Days Of Our Lives Spoiler Video: Helping Abe And Lexi.

“I know I can make it up to you.”

Bo gets maudlin, Lexi gets worse, Abby gets paranoid and Austin gets happy.

Check out this sneak peek at Monday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From dc

    another sad show on the way monday. lexie and abe will be with bo and hope on monday. it will probably be the last time they see her before she dies.
    also read where stefano is exiting the show but they did not say when. who will take over? no one knows that ej is not his son so i bet ej will take the reins of the dimera empire..

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 Hi dc,
    Yes the last two days has been very emotional not just for the characters, but my tissue box was front and handy also. I think all the tears we’re seen are real, not just because it’s in the script. And all those hugs for Lexie are really for Renee leaving Days! John and Lexie really got to me today, he was so stiff with his deliver but very believable and earnest.

    Just that one little blurb from about Joe Mascolo leaving. I’ve search a lot of other sites but no more details. Maybe through out the weekend something will come up. But then it also sounds like we can look forward to him returning.

    EJ does tell Lexie about not being Stefano’s son. But I would venture to guess, EJ will keep quiet, but then somewhere down the road someone else will see Alice’s documents to Stefano.

    EJ has sure turned on Will, with no understanding Will was blackmailed by Stefano also. Can’t wait to see how Sami handles this news now that her and EJ have become BFF’s. There’s another spoiler that says Will is arrested, guess we will have to wait and see for who’s shooting, Stefano, EJ or both. Maybe Sami’s shooting EJ will soon come out also, then there will be some splainin to do!

    Finally, today Kate and Sami were the greatest. They have had their difficulties over the years but as Will’s mom and grandmother they come together nicely. Heck, I even think ole Kate the Snake has a fondness for Sami at some level.

  3. From SandyGram

    #1 dc
    PS: I wouldn’t leave it past Stefano to have some elaborate Will or Living Trust set up that excludes EJ from everything DiMera leaving everything to Chad. Then Chad with no business experience will turn to EJ for help in running DiMera Interprises. That is unless Creepy Ian doesn’t find a way to step in or unless Stefano dies before the divorce papers are completely file and she finds away back into the family fold. More opportunities for the writers.

  4. From dc

    well sandygram it has been so nice this week not having to see me creepy (ian). i have not missed him at all.
    there are two people (in the four that are leaving) that i wish they would keep (carrie and madison). even though carrie is pregnant. and is it just me but is austin a little weird. i can’t stand to hear him talk.. maybe it is just me..
    sandygram you have a nice weekend and good memorial day. it is HOT here. already 84 and it is not even noon yet.. gonna be a scorcher here today (index around 100).

  5. From dc

    after watching todays show i have come to the conclusion that there is something about austin i don’t like and i think i figured it out. his voice and talking gets on my nerves. i hated seeing rafe so hurt when him and carrie were talking outside the pub. i wish they would just leave her on the show and let austin go away.. but this will never happen.
    another tear jerker today with lexie meeting with bo and hope. she is really going down fast but with her leaving next month thry had to do something like this.
    finally abby has found someone. just wish they would find someone for gabi (she is getting on my nerves with her obsession of chad).
    and then there is ej and stefano. i wonder who is finally gonna shoot stefano and will it be fatal?? AFTER ALL THE WRITERS HAVE SAID HE IS EXITING..

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