Blake Berris Returns To Days Of Our Lives.

Back in town.

According to CBS Soaps In Depth, it has now been confirmed that Blake Berris (Nick) will be returning to “Days Of Our Lives.” The actor will reportedly be heading back to work to shoot the first scenes of his return to Salem on May 18.

No word yet on when his first official air date will be. Berris played the role of Nick Fallon from 2006-2009 before leaving when his character was sent to prison for the murder of Trent (Roscoe Born).

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  1. From lynette lund

    Wow. Really? this is amazing news. He was the best actor on DOOL. So excited. Welcome back Nick!!! Hope jail hasn’t been too hard on you. And someone let me know when they’re going to air his return.

  2. From dc


  3. From ej

    I’d rather they kept Jack on the show.

  4. From Lisa/St. Louis

    Ohhhhh, maybe the writers will hook him up with Gabi, and she can leave Chad and Mel alone for a while.

  5. From jenn

    Welcome back, Nick! Hey…didn’t Nick and Billie sleep together? I wonder if he is going to cause problems for Mel and Chad.

  6. From Lucy

    Really??? I can think of a dozen other characters I would like to have stay or come back. Nothing against Blake as an actor, just not a character I long to see again. Oh well, they don’t keep anyone they bring back anyway, at least not for long. You could give Sami a vacation, so tired of her whining, same old storyline.

  7. From Mopy

    OH, YES!!!! I found his character and his looks so unconventional and delightful. This is an intense actor who has every ability to become a permanent cast member! I’ll be excited to see what is done with his return. In short: Writers, don’t screw this up!

  8. From CM

    We lose Shane and gain Nick? Wow…not a good trade-off there. I can’t see the point of bringing Nick back…but since Melanie is leaving the show, maybe he comes back and kills her after going completely insane while in prison. Sounds good to me. (when I heard “Nick” was returning, I thought that it was the Nick from the 80s that owned the nightclub and Eve Donovan sang there…but either Nick’s return is pointless). And the way Shane is sent off-screen sounds STUPID. I only wish we could get this show with the core couples of John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, Shane/Kim, and Steve/Kayla…oh the glory years, how I miss thee.

  9. From dc

    CM i had not heard melanie was leaving the show..
    i would love it if shane would stay, always loved his character and love to hear him talk too..
    i wish the “glory years” were not gone, i love those core couples..
    it is almost like the writers are trying to get more of a “younger” crowd to watch the show.. (just saying)..

  10. From jenn

    dc, IMO that is exactly what days is doing. They’re bringing in the younger characters in hopes to boosting up their ratings in the 18 to 49 demographic.

  11. From CM

    They’ve been trying to push the “younger set” on viewers for years…and always failing miserably. Summers always bring the “young” focus…I guess hoping to capture younger viewers while they’re on summer break. Remember the “Touch the Skies” Jeremy Horton airline storyline a few summers back? (yeah, wish I could forget it as well). I got hooked on Days in the 80s when I was a kid…NOT because of Pete and Melissa or whoever…but because of Roman/Marlena and Bo/Hope and especially Steve/Kayla. Young viewers want GOOD STORYLINES like the rest of us…not just crappy stories focused on the late teen/early 20s set.

  12. From Cindo

    I really wish they would bring back Shawn and Belle. Maybe even MiMi too. But Shawn and Belle for sure!

  13. From dc

    well, i read this morning where austin and carrie will be leaving around july 23rd.. poor rafe. i sure hope they keep him and ut him with someone else..
    i would love to see shawn and belle too. i sure wish bo was staying. i read where hope is staying, wish she could talk him into staying too..

  14. From HLG

    I would also like to see Shawn and Belle return. They also need to start building new power couples instead of constantly ripping them apart! You start rooting form them and then they put them with someone else….ie I loved Sami and Rafe together.

  15. From Mickey

    I liked Nike and look forward to his return. I also started watching DAYS in the 80s when I was like 8 or 10 years old. I liked Patch and Kayla the best but those stories are old and would actually bore me now. To keep the soap alive and on air, they need newer and younger viewers so I am all for younger actors as long as some of the old ones I love remain…Lucus, Sami, Nicole, and EJ. And actually EJ and Nicole have become my favorite actors the last few years. I can watch a whole episode of just them.

    As for Nick’s return, I wouldn’t doubt if their ends up being a love triangle with Abby, Nick and that new guy (sorry, can’t remember his name). Perhaps that is why Celest keeps yelling danger.

  16. From jenn

    @MIckey, I don’t think Nick could be in a love triangle with Abby because he is a Horton. I am pretty sure he is Marie Horton’s son.

  17. From Days Fan Since 65

    CM…Thanks for the wonderful memory of these great couples! The only change I would prefer is to see Roman with Marlena, not John.

    I liked Wayne Northrup as Roman with Marlena. Let Chris K. come back too! A lot happened during those years when she lost Don Jr to SIDS, her twin murdering people, and Roman camping out in her living room.

    I am thrilled Nick is returning. Shane was great, but without Kimberly it just doesn’t seem the same, It would be nice if both Andrew and Shane returned. Kimberly can returned and maybe address her dissociative disorder again?

    Jenn…you said you think Nick is Marie’s son. Wouldn’t he have to be her grandson? When Marie left the convent and later married I think the timing would be too far off, even for Days. Having Nick a part of that history in the show is a great idea!

    Gabi and Austin are driving me nuts. Gabi needs Marlena’s help, Austin needs to wake up and grow a spine, Rafe could use one too. Rafe is a nice guy, almost too nice. How many times can he get dumped on before he shows anger? Austin is just too much and I will be thrilled when he and Carrie leave. I want to reach in and slap Austin silly.

  18. From Mickey

    @jenn, I don’t seem to remember him being a Horton but if he is than he would be her Grandson (I think). But you know how this show goes, one minute someone has parents and next minute someone else is their parent. They may even claim he is a DiMera now haha.

  19. From jenn

    @ Mickey and Days fan 65, you are correct, he’s Marie’s grandson.

    Hehe so true Mickey! Up until a few weeks ago we all thought Ej was Stefano’s son.

  20. From Derek Veal

    Yeah he’s probably coming back long enough to run off with Melanie when she excits the show.

  21. From Grandma Judy

    I’d rather have Nathan back but since Melanie is leaving the show, guess it doesn’t matter.

  22. From Travis

    Nick was always such an endearing character and I never liked the way he was written off. Mr. Berris, from what I recall, is a wonderful actor and I’m looking forward to Nick’s return to Salem.


  23. From April

    Yeah! I was sooo mad when they wrote him off….but I knew he’d be back!

  24. From sam

    agree with cm why is nick returning he was a bit boring and flat as an actor…maybe he is going to hop in the sack with billie again?

  25. From Gigi

    I love Blake! He reminds me of a young Nicholas Cage. Hope they give him a dynamite story line.

  26. From Sally gilbert

    I can’t believe that he is back on the show! What a shock how long is he supst to be on the air.

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