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From Lauren’s gun-pointing at Daisy on “Y&R” to LuLu’s kidnapping in Port Charles, it was kind of a volatile week in Daytime. Let’s see what the bloggers had to say about all the happenings on all the shows.

Deconstructing Days:

So EJ is not a DiMera, Lexi has just weeks to live, and Lucas got dumped over the phone. Meanwhile, Rafe is still aiming to steal Carrie from Austin without actually saying anything while Nicole proposed to EJ that they cut and run from Salem. At least Kate had a decent week with a rack of clothes brought in from her favorite designer a la “Pretty Woman.” Christine says, “I know it was supposed to be a kind gesture and flying in a designer is nothing to him but it was over-the-top. A red flaming flag waving tells me it’s all about control. I’m dismayed that she didn’t even protest a little bit. She went from one controlling man to another and her eggs are once again all in the same basket.” Read more at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

Restless Rant:

Neil continues to be a jerk as he pursues Harmony, Cane tries to make inroads with cold Genevieve and baby John got christened after Chelsea came through on the adoption. Of course, the biggest news of the week is that Phyllis is pregnant. Should be interesting as we have enjoyed watching her character evolve lately. Candace says, “Billy and Victoria asked Chloe and Kevin to be John’s godparents – just weird. Phyllis got nauseous at the sight of Jeffrey… and his seafood, and later discovered she is pregnant. This was an unexpected twist! The scenes between her and Nick keep surprising me – this new, mature approach is somewhat intriguing.” Read more at The Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.


B&B Breakdown:

It was all about Aspen last week as Hope, Liam and Steffy winged it to the snowy locale for fashion week. Of course, Bill is playing master manipulator behind the scenes in an almost rabid fashion. So basically the same plot we have been watching for months now. Candace says, “Between Steffy being watered down, Liam being the least dynamic object of love’s desire ever, and Hope’s annoying laughter, this trip to Aspen hasn’t started off looking too good. That said, the bit with Hope being chased by the paparazzi set to the Monkees’ tune, ‘Last Train to Clarksville’, was just cute enough to save Friday’s episode from being a complete dud. Let’s hope something extraordinary happens next week.” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.


GH Rundown:

A few mysteries were solved this week as it seems Ronnie is really the stripper stalker and Maxie admitted to Spinelli she saw Matt kill Lisa. Speaking of Maxie, we got to see a better side to her this week as she really opened up. Lori says, “Her scenes with Mac outside the courtroom were a highlight of the week. Her self-absorbed whining may have become tiresome, but Mac’s devastation over losing Georgie and Robin, and now facing his last living daughter Maxie going to prison has been heartbreaking. He was a willing and loving father to Georgie, Maxie and Robin when their biological dads couldn’t, or wouldn’t, be there for them, which we were nicely reminded of courtesy of his touching walk down memory lane with Anna.” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:

It was great watching Kate and Madison go head to head in s creaming match when Ian told them they would be working together, and it was almost amusing watching Carrie, a PI, still in the dark about Rafe and Nicole despite all of her eavesdropping. But the DiMera family had the most drama this week. Matt says, “Poor Lexi. One of the few people in Salem with half a brain and it’s killing itself. It was a sad, sad, sad week. In the wake of news of Lexi’s impending doom, everything started to feel like a wake, and not the Irish kind either. While Lexi’s brain was dying, she wasn’t the only loss the DiMeras were suffering. Stefano and Elvis proved once again that their greatest love scenes are with each other. As Tony observed many years ago, the only person EJ is truly capable of loving is Stefano.” Read more of Matt’s take at Matt’s Musings.

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