Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For May 11.

Wouldn’t That Be Lovely.

At the coffee house, Roman tries to keep Austin calm but he demands to see Carrie immediately. “Yesterday I thought Carrie was dead and I mourned her like a son of a bitch,” Austin says, insisting he needs to tell her how much he loves her. Roman still refuses. Austin can’t stand the thought of her being with Rafe. Roman makes some calls.

Carrie wakes up in the safe house. Rafe brings her coffee. They get corny and kiss. Once he pulls his tongue out of her mouth, she says she thought she was used to all of life’s twists and turns. They’re finally together. They spill coffee and then she goes for his belt before deciding it’s too soon. He looks disappointed. She plays with her wedding ring. He buttons up his pants and agrees that they should talk to Austin first. She repeats that she wants him but she hates the idea of hurting her husband.

Downstairs, Marlena finds restless John researching Stefano’s associates. He vows that this will be the end of DiMera, even if they have to put him six feet under. “Wouldn’t that be lovely,” she coos. However, she reminds him that killing Stefano would mean letting him win. John thinks everything changed when he tried to kill them. She despises Stefano with every breath she takes and refuses to let him take John away. “Never,” John promises, adding it’s the end of the line for Stefano.

Billie shows up at the station to see Shane. Bo and Hope come out of hiding. She’s thrilled to see them and lectures Shane for exposing them to risk by letting them be there. She tells the cops that she’s back in the ISA. Billie explains about the paper trail she has been following and how clueless EJ is about his father’s dealings. They wonder how to drive a wedge between them. Hope suggests that Billie tell EJ that Stefano betrayed him to save John.

At home, Lexi and Abe plan her day. She knows how hard this must be for him, but she wants the rest of their time to be special. He’s still having trouble accepting this. When he goes off to print off some tickets, she looks at a family photo and weeps. When her husband returns, she says Theo deserves a proper family album. She wants her son to always be able to see her. He assures her that Theo will always remember her. As they start the album, she makes him promise to let Theo spend time with EJ.

Will gags when he shows up at Sami’s and shirtless Elvis is there. “Oh my God! Who’s next?” he gasps. EJ and Sami explain they were just have a food fight with the kids and not doing the deed. Will thinks that they are too cosy. He’s not sure EJ can handle being the ‘lonely ex in the building’. Elvis insists he has ‘no designs’ on Samanther, although he’s sure that her getting back with Lucas is a disaster waiting to happen. He asks him to show his mother some sympathy. “I felt sorry for her until she opened her mouth,” he says. After Elvis exits, Will apologizes for snapping earlier. She hopes they can talk later. He’s planning to go and see her mom. When she offers to listen instead, he says she’s the last person he’d take advice from. She offers to try. He gets snarky. Elvis returns and suggests he give Sami a fresh start. Sami starts prodding her son about working with EJ. He points out she works for Stefano. As they bicker, Will lets it slip that EJ has been keeping him out of prison. He explains that he actually shot him. Sami goes into denial and can’t understand how he can work with someone he would shoot. “To get even with someone I hate even more,” Will says. Billie calls EJ and asks him to meet. After he walks out, Sami tells Will he doesn’t need to work for EJ. He says he wants to and doesn’t need rescuing. “I’m not about to quit,” he says. He loves the perks and power. “I am who I am because of you,” he adds before walking out. Meanwhile, Elvis meets Billie in the square. She bluntly tells him she knows what he did to John, but she also knows that his father set John free.

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