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Major storylines got a bit of a boost this week as Sonny’s trial commenced on “GH”, Hope revealed her addiction to Liam on “B&B”, Gen and Jack winged it to Vegas for their wedding on “Y&R” and Hope and John finally made it back to Salem and their loved ones on “Days,” which should hopefully all dovetail into an exciting week this week across the board. Read on for more insight’s into the last week in soaps.

Deconstructing Days:

Where to begin? Behind the scenes Matthew Ashford (Jack), Sarah Brown (Madison), Christie Clark (Carrie) and Patrick Muldoon (Austin) were given the ax this week, which is only the beginning of some more big changes coming down the line. It seems like ending relationships is the name of the game lately, and Kate and Stefano seem to be the latest casualty. Meanwhile, EJ and Sami kiss to prove they have no chemistry. Right. These two have more chemistry than anyone, but have never had the opportunity to have it be more than that. And Lexi’s illness seems to be getting short shrift by having new characters come on the scene. At least we can enjoy Melanie and Chad burning up the sheets. Christine says, “Chelanie’s chemistry burned up the screen once again. These two are slowly becoming my fave couple which I hope doesn’t spell doom considering the music playing while unbalanced Gabi tore up their photo into a million little pieces.” Read more at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

Restless Rant:

Things really ramped up this week with a possible romance between Jack and Nikki after she very satisfyingly stood up to Victor. And who didn’t shed a few tears when they turned on Devon’s hearing device? Best of all was the drama that revolved around Chelsea’s dramatic birth scenes and the ensuing fallout. Candace says, “The attention-getting storyline of the week involved Chelsea’s baby being born which provided tension and emotion, ranging from the dynamic of Adam’s friendship with Chelsea, to Victoria bonding with the baby (and naming him John!), and finally to the reveal that Adam was the one who saved Chelsea and delivered the baby. You couldn’t help but laugh at the look on Victoria’s mug as she tried to digest that little nugget. It would be cool to see Adam be allowed to bond with a sibling a little bit, although I hope he does something naughty again soon just to keep it real.” Read more at The Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.

B&B Breakdown:

So instead of watching Hope moon over Liam, now we have to watch her struggle with her pill addiction. Too much time on one character can be a little old, so here is hoping Caroline can somehow find some screen time too. And while Steffy and Liam have tons more chemistry than he does with Hope, how much longer does she have to wait around? Candace says, “The chemistry between Liam and Steffy is certainly more adult and more interesting than the high school/fairytale romance bit going on between Liam and Hope, but I feel so done with her waiting around on this guy. Even their conversations are about Hope, and her conversations with her mother and brother are about Hope. It’s boring. Steffy needs to move on or take a new approach to the situation.” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:

Does anyone else think Sam hiding the fact that Franco is Jason’s twin brother from him is a horrible idea? Good. Now that that is out of the way, we have to say it was kind of an uneven week on “GH.” While we love crazy Heather Webber’s arrival and obsession with Franco, other storylines left us confused, like Matt’s confession of love to Maxie. And Kate trying to keep Connie at bay with a few aspirin is sure to be one of the worst moves. Lori says, “Kate thinks it’s a better idea to take a couple of Tylenol to get Connie under control rather than follow her therapist’s advice and commit herself. The latter seems like the best plan for several reasons. One, Kate needs help STAT and a couple of aspirin ain’t the cure. Two, it might help her mental state to find out if she is or isn’t guilty of shooting at Anthony, thereby causing the deaths of Cole and Hope. ” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:

Kate cheated on Stefano with Ian, which is sure to cause some tension with the couple. And while HoJo made it back to town, the most interesting developments were with EJ and Stefano. Matt says, “Billie snuck around Casa DiMera looking for dirt. It turned out that she wasn’t as sleek and smooth as her bosses at Depends would have you believe. EJ caught her clunking around and was soon shoving his hands through the mess she left behind. Elvis was chilled to the bone to discover that his father had stolen the money that he’d stolen from his Uncle John. Nicole showed up to make things worse. After sending him mixed signals by wearing a scarf in his presence, she accidentally spurted out that Stefano had also attempted to steal the election… and gave it to Abe (which begs the question of whether or not that’s how perpetually incompetent son-in-law Abe got elected last time). ” Read more of Matt’s take at Matt’s Musings.

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