Days Fan Fiction: Nothing Will Stop EJ And Sami.

No going back.

It may be a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, but Sami pushes that axiom to the absolute limit, changing her mind among Rafe, EJ and Lucas as quickly as she has made it up. She wants what she can’t have, and really wants what she shouldn’t have, like EJ. He is certainly the most dangerous choice among her men, but their chemistry is so undeniable many feel they just have to be together. So here is another fan fiction piece devoted to EJami and what could be if these two decided to forget everyone else and do what makes them happy.

Sami knew the minute she woke up next to Lucas that she had d0ne something wrong. She threw her arm over her eyes and rolled over so she didn’t have to watch him sleep. It felt so right and natural last night when he was in her arms, but now in the morning sun, it felt anything but right. Yes, she loves Lucas. They have so much history together and he is a great father. But there was always something  missing. Or maybe someone. Maybe she had to do this with Lucas to make it clear in her head who she really should be with. And it wasn’t him.

Carefully, she sat up in the bed. She didn’t want Lucas to wake up. She put on her robe and crept out of the room, slowly closing the door behind her. She knew she was doing the right thing for her, but she was pretty sure she didn’t want Lucas knowing about it – yet. She made it to the front door of her apartment but stopped for just a moment when her fingers touched the doorknob. Could she really do this? Just leave Lucas in their bed and go to him? Yes, without a doubt. She turned the knob and walked out into the hallway, softly closing the door. Not far to go now, but what a long walk it seemed crossing the hallway to EJ’s door. But once she did that there was no more hesitation at all. It was like she had left her old life behind when she crossed from her door to his, and her new life was about to begin.

She knocked quietly, her heart beating so loud it rushed in her ears. She pressed her hand against the door and waited. she knocked again and this time she heard some rustling right before EJ threw the door open looking extremely put out. But his face changed when he saw it was Sami in her robe. “Come in,” he said and carefully ushered into his apartment, closing the door behind them. He looked at her but wasn’t sure what to say. With Sami, she could be over there for any number of crazy reasons, although there was really only one that mattered to him at the moment.

“So Samantha, what are you doing outside my apartment at 4:30 in the morning?” he asked. “Breaking and entering?” He was probably showing more amusement than she wanted to hear this early and, as predicted, she shot him one of her patented scowls. “Frankly, I’m not sure what I am doing here,” she snapped at him. She turned on her heel to rush back out the door, but he was too quick for her and grabbed her elbow. “Now, now, Samantha,” he said. “You came all this way. You might as well tell me what this is all about.”

She was pressed against his chest and slowly looked up at him. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, just pajama bottoms, and her reason for being there game back into focus. She was done playing games with this man. It never got them anywhere but angry and frustrated. “EJ,” she said. “I am here because I need to be honest with you. I keep trying to deny how I feel about you, but I just can’t do it anymore. You are the one I want to be with. No one else but you. And I just couldn’t wait another minute to tell you how I felt.”

EJ looked down at Sami and felt his heart melt a little bit. She looked so anxious and vulnerable, and he knew what it would cost her to be with him. And if she was willing to take that leap, so was he. He has always been ready, it was her who tried to deny what they had. He grabbed her and kissed her and almost immediately her arms were around his neck, pulling him as close to her as she could. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tight while the kiss just got more and more intense. Then he pulled away from her.

“Samantha, I have been waiting for you to tell me this since we met,” he told her. “I can’t wait to talk about it more. But first, let’s go to bed.”

She managed to look a little ashamed as he stared at her. “Actually, first we need to go across the hall and tell Lucas.”


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  1. From JB

    I like it! I would love it for Sami to finally choose EJ once and or all(of course not this quickly, lol) and say ——- to everyone who doesn’t like it. It’s about time she gives in to what she has been denying and take a chance on her heart and him.

    Please do not use profanity against other fans who may disagree with your choice of couple. ADMIN

  2. From Clem

    Oh thank you for that, i could quickly become addicted..reading Ejami fan fiction when the writing is good makes me imagine Ali Sweeney and James Scott playing these scenes as Ej and is exiting, better than watching the actual show since we never have that..thank you thank you thank you.

  3. From Jeannette W

    I love Sami and Ej together. They challenge each other and are never boring. If they teamed up and ran Countess W together, i can see a huge business partnership and a bunch of devilishly delightful dirty dealings being played out… bring it on already

  4. From Jori

    I like them together but now shes with lucas. I love EJ and Nicole together.

  5. From The Engineer Mom

    LOVE EJami, and LOVE fan fiction…but you can’t say ‘how she felt in the morning sun’ and then say it was 4:30 in the morning :) But I guess it’s fan FICTION, right?! LOL!

  6. From LR

    Love the fiction when will it be fact. I am tired of fast forwarding to the scenes with EJ or EJ and Sami.

  7. From Emma

    Jori Ej with Nicole is a lame pairing with very limited potential (the proof : they have to recycle Sami’s storylines for order to make a story for them) add the fact the chemistry can’t even compare one second..and finally it is time to write for Ej and Sami after making wait people for 6 LONG YEARS !! Lucas was not needed as a lover, that again is lame, he work as a co-parent, a friend sometimes enemy, that’s all.

  8. From Kate

    Ejami FTW sadly these incompetent writers will never write for them, wasting the biggest love story they could have written since decades..what a waste..SIGH

  9. From Samantha S.

    Oh how I wish this was an actual episode of Days. Samy and EJ do make a passionate chemistry, I believe it wouldnt get boring with them as a couple. Love the Ejami fiction waitng for more.

  10. From m

    surpoting ej & sami all the way.

  11. From JiBi

    Of course I like Sami and EJ together :) I’m wating for that for so long know… Please let this appen :)

  12. From Marion

    One question i would like to be answered once and for all is : why all these writers and/or Ken Corday refuse so hardly to write for them at least for a little while, lot’s of different characters had/have their chances with respectively Ej and Sami but them together whereas they are the most interesting, complex, full of potential for storylines with all the canva and of course with the most electric chemistry can’t seem to catch a break, can’t seem to be together and happy together i mean.

  13. From andie

    Want EJ and Sami together. whatever happens in there lives. They seem to end up talking and fight each other. the sexual attention between them needs to happen and stay tgoether. get ried of Nicole and her sister and Rafe.

    hey that is me saying get ried of the other characters. :)

  14. From Juliet

    What do you have to lose, even with them apart far far apart your ratings are not good, why not try something you never gave a chance, do it before the cancellation of your soap..give them a chance at least for a little while, you tried every other things, try that FOR ONCE !

  15. From Pau

    Ej and Sami all the way !
    Give us other fanfictions Hollie we will read them.

  16. From amanda

    I love reading about Ej and Sami I want them to be together they need to do it now she should not be with lucas right now she needs to go to Ej I think that after the truth come out that stephano is not his father it will change everything and sami will go to EJ and choose him.

  17. From Jojo

    We want Ej and Sami FOR REAL but thanks for the fanfiction, it is better than nothing..

  18. From iluvdays4ever

    I love EJami together. The chemistry is undeniable and anytime they have scenes together (good or bad)the show’s ratings go up. Give the fans what they want EJAMI ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

  19. From iluvdays4ever

    I love EJami together. The chemistry is undeniable and anytime they have scenes together (good or bad)the show’s ratings go up. Give the fans what they want….EJAMI ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

  20. From lola

    Ej and Sami FTW !

  21. From jr

    I’d like to see Sami shipped to an island somewhere and off the show completely! What a narcissistic brat!

  22. From imstormie2

    However you feel about Sami and Ej you can’t deny the chemistry they have together. All they have to do is be in the same room and you can feel the pull between them like a magnet.

    Watching Sami and Rafe together looks like a forced show of passion almost platonic. It is like like they are trying to convince themselves they are in love.

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