The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For April 2-6.

Meet the Anti-Amber.

Steffy returned and told Liam she missed him. He told her about Hope’s mood swings in reaction to all the negative media buzz. As they comforted each other, Ridge caught sight of them. He puttered off to listen to Brooke coo about how swell Caroline was and how she was the anti-Amber. Caroline was hard at work on sketches with Rick. He said he was happy to have her around. Later, he chatted with his mom and Ridge about Caroline. Brooke prodded him to get to know her better but Rick continued defending Amber. Ridge went off to lecture Liam about the error of choosing one woman when he loves another.

Hope asked Amber to forget about her mentioning her pill popping. Amber did the opposite and decided to order some pills for her. She slipped them into Hope’s meds bottle and left a phony doctor’s note. Hope started popping them and Steffy caught her. Hope claimed they were for allergies and then got nonchalant when Steffy tried getting territorial over her husband. Meanwhile, Amber slipped away and was nearly caught with pills by Dayzee. They yammered about Marcus, Rick and Hope. Amber proclaimed that she would always be part of the Forrester family. Brooke arrived in time to debate that. Amber claimed that she’d changed but Brooke still told her to get lost.

The Forresters held a party to welcome Caroline. Amber showed up, much to Brooke’s chagrin. Brooke took her son aside to prod him some more to look at Caroline as more than just a colleague. She kept badgering him about Amber and then badgered Hope when she saw the two blonds hanging out. Across the room, Thomas admired Caroline and wished he had a line again. Ridge admitted it might be time to try it. Hope was popping out to pop pills and then got giddy while Caroline continued getting to know the family. Ridge took her to the guest house where her aunt lived and wept as he told her stories about her. The next day, Stephanie told her about her aunt… and started pushing her toward Thomas. Ridge was all for that idea too. Thomas and Rick made their way to the pool to take off their tops and flex to impress Caroline. Meanwhile, Hope confused her shrink by thanking her for all of her help. Dr. Barton was impressed with her only because she had no idea she was still taking pills.

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