The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For April 9 – 13.

Adam was a hero, Tucker recalled a childhood crush, and Devon got news…

After Adam delivered Chelsea’s baby, Vikki and Billy, with Victor’s help, located them alone in the cabin. Adam watched from outside as Vikki commented whoever helped Chelsea saved the baby’s life. Anita accepted money from Victor to leave town. After Chelsea disowned her, she handed her son over to Billy and Vikki. They named him John. Chelsea urged Adam to tell everyone he saved her and the baby and admitted she’d worked for Victor. He refused, not wanting anyone to think he had ulterior motives. When Abby blamed him for Chelsea falling through the ice, Chelsea let her and Vikki know Adam saved her and delivered the baby. Victor refused to accept Billy in Vikki’s life but demanded Chelsea sign the adoption papers and leave town. As Chelsea questioned why Victor wanted that, after he paid her to seduce Billy, Nikki overheard and ended things with Victor!

Genevieve heard Jack tell Nikki he planned to file for a divorce as soon as he obtained Beauty of Nature. Later, Genevieve reminisced with Tucker over their childhood romance. Tucker admitted he hadn’t told Ashley. Jack then convinced Genevieve his conversation with Nikki was to keep her from running to his family about them. Genevieve received Cane’s forgiveness and hoped Jack truly trusted her. At Genevieve’s request, Jack agreed to fly to Vegas separately. Once there, while Victor appeared in Genevieve’s dressing room, Nikki privately begged Jack not to marry Genevieve and kissed him passionately.

Tucker and Sofia continued their charade while awaiting news on the outcome of Devon’s surgery. Sofia witnessed Neil comforting Harmony, who’d been afraid she’d turn to the pipe if Devon couldn’t hear again. Devon’s device was turned on. Everyone was ecstatic he could hear.

Kevin was irked that Chloe had inadvertently talked Carmine out of leaving town. Abby spilled coffee on Carmine and took him to the ER. They flirted until Carmine admitted he’d won a bet that she’d, The Naked Heiress, would fade out of sight once the clothes went back on. Abby stormed off, offended.

Michael wanted to bring Fen home, but Lauren feared for his safety around Daisy and planned to join Fen in Canada. While Daisy called Ricky to help her win custody of Lucy, Avery gave Phyllis a book their father left her, one he read to her as a child. Phyllis wasn’t impressed, but Avery shared that George left her nothing.

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