The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For March 26-30.

The new woman in town.

Hope got glum after seeing the latest tabloid article about her and Liam. She worried what Steffy would do but he said she’d never find out because she was in Aspen. Little did he know that they have the internet there too. He went off to talk to his dad. Bill ran down Hope again and insisted she wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure of being a homewrecker. Meanwhile, an agitated Hope went to see her shrink and begged for more pills. The doctor said pills won’t solve her problems. Hope was annoyed.

The family gathered around Stephanie and Eric to celebrate their anniversary. There was much nostalgia and some piano playing. After the party, Ridge called everyone but the supercouple over to Forrester to discuss how they could save the Hope for the Future line. There was brainstorming. Brooke blamed everything on Steffy. She bickered with Ridge about it. The topic turned to Rick. She wanted to keep him away from Amber and explained that she found someone who might actually be good for him – Caroline Spencer. They went off to see Rick, who was smooching Amber. They told Amber to get lost. This led to much bickering between the four of them as Brooke threatened to replace the young fashion designer.

Karen called her brother Bill to inform him that she and her daughter were headed to town. Caroline thought her mom was setting her up but Karen insisted that Brooke was interested in her. Katie filled Bill in on the Brooke versus Amber dynamic. He groaned. Caroline landed and met the Forresters. They were instantly impressed. Brooke offered her a short term contract. Amber started fuming and getting insecure, in spite of Rick’s assurances that he wouldn’t dump her. She lashed out at Brooke anyway. When Rick was left alone with Caroline, he told her that they were being set-up and it might just be easier to give in to it. Later, Amber told Rick what he already knew – that his mom was trying to force her out. Brooke wouldn’t deny it. Caroline and her mom went to see Liam, Katie and Bill. They discussed the Hope scandal and Rick. Hope sneaked away to call for more pills. Her doctor refused again. Amber overheard all of this and offered to help Hope if Hope would return the favor.

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