Renee Jones Exits From Days Of Our Lives.


Veteran Daytime actress Renee Jones (Lexi) will be leaving the cast of “Days Of Our Lives” this summer. The 53 year old announced to TV Guide that she is heading for retirement. She explained that she’s tired of acting, wants to pursue her other interests and simply enjoy life. Jones originally joined the cast of “Days” in 1993. Previous to that, she had roles on “Santa Barbara,” “Knots Landing,” “LA Law” and more than a dozen other shows.

Look for her to exit on June 20.

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  1. From dc

    well, if renee (aka lexie) is retiring are they gonna replace her? i guess the brain tumor will kill her off, and if that is so they may not replace her. what will happen to abe and theo?
    lots of questions to be answered before june..
    good luck renee. enjoy your retirement..

  2. From jenn

    I am so sad to hear this news. At least it’s because of her terms and not the show’s decision. Renee, I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

  3. From Sista_Tru

    If she wants a job behind the camera, Popeye’s is looking for a spokesperson. Good luck, gurl!

  4. From Faye

    I will miss Ms. Renee (lexie). She has been on Days for a long time. I wander are they going to replace her? Good luck on your retirement.

  5. From cw81

    She has unfortunately been more of a secondary character. Good luck in your future endeavors Renee!

  6. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    Hot damn! Renee Jones does not look like a 53 year old woman. I thought she was in her early 40′s at least. I wish her all the very best.

  7. From Evelyn

    I am totally shocked to be hearing this! Renee leaving? Lexie dying? I know that Days tricked us all before on this sort of thing (remember when Tek and Lexie had the car accident during the time when she was cheating on Abe with Tek?); however, now they’re saying that she’s leaving for good! What, are they thinking about pairing up nuCeleste and Abe, just like they had other Celeste and Abe together during the time that Lexie and Tek had disappeared? Tek was never seen again on top of that! Well, I must say that I will miss Renee on Days; like a beautiful angel she glides across the Days set; very graceful and, to me, she looks like she’s 39; maybe younger; she does NOT look 53;she looks like a model; that’s better than me and I’m younger! Good luck in whatever she wants to do; now how’s about Princess Greta (Princess Gina’s daughter) returning and it being revealed that she’s Stefano’s daughter, since the whole Gina thing has been rehashed? They never said anything, and I would bet that she’d be mad if she knew that Stefano is using Hope to steal art and using her mother’s name to do it, as she’d want Gina to RIP!

  8. From Evelyn

    I must say that I am in shock over this whole thing! Renee? I know that Days has tried to trick us all before in the Tek/Lexie car accident that took place when she was cheating on Abe with Tek, but now, they’re saying that Lexie is going to die and never come back and Abe could be paired up with nuCeleste? Well, good luck to Renee in whatever she chooses to do and I will miss her on the show. Where will Abe be without that beautiful, graceful angelic Lexie?

  9. From pattypat

    So sad to hear that Renee will be leaving the show. I do not like to hear that Abe be paird up with Chleste. No, No, No. good Luck to Renee.

  10. From CM

    Wow…I can’t believe she’s 53…she’s a gorgeous woman that looks 10 years younger than that. She was always too hot to be Abe’s wife. But good for her on retiring and doing what she wants. I hope they don’t re-cast the role…watching her play emotional scenes with Lexie passing away would be very Emmy worthy. Maybe make up for the crazy mess of her leaving Abe because he switched some debate questions. That made no sense at all…esp from a woman that at one time slept with Abe’s son LOL.

  11. From Deborah

    I hate to see Renee go. She is one of the best actresses on television!

  12. From Linda

    Sad to hear that Renee will be leaving the show. She’s a beautiful woman and DOL won’t be the same without her, she will surely be missed by all. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it!

  13. From betty

    Sad to she her go, but I wish her all the best in her retirement years. Enjoy the rest of your life.

  14. From Legena

    Sorry to see renee leave the show, If her character dies it is going to distory her father it will either kill him or make him meaner than ever. I know it will distory abe and theo.

  15. From James

    I really hate to see Lexie leave!! She is my favorite’s Renee is such a beautiful and talented actress. She always put’s so much into her scenes and she will be greatly missed. Best of luck to you Renee!!!!!!

  16. From Ce Ce Days

    Good luck Renee and enjoy your retirement. I retired from county government this past September 2011. It’s great, and it makes the saying “We work to Live” so true. Enjoy!!!

  17. From elizabeth obrian

    i am so shocking to see lexie leaving on days. i will miss her so much. she is great actress on days for many years.

  18. From Butterflydiamond

    I’m going to miss Lexie. She is the one of the best Dool show. Hope she changes her mind and comes back but i doubt. Dool will never be the same without her.
    Lexie , I wish you all the best in your new life at home !

  19. From 1mikalicious1

    i am shocked and sad to hear that lovely renee jones is leaving days
    i followed her since she joined days in 1993,i will miss you renee,good luck in whatever you set
    out to do in your life,there’s only one lexie and i hope they don’t recast you.will always love you renee,good luck and god bless.

  20. From DOLvet

    I am so, so sad to see Lexie go. I have been watching Days since it was a spin off from The Doctors when my mom used to watch it back in 1960s (over 40 years ago). Renee much luck to you!! Take a vacation, but don’t leave TV entirely. You should be in the movies up there with Halle Barre.

  21. From Danielle

    53 years old? Damn, she looks good! That was more of a shock then her leaving! I’m gonna miss one of my fave characters, but happy for her!

  22. From Drew

    My thoughts…. allow Lexie to come forward to say she killed her father…since she is going to die …she won’t care to be blamed and it will be her way to save her friends since they were all traumatized by Stephano. A note will be placed her casket saying “I am sorry, please forgive me” with a name of the person who did it

  23. From Linda

    Well, I just saw Lexie die. Abe was great and so was Lexie. She talked about she needed to spend time with theo and I think he was on the show once since she found out about the tumor. Sometimes days writers have their heads up their ass and just don’t think. I have watched this show for 32 years and maybe missed 5 of them. I wonder what is going on in their heads sometimes. Oh well, sorry to see you go. I just hope Abe will remember he has a kid after the funeral. Or is he going to disappear? And we will hear from him when he turns 18 in a few months. Man, I have watched days for too long.

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