Days Of Our Lives Poll: Time For Philip To Return?

Want him back?

There have been plenty of exits and entrances lately. If the show is going to keep bringing back established characters, could it be time to bring back Philip Kiriakis? He’d be returning to find a very different dynamic in town. No Chloe, no Stephanie, Mel might be gone soon, his father is no longer a curmudgeon and the rival DiMera empire is in a bit of a shambles. Would you be game for his return?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From dc

    why is melanie leaving?? there has been nothing said about her leaving.
    yes, i would love to see philip back if jay could play the part.
    i’m still puzzled about this melanie thing. i think her character with chad is good for the show. and please tell me the writers are letting her go just to put chad with gabi. if this is true, they will be making a big mistake..

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 dc
    There has been several fan sites reporting that Molly may not be renewing her contract that is up in June. If the spoilers that Chad is being reeled into the family structure by the Phoenix he may not have much time for Melanie and I know she wouldn’t want to be involved in Stefano’s doings so the Chad/Melanie paring might have been short lived even if she stayed or at a minimum been in constant turmoil. If Molly is planning on leaving I would like to see her stay long enough to say hello to Nick who will be here soon, Black Berris began shooting on May 18th. But that not work out since they tape 3 months in advance so he may not appear until August.

    This could open up a place for Gabi with Chad since she is not only anxious to have a relationship with him, but work for the DiMera’s so she can have what she thinks Will has.

    And Philip….Hurry Home Young Squire the Kiriakis Family needs you.

  3. From dc

    well, i just say YUCK, YUCK if they put gabi with chad..
    and i would hate if melanie does leave..

  4. From dc

    forgot to enter this.
    just wondering why they would bring nick’s character back. there must be a reason. i thought when he left he went to jail or maybe it would a mental hospital, can’t remember..

  5. From SandyGram

    #4 dc
    Nick killed Trent Robbins and was sentenced to 2 – 8 years with an eligibility of parole after 18 months in January 2009.

    It will be interesting to see what story line he ends up in, or maybe has one of his own. It’s been rumored Gabi’s ghost stalker becomes a real stalker, maybe it will be Nick. Just a thought. Or who knows maybe he will come back and work on his fuel project that neither EJ nor Philip implemented. Or if he’s unable to get back into the medical world due to his felony conviction he can run Intensity for Maggie.

  6. From dc

    thanks for the update sandygram.
    i have a “senior” moment from time to time..
    it will be interesting to see how they bring his character back. he would be a good stalker..

  7. From jenn

    I would LOVE for Philip to return BUT it only if it’s Jay who plays him.

    SandyGram, good thought in regards to Nick being a stalker. Maybe he could also have something to do with the “secret” Alice was keeping. I doubt it though, just trying to explore all possibilities.

  8. From Clear

    Remember Nick and Billie? Put him with the cougar! One spoiler said Gabi pays a stalker. Why does Nick have to be the bad one?

    When EJ takes everything from Will after finding out all he did, what will he do? Will he move in w/ Sami & go to school? I doubt it! I’m beginning to dislike his character intensely. He can leave with Carrie & Austin.

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