The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For April 16-20.

Cracking under pressure.

A dazed Hope was swarmed by paparazzi until Marcus pulled her away. She called Liam to tell him about the ordeal. He told his dad and mentioned Amber had been around. Bill was irked, and even more so when he learned that Hope was in therapy. Over at Forrester, Amber discovered that the pills were dangerous while Hope and Steffy bickered about the situation and Steffy still refused to sign the annulment papers. Steffy ran off to Bill and he told her that Hope was a pill popper.

Brooke continued pushing Caroline and Rick together by putting them in a photo shoot. Down the hall, Hope was feeling the ill effects of scandal. Liam’s pep talks weren’t helping so she was still taking pills. Amber showed up to say that wasn’t such a good idea. Amber hid when Brooke showed up to babble. After hearing Hope defend her to her mom, Amber decided to keep giving her pills. When she went down the hall, Amber got ensnared in another bickering match between Brooke, Ridge, Rick and Thomas about who Caroline should be working with. Brooke told Rick again to dump Amber. When he got Caroline alone, he asked her out. She agreed to see him one day and Thomas the next. When she later bumped into Amber, the blond showed her a fake picture of Rick wearing a dress. Caroline promptly cancelled the date, leaving Rick confused. She gave him the gentle brush off and went to see Thomas instead.

While Bill was warning his son yet again about Hope, she was busy having a panic attack over the negative publicity about her. She popped some more pills as Liam had drinks with Steffy and they recollected Aspen. She kissed him and refused to apologize for it. Across the room, Thomas opened up to Caroline and they kissed. Back at Forrester, his parents bickered with Brooke about who he should be hooking up with. Meanwhile, Liam went home and found Hope passed out next to some pills. She came to and explained they were from Amber. He flipped and she cried about all of the pressure she’d been under.

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