Days Of Our Lives Poll: Nicole And Daniel.

A new combination.

Although Rafe has hooked up with Carrie, Nicole still has Daniel around to keep her company. He claims he’s all over Jenn and she’s back with Jack. Daniel was Nicole’s memorial date, could the doctor become something more? How would you feel about them getting together?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From dc

    well, i can’t see daniel and nicole together.. daniel with billie, now that would be a good match..
    and my opinion is that the show needs to keep carrie (let austin go) keep jennifer (we know jack is leaving).. carrie and rafe together, sami back with lucas (i’d love to see how they work out together after all these years..
    i’m still is shock about reading where peter (aka bo) is leaving. kristen (aka hope) is staying. will they bring sommeone else in for her (if bo leaves). i’m just hoping that peter will give it more thought and stay as long as kristen does.. especially if they bring shawn and belle back.

  2. From Lynne

    I agree with dc to keep Carrie and let Austin go. Keep Carrie and Rafe together. If not, I guess I wouldn’t mind Rafe with Nicole. I read Madison is leaving. Does that mean they will set Nicole up with Brady? Hope no. Hoping for NEW story lines. Not the same old thing. Nicole and Daniel? Hmmm. I really don’t care either way. No way to Billie and Daniel. Gross..really, he dated her Mom and daughter. Lucas is funny and the only thing watchable about the Sami situation. I don’t know what to say about Bo and Hope. If he does leave, I just wonder how they will handle that. Will he go off to handle something with Shawn and Belle and we will just hear about him from time to time. You know, like Steve aka Patch. Once in a while Kayla mentions him but that is about it. I do have to say that the Sami Lucas thing happened awfully fast. I guess that is what happens when new writers come in and try to change things.

  3. From dc

    well, steve (aka patch) is on young and restless, but i liked him better on days. wish he was back since kayla is back..
    with nick coming back, it appears they are bringing back the younger kids. maybe chelsea and max will be next..

  4. From Christi

    Daniel and Billie are just gross. Honestly, who would EVER want to be with a man that slept with your Mother AND your Daughter? EWWWW! That is NOT the way to keep things in the family. I could see Daniel and Nicole getting together and leaving to raise the baby, although I can see her with Brady also(and leaving with the baby). Get rid of Carrie & Austin (they do NOT help the show in my opinion. I hate to see Bo leaving but thankful Jack is going. He’s been so in/out of it that he’s not really interesting to me. I agree with Lynne (#2). Let Bo stay off and just hear from him every once in a while. That would be cool.

  5. From debbie

    I am still hoping they put Brady and Nicole back together. They mentioned something not that long ago about not using protection when they were together so maybe…. I really can’t stand Madison. I always fast forward through any part she is in so can’t wait for her to be gone.

  6. From Alex

    I like the idea of them being friends as Nicole could really use one. Daniel has her and her baby’s best interest at heart. Rafe is more about revenge on Ej. As for romance. Not at this time as he is her obgyn and that is a little too creepy. Daniel needs to stay away from his patients.

  7. From Bri

    Dr. STD needs to take a break. I love Brady and Nicole. They belong together.

    Carrie and Austin are leaving the show. I want Bo and Hope to leave SO badly! I cant stand their characters any longer and ANY S/L they are in is a complete snore fest.

  8. From jenn

    dc I agree, I cannot see Nicole with Daniel either. Yes Alex, I also think a romance with her obgyn is also creepy! If Chloe comes back, that would probably cause some drama. Nicole already dated an ex of Chloe, does it really have to happen again? I would rather see Nicole with either Brady or Ej.

  9. From Casey

    Nicole and EJ are the perfect couple – they love each other, they are alike and they look fabulous together!!
    Why would they keep Gabi and let Jack go? He’s a real actor and an important part of the show. Jen is nothing without him.

  10. From ds

    I don’t see anyone staying together permanently of these mentioned couples. Jack and Jennifer need to finally be happy together. If they are keeping Jennifer surely she is getting back with Dan? If EJ goes good I see them trying a EJ/Billie pairing. I want Sami and Lucas together but it is always EJ.

  11. From dinky

    EJ and Billie???!!! no

  12. From CJ

    No, No to Daniel and Nicole. I am really loving Nicole and Rafe – great sense of humor together! Please! Daniel does not need to be with another patient – too much! They make better friends. Nicole and Rafe needs to be together.

  13. From babs

    Nicole and Rafe seems like they would be a good couple. Keep Austin and Carrie toghether

  14. From Dmitri

    Here are my OTPs: EJole, Lumi, Dannifer, Cafe (and Mate, but that has nothing to do with this thread). Billie and Daniel have chemistry, but I like them as friends, at least for now. I would like to see Nicole have a love triangle with Daniel and Rafe for a bit, but she belongs with EJ. I heard Carrie will come back, so she will obviously get with Rafe. I don’t see Rafe taking back Sami, unfortunately, but I love Lumi, so I’m alright with that. Carrie and Austin are cute, but boring. Her and Rafe are much better. Daniel needs to eventually wind up with Jennifer. Jack is leaving, so I’m pretty sure they’re going in that direction. But keep EJami apart! They suck! EJ should be with Nicole and Sami should be with Lucas.

  15. From babs

    Nicole and Rafe!

  16. From K

    One word. Danicole.

    Sami should be alone… she damages every guy she touches.

  17. From JN

    I don’t like Daniel and Nicole together. I have fast forwarded every scene they’re in. It would actually be interesting to bring Chloe Lane back into the scene now that dr.dan is getting it on with her supposedly bff.

  18. From Missy

    Yes bring them Daniel & Nicole in a romance storyline please thanks

  19. From Missy


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