Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For May 18.

Check And Mate.

Abe leads Lexi, blindfolded, into the square where there is a Paris-themed gathering set up for her. Abe tells Lexi, “Je t’aime.” They dance. Abigail tells Cameron Lexi looks happy. He says he couldn’t have done this without EJ. Abigail says she has a brother too – it turns out Cameron went to the same boarding school JJ is at. Melanie sits on Chad’s knee and gets sketched. Gabi appears. Abigail notices her unhappily watching Chad with Mel. Lexi goes to thank EJ for helping out, and for getting along with Abe. EJ admits to his sister that he’s not okay. Lexi thinks good things will happen for him – he’s a good man. Celeste watches Abigail with Cameron and reads the tarot cards with a dark look. Cameron accuses Celeste of using the cards to disguise her dislike for Abigail. Abigail has joined Melanie, Gabi, and Chad, who says Gabi is getting weird phone calls from her stalker. Gabi panics when Abigail tries to look at her phone.

At home, Lucas tells Sami to calm down or she’s going to screw things up with Will again. He takes her to task for walking out on him when he said he was gay – it’s the worst thing she could have done. He also wonders why she spoke to EJ about Will – does she know what privacy means? Lucas rages at how she’s handled this whole thing. Sami begs him to help her fix this. Lucas worries she won’t get another chance if she loses Will again, but he thinks it will work out – Will loves her, just like he does. They hug. Sami goes, and Lucas leaves Will a message saying they love him.

Marlena soothes Carrie as she wakes from a dream in her bed. Marlena tells her she heard from John, and explains what their plan is to nab Stefano. Marlena asks Carrie about telling Austin her decision, but Carrie rushes off acting like she’s sick. When she returns, Marlena asks her about choosing to be with Rafe when Nicole is carrying his child. Carrie respects Rafe’s commitment. His standing by Nicole makes her love him more. Carrie takes headache pills. Marlena, concerned, asks questions. Carrie asks, “Marlena, do you think I might be pregnant?”

On the stakeout, Rafe confers with Bo and Hope. John advises them to keep Stefano talking. Bo takes a call from Stefano and pretends to be the arms dealer. Stefano says he’s on his way. When he arrives, the foursome is disguised in black hoods. Stefano demands that the arms dealer honor their deal, but Bo growls that they got a better offer. Stefano makes a threat. Stefano hands the original invoice and money transfer papers to Bo. They do the deal. Stefano asks if they’re done. Bo says, “Not quite.” They remove their hoods. John says this is check and mate. Stefano grins as he’s placed under arrest.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie greets Victor in a sexy dress and wishes him a happy birthday. Victor kisses her. She tells him they’ll have a big family celebration when Bo and the others return. For now, she’s glad to have him to herself. They sit down to dinner and express their love. Lucas arrives and wishes Victor a happy birthday. Maggie’s thrilled he decided to stay. They chat, and Maggie says she’s always there for him. When she walks Lucas out, Victor tells Henderson that Maggie can never know the truth. She overhears.

Sami arrives at the square, and asks EJ what’s going on. He wonders if she’s talked to Will yet. She says no, but she’ll do it right this time. Nearby, Celeste tells Cameron that there is great danger around Abigail. He scoffs. She says it’s foolish not to believe. Abigail asks Gabi about the calls. She says she erased them – she knows it was stupid. Chad reassures her. Abigail and Melanie go sit down – they hope Chad can talk Gabi into calling the police. Mel admits she’s missing alone time with Chad. Abigail looks thoughtful. Meanwhile, Gabi lies to Chad that she’s heard from the mayor’s office, and asks him to stick close to her. She hugs him. Across the way, Lexi and Abe dance and kiss some more. Lucas arrives and spots Sami with EJ.

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  1. From Doc John

    Enough with Stefano , it all adds up as a big nothing .Nothing ever really happens . Where ‘ d they get
    the Ian character from? Terrible
    plot lines , horrible acting .

  2. From Linda

    I liked the actor that was playing the role as Cameron. I would like to know if he was fired.

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