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While there were some hits and misses across the board this week, overall storylines seemed to be moving at a good pace, and new characters are injecting some much-needed life into others. Caroline’s arrival on “B&B” is giving everyone some variety from Hope while bringing emotions to the surface, to great effect with Ridge. Sam was dealt a blow on “GH” when she learned Franco is Jason’s brother, meaning that baby could very well be Franco’s after all. And while it is hard to figure out everyone’s motivations in the Beauty of Nature deal, it has been fun giving it a try. Read on for more insight’s into the last week in soaps.

Deconstructing Days:

There was a big shakeup behind the scenes in Salem last week as head writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr., were kicked to the curb after just months on the job.  Maybe this will bring more consistency to the storylines. For instance, Sami took Nicole and Rafe’s pregnancy relatively in stride (huh!?), Rafe is not who we thought he was and Sami’s feelings are all over the place. Even Gina’s accent seemed to come and go on a whim. However, Will’s coming out has been one of the best storylines across any soap in a while. Christine says, “While the reboot didn’t help with the show’s ratings, McPherson and Thomas are responsible for the Will coming out storyline, which has been a real work of art but the rest has had issues. I don’t know who is to blame and it’s a moot point by now. I hope to see more consistency behind the scenes which could do the show a world of good.” Read more at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

Restless Rant:

Poor baby Lucy is still in the middle of a custody mess, but Daniel was awarded custody this week, paving the way for Phyllis to hold her again. Victoria and Chloe’s relationship is interesting, but we can’t seem to get a handle on Victoria’s business sense. It was kind of nice to see Chelsea go off on her for her controlling ways – right before she went into labor in a frozen lake. Candace says, “The story of Genevieve and her company has taken some interesting turns, and made for some excellent scenes. The problem is, many viewers simply don’t care much who ends up with Beauty of Nature. I’m not sure who will wind up with the company, but my guess is that Jack has blown it by sounding off to Nikki. Things never seem to go his way – I’d think twice about the risky surgery if I were him! Victor will probably come out on top as usual, and will put Nicholas and Sharon in charge.” Read more at The Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.

B&B Breakdown:

Steffy’s back, and bolder than ever as evidenced by her ear-biting scene with Liam. And with the arrival of Caroline, pill-popping Hope certainly will have to work hard to outshine the others. Amber’s antics are cringe-worthy and will certainly blow up in her face, but her calling Brooke out for being just like her was great. Now we just need to know more about Caroline so we can begin to invest in her storylines. Candace says, “The arrival of the ‘new’ Caroline and the developing triangle, or quadrangle, with her, Rick, Amber, and Thomas, shows promise. I’d like to know more about her however. Is she edgy? Shrewd? Is she worldly or has she been sheltered? What gets her clock ticking? I can’t root for her with either of the guys until more is revealed. As for her time in the guesthouse with Ridge discussing her aunt, it was very moving. The flashbacks had me choked up, and it provided necessary background information on who the character was, and how her niece ties into things in L.A.” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:

Another good week for “GH”. Anna and John formed an alliance and Steve’s mom Heather returned to to town. Meanwhile, Connie was acting a little crazy, calling herself Kate. At least now we know why Franco has been obsessed with Jason, even if Sam doesn’t think he should know. That probably won’t end well. Lori says, “It’s a little ridiculous that history has been changed – Susan Moore unknowingly gave birth to both Jason and Franco – but in the world of soaps, it is sort of acceptable. History is rewritten all the time on a soap. Often, to great results. And it’s not the first time Heather has sold a baby, so it totally fits her character. Not to mention, it makes Franco’s obsession with Jason more understandable. It’s not clear why he didn’t tell him they were brothers in the first place, but Franco’s extreme interest in Stone Cold, that strangely seemed more sexual than brotherly, makes more sense. ” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:

Storylines are still not adding up in Salem, but things are moving along quickly so maybe that could change at any moment. One thing we can be pretty sure of: With Lexi’s tumor and the announcement she is leaving the show coming at the same time, we can be sure sad times are ahead for Abe, Celeste and crew. Meanwhile, Austin is suddenly pressuring Carrie for kids, Kate is kissing Ian, and Sami treated Carrie like garbage after hearing about Rafe and Nicole’s pregnancy. Of course she was so upset she begged Lucas to stay to resolve her feelings. Matt says, “The latest adventures of EJ’s magical sperm hit a bit of a roadblock this week. Rafe stepped up to claim that his guys outswam EJ’s. Elvis refused to believe it and dragged them to the hospital for tests. It was too early for Nicole to get a paternity test. Surprisingly, EJ didn’t force them to have the VD tests he’d suggested a few weeks ago. He stormed off to tell Sami all the gossip while Rafe was left with Nicole so they could pretend that they weren’t recycling a script they’ve both read before.” Read more of Matt’s take at Matt’s Musings.

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