of coming out.


  16. From Travis

    Some advice for the new writers regarding dialogue:

    Stefano should not ever be called a “bastard” or a “son of a bitch” again. Think of clever ways for John, Marlena, Bo and Hope to insult him.

    Do not allow thecharacters(especially the more formally educated ones) to misuse the word “like” when they really mean “as if” or “such as”.

    Younger characters from upper middle-class families in the middle west should never say “sucks” or “cool”.

    Avoid the use of the word “mole”…permanently! Despite the intent, it just doesn’t sound right.

    Best of luck!


  17. From Brenda

    I too loved the stories from the 80′s but the power couples from then are really too old to be believable or affective . Alas those days are gone and apparently any believable-ist story also. I do love the old actors that were brought back. Hopefully we will get some good stories. I loved seeing Caroline Brady again. Thank God she has older great-grandchildren to watch. They at least are potty trained.

  18. From Sistah Tru Needs to Grow Up

    Sistah Tru…

    I feel by your screen name alone, you have bitten a few pillows in your time as well!

  19. From Dee

    Why is it Sami always gets the guys? Rafe, EJ and probably now Lucas. I wish they would give Lucas his own love interest for a change. This poor guy has never had anyone in all these years! His mother paid Nicole to marry him; chloe cheated on him and Sami (ugh). I am not a fan of Marlena’s – she always comes off very pompous (as she does in real life as well. Kayla? Are you kidding me? What is her purpose except to wipe tables and butt into other people’s lives and play God. Sonny’s parents have more of a right to be there than her. She’s a total bore. Carrie? Boring..and Austin sounds so feminine! They need more new blood on the show. They need to bring back crazy Susan for one. I’m tired of the same old stupid stories and the DiMera’s and their tricks and then EJ and Sami falling into each other’s beds. And what happened to Caroline Maggie and Victor? They also need Doug and Julie to open the old cabaret Doug’s Place that they used to own. They have to have some older actors for a sense of community and advice. John and Marlena can’t act period. It’s the stupid expression John makes and the holier than thou attitude marlena that turn me off. And now Madison leaving? So then what happens to Brady? He too chases after Nicole along with Rafe and Ej? GET SOME REAL ACTORS ON THE SHOW ALREADY.

  20. From Scott M.

    —Tired worn out scripts and actors who are not believable or to be honest very talented, this is the Days of someone’s lives but not ours. A small coastal town that for some reason attracts international criminals who openly conduct their business on well travelled piers and they get by with the same things over and over by people who are obviously so stupid or blind that they can’t see the bad guys standing not five feet away from them.
    Very lame storylines and impotent actors…

  21. From Tanya

    I understand that these people have a life and need to persue other things, but do we really need to lose everyone at the same time. And the writers have done so well with this show all these years. I feel all these changes and new people will be the end of the show for me. If all my favorites are gone, I will no longer watch the show.

  22. From Kathy

    My heart is saddened and disgusted since the scene with Will and Sonny. I will no longer be a fan of Days. I have watched the show since the 60s. The writing has gone down hill in the last few months. I kept waiting for it to get better but that hasn’t happened. Alot of my friends have also stopped watching even before I did. Old habits die hard but this one wil be easy. I guess after all the revamping, which definitely has not worked, Days will be leaving the air also.

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