Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For May 7.

No Survivors.

Cameron joins his mom and sister in the square with Abe. Lexi explains that she’s had another scan and they’ve discovered her time is less than she was expecting. She informs her family that she is not seeking any more treatment. She refuses to spend her final days suffering from therapies that can’t save her. Her brother urges her to reconsider. She shakes her head and her family has to accept her choice. Cameron’s not ready to lose the sister he just found. She makes them all promise to keep her impending death a secret from Theo. Lexi takes out a list of things she wants to do before she dies. Her mom thinks that’s a great idea.

Will is with his father at the coffee house. William has something he wants to tell him. Lucas has some news of his own. He informs his son that he’s gotten back together with Sami. “Are you kidding me?” Will asks. He thinks his father has lost it and is making the biggest mistake of his life. “She can’t help being the slut that she is,” Will explains. Lucas makes excuses for her but Will is sure everything his mom ever does is just an act. Sensing there is more going on with his son, Lucas prods him to open up. Will doesn’t want to tell him his problems. His father drags him off to see Sami to sort things out.

EJ is moping at Samanther’s. She tells him he needs to talk to the kids about Lexi and worries about how miserable he looks. Sami tells him he’s not alone. They talk about being friends and she explains she’s back with Lucas. He rolls his eyes and says she just plays musical chairs with men. His phone rings so he leaves. Lucas and Will show up. “I see you put away your pitchfork and the fire pit,” he snarks at his mom. He’s not happy about the reunion and wants his mom to apologize for being selfish. She apologizes for messing up the family but is sure they can work through it. He’s not convinced.

At the safe house, Marlena refuses to leave John’s side as they build a blast wall against the bomb. Outside, Shane drags Roman away from the house as it blows. Shane has to hold Roman back from running into the flames. Roman’s determined to kill Stefano for this. Suddenly, the six safe housers walk over to them. They explains that there was a trap door conveniently leading to a fortified basement in it. John announces that no one can know they survived. They hide as the fire department arrives. EJ shows up and asks what happened. Roman rants about Stefano and EJ insists that his father did not do this. Shane leaves to inform the families. The fire department inform Roman that there were no survivors. Once everyone else clears off, Roman calls the survivors out of hiding. Marlena feels terrible about letting their families think they are dead. John says this is their best shot to take down Stefano.

Austin is in his room, thinking of Carrie and cutting hearts out of construction paper. His sister shows up to help his scrapbooking. Billie senses something is wrong. He explains that his wife is in love with another man. He’s determined to try and save his marriage anyway. He eats popcorn while she makes the gift for his wife. She’s sure that everything will be fine. He tries turning the topic to her but she’d rather gossip about their mom. He’s totally out of the loop. Shane calls and asks them down to the pub. Soon after, the Bradys and Reeds convene at the pub with Shane. He slowly explains that the six people in the safe house were blown up. Everyone is in shock. Roman shows up and announces that there were no survivors.

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    Yeow! Did not see this one coming! The old “We’re dead, but we’re not really dead” Just like the old days!

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