Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For June 4-8.

Surprising paperwork.

Stefano may have been shot but that hardly means that the trouble is over for the people of Salem. Things are so chaotic in town that the police issued a gag on the press. However, our friends at the Salem Spectator still managed to leak a few details about what’s going on to us. Abe is going to regret that he didn’t go with his cheesecake filled gut and shoot Stefano, especially since he managed to leave his gun behind at the mansion. He’s hardly the only suspect though. Bo, Hope, Abe, Kate, Will, John, Marlena, and EJ are all going to be looked at as persons of interest in the shooting. Roman tries questioning all of them but comes up empty, even though they have each been acting suspicious. Although Abe is a leading suspect to start with, Kate soon pulls ahead of him when her prints are found on the gun in the mansion. Ian asks her if she did it. Since most of the people who might have done it are cops, the suspicion rapidly falls outside their ranks and Will winds up being the one arrested for pulling the trigger. This raises some serious ire from Sami and Lucas. Will doesn’t spend long in a man cage though. He’s shocked by who comes out to pay his bail.

With the father of all evil in Salem now supposedly pushing up daisies, anxiety about paternity issues starts to hit new highs. Nicole finally gets the results of the paternity test she had Daniel do. Did her kissing of Dr. Cowabunga manage to make him change his mind about compromising his medical ethics? At any rate, Nicole is thrilled, EJ is furious and Rafe is confused. When Carrie gets wind of who the father supposedly is, she is not at all happy. Meanwhile, Elvis gets his hands on some documents that could have a major impact on his future and maybe even tell us something about his past. He has an awkward conversation with Sami about their future. He assures her that Stefano’s ways died with him and he will be a better man. EJ also assures her that her job is safe when she has a fit about it. Roman arrives to question him. The cop reveals that EJ was dropped out of Stefano’s final will and Elvis’ fingerprints were on the gun.

Lexi has to swallow the revelation that her father was partly to blame for her illness. She sets her upset aside for her final days. While Lexi’s remaining family takes the time to help her say all of her goodbyes, Gabi continues to manufacture her fake trauma. Her plot to convince everyone she is being stalked, however, hits a snag when Andrew, the stalker for hire, does not do exactly as he’s told. He’s annoyed that she’s just using him to make Chad jealous so he dumps a dead rat in her take-out. Chad decides it is finally time to tip Rafe off about the wackiness in his sister’s life. Rafe goes into overprotective mode and instantly puts his foot down, declaring that her days of being a glamorous, if largely unemployed, model in Salem are now at an end.

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  1. From L

    It’s not wonder the soap opera is a dying breed. Nothing but recycled plots….rehashed in lackluster fashion.
    Another multi-suspect whodunnit…
    Another paternity puzzle with the old switcheroo….
    Another crazy girl going to crazy lengths for some guy that doesn’t even know she exists….

  2. From SandyGram

    Quote from Summary above: “At any rate, Nicole is thrilled, EJ is furious and Rafe is confused.” What is going on with Nikki’s baby?

    Nikki’s Thrilled/EJ’s Furious:
    Did Dr. Dan go along with the changing of the paternity test?
    Did the original paternity test show EJ was not the father, in which case who is?

    But Rafe is Confused:
    Why would he be confused in either case, unless the original test showed that even EJ wasn’t the father. For him to be confused Dr. Dan must not of gone along with the changing of the paternity test and someone other than EJ is the father.

    This is definite Soap Opera drama and intrigue.

  3. From patty

    SandyGram, as of today’s show, Nicole has managed to switch the name tags around from EJ’s to Rafe’s and vice versa on the sample viles, before Daniel came in. I don’t know if he’s aware that she made the switch but if she manages to flirt her way out of this, it means that Rafe will show to be the father. I’m thinking that since Carrie is upset, Nicole is happy and that Rafe is confused that it might be the case. If it turns out to be somebody else, I don’t see why Carrie would be upset about who the father supposedly is since no one else got tested.

  4. From patty

    That should be spelled “vials”.

  5. From Krys

    Would love for it to show Austin as being the father. Wouldn’t that be some mess! :)

  6. From Sara

    Brady should be the father since the beginning, Ej doesn’t need other children, this storyline is ridiculous..and to think that all this baby-switch story who last more than 2 YEARS was because Nicole could not have children and now out of the blue she is pregnant..RIDICULOUS and lame.

  7. From Grandma to many

    EJ probably bails Will out but I voted other as in Ian remember he was impressed with Will when he met him now the baby daddy test why would Nicole consent to it at all this requires drawing amnio fluid and with this being a high risk pregnacy it seems kind of dicey at best

  8. From Grandma to many

    Richard what’s your theory ? Stef SUPPOSEDLY pushing up daisies SPD putting the hush on comments ( Roman ) and everybodys finger prints on the same gun ? wth ? a lot of unanswered questions here

  9. From Brenda

    I hope that Stefano is not dead. He is the core of this show. Think how many villian’s have come and gone even with Stefano here. None as great as this Opera singer. I really like the ole guy. Perhaps because I also am old. That’s why this show had to bring back the old crew. Now getting rid of them again? Sad

  10. From Linda

    Please bring back the real Nicole there is no way this impostor is Nicole. Nicole would NEVER keep EJ away from his child. Stefano must have locked the real Nicole away somewhere and she is fight her way back to her man

  11. From Clear

    Since we believe the Phoinex will rise, Stefano is probably framing someone and pretending to be dead while out of the country chasing “The Coin.”. No one may have shot him. Of course, I have not seen that scene yet.

  12. From Sherry

    Maybe EJ’s mother Susan killed Stephano or since Lexie is going off the show, Maybe she did it.

  13. From Grandma Judy

    Yes, Kat, (from the other page) we had a wonderful get-a-way. Just hubby and me and our 2 mini long-haired Doxies. Now, we look forward to leaving again toward the end of June for our annual week away in the motorhome with 3 of our Grandsons. That week won’t be nearly as relaxing and romantic but it’s always oh, so much fun!

    Also from the other page, the wipe her @$$ comment. Rather way out there over what some of us might say to illustrate a point about a character but, on the other hand, it seems to me that Sami doesn’t even have the common sense sometimes to do that for HERSELF!! I always felt Rafe was not only good for Sami but the best thing to happen to her. I totally disagree that Rafe is a bully or a controlling individual, or that he has ever been mean to Sami or her kids. But I have seen EJ as controlling and being mean and as a bully. In fact, I think his treatment of Will has been a form of bullying. I guess what I don’t understand is why those who don’t like Rafe want to paint him with the broad brush of being a bad guy. Stefano and EJ are the villians on the show, they are supposed to be, Victor used to be, and Ian will be. Whether one likes Rafe or not, he sure isn’t one of the show’s “villians”. From all the spoilers available, it seems Stefano will be shot but not killed so he will eventually be around again to continue his share of villianry.

    Sami finally got through to Will that she loves him no matter what and he fully responded to her love. But now it could get testy between them again depending on how she reacts to him letting Rafe find out about her and EJ. But Will is not at fault, and actually Stefano isn’t, either, even though he deliberately wanted to break-up EJ and Nicole. The fault is with Sami and EJ for doing what they did in the first place.

    I found Lexie and EJ to be beautiful together on yesterday’s show. The scenes were touching and wonderful. As were the scenes the day before with John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope. I feel the same as others have posted, that these scenes are straight from the heart and the tears are real for the departure of a beloved fellow actress.

    I liked Jack and Jennifer yesterday, too, and I find Abigail and Cameron nice together. Not electrifying but nice. Maybe they will grow on me more and more with a more involved s/l.

    Sounds from the above spoiler like the Nicole’s baby s/l will get pretty convoluted. Sorry to read a spoiler on DaysCafe that Melanie (Molly Burnett) will be leaving the show this summer. Her choice, it seems, to try her hand at prime time acting. I predict she will do well!

    I want to mention, also, that while I have not liked the Carrie/Rafe pairing, I was touched by their parting of ways the other day. The best acting I’ve seen from Carrie since she’s been back!

  14. From Grandma Judy

    That would be villAIn. Sorry. And would you believe I won a spelling-bee one time?!

  15. From Linda

    Who is this Nicole? Did Stefano have her replaced with someone else? This is not the Nicole I have grown to love. There is no way Nicole would keep EJ child away from him. This must be an impostor. I could see Sami doing this to EJ but not Nicole. This is beyond stupid.

  16. From MAB

    Kat (from other page #140) everything you said, so true! Like I said, some have a selective memory. Let them get bent out of shape over my comments, that’s their problem, not mine. Oh, and I had to laugh when I saw the reply to you saying “those are some pretty nasty things to say about someone you know nothing about”. Sounds like she is just repeating what other people have already reiterated on here about her. We post our thoughts, and her & one or two of her little “friends” start getting personal, picking apart our opinions about the show. I think they secretly enjoy it, but when someone fires back after she takes her pot shots, she claims she is being bullied & intimidated. What a joke! All this boils down to is the fact we like the DiMeras and have issues w/ Rafe, and they have to fire back at us because our opinions differ from theirs.

    I guess Anna ending up in the hospital and almost dying due to Rafe’s actions doesn’t count against him. He was bullying her for information and she nearly died…just one example of his “great” investigative skills. I don’t give EJ a pass on his actions, and never have, I just don’t make excuses for Rafe.

    Jack going off half-cocked again…and Jen ok w/ it??? I think it’s time they concentrate on what’s really important, and they’re not doing it. I guess this spells disaster for them once again.

    Politically, you move up the ladder, so it’s no surprise EJ will plan to run for governor. Stefano suggested in the beginning that Abe do it, but he declined because he was too mad at EJ for running against him for mayor. I still say Stefano’s idea was smart, and if Abe could’ve seen past his anger toward them, maybe he’d be the governor now.

    Finally Will shut his mouth and listened to Sami. Does he not know how to let someone finish what they’re saying before running his mouth? He takes everything so defensively (much like what happens on this board). Ok, so they made up (so to speak). I don’t think it will last. Their relationship is too damaged for them not to falter once again IMO. The next time Sami does something Will doesn’t like, he’ll be right back to treating her badly.

    Will was not as young or small as Theo when he shot EJ. There is a difference. Go back and look at the actor who played Will at that time. He was taller than Lucas.

    Again, regarding my wipe her @$$ comment, I was making a point and it wasn’t nasty or gross, it was the truth. And the comment was about the characters, not a personal jab to anyone on this board. It seems those who had a problem w/ my comments are the ones guilty of using similar euphemisms on a personal level. Now that is nasty & gross. But the few that commented on what I said only did so because I said it.

    No one has ever said Rafe is a villain, he’s not, and couldn’t be, but he isn’t perfect like some of you portray him to be. He has done bad things and some of them are inexcusable, just like EJ.

    Lexie & EJ = amazing! The most realistic scenes Lexie has had w/ anyone other than Abe.

  17. From JiBi

    Sara I’m sorry but like I said before I’m a real person and for all those years doctors told me that I could not have children and for some reason, and I’m so happy for that,I’m pregnant, this thing append in real life so why not in DOOL and why is RIDICULOUS and lame? Can you explain that ? And I’m still with the same boyfriend for 12 years.

  18. From jeanl

    I still like the idea that Lexie shot her father. He robbed her of watching Theo grow up and kicking E.J. out of the family. But, the icing on the cake is finding out it was her father that was semi-responsible for her tumor. Hope she leaves a note that someone finds within a few days. Otherwise this will drag out all summer. She had nothing to lose, and she thinks this is the right thing for her friends and rest of her family. Will Chad step into Stepano’s shoes and bring respect to the family name? That would really make Stephano mad when he returns. And we all know the Phoenix will rise again.

  19. From patty

    # 13 More pot shots , different day. Contradicting yourself much?

    Hi Grandma Judy, welcome back! Good post!

  20. From NeeNee

    As stellar a performance as Chandler Massey gave as Will coming out, yes . . he’s starting to grate on my nerves. It’s the constant smirk and eye-roll thing. And he’s begun affecting the gay stereotype of quasi-effeminate behavior at times.

    His deliberate outing of Sami & EJ’s couch romp on Stefano’s orders is mystifying. I understand Stefano in his mafia-way was bitterly disappointed in EJ not biologically being his. And He-Who-Knows-All also must know that Nicole’s baby is actually EJ’s. But is it EJ’s fault that whatever method Stefano used back in the day, the ole sperm switch was made and he is not EJ’s fatha.
    EJ was designed to be the character we all love to hate, but LOOOOOVE at the same time–and yes, he delivers outstanding performances. Merely sitting down and explaining his parentage wouldn’t have given Stefano all this dramatic rage we’ve come to expect.

    From the early 1970′s when MASH first aired, it became avant garde to tell at least two different stories (sometimes three) per episode. Days & other soaps went the same route. Hubby used to watch with me and after the opening segment would say, “Well, I guess it’s Marlena’s/Mickey’s/ Victor’s day to work. We won’t be seeing the other major characters.” Things like air-time spelled out in contracts, I understand. What I don’t understand is how plots that all of us want addressed either go unanswered or die on the vine. Honestly, it has to lie in ratings. If TPTB see two weeks of dramatically-dipping ratings, they must hyperventilate and go into action, tweaking or totally changing stories on a dime. I’m with a lot of you here . . . they miss tons of good opportunities for character interaction. Meanwhile, we must sit through the awkward Gabby-obsessed-with-Chad stalker story that is akin to beating a dead horse. I get that it’s a segue into introducing Andrew (Donavan?) to Salem, but come on! Gabby is too expendable a character to waste on the likes of a Donavan. Then again, it’s summer and time to let the high school crowd of viewers dictate the stories.

    Sorry to rant, and that this is so long.

  21. From JiBi

    I was thinking the same thing of Sherry, Maybe it’s EJ’s mother Susan that killed Stephano. That would mean Eileen Davidson would be back for real :)

  22. From SandyGram

    Another one bits the dust….Ian Buchanan …One less villain.

    Salem continues to lose its baddies. Recent arrival Ian Buchanan (Ian) will be leaving the series. He made his first appearance on the series in February and has been steadily ruffling feathers and playing mind games ever since. This isn’t to last though. The actor is scheduled to leave sometime during the summer as part of the massive cast cut.

    His final air date has not yet been released but Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you updated.

  23. From Debbie

    If they’re going to have Jack trail this upcoming story, then why not include Jennifer as well? Some of us have posted that having them go on a news spree would bring back that spark they had and introduce one of those adventure stories that worked so well before.

    I mean, what was the point of bringing Jack back if not to recreate the romance that he had with Jennifer? I don’t understand why they brought her back since she’s done little more than fall in love with Daniel. At least Jack provided a storyline for her and it was based on their history together. I’m so sorry to see him go as he grew on me this time around, unlike the last times he was on.

  24. From JiBi

    Yes Ian Buchanan (Ian) will be leaving DOOL.

    But I’m so sad for Molly :(

  25. From Grandma Judy

    I’m surprised they are cutting both Madison and Ian. Wonder what lies ahead for Brady and Kate?

    JiBi #20, like you I’m sad about Molly leaving. I have grown to like Melanie very much and love her and Chad together. I wanted more for them down the road.

  26. From MAB

    #15 – if you want to find contradictions, go back and read your own posts, and you’ll find plenty of them. What I said was just a response to remarks made by the person who initiated them…you! Yada, yada!

  27. From LadyLumps

    I was so happy to see Will & Sami hug & make up yesterday. It was very touching and I hope it lasts.
    I must be one of the few on here who likes BOTH EJ & Rafe. They are both so hot, though I prefer and Ejami pairing and would rather see Rafe with someone else (not Carrie). I wouldn’t kick either one of them out of my bed if you get my drift. (fantasy time, heehee).
    I don’t know how many of you are on twitter but I saw a cute tweet from Patrick Muldoon to Ari Zucker today.He calls them Ausole, sounds too much like @$$hole to me.
    Patrick Muldoon ‏@MuldoonPatrick

    @Ari_Zucker Heard we had our “scene” yesterday … Ausole rules!!!! Xx

  28. From Kat

    11 Gram Judy, thank you, as I also said on the other page, the wipe your @$$ comment was about the characters (
    Rafe and Sami), not about any person on this blog, and did describe what I and some others saw, I said sommmmmmmmmmme …
    However when one blogger a while back talked about myself and MAB,
    crawling out of her@$$, Nobody got offended on here. That’s the difference I tried to point out, and it is a fact.
    Great you had a “Romance Trip”, nothing like it.
    13 MAB, I agree, however we might as well get used to it, the Agitators will always exist, they live for it…
    Oh forgot to say, I find Rafe “Boring” and”Annoying” and yes, dah, of course he is not as Bad and Evil as Stefano or EJ… What else is new. We know and admit it….
    But Rafe fans Never can admit anything about him…. Rafe does have a very Big Mean
    streak in him, so what it’s part of the story.
    My fav.scene in a long time, EJ and Lexie, just plain terrific.
    Good point, maybe Susan/Kristin shot Stefano, what an entrance that would be.
    Tired of Nicole’s whinging about how bad EJ is, How often has she gone back to him…. all the things on her list about him were there, before she
    found out about The Grief Sex.
    Nicole you got prego twice now with EJ’s child. Your complaints are getting so boring, it’s not that your Baby is getting the most lilly white Mother. Johnnie and Sydney are doing fine in spite of Sami and EJ.
    I do hope that Brady for some reason turns out to be the Father, and Sami gets back with EJ.

  29. From MAB

    NeeNee – I agree about Will and have said the same thing about him for some time now. I’m tired of his smirky grin & eye-rolling.

    I’m overjoyed the Ian character is also exiting Days (sorry for the actor). Maybe TPTB get that we can do w/o an uncharismatic villain like Ian, and what we want is Stefano! Since the whodunit is gonna involve who killed Stefano (until the Phoenix once again rises), maybe they should do a disaster s/l that will take the lives of some of the characters leaving the show. At least that way, we’ll get a good exit performance from them instead of them just disappearing into thin air.

    I figured once they announced Madison leaving that Ian wasn’t far behind. I’m not surprising at all that they are both being cut. Most fans haven’t liked that characters from day one, and they’ve added nothing to the show. I’m fine w/ them getting rid of some of the characters that add very little, if nothing, to the show. They should have a core cast, characters the fans want to see, and concentrate on them.

  30. From MAB

    I hope what lies ahead for Brady is Nicole, and for Kate is Stefano (when he returns).

  31. From pattypat

    So many storylines going back and forth. I know Lexie leaving the show by dying will be sad, and I know the other cast members will miss her. As far as Stefano. He has left and come back with a vengence. Remember he is the Pheonix. Sorry to hear Melanie is leaving. She has turned out to be quiet and actress. I love her and chad together. I know the story lines go on and on, but it will not keep me from watching the show since the 60′s.

  32. From Kat

    26 MAB, at this point, yes I want Nicole with Brady, away from EJ.
    She is starting to annoy me.
    An of course, I would love to see Kate back with Stefano. They have chemistry together,
    unlike with Ian.
    Ian and Madison just never clicked
    Powerful acting by Stefano today.
    I know the gases supposed to be the reason for the Tumor…..
    but how is a Home/Mansion owner supposed to know
    what goes on Underneath…..I am sure that Stefano would not even have lived in the mansion, had he know about the toxic gases.
    They could be under Vic’s mansion, and
    sooner or later escape up into the living quarters. A bit of a weak SL, to totally blame Stefano for the gas existing.
    Andre held Lexie, while Stefano was In Italy dying, needing a kidney…..
    Question, How did Stefano “Create “Andre…any of you know. I guess I could look it up.
    Stefano is guilty of a lot of Evil things in his life, we all know that,
    one of the greatest characters ever on a soap, but the Gas/Andre thing causing Lexie to die, is a bit of a over reach, to make him totally responsible….
    So Nicole stands there, all upset, when EJ tells her he might take His child from her,

    and she is doing the exact same thing to him, even criminally, by switching the the DNA tests. It took TWO to make this child, and until EJ “Cheated” all we heard from Nicole, How great a Father EJ is…… Go figure, girl make up your mind.
    Will, there we go again,a Gun in his Hand. I always said, the Kid has Killer instincts, just like his Mother, and the rest of the Elite….. funny, funny.

  33. From JiBi

    The only thing I remember is Stefano Create Andre to look exacly like Tony when he kept Tony in the island because Tony was not a bad guy like he want it to be… I think but not so sure

  34. From JiBi

    I find this, In 1980s Stefano arrives in Salem, bringing his estranged nephew Andre DiMera, to retrieve the Baka. Stefano has Andre’s face surgically altered to look like that of his son, Tony’s.

  35. From Grandma Judy

    I’m sorry to see Madison go. A good actress, I think, and I like her with Brady. I don’t really care for Ian, except that he would be something different as a villain than the same stuff from Stefano. I would think old Joe M. would ask for something new and different, too, than the same things over and over. Would think he can play his part without even reading the scripts by now! lol

    I hope they bring in more new characters to replace the ones they are cutting. Otherwise, the characters just keep rotating back and forth and around each other. The show needs new blood to keep up the interest level. I mean, how many times can the same women in town get back together with all the same men in town and visa versa?!

  36. From Debbie

    I’m looking forward to the upcoming whodunit and hope the writing will be good as there are a lot of suspects. It’s been speculated that Theo or Lexie might be the shooter but I really don’t think either will due to Theo’s young age and Lexie’s love for her father. She overheard the disclosure between Stefano and Abe and when she went to Stefano to hug him, it looked to me like she was forgiving him since he’d just apologized for anything he’d done previously that might have hurt her. She’s too close to the end now for doing something contrary to her character.

    Of the remaining suspects, EJ seems most hurt and angry even though he wasn’t part of the explosion storyline. The betrayal he’s feeling cuts deep into his sense of who he is. Like he told Lexie, his mayoral duties are all he’s got right now. That’s why he couldn’t promise her that he’d resign so that Abe could take over.

  37. From cynthia

    When is Austin going to find out that Rafe & Carrie love each other..this is taking too long !

  38. From Richard

    #7 GTM
    My main suspect is the same as usual, Roman. He’s the one that always gathers all the evidence and is in a good position to manipulate it to put anyone but himself under suspicion. He just has no grudge against Stefano and no desire to get even.
    Stefano is dead set on retrieving the other half of the coin and Roman can give him the time that he needs to take care of that matter, by helping him fake the shooting.
    Roman hardly ever arrests any of the Dimeras, but will come down hard on the Bradys.

  39. From Richard

    It seems to me that Rafe and Daniel set things up so that Nicole could switch the labels on the DNA tests. Very clever of them. IMO, I just don’t believe that EJ is the father of the baby. I think that Stefano is somehow responsible for Nicole’s pregnancy. He don’t want her with EJ.

  40. From AC in PA

    Whoever writes these, I’m sorry, but do you know that Lexie is spelled with an “e” at the end? Let’s give a character some respect in her dying days by at least spelling the name right.

  41. From Richard

    Spoilers fro

    Stefano’s been shot and lies in a pool of blood.

    A figure in white gloves sets down the gun and escapes.

    We have a situation where we have all these fingerprints, but the shooter seems to have worn gloves.

  42. From JiBi

    AC in PA I’m sorry but IMO spelling the name right or not as nothing to do with “give a character some respect”

  43. From Clear

    Again, has anyone thought to consider Stef may have staged his shooting? Remember he will be back, and I am glad to hear that. Joe M was great today.

    I am happy to see Ian’s character go, and now Jack’s & Jenn’s are boring to me.

    Who will Sami sleep with next? Maybe she will comfort EJ. Where was Lucas when Rafe’ came over–working?

  44. From patty

    Clear, I have been thinking the same thing. If Stephano is coming back that means he doesn’t die from his gunshot wound so what else could it be that he fakes his own death and most likely frames someone for it. That is usually Stephano’s way when he’s backed into a corner is to make himself disappear. Oh well, at least the people of Salem will be free from his reign of terror for a while and they can’t all be charged for his death.
    As for Jack, I will be sorry to see him go. I was hoping for better things for him and I hope he will not mysteriously disappear for getting in the way of Elvis becoming governor. I think with Stephano gone, EJ will fill in his shoes even though he’s not a Demira. Nobody knows that except himself, Lexie and Stephano and those two will be gone.
    As far as Lucas, I think he’s just an afterthought in Sami’s life. I wish he would meet someone and dump her but she will most likely cheat on him with EJ. EJ will probably come sniffing around for some grief sex after Stephano passes since Nicole won’t have him.

  45. From Terri K

    Well after all the schemes Stefano has been pulling and everyones shocking response to the DNA results..perhaps he drugged Nikki at some point & bam his seed has been planted. Far fetched I know..but you never know. That or perhaps Dr. Dan took it upon himself to decide he’s the new baby daddy

  46. From manders

    I wonder why Rafe would stay and talk to Sami I wonder if they will be getting back together?

  47. From thelittleimp

    I assume Stefano being shot will help keep him away from Lexie for a time during her last days; as a result I don’t think he would have staged it. I also don’t think Lexie is the shooter (I don’t think she would go to her grave allowing someone else being accused of a crime she committed). I also think if anyone that is very close to Will (Marlena, Lucas, Sami, Kate) committed the crime that they would confess if he continues to be the main suspect for an extended period of time.

  48. From Richard

    When Stefano was freed by the CIA, he didn’t stick around to be with Lexie.
    The shooter was evidently wearing gloves and to me, that eliminates all of the fingerprints.

  49. From JiBi

    IMO the shooter will be some one that we are not expecting!

  50. From kat

    Stefano did not stay around because he was Told to leave by Roman….
    Of course all the fingerprints are meaningless, if the shooter wore “white”gloves, good point.
    What about Will, lamenting what to do, take Stef to the hospital or not….have to wait and see how it plays out, what happens to the Shot Body of Stef, who finds him or not, is he alive or ????, how does he disappear ……
    I am not even going to say “poor Lucas”, old enough, should be wise enough about Sami, but No, there he goes again,
    Just like the Dumb women about Elvis, there they’ll go again, no doubt about it in my mind…..

    Then the complaining starts again, and poor Rafe will be there to pick up the pieces, full time job….

  51. From thelittleimp

    42 Richard…I don’t think Stefano is going to be with Lexie 24/7 during her last month but as her time nears I think he will want to be there from time to time and especially be there in the end.
    43 JiBi…I agree that the writers often want an unexpected twist is the story; however, with Stefano being the victim there’s not too many people to rule out (I can even see Austin trying to do it since he almost lost the lady he’s been drooling over for months in the safe house explosion as well as his unborn child).

  52. From Sue

    Sorry guys, but some stories take too long while others are much too short.
    Yet as one who saw her mother die of cancer can at least make Lexie look sick— for as she continues to look pretty and relatively healthy it does not depict a true coverage of the effects of CANCER!

    Also yes I agree if Jack researches Jen should be with him and that spark could then be reunited.

    Sorry to see Maddie go, but Ian had no true role to begin with–he was just a time filler between writers and a poor one!

  53. From Chocolite

    We can’t possibly believe that Stefano is dead! You know the saying, the Phoenix always rises from the ashes. To Stefano Dimera…the greatest villain ever. Ruthless to the core, but with a heart of gold for those that he loves. What a combination! Sure hope he’s not gone for good.

  54. From patty

    Well, I just finished watching the episode where Stephano gets shot and it’s such a convoluted mess it’s almost funny. Everyone, including EJ, Kate ,Will, Abe, John, Marlena, Bo, Hope have their turn at threatening Stephano but they all leave, come back and touch the gun that Abe left behind. There’s so much coming and going that they practically meet in the doorway but Stephano by now is listening to his opera, probably drunk from all the shots he poured himself, and is oblivious to what is going on in his house. After we see them all at different locations debating with themselves, somebody with BLACK gloves picks up Abe’s gun and shoots Stephano. If all this was meant to be confusing as to who the real killer is, it is. It is also interesting that we see Ian in this episode even though he’s doesn’t look to be involved. Maybe a clue?

  55. From patty

    Also interesting is that Marlena, unlike the others, doesn’t take out her gun, she just warns him.

  56. From SandyGram

    #47 patty
    Ummmm…there we go someone with BLACK gloves picks up Abe gun and shoots. Then what is this business in the spoilers that the shooter wears a White glove? Are the writers expecting us to believe the “Gun” knew whether it was a Black or White gun that picked it up. Oh silly me, just looking for the correct facts.

  57. From Kat

    Dr. Dan actually made sense today, when he talked to Nicole about the baby and EJ.
    Nicole, whenever she brings up, what EJ has done to her, she forgets,,, what She has done to Him, and then his reactions, he has been hurt plenty by the women in his life…
    Just where is this kiss going,
    another man preg Nicole needs in her life..
    Romans lecture, we know they all are deaf..I almost chocked when Bo claimed they have always acted within the Law., now that was a good.
    Breaking the law, is exactly why they have never been able to get
    Stefano and make it stick.

    Chad, Gaby, Mel and Abby, please,… enough ….they remind me of the cartoon “Scooby Doo”,
    get them a Dog and wow, we have a cartoon show right there in Salem.
    So boring anymore, give them a better SL … please.
    Poor Will, Stefano was able to blackmail him, because he shot his “son”.. now what does he do,plans to shoot somebody again, so the next person will have something for blackmail again. Will how about taking some responsibility for your actions, you gave the power to Stefano because of your actions…..

    And then the big Claims by all “I love you more than anything in this world”
    bunk, but I love to shoot and kill Stefano More, hysterical.

    I like Lucas, but it was a bit funny, Him and EJ, but then again “David” was a little fellow…..

    EJ, I like your character, but to get all out of shape, blaming Stefano for holding Lexie in the tunnels, when he did not, is a little rich what about you holding Rafe in the basement, etc. almost getting him killed, Rafe had sisters and brothers that love him, just like you love Lexie. I think you should be a little more low key, when it comes to throwing blame around, let somebody else, more pure than you, do that…

    And yes, what about the envelope Dr. Dan handed to Rafe….. and we will have to wait – what color is the glove -.
    Big question I have, when will Stefano be gone, before or after Lexie passes…
    So much confusion about that….
    Please, none should count out Ian/Madison in all this mess,
    and the CIA could be the ones, taking Stefano into protective custody, according to Romans speech, Stefano seems to be very important to them, whatever the reason might turn out to be. Hope All This is more interesting than we think…
    Kass, how are you and the Baby…
    Maryl, how is the pond?

  58. From Grandma Judy

    Kat, – A DaysCafe spoiler says “Stefano is unable to be at Lexie’s side during her final moments”. Don’t know if that really means “moments” or hours, or all of that day, or a few days, or what but that’s what it says.

    Can’t comment on today’s show. Haven’t watched it yet.

  59. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Soap Opera Digest article – Joe Mascolo Talks Openly from Michael Fairman:

    In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, the very popular Joe Mascolo (Stefano) talks openly about the events that led to Stefano being shot and the decimation of the nucleus the formed the current DiMera Clan!

    Mascolo revealed, “Every single thing that went wrong in Salem was Stefano’s fault. Every single thing. He got blamed for everything. When Stefano got blamed for this business with Lexie illness, I got very angry. Stefano and his daughter had an absolutely pure relationship. I adore Renee Jones (Lexie). When she came to my dressing room and said, “I’m going to be leaving soon, and this is what is going to happen,” I said, “Oh, no!”

    Joe also goes on to say how unhappy he was that they changed the father/son relationship between EJ and Stefano too!. “It was very difficult. The bottom line Stefano is will always be about family. So when they wrote that, I couldn’t figure it out. In all honesty, Stefano nor EJ would have had wanted it that way. As a matter of fact when James Scott (EJ) saw the business that Elvis wasn’t Stefano’s son, we both went, “No, that’s wrong.” We didn’t want it that way.”

    Another issue for Mascolo was the ruination of Stefano’s relationship with Kate, played by Lauren Koslow. “Stefano and Kate were solid, and in love, and I thought breaking them up was such a bad move.”

  60. From patty

    Grandma Judy,I believe Stephano has said his last goodbyes to Lexie since he`s just been shot in the back of the head. Of course the shooter might have missed , never know but with the line up of people getting ready to shoot at him, someone must have hit their mark.

  61. From kat

    51 GrandMa Judy, thanks, I know it is confusing anymore,
    always bringing in different writers, makes the SL’s lousy IMO.
    Give the viewers a break, and finish SL’s for once..
    52 SandyGram, thanks for sharing that interview with us….,
    I so agree with Joe M., so much did not make any sense, like Stefano and Kate,
    they were great together, we fans loved them, EJ and Stefano as father and son, priceless.
    I guess I can’t blame Mr. M. for leaving, as Stefano would say, Idiots…
    It is true, something went wrong,
    1, 2, 3…. Stefano did it.LOL
    And I agree, to blame Stefano for Lexie’s Illness, completely, is so way out. Sometimes, writers/people just don’t know what a good thing they have
    until they start messing/fixing with it…… For me, Elvis will always be Santo’ Grandson, no matter what, and I hope Stefano is his fatha, have a darn DNA test done, as Lexie mentioned, dah, this is Salem, Sin City after all.

  62. From SandyGram

    SPOILERS….National Enquirer for Week of June 11th:

    - After doing something to upset Gabi, Andrew vows to make it up to her.
    - Ian makes EJ a shocking proposition.
    - Kate begins to fear Brady is back on drugs.
    - Chad blames Will for Stefano’s shooting.
    - Kayla reveals why she’s really in Salem.
    - Bo questions Hope about what really happened in Alamania between her and John.

    Well here we go….are these stories from the new writers that were just fired or the new new writers. Since they will be seen June 11th, it must be from the writers that were fired and they were written back in March or the new new writers re-wrote what the fired writers left behind. I have another ticket for this roller coaster ride if anyone cares to get on board.

  63. From MAB

    The show only need new characters that are gonna work, and so far the ones they came up with, like Madison & Ian, didn’t work and now are ultimately being let go. Why not bring I characters that have ties to the show. I still think Philip should return to run Titan, and how about Belle & Shawn? And what we really need is the next generation of powerful men to be pushed to the front of the pack. We have EJ already who already leads the pack for obvious reasons, and is surely next in line for Stefano…and then there’s Brady who will be next in line for John…and there should be Philip next in line for Victor. We need the new generation to start taking over, and they’re established enough on the show to take the reigns.

    If they women would stop bed hopping and stay w/ one guy, there would be no going back & forth…couples should be able to stay together and battle thru there problems and maybe they should start having real problems instead of the off the wall stuff that usually happens. Also, the couples should be compatible and fit together, like EJ & Sami and Brady & Nicole.

    I hope Abe is happy now that he let the cat out of the bag yesterday and Lexie will die knowing the guilt her father feels over what has happened to her, even tho it was not really his fault. She loves Stefano and Abe should’ve kept his big mouth shut. She doesn’t need this on her too…just one more thing to have her thinking about while she’s going thru the end of her days (no pun intended). Way to go Abe…what a goober! I’m glad Lexie hugged Stefano before he left. It was like she was letting him know she loved him no matter what she heard. I felt sorry for Stefano when he went home and broke down.

    Sami & Rafe’s scene yesterday was a waste of air time. He said he would listen to her, and tho he started off ok, turned to his usual self and made her feel like she was wasting her time. At least she has EJ & Lucas who can talk to her w/o making her feel the way Rafe does.

    I hope EJ & Sami sleep together again, and maybe it will prove they belong together. The only reason Nicole refuses EJ is because he wasn’t willing to leave Salem w/ her. Otherwise, they’d be together right now, and she would’ve dropped Rafe like a hot potato. Lucas does deserve someone other than Sami, always has.

    If Stefano’s shooting is staged by him, I think he is mainly doing it for Lexie, and she’ll think he’s gone and won’t hurt anyone anymore. Plus, it’ll give him a chance to screw w/ all of them even in death…that is until the Phoenix decides to rise once again!

    I’m not even gonna start trying to figure out who shot Stefano. Everyone is gonna look guilty, and probably some type of evidence pointing to them. Black gloves now, but maybe it’ll be while gloves when all is said & done. I’m sure they have filmed different scenrios of all of them shooting him, and then when they decide who they want it to be, they’ll use that scene to tell the true story.

    I think they are taking EJ’s anger overboard too w/ Stefano. But I guess it’s just a tactic for the writers to use to give him motive in the shooting.

    Eveyone keeps questioning Joe M’s health. From what I’ve heard, his health is fine, but the man is in his 80’s, so if he he’s a little wobbly or shaky, I think it’s understandable why, and doesn’t mean the man is about ready to kick the bucket.

    No sympathy for Will whatsoever. He got himself involved w/ 2 DiMeras, so it’s his fault for whatever happens. I thought it was funny him groveling at EJ’s feet just so he could keep the perks of his job.

    Bren Foster (Quinn) was on Melissa & Joey last night. This is the second time a Days actor has appeared on their show. Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) appeared on there last season.

  64. From MAB

    Some people don’t see the show at the same time…some see it a day in advance or know what’s happening by reading spoilers. Well not everyone does that or has that luxury, so for those who know things in advance shouldn’t be making snide comments when someone asks a question to something you’ve already seen, read or heard about.

  65. From thelittleimp

    I’m enjoying the soon to be who-done-it concerning the shooting of Stefano; I think it is long overdue considering how many enemies he’s made over the year.
    52 SandyGram…thanks for the article’s highlights. I enjoy Joe M.’s work and think he’s only gotten better with age. I also agree with what he said (I’ve always complained about how frequently they break up relationships and would like to see Stefano & Kate back together as well as Stefano & EJ back as fatha/son). I hope Joe’s absence from the show is brief.
    54 Kat…”Idiots” says it all.
    56 MAB…To me it seems like you’ve contradicted yourself. In one paragraph you stated “No sympathy for Will whatsoever. He got himself involved w/ 2 DiMeras, so it’s his fault for whatever happens.” but you’ve also commented “I hope Abe is happy now that he let the cat out of the bag yesterday and Lexie will die knowing the guilt her father feels over what has happened to her, even tho it was not really his fault.” Since Stefano got involved with Andre should it not also be his fault for whatever happens as a result?

  66. From Shani

    I agree with MAB (couldn’t have guessed that one!) about the people who see the show a day ahead. It’s all confusing when Stefano would be shot & where he is going to be afterward. In the hospital & die there? He is supposedly going to live. Is he going to just disappear? How is it that people will think he was killed? If he were in the hospital, Lexie would probably muster up all her strength to see him again. Is there going to be a fake funeral with empty casket?

    Good show yesterday. Stefano did great. So bad the way EJ treated Nicole & Will. Rafe was right in what he said to Sami. She should think that over. I hope Nicole & Dr. Dan’s kiss is a one time thing.

  67. From Shani

    I don’t think it is Abe’s fault that Lexie knows Stefano’s involvement in her illness. It was an accident that she overheard Abe & Stefano talking.

    Will is such a young man and not in tune with the evils of the world so he got involved with EJ & Stefano. I don’t think we can say he should have known better & deserves what happens.

  68. From JiBi

    Well IMO Mad is right, even tho it was not really his fault that Lexie knows Stefano’s involvement in her illness. Abe should have kept his mouth shut in the house. His the one that scream knowing that Lexie is upstair! He should not have scream this in the house….

  69. From patty

    #52 SandyGram, interesting article on Joe Mascolo. I can see his reluctance in having to play out the destruction of his character’s family since the love he has for family is his only redeeming quality and what makes him somewhat human. It is however time for Stephano to pay the piper and ending up alone and wracked with guilt before he dies is small punishment for all the pain he has caused and his part in his daughter’s death.
    I would also like to point out that this site is for discussing spoilers, whether they are days ahead or weeks ahead. All I know is that in the day ahead episode, a shot is fired at Stephano and that’s how it ends. The shooter was wearing a black glove.

  70. From patty

    Jibi, blaming Abe for Lexie finding out about the toxic gas is like blaming Will for EJ and Sami having sex.

  71. From Shani

    I think if Lexie had gone up to her room as it looked like she was going to do, she would not have heard Abe & Stefano talking. But instead for some reason she stopped at the top of the stairs. Abe was shocked to see her there & then Stefano was too.

    Interesting about the BLACK glove.

  72. From patsy

    aRE YOU GETTING tired of the same old same old story line thats been going on between EJ.Nicole and Sami is getting a little old and boreing ?? Its been going on for five years or more now .I dont think EJ really knows what love isStepheno knows more about love than he does I,m just sayinglet him pick Sami or Nicole and get it over with Your are looseing fans instead of winning fans with this storyline

  73. From MAB

    thelittleimp – First of all, Stefano doesn’t get involved w/ anyone, they get involved w/ him. He basically created Andre, but he didn’t create him to do harm to his daughter. Andre held her captive w/o Stefano’s knowledge…but I don’t believe anyone, including Andre, knew about the gas in the tunnels. That’s MY opinion! As far as Will, he willingly got involved w/ the DiMeras knowing what they were capable of if he ever crossed them, and ignored all the warnings from his family, so if he gets caught in the crossfire, it’s his own fault. So in answer to your question, I didn’t contradict myself at all, as I don’t find where the association between either situation compares in any way, shape or form. This is the way I see it. If you see it a different way, then so be it. That’s your opinion, not mine.

    Abe swore he wasn’t going to say a word to Stefano until Lexie was gone. So now Lexie knows because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Why couldn’t he have just let Lexie have their last moment w/ her father peacefully w/o barking at Stefano and revealing something she didn’t need to know?

    Uh, yeah, I can say Will should’ve known better & deserves what happens, and I’ll keep saying it. Being 18 may be young, but it shouldn’t make you stupid to the obvious. He is adult enough to know what he was getting himself into.

    It’s also a customary to note in your posts if you are including spoilers so people who don’t want to read them can ignore them. So when someone asks a question as to something someone else had already saw or knew about, there is no need in being sarcastic about it. But for some that is customary too.

  74. From patty

    Another Mabjab from the peanut gallery. I don’t even know what you’re spewing about anymore nor do I care so if you don’t want to read spoilers you shouldn’t be here. This is a thread to discuss spoilers, not to discuss other bloggers. Some people would just like to post without your constant rantings. Why don’t you do me a favor and skip over my posts like you said you would. Would I be so lucky. Now talk to the hand.

  75. From patty

    Now if anyone has been offended by a snide or sarcastic remark that Mab is referring to could you please point it out to me and I will apologize. I’m scratching my head here.

  76. From SandyGram

    SPOILER….Soap Opera Digest, dated June 11th:

    “Auditions have begun for a recast Eric Brady, and actors including Greg Vaughan are testing with Ari Zucker.”

    Greg did turn down Days in 2011, can’t wait to see an article on what has changed his mind.

  77. From SandyGram

    SPOILER Pictures on Daytime Royalty for weeks of June 4 – 11

    There is a picture showing Chad standing over Stefano laying in a casket and several others. See them all on Daytime Royalty.

  78. From patty

    Interesting that when Abe comes home after his confrontation with Stephano that he calls out Lexie’s name a few times and there is no answer. Now I’m hoping that Lexie can’t be the one shooting her father but whoever it is, it is none of the obvious suspects that have their fingerprints all over Abe’s gun. They would know better than to use that gun. The shooter leaves no fingerprints on Abe’s gun since he or she is wearing gloves.

  79. From Grandma Judy

    After seeing today’s show, Nicole and Daniel were discussing her current problems and his past ones so I think they had “grief kissing”. LOL! Boy, they really went at it, too! As for the DNA samples, they didn’t settle it to my satisfaction whether or not Nicole had switched the labels. We know she did but she never answered Daniel and he never nailed it down with her. In order to be sure, he should have arranged to take new samples from Rafe and EJ. But the writers didn’t go there.

    So, everyone has a gun, who will the shooter be?! And I ask the question, why will everyone think Stefano is dead if he isn’t? And how will he disappear and then reappear in the future? EJ really laid into him today! Can’t disagree with EJ but EJ could have been talking about himself just as well. Lexie better than either of them, so true!

    I disagree that it’s Abe’s FAULT Lexie now knows about Stefano’s connection to her cancer. It was unfortunate that she stopped at the top of the stairs and ACCIDENTLY overheard Abe and Stefano. No one is to blame. It happened, it shouldn’t have, but neither Abe or Stefano ever expected she would be up there listening. She was on her way to go lay down, wasn’t she?

    I am one who has noticed Stefano being unsteady at times. I don’t think that means Joe Moscolo is close to his demise but rather that maybe he would leave the show and retire to enjoy life in his 80′s, and this shooting would be his exit. But they say Stefano will be back so guess that’s not the plan.

    I don’t think Will deserves what happens at all at the hands of the DiMeras. I’m sure glad people looked out for me when I was 18 and saved me from some of the stupid mistakes I made and almost made. I felt sorry for the way EJ treated Will.

    Black glove, white glove, which will it be?!

  80. From Grandma Judy

    Ah, ha, SandyGram #70, that answers mine and Shani’s question about whether or not there will be a fake funeral. Or is it fake? How is this going to be pulled off? Will be interesting, I’m sure.

    Lexie not at home, huh, when Abe gets there?! Mmmmm. . . . .

  81. From Grandma Judy

    . . . . . or maybe Lexie is home but sound asleep or passed out or something.

  82. From patty

    I’m sure you’re right Grandma Judy.
    Well after seeing the pics of Stephano in his coffin, I’m curious as to how he’ll pull off not being dead.

  83. From Kat

    Actually, this blog is for discussing daily SL’s, things that have already happened,
    not to let the cat out of the bag, what will happen in the future….but the rule is not really enforced….
    Abe couldn’t wait to go after Stefano, it was his choice to open his mouth in his house with Lexie upstairs….Plain and simple..

    Of course, they have to find a way to include Lexie as a suspect….
    It is not a secret, that there a Drugs/etc. available to make a person appear to be dead. CIA would know all about that.

    Nicole did switch the labels, saw her do it.
    67, read your blog again, slowly, and then You do as you say……Almost every time your little fingers move, you are
    snide and sarcastic.

    61 JiBi, I agree with you about Abe… If Stefano had brought it up, I would certainly blame him for it…

  84. From patty

    Actually, this blog is called Days of Our Lives Spoilers for June 4-8 so it is a place to discuss spoilers and not to discuss “some on here.” By the way Kat, you’re done with me remember? Can’t help yourself can you, you have to put in your snarky little jabs everytime your little fingers move.

  85. From thelittleimp

    66 MAB…Glad to hear a further explanation of your perspective on the difference between the Will and Stefano situations. Thanks!

  86. From denise

    I think Lexi is the shooter!!

  87. From Maryl

    Kat–Yes my “pond” is still good and scummy. We had a thunderstorm come through today and it added a lot of leaves and twigs to it–great for creating more “scum”. Ha!

    I’m really trying to outguess the secret that Stefano is trying to unravel. I find the storyline very intriguing. Don’t read my thoughts on this SL if you wish to avoid a headache. Here goes:
    Stefano has been referred to as the 7th son, however I never read anything in his history that indicated that he had 6 brothers. Perhaps by calling himself the 7th son he means that he is the 7th son of his generation to take control of the DiMera dynasty/family. What if the secret which seems to involve the DiMera family is the fact that Stefano, himself, is not a blood son of Santo DiMera. Perhaps Stefano’s mother had him with another man. She could have kept it a secret for years and Santo found out the truth only shortly before his death. He could have hid the secret in the Anastasia egg (the half coin) and decided to pass the family control over to Stefano because he had no other son. If the writers go back to the Colleen/Santo/John history, Santo did not know about his son John. Should EJ turn out to be John’s son, he would be Santo DiMera’s grandson. What a blow that would be to Stefano to find out he is not a blood DiMera but EJ is?? Also, that John is the true 7th son and should be the one to control the family empire?? I believe a revelation such as that would kill Stefano faster than a bullet! Ha!
    Not sure I would want it to go down this way, but for some reason the fact that Stefano was so adamant about the DiMera blood line and his alienation of EJ is raising red flags for me–it’s almost like another hint of things being set up to help crumble Stefano’s world. I’m never able to predicts things correctly but it is fun to try. Right now, the SLs are very hard to predict–that is just what I like.
    Kat and MAB enjoy your blogs as usual. I have been really busy lately and unable to blog, but I sure am glad you guys are out there defending our handsome and bad but sometimes lovable guys! I also noticed we have some more help here on this side of the fence from some newer bloggers! Great! HooRay for EJ–Boo Rafe! Ha!

  88. From Kat

    About the Blog Rules, any of you can check it, like I said, it’s a rule, but not one they really try to enforce….
    I checked it out, and that’s what I found out…
    79 Maryl, always very refreshing to hear from you.
    Interesting thoughts, wouldn’t that be a kick, if Stefano was not a Blood DiMera, but John and EJ are…
    I am also curious about the Coin etc., so we know, that Stefano is not dead, so many unsolved things yet about Him, etc.
    Hope Joe Moscolo will have a nice
    well deserved vacation this summer, and return more interesting than ever.
    58 thelittleimp, can you just hear Stefano roarrrrrrrrrr “Idiot’s”. I want him back with Kate, make it a great romantic Love Story, have Steffie slowly give in to Kate’s love and charm, and be happy with her.
    I would think, a lot of fans would like that..

  89. From SandyGram

    #79 Maryl
    I’ve been thinking about this for some time but don’t know where it may fit or if it does. See what you think.

    We all know EJ was ill when he was a baby. If during his illness he had to have a total blood replacement he may not have Stefano’s blood. I think I remember a CSI, Body of Proof or Law and Order show where this is exactly what happened when a real murder got away, his identity was concealed because he had a total blood replacement as a young child.

    I don’t know how or what affect blood transfers may have on the body or a person’s DNA and it may be a stretch, but it could be believable. We still don’t know exactly what was in Alice’s letter to Stefano.

    Richard you may want to kick this around also.

  90. From AnnieQ

    Hi all,I have been reading your blogs for quite a while but never jumped in.Very enjoyable and good thinking!However,Mab, you do have a way of writing that rubs people the wrong way.Kat,I enjoy your blogs and you come across as a good person but constantly defending Mab!And I am sorry but this is Days of lives SPOILER Forum!

  91. From Clear

    Sandy, didn’t Stefano have a copy of EJ’sbirth certificate? I didn’t realize it was just a letter. Why didn’t he & EJ have DNA tests?

    I was wondering if Celeste might be the shooter–if there actually is one?

  92. From Shani

    #72 love the “grief kissing”. Yes, we saw Nicole change the labels but she never answered Dr. Dan one way or the other. So he should have taken new blood samples to be sure. But I don’t care if EJ ever finds out he fathered the baby or not. If he did? I agree with your other comments too.

  93. From Julie

    Greg has certainly change his mind because the character is more interesting, he is Marlena’s son, Roman Brady’s son and of course Sami Brady’s twin brother, he will have lot’s of ties, lot’s of storylines, dynamics potential with many of core is quite the same thing it was with his former role Lucky Spencer, son of Luke and Laura, brother of Lulu, lover of Liz..important character who can have many heavy storylines, it is golden for an actor. And his career on prime time is quite

  94. From Samantha

    It should be Sonny that bails out Will and puts his coffeehouse on the line as collateral for it and that is what leads Lucas to question Sonny. It’s make more sense, than Ej.

  95. From Thetruth

    Some posters need some reality check : Rafe was the WORST thing which happened to Sami, with him her character became awful, out of character, self-righteous, boring and weak..shudder, let’s hope he leave her alone once and for all and Carrie comes back very soon for him (or Nicole for that matter, she is a self-righteous shrew with this baby story nonsense anyway).

  96. From Maryl

    Thetruth–I totally agree with you!

  97. From Maryl

    SandyGram–interesting point about a total blood transfusion for EJ–my only problem on that would be that Alice seemed to know that EJ was not Stefano’s son, so it makes me think that when and before they would have given EJ blood certainly a DNA and blood type search would have been done before the transfusion and that’s when EJ’s paternity came into question. Unless, of course, EJ would have had a total blood transfusion earlier, before his illness, and Alice’s intervention? Anything is possible.
    I’m wondering what will happen to the search for the truth if Stefano is out of the picture for a while. Maybe EJ will stumble across some of the answers.
    Not going to miss Ian or Madison–will miss Lexie very very much.
    Greg Vaughan coming in as Eric would be a big plus–very handsome and a great actor–would be more “eye candy” in Salem!! Maybe he will get back with Nicole and give Sami something more to hate her for! Ha!

  98. From Shani

    Whoops, the #72 I was referring to is now #79. How does that happen?

    #95 I disagree with you totally about Rafe with Sami. He was so good for her. What’s that about a reality check? Opinions differ, there’s a reality check for YOU!

  99. From SandyGram

    #97 Maryl and #91 Clear (SPOILERS included)
    I didn’t include the Birth Certificate in my blood transfer scenario, but wouldn’t that mean at the time of EJ’s birth Susan would have known Stefano was not EJ’s father? Or when he was ill and Susan found out Stefano was not his father, she got a new Birth Certificate with the real fathers name on it.

    Who knows what these writers are thinking when they delve into changing history. It does sound like EJ finds a document that may explain more.

  100. From Grandma Judy


    “Stefano has been shot. The shooter was someone wearing gloves. But is Stefano really dead? Of course NOT!”

    “EJ uncovers a new secret. He considers what to do with the shocking, powerful document he has gotten his hands on.”

    It also says Carrie will be upset when Rafe is confirmed as Nicole’s baby’s bio-dad. And that the stalker Gabi hired has a crush on her which presents a problem and she receives a dead rat from him. Guess that s/l will end once Melanie leaves the show, if not before. Please let it be BEFORE!!

    Sounds like a regular parade of would-be shooter in and our of the mansion today.

  101. From kat

    90 AnnieQ, thank you for at least realizing that I am a good person.
    Defending somebody is in my nature, and if you have been around for a while, I have defended others as well, not only MAB. However to ME, it seems that MAB/and I are favorite targets,
    because we like EJ and Stefano.
    So yes, I am a defender, sorry, but it has always been in my nature.
    But I am also a forgiver, or somebody, when needed that Can and does apologize.

    Yes it says Days of our Lives spoilers for
    whatever week,
    but then below, after the spoiler, it says
    and that is supposed to be for blogging our comments on what we have seen on the screen, not for giving away future plots.
    However, as I have stated in my blog, it is not “enforced”, and like I said before, I did check it out…

    Again thanks AnnieQ, I mean that sincerely.
    I do like MAB’s comment, they are interesting, realistic and she tries to see all sides. She has a right to see things her way, but there is always somebody unhappy about her views and has to Agitate.
    So to all out there, again, live and let live
    and I hope Stefano will live for a long time yet.

  102. From Terri K

    I’m pretty convinced Stefano shot himself. The person who did it wore gloves..everyone elses prints were found on the gun. Makes sense. I’m sure he knew abe left his gun & that everyone had their hands on it. Ultimate revenge.

  103. From Kat

    102 Terri K,
    we saw Stefano sitting in his chair, the person with black gloves behind him in the doorway,
    now if Stefano shoots himself, if he wore gloves, how does he take them off, or if he didn’t wear gloves, his prints would also be on the gun. I am confused, maybe I did not read you right, what you meant to say.???

  104. From Barb

    I have a feeling it was Lexie who shot Stefano,why else would they make a point of Abe calling out to her instead of going up to check?Also,Ian and Madison can go at any time and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all!Am I the only one who wishes that the background music really was in the background and not overpowering the dialog?

  105. From Blairwitch

    NEW tests do not require an amnio. A new way to use blood tests can tell the father without doing a dangerous-to-the-baby amnio.
    I think DANIEL will be the father. He can put his blood in the mix also and change all the names around.

  106. From Barb

    Sorry if this posts twice.I have a feeling the shooter was Lexie,why else would they make a point of Abe calling up to the instead of going upstairs to check on her?Also,Ian and Madison can leave at any time and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all! Am I the only one who thinks the background music should be in the background and not overpowering the dialog?

  107. From Blairwitch

    I am hoping Stefano IS dead and LEXIE is the one that shot him for taking her life away!

  108. From Grandma Judy

    Interesting the way today’s show played out. Even involving Kate.

    From what we saw onscreen today, unless there is a wild twist, Stefano did not shoot himself. There was Stefano sitting in the chair and there was a shooter in the doorway.

    BUT, since Stefano is not going to be dead, (see my spoiler post #100), could he have hired someone to do the shooting? Thereby giving him the opportunity to play the game of being dead?

  109. From erin

    It sucks that Lexi is being killed off but I guess it was time for something sad! I think Stefano is either faking it OR one of his enemies did it!! for helping the CIA.
    I have also been wondering if EJ is actually Alice’s son … maybe she had an affair?? and gave him to Susan? that’s why she paid to save him?? maybe he’s sa horton? who’s ej’s dad?

  110. From Ronda

    I have a few guesses for who shot Stephano…I hope they don’t keep us waiting too long…like the Who Shot JR plot line. I am thinking Ian, Chad, Dr. Dan, Rafe, or Roman…what better cover than being lead investigator?

  111. From Arlene

    Hey Grandma Judy. I loved your phase “grief kiss”. Reminds me of the “grief sex” that EJ and Sami had!

  112. From MJ

    Who thinks that Lexie shot Stefano?( are her mom) and EJ will end up being a Horton ARE A BRADY,that is why Stefano WOULD not let hiself keep him as a son as he did with Tony,

  113. From Richard

    I had to go back and watch today’s show again and make sure that I saw things the way that I thought I did the first time. I saw the same thing both times.
    I followed Abe’s from the table by the chess set to where EJ took it to the double doors. Kate picked it up and looked at it(I didn’t see what she did with it)
    Someone entered the front door and picked up the gun, across from the stairway(it’s as if they knew right where it was). How did it get out there? The shooter appeared to be right handed. Bo and Hope held the gun in their left hands.
    Could be a set up, not by Stefano, but by the Bradys. Maybe they will entomb Stefano in his tunnels.

  114. From Carly

    Everyone knows that Lexie shot Stefano, right???

  115. From Richard

    If it turns out to be a setup by the Bradys, I don’t believe that Stefano will be denied the right to see his daughter and grandson.
    The show today was all about family and I figure that just might be the case. I would believe too, that the Nevsky family is none too fond of Stefano at the moment. I believe that Stefano may go into witness protection.

  116. From patsy

    Days is last on the raiting board .When are the writers going to get a clue as to what the fans want to see ???NOT baby hideing done that befor .NOT sister going after sisters husband none that before now Stepheno going to die AGAIN cANT THEY COME UP WITH just a plain simple love story and a little advencure???? LET brady and Nicole and him be the father PUTsami and EJ TOGETHER and raise their children give the young people a story line that makes them hero and good people and their struggles in todays worldIknow its just a soapopera but the youth and OLD alike needs someone to look up to .I watch the show to get away from the every day crouped world .Id like to see a little happy and goodness in the show .DOOL USETO HAVE SOME MORALS WHEN MRS HORTON WAS ON after she passed the show went to H—IN a matter of months sORRY for this long note but I dont want DOOL to go down with a fight I stiil love the actors and actress they all are so talented and good looking

  117. From Debbie

    I thoroughly enjoyed today’s episode. I found it very funny that people were coming and going throughout Stefano’s mansion with no problems and he seemed only mildly annoyed by it all. It looked like he was in a computer adventure game where a new person would pop up whenever he entered another room. I got confused when the parlor turned dark. Were all the comings and goings supposed to be over the course of more than one day since EJ visited the parlor twice and some others were snooping around with flashlights? I love that there are so many people carrying guns but no one wants to pull the trigger. That’s what Stefano’s counting on but then he doesn’t seem to care either way.

    I know Marlena was on a mission when Sami ran into her but I still didn’t like the way she treated Sami especially when she was told that it concerned Will and she just turned Sami off. She could have at least asked about Will and then say she’ll talk to her later. At least that may have appeased Sami for the time being.

  118. From SandyGram

    Lots of good speculation going on inside the board, here’s my thought on each:

    - Lexie shooting Stefano – For me, there is only one reason Lexie would shoot her father. Not because she was angry at being put in the tunnel with poisonous gases by a the mad man Andre that Stefano created, but because she couldn’t bear to think of her Father living with the guilt of her death. I guess one could say out of love. But I have a hard time with this one because Lexie would never do something so evil that one of her friends or loved ones could be blamed for and to ensure they weren’t blame she wouldn’t wear gloves. And as Abe said to Stefano when he couldn’t pull the trigger, he couldn’t look Theo in the eyes knowing he killed his Nonno. Lexie would feel the same way.

    - Stefano shooting himself – as the spoilers tell us, he is shot in the back and it goes through to his chest. And I would have a hard time believing he could reach around to his back to pull the trigger.

    - Daniel being Nicole’s baby’s father – although Daniel did seem to have a sudden fondness for Nicole…I’m pretty sure the only sperm collected was from Rafe and EJ since the SPOILER’s say the test prove that Rafe is the father.

    - Stefano arranged for his own shooting or the CIA is involved….For me, I’m going with the CIA is involved. From Day Ahead SPOILER…Somebody calls Roman with the message that Stefano was shot. I think when Roman got to the DiMansion and found him alive he called the CIA and they came a running since they thought he was a god sent to solving the arms deals in Salem. They put him in protective custody and came up with the scheme to say he was dead until the shooter was found. They gave him a drug to make him appear dead and laid him to rest in the casket that we see Chad standing over in a picture.

    Finally, although Joe Mascolo looked weak over the last couple of weeks it would appear he is doing fine…from Joseph Mascolo Website:
    Quote: “We’re doing it again! Join us for another Murder Mystery Cruise departing from Seattle for Alaska June 10, 2012 on Princess Cruises’ “Star Princess.” The 7-day cruise sails from Seattle to Victoria B.C. (Canada) and on to Ketchikan, Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Skagway, Alaska, returning on June 17.”

    Good sailing Joe!

  119. From RJD

    ….actually – the person who has the MOST reason for killing Stefano is….

    Roman Augustus Brady

    That would require that Roman be written & acted IN CHARACTER (as created by Pat Falken Smith). Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened since…oh….1994 at the latest).

    After all – Roman is where Stefano’s “feud” with all things Brady begins (ignoring that retcon storyline from a few years ago). Stefano framed him for murder, “killed” him, throwing him off that cliff in 1984, kidnapped Sami & Eric when they were infants, programmed another man to “be” him (and sleep with his wife), destroyed his family, and his family’s families, and the list goes on….

    All of the “motives” that the current “suspects” have all pale in comparison, and begin and end with Roman.
    (…and it would emotionally torture HIM to see the people who he loves most in such pain because he didn’t stop Stefano earlier)

    Unfortunately, as much as I liked Josh Taylor as Chris Kositchek, he’s just not acting or speaking “Roman”…

    It would be a nice “twist” to have Stefano’s “end” come full circle to his “beginning”: Roman

  120. From Terri K

    Kat- you’d think you’d know, just as I have learned after watching the show for over 30 years, thongs aren’t always as they seem. Seeing a gloved hand pull a trigger doesn’t necessarily mean the bullet that hit Stefano came from that gun. I’m just going to go back to reading peoples opinions because after seeing you be snappy with a lot of other people for having an opinion that is different from yours, the stress isn’t worth it. I too am a Stefano/E.J. fan but that doesn’t change their crooked behaviour on the show. I think outside the box.

  121. From SandyGram

    Now on to today’s show (June 1st):
    Where is that DiMansion security system and regiment of body guards Stefano is suppose to have when needed. People coming and going live a moving tide and the only thing getting wet was the uninvited guests popping up from every corner of the parlor. I can’t imagine what a challenge it must of been to edit this episode and bring all the potential shooters in at the right time without total ciaos.

    Now Marlena is the one that got my attention, but not when she was talking to Stefano, but when she was racing across the HTS and Sami went running after her. When Sami caught up with her and grabs her mom’s arm that look on Marlena’s face was ‘Oh Too’ familar. Like split pea soup was going to projectile from her clinched mouth.

    The next moment of ‘what’ as I scratched my head, was when Lucas and Sami went to the Pub to get the gun Lucas had taken from Will and it wasn’t there. How many people have access to Caroline’s safe? Why would Lucas have access to the safe? Why did we not see anyone attending to the Pub when Lucas came in and opened the safe? Why, Why, Why…..Oh Yeah….the Plot! Peweeee, I say, Peweeee….something smells like the writers are stretching this part of the story.

    For bouncing all around, good acting and it kept my attention. By the way Stefano’s Phonograph looks very similar to one I have in my living room, but we play old band music.

  122. From SandyGram

    #117 RJD…you and Ricard may just of hit the nail on the head with it being back to square one and that is Roman. But like Richard says is Roman really Roman?? If it ever turned out he was not Roman of old, but yet another one of Stefano’s Faux Guys what a heart break for his family to learn he really did die all those years ago.

  123. From PattyG

    maybe the shooter was Lexie’s Mother
    but Stefano will not die

  124. From SandyGram

    Here’s a little something of interest from Soap Opera Digest for the Days Nay Sayers:

    What show should take home the Emmy for Outstanding Daytime Drama?

    Votes Recorded from a Total vote of 5,153:

    AMC……….3% (150 votes)

    DAYS………………………….65% (3355 votes)

    GH……………..29% (1500 votes)

    Y&R……….3% (148 votes)

    You Go Days!

  125. From Louise

    Well the Days episode submitted for the emmys was the Johnny missing story with the Ej/Sami tryst so SandyGram go talk to the Nay Sayers who criticize Ej and Sami…ha.

  126. From Realitycheck

    Hey Shani i am the one who give the reality check because it is simple : i know the truth ! lol
    p.s: don’t take yourself so seriously it is quite ridiculous..

  127. From Kat

    118 TerriK, NO COMMENT…..

  128. From SandyGram

    #122 Louise
    I’m not sure what the episode that was submitted for the Emmy’s has to do with Days receiving the most votes for Outstanding Day Time Drama. But if I were to pick an episode to submit, EJ and Sami’s tryst would not be the one I would choose. I would pick some of Chandler Massey’s work, especially with Sami or Marlena.

    Then, for me, as far as Nay Sayers it’s all viewers who continuously expresses negative or pessimistic views about Days.

  129. From kat

    The whole shooting could have been set up by the CIA, if not before,
    I would think they are in it after the shooting.
    Yes SandyGram, as I mentioned before in one of my blogs,
    There are drugs/etc.?? that could make Stefano look like dead, I have heard of it before.
    Wouldn’t be the first time that the CIA has staged stuff like that.
    Whatever the SL will turn out to be, fine by me, as long as Stefano is still alive and will be

    All your points in # 119 are very good, I agree,thinking pretty much the same thing.
    108 GramJudy, as for the shooting
    I am pretty much with you right now, we saw a figure by the doorway with a gun, and they say Stefano was shot from behind,
    and none of his finger prints on the gun, and No Gloves he might have worn….Puzzled.
    122 Louise, wow, our most talked about scene, the Grief Sex, nominated, … Goes to show you how powerful that scene went over with the Majority of viewers/fans.
    Sami and EJ, well I for know, what a powerful dynamic couple they are on screen, about time the writers realize it.
    Congrats Allyson and James, ….

    119 SandyGram, Maybe Caroline took the gun out of the safe and she knocked off/or tried to… Stefano. Why not, LOL.

    One more point, when Abe got home, he shouted for Lexie, Why, if She can’t hear voice upstairs, why even try……
    But when he shouted at Stefano,
    of course not, Lexie could not hear him, she was upstairs….
    So which is it, if Abe thought today that she could hear him,
    why didn’t he think that the other day?????? Just a thought….

  130. From gerri

    Patty,and Grandma Judy,as always love to read your posts.Loved the remark “”Grief Kissing”"between Dr,Don Juan and Nicole.
    the way the scene was being set up,at end of today’s show,I thought,that the writers had written In with Stefano committing,suicide,but was hoping not,but since He has always been a coward(letting his cronies)do all his dirty deeds,that possibly,he could actually do It.

    I have always liked the spoilers,knowing ahead of time,That I would really enjoy watching,the days.episode,or If for whatever reason,I missed It,wouldn’t be a big deal.
    but to the ones,who don’t want to know,I can see their reasons as well.
    Have been on vacation,past 2 weeks,visting my sister and other family members,my hubby’s sister came and stayed with him,(the only way I would go)
    My daughter’s hand Is healing,will begin therapy again on monday for 4 weeks.The nubs of her fingers,don’t look so bad,after the 2nd surgery(I think she Is adjusting slowly but surely).

  131. From Paula

    Absolutly loved today’s show! For someone who said earlier about how this is old stuff and when are the writer’s going to learn….I don’t understand what you want. I’ve watched this show for years and years; through good times and bad. I’ll be the first to admit, for a long time it’s been bad..and the complaints were non stop. They finally put some “pazaz” back in the show..(and by the way…I love the way they are portraying this whole thing) yet people are still complaining! I guess I just don’t get it. What’s wrong with a good old fashion “who done it” anyway?? I think they way they incorporated all the characters in it was great. And what really amazed me is how all of them wanted him dead, but not a one of them had the balls to do it.
    My thought is that is was none of them. Why would they all touch the gun, then think to wear gloves to kill him? To late..their prints are already on it, so it makes no sence at that point to wear gloves. It may very well have been Lexie or Caroline. Since Lexie is leaving the show, she would be a good canadate since she is going to die and can’t go to prison.

  132. From Terri K

    Are people on here really that immature that you have to pose as me and make false replies??? GROW UP. I did not write “no comment” this is a blog about a soap opera not. An actual show. Wow. I could do the same thing

  133. From RJD

    Dear Sandy Gram,
    RE: Post 120

    …actually – after all of this unwinds, if the “reveal” is that Roman DOES finally kill Stefano
    …the “treat” for older viewers of Days (and Deirdre and Peter) would be to bring back Wayne Northrop to film Roman’s last scenes. A flash of lightning, then the REAL Roman is illuminated pulling the trigger, and saying something like “I should have done that YEARS ago”

    (…and btw….Roman would be smart enough to not leave prints by wearing gloves…lol…)

    That’s It. Off to Jail for Roman Brady
    (…you have to admit – they’re not DOING too much with the ‘character’ as it’s being written/acted now anyhow…)
    Ironically – Stefano would have “won” in the end, because he would have gotten Roman to cross that line…
    …all of that being said – Caroline would be a great candidate as well. Think about all SHE’s been through….
    1) Your son’s the Salem Slasher
    2) Your son’s in prison
    3) Your son’s dead
    4) Nope – your son’s alive
    5) Your son’s dead again – shot by Stefano, fell off a cliff, and your OTHER son let the body wash out to sea
    6) OOPS – he’s not dead. This guy who’s much TALLER is actually Roman
    7) OOPS – sorry about that. He’s not Roman after all, but the good news is that Roman isn’t dead either – he’s been in a Mexican prison
    8) Your son’s crushed and leaving town (shortly followed by – “your son’s dead – again”)
    9) OOPS – sorry about that. He’s not dead after all, but now he’s been given plastic surgery (again) and looks/walks/talks like Chris Kositcheck. But hey – you always liked Chris anyhow, right ??? (even though he did take Kayla’s virginity…)

    …yeah – after typing all of that, Caroline is sounding REAL good – lol

  134. From SandyGram

    SPOILER … from the Soap Opera Digest article on Joseph Mascolo Leaving, Issue date June 11th.

    Quote “As for now, Mascolo told SOD, “For all intent and purposes, Stefano is dead.” But sources are reporting that he is already included in future story plans! So, will the Phoenix rise again? “

  135. From Silver

    Has anyone even considered Billie? Retalliation for nearly killing Bo twice? For what he did to Kate? The hand they showed pulling the trigger was awful small..dunno..just a thought..

  136. From silver

    Has anyone considered. Billie? For nearly killing Bo twice? For what he did to Kate? I dunno…just a thought. The person who pulled the trigger appeared to have very small hands

  137. From Grammyjan

    I thought I read that Stefano tries to get guardianship of Theo after Lexi dies & Abe does a lot of drinking. EJ is the lawyer to defend Abe. That means Stefano is not dead. I also think Ian is the one who shot Stefano….only because I read he is leaving the show. I’ve been watching DOL since the first day it started in 1965, it’s been pretty good lately – love how well-loved characters have returned. Still liked Rafe & Sami’s chemistry together – would ike to see them together again….and keep Lucas as a very good friend.

  138. From Grammyjan

    I’m sure Stefano is alive since he is supposed to try to get custody of Theo & EJ will defend Abe. I think Lexi could possibly be the shooter since she left a note she went to bed early….or Ian – they are both leaving the show. I’ve been watching DOL since it began in 1965 – it’s nice seeing all the well-loved characters returning. Would like to see Sami & Rafe back together – they made a great couple/family. Lucas could just be a special family friend who everybody likes.

  139. From Shani

    Yesterday’s show was great. I like SandyGram’s theory about Stefano & the CIA putting him into witness protection. Yes where was the security system at the mansion? But I did like having everyone coming & going. After all Steffie had to drink, he may not even felt the bullet!

    Will the Phoenix rise again? Well, there’s a spoiler out there on dayscafe that says “is Stefano dead? Of course not!” I think someone else posted that too.

  140. From SandyGram


    Deep Dish reports Sebastian La Cause will play a gun-toting role, Silvio, on “Days Of Our Lives” in the August cliffhanger before the show is off for a two-week hiatus due to the Olympics.

  141. From Peg

    Here’s one for you: most of the supposed shooters are with the law. WHY OH WHY would they even touch the gun? STUPID:

  142. From Kat

    A dark, stormy and rainy night in Salem, all the elite are on a mission, to rid the town and their lives from the Evil King of Mean….
    They all check their weapons, for most of them, it’s not the first time they are trying to kill the Phoenix.
    They arrive at the Mansion, one by one,
    beautifully sincronize,(SP help),
    they give their lectures to the man that has made their lives so “interesting” for the last three decades…..
    The evil man is ready to die, but None of them can pull the trigger…so they leave, however, whoops, we all for got something,
    we have to touch the “holy grail”, I mean GUN, must leave our fingerprints …..
    The one person, that would and could have pulled the trigger, not
    part of the secret parade, our Sami, bang, bang your dead….LOL
    She tried to talk to Mother Marlena about her troubled son you had a gun, but No Mama is to busy, she is on a Killer Mission.
    So who did it, most prob. None of the Parade People,
    maybe, Ian, Anna, Tony, or somebody that is involved/part of the Mystery Coin, somebody we don’t know about yet.
    One thing we almost know for certain, that Stefano is Not Dead…
    (Joe is as before on a Cruise, Who done it Mystery) enjoying himself.
    The CIA, all but sure, has something to do with it, Roman brought it up again, how important Stefano is to them !!?????

    Will is a very troubled young man, and Lucas and Sami better realize that very quickly, but then again,
    look at his Family, they all like
    to carry guns and have desires of killing.
    So after they don’t have Stefano to kick around anymore,
    What will be the new line for them, should something go wrong/happen in Salem,
    “Stefano did It”,,, is not in service anymore…
    What are they going to do for fun
    every day, Oh yes, many of the would be killers, are going to look
    for the KILLER, what fun that will be……and that includes the Mayor.
    Why doesn’t the Mayor just announce, all charges will be dropped, because the Real Killer did the Job for Them, granted their
    wishes, and declare a Holiday in SALEM,
    “The Warlock is Dead”

    Long Live Stefano… his Words “Idiots”.
    Just having a little fun on a louse rainy day.

  143. From NeeNee

    Sandy, RJD, Richard, Kat and others: looooove your theories. Roman doing the shooting of Stefano deed would be a plot device worthy of Desperate Housewives, Dallas, and other bigtime night shows. What keeps crossing my mind is the Egg/Gina/John storyline–what the heck was it all about, at this particular time. I still think Agent Harmon is the culprit, which would be the reason for the Egg plot.

    Another thing nagging at me is Stefano’s out-of-character banishing of EJ from his life. And the setting-up of Kate to betray him. As others have pointed out, Steffie took in Kristin & Peter and raised them as his own. Yes, he found out Tony wasn’t his biological child and did switch Tony’s identity with Andre and stashed Tony on that desert island for 10+ years. But once back, Tony was still his beloved son and after dying in the freak impalement accident on the pier, was mourned by Steffie for months & months. So stripping EJ of the DiMera legacy doesn’t fit.

    I’m wondering if the CIA put a
    FAKE Stefano in place to do all these uncharacteristic things because they couldn’t risk their witness, Real Stefano.

    Oh, and why Alice Horton was involved in all this back when EJ was a tot . . . I’m thinking she would only have done this if EJ were somehow a Horton. Otherwise, what’s it to her??

    I really love RJD’s & SandyGram’s potential answers to all these decades-old questions. TPTB would never ask for viewer input, but like we’ve all posted: if long-time viewers can come up with plausible storylines using our knowledge of Days’ history, why can’t handsomely-paid writers do a little research and come up with better shows???

  144. From grandma to many

    some great theories going on here I love everyones imagination ! spoilers say we find out why Kayla ‘s really in Salem don’t tell me she’s ISA too or maybe she’s the shooter lol whatever the out come we seem to be having more fun and less arguing

  145. From AnnieQ

    I agree some really great theories here.I feel really lacking in imagination!Kat your post was very funny especially the part about touching the HOLY GRAIL! I also was wondering why do they keep touching the gun? Plus didn’t they all have their own guns? Hysterical!

  146. From Richard

    I would bet my last dollar that the reason that Stefano can’t except EJ is because he is a Brady.
    Just like the Hatfield’s and Mccoy’s, so are the Dimera’s and Brady’s.

  147. From SandyGram

    #138 Richard
    Don’t leave us hanging….What Brady do you think could be EJ’s father? For me, it could only be John being Colleen’s son. And why would Alice want to keep that a secret, especially after she saw what kind of a man his was becoming under Stefano’s influence?

  148. From SandyGram

    Well it looks like not only are my typing skills getting slopping, but my proof reading also.

    “kind of man his was” should be “kind of man he was”.

  149. From Kat

    You know something SandyGram, Don’t worry about small typos etc.
    we all get caught up in our thoughts, and we miss a word here and there, or whatever… WHo cares, we are supposed to be among friends, aren’t we……So what if EJ is Brady by John/Colleen, He is also DiMera, by John/Santos….
    I recently looked at the DiMera Family Tree right on the DOOL Site, so writers, unless all the sites change bio’s of the DiMera’s and Brady’s, John/Ryan is a DiMera all the Way……I am really laughing out loud, it is getting pathetic with those writers, not acknowledging History, written all over every DOOL Site that you can access…..
    Alice Horton IMO would have helped Anybody in Need, even Stefano’s child, that’s why she was Our Alice…..Back then they only had simple blood tests, No DNA, and also please remember, Salem has always been full of “Sample Switchers”, so EJ could still be Stefano’s child……..

    137 AnnieQ, well it was almost like a satanical ritual in the dark, I actually had to laugh, it was funny, ..
    Maybe once they find the real Killer, they will have a Ticker Tape Parade for him through Salem, or a Thank you Party at the Horton Square. They could dance around a bond fire, singing the Warlock is dead,,,,,,…..and then the Mayor could give him the “Medal of Freedom from Stefano” Medal….Are we having any fun yet
    – I am, because I know my fav. Villain will be back………………………….

  150. From Richard

    #139 SandyGram
    John, of course would be the only bet for me.
    Alice wouldn’t tell, because of what Stefano might do to Hope and Gina, which she was both fond of and she would also fear for the safety of EJ, after she witnessed what Stefano did to John and his family.

  151. From kat

    As far as I remember, back when Ej would have been conceived, John was no way near Hope/Gina, only Susan or Kristin.
    So to me that always has ruled out Hope as EJ’s Mother period.
    However, I will gladly stand corrected.
    So honestly I am very confused about some thinking that Hope/Gina and John might be EJ’s parents. The time frame is so way off… IMO, so don’t get mad, just a thought…

  152. From Arlene

    What do you all think of this possibility? I read that Kayla tells the real reason that she came back to Salem this time. Do you think the show is throwing us a curve ball and the shooter could be Kayla?

  153. From Me

    #118 Terri K – You hit the nail on the head! You and a couple of others on this site are right on. There seems to be at least two people that are ALWAYS in the middle of conflict on this site, causing trouble and bashing people. DOOL is not reality people, it’s entertainment and fun entertainment at that. I don’t care how long someone has watched this show, it’s a soap and if you’ve watched from day one or started yesterday, it doesn’t take long to catch on. It’s a fun, great show to watch, but let’s be nice to one another.
    With that being said; I absolutly love some of the theory’s being discused. This plot will have a blow out of an ending!

  154. From Paula

    Arlene — you could be right. Kayla took her father’s death very hard when John’s plane went down, and they always blamed Stefano for this. Maybe she decided it was payback time.
    But if not, I have to wonder what her purpose is for coming back. To date, they haven’t given her a storyline since she appeared, and she’s been around for a while now.

  155. From Richard

    I’m not sure that EJ was the baby that Susan delivered. That baby could have easily died or there could have been twins with two different fathers.
    I seem to remember that Stefano was on his death bed and not expected to live, when John learned that EJ was Elvis. I don’t recall how Stefano pulled through on that occasion. I also think that he had a rare blood marker or something, like that.
    I doubt that Hope could be EJ’s mother. Gina could be. I truly believe that Kristen is EJ’s mother and is the baby that she thought that she had lost in Paris.

  156. From SandyGram

    SPOILER Excerpt from June 4th Preview on

    Quote: “Sami learns about Stefano’s shooting and comforts EJ. She tells him now they finally have a chance, out from under Stefano’s influence, for their family and children. What does she mean by that?”

    Made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I can only hope that it is a very misleading spoiler. For Sami to now dump Lucas, on top of dumping Rafe to go back to EJ who she has dumped countless times is just to much. Know wonder she’s so messed up when the writers having her bounce around like a rubber ball from guy to guy!

  157. From kat

    145 Paula,
    it was Ava that had the plane go down…Stefano I believe was in an induced (by Marlena) coma.
    That’s why John moved into the Mansion on his return and took over all DiMera business, as RoboJohn.
    The first time we saw Ava was at the airport in Ireland,…..
    Thinking that Stefano is dead, Women might stand in line to be with EJ….
    If Sami does all those things SandyGram, well that is what makes her Sami, unpredictable to the End…
    Kristin’s baby being alive has been a thought I mentioned before. Maybe the Baby she thought she lost in Paris, is still alive, and is EJ, Still a DiMera however….
    So many good theories, wonder what the Truth will be….
    I would think that Kayla’s big announcement has something to do with her husband Steve, and why she has left him alone in Africa for such a long time.!?
    At least Steve is older than JJ, LOL.

  158. From Grandma Judy

    grandma to many #136, – Yes, less arguing. I’ve noticed that and it’s nice. Only thing a little edgy was #95′s “reality check” remark. (I agreed with Shani’s response.) We are trying to get away from that sort of thing on here. Rather, respectfully disgussing everyone’s different opinions and the oh, so, intriguing different viewpoints about what’s going to be up with Stefano and his shooter.

    I like the CIA being involved and Stefano possibly going into witness protection, I like him possibly hiring someone to shoot him, and I like most everyone’s speculations about who the shooter could have been.

    Kat is correct about there being a drug out there that can make a person appear dead. The writers sure have all of us hooked with this one!!

    On a personal note, (hey, it’s the weekend!) my sister had a knee replacement May 17th and she was out of the hospital May 20th. Unbelievable! Now, yesterday, she was discharged from her home care nurses and therapists, and she is walking with only a cane. I was so worried about her and now it is such great news that she is making such a remarkable recovery. When my mother had her knee replacement, 12 years ago, she was in the hospital for 2 weeks and then 2 more weeks of therapy. The way they move people along at such a faster pace these days seems to work!!

    gerri, glad you were able to take a vacation after so much going on in your family. Happy to hear your daughter is coming along. Hope your husband will improve. Blessings!!

    Yay, a new week of Days starts tomorrow!!

  159. From Grandma Judy

    Disgussing should be discussing. Like Kat says, I was caught up in my thoughts and missed here and there. LOL

  160. From Kat

    Yes it is nice to freely blog, without somebody finding something tiny to pick on, and every things goes woopsy.
    I have always enjoyed the back and forth about a subject, etc.
    It is fun, to see so many different views/thoughts about any given SL, that’s what makes it interesting. We are all guilty
    writing Nonsense at times, but, It Is Our Nonsense, so everybody live with it.
    By the way, GramJudy are you still into “Revenge”. I think it is great writing, I also enjoy “Harry’s Law” at lot, I believe it is the same writers…..!

    Sounds like Knee replacements are not a big deal anymore.
    Feds used it at times, when they wanted some to believe that a Mafia
    King/etc. was dead, I remember a movie when they would stick a needle in the “Body” to make sure….

    gerrie, enjoy, you earned it and deserve it.

  161. From Grandma Judy

    Kat, – Absolutely love “Revenge! Wed. nights are so boring now until it comes back. So glad they renewed it for another season. I wonder if Victoria was really on that plane and killed?

  162. From kat

    I hope not, she is such a vital part of the show.
    Prob. much like Stefano…. she will be back, the show does need her, I think….
    The only problem I have, for me at least, it is at times very hard to understand Emily/Amanda…
    everybody else sounds clear.
    I have the same problem many times with Hope….
    We had an early 13th BD Party for my grandson yesterday, thank God the weather cleared up beautifully for afternoon and evening. It was on the beach and everybody got to go swimming, and it was cold. Had a covered great Patio/whatever you call those things on the beach….
    Had three times a many girls, than boys, go figure, plus all the Families.Of course my Nate is very handsome, as I said before, a lot like EJ,,, Wonder why I like EJ…. Grandma was in heaven, I know you understand….
    Hope all is still working out great with your grandchildren, etc….

  163. From Kat

    ….meant the Water was Cold…..

  164. From kat

    P.S. GramJudy, by the way, I do miss the good old days, when Us bloggers, you, Kass, MAB, etc. I forgot so many names, would use the weekend the blog with each other, share some of our personal feelings and happenings, and knew
    that what ever differences we had about characters or SL’s was just “business” and NEVER Personal.
    I have always known that you are a good and decent person, we just sometime/many times disagree and get a bit heated, so what, it is supposed to be fun in a GOOD WAY.
    My family is coming this eve, I am having a big Spaghetti Dinner with all the trimmings. The SAUCE is simmering, come on Stefano, that smell alone should bring you back from the “DEAD”.
    I always like having a little fun, even in my blogs, but some people don’t even get that….
    Judy, it’s Chianti tonight….just come south from your place and I’ll see you……

  165. From SandyGrams

    SPOILER….Days Won the Outstanding Daily Drama Award at the 2012 Glaad Awards

    Excerpt from Daytime Royalty Post #27:

    At the Awards Freddie (Sonny) said that like many people he also wondered what was going on with his character because of not working for two months but said he will be on a lot on July and August and at one point will be on every day.

    Nice to see Sonny will be back in the mix of things.

  166. From patty

    Spoilerish!!! Roman has got to be the worst cop ever. He could never catch a crook like Stephano to save his life, but narrows down most of the suspects for Stephano’s murder in about ten minutes. Of course he has it all wrong and he suspects mostly his friends and family members and in doing so is letting the real killer get away ( even though there is no killer because Stephano’s not dead). I really think they should either eliminate his role or stop making him look like such an idiot. It’s always out of his hands, whether he has to let the bad guy go or charge an innocent person. I hope he won’t be the one arresting Will, his own grandson.
    I’m happy to hear that Sonny will be getting some more air time, I say it’s about time. He’s a great actor and character going to waste.
    It looks like Lexie is out as far as being a suspect, she was upstairs sleeping.
    Richard, I was thinking along the same lines, the reason Stephano turned on his son could be because he’s either a Brady or a Horton. I don’t believe he could be Hope’s son though.
    Great blogging everybody! It’s time for a glass of wine at my house too having friends over after spending the whole weekend looking after my 4 year old grandson and his best friend, my 5 year old grand niece. They are so smart it’s scary but they make me laugh so hard. They said I can’t sing but I make the best Nutella squares. I cried when they left.

  167. From gerri

    Grandma Judy,and Kat,
    medical care has come so far,now It’s In and out,of the hospital,kinda like a drive thru..
    Glad your sister did well.
    I love the way the blogs are going now,even tho we don’t agree on certain issues,there is less negative remarks…….

    My guess for the shooter Is Ian(he loved kate he says so much,and Stefano did have her involved in his” Escort Services”was this reason enough?who knows,and also Kayla(she would seem,likely,as she did take her father’s death the hardest.
    also,I could say Doug,for the many times,Stefano did his daughter,badly.but whatever,we all know,he isn’t going anywhere,he will be around to wreck Havoc,on basically everyone in Salem, for sometime.

  168. From Booberry

    Why does Jon always have ” I smell a fart. ” look on his face most of the time?

  169. From Lisa/St. Louis

    I think Lexie shot Stefano. What mother wouldn’t want to kill the person who is taking her away from her son.

  170. From MAB

    Whew, go away for a few days, come back, and there are so many posts, I can’t read them all. I skimmed over them, and good posts from most, and as always, Kat & Maryl, ditto! And thanks Kat as always for your support! Also, thanks to those like SandyGram (aka spoiler junky) who is always considerate of others when posting spoilers, so we can choose to read them or not. Of course everything was going well until I ran across patty’s post, calling me out & being ugly, as usual. You say you don’t care what I say….then why do you continue reading my posts and commenting on them? Oh, believe me, I certainly do skip over your posts, except for when I see my name mentioned. No way I’m not gonna just let you slide w/o a response. But I guess that’s just how you roll, huh? You like the drama! So how about this…why don’t you stop reading MY posts, because honestly your rants & redundant behavior have become a yawn fest.

    Are they really casting for Eric Brady? I hope it’s someone awesome, because for me, Jensen Ackles is the only Eric Brady IMO. I adore Jensen and would love him to reprise the role, but I doubt he ever will since he’s moved on the bigger & better things, such as my favorite TV show, Supernatural!

    I’m not gonna comment too much on Stefano’s shooting, but I did enjoy the show very much, except for all the lame ranting that went on. I was onboard w/ EJ & Abe, but the rest of them, I could’ve done w/o. And Will, cry much? Him yelling ‘you’ve ruined by life’…well young William, you’ve done that all on your own. I’m not gonna really speculate on who the real shooter will be because at this point, it could be anyone. I don’t think it was Lexie. I don’t care what Stefano did or didn’t do, Lexie loves him and I don’t think she would ever kill her father. And I don’t believe anyone who came to the mansion did it, whether they wanted to or not. And how stupid were all of them to touch the same gun? I think it will be someone who is expendable to the show, and my money is on Celeste. Of course, I guess it doesn’t matter either way because Stefano will turn up alive & well in the end. GO STEFANO!

    There has been more than one person saying Stefano is unsteady at times. I don’t think that has any bearing on him doing his job. Too many people retire and end up dying shortly after. I would hate to see this happen to him. He seems to love what he does, and does it better than any of them, so I hope he sticks around as long as he wants.

    People were looking out for Will, but he thought he was smarter than all of them put together, so he got in over his head, and will have to pay the consequences for his actions.

    It doesn’t matter whether Lexie was standing at the top of the stairs or out in the street, she overheard because Abe blabbed, after he promised he wouldn’t do anything to cause her anymore grief. Yep, Abe gets the blame there for sure.

    Marlena again proved what a lousy mother she is to Sami. She said her family was the most important thing to her, and said ‘they’ as if she was basically excluding Sami. I don’t blame Sami for just walking off. Marlena was a b!tch to her. It was more important to her to go over to the DiMera mansion and give a repeated speech to Stefano, than to talk to her daughter. What a wonderful mother for Sami to have…NOT!

  171. From SandyGram

    SPOILER: There is a June 4th NBC Promo Video that shows Stefano sitting in the chair with his eyes closed after the shooting. I black gloved hand reaches over and feels for a pulse on his neck.

    I don’t know but I worked in the Nursing world for many years and I wouldn’t be able to feel a pulse through that thick glove. But, if we were to believe the shooter could feel the pulse through the glove, then why didn’t he/she feel Stefano’s pulse if he is still alive (which I believe he is)? And finally, the gloved hand appeared to be small and who would even think to feel for a pulse other than someone from the medical field? Oh my way to much logic this morning!

  172. From MAB

    Stefano has gaked his death before by using the drug to make people think you’re dead (whatever it’s called). I think Vivian used it too. Plus, this is a soap and they will come up w/ something to explain him being alive. I’m sure Stefano had this all planned tho. I don’t see him just sitting around waiting for someone to kill him, especially after being threatened by half of Salem. And what happened to the DiMera mansion security?????

    I have a feeling his absence won’t be for long. There is too much unresolved where Stefano is concerned, the coin among other things. Maybe he’s taking it upon himself to find out the truth about the coin and figure doing it while he’s supposedly believed dead is the best way to go about it. That way he can move around w/o being tailed. Then there’s the talk of him trying to take Theo from Abe, and he supposedly just filmed scenes w/ Ian.

  173. From patty

    Spoilers for the week of June 11th:

    After doing something to upset Gabi, Andrew vows to make it up to her.
    Ian makes EJ a shocking proposition.
    Kate begins to fear Brady is back on drugs.
    Chad blames Will for Stefano’s shooting.
    Kayla reveals why she’s really in Salem.
    Bo questions Hope about what really happened in Alamania between her and John.

    Monday (“Will Is Arrested”)
    Lucas and Sami question Will’s capabilities; Kayla becomes a sounding board for Abe.

    Tuesday (“Will’s Bail”)
    EJ puts Will in a horrible position; Rafe believes in Will’s innocence.

    Wednesday (“Stefano’s Memorial”)
    Stefano’s family pays tribute to him; Chad feels guilty for rejecting Stefano’s affections; EJ loses control of his emotions.

  174. From RJD

    Re: Post 166

    Dear Patty,
    “I FEEL your PAIN !” (lol)

    I mean, they traced the gun registration, took prints off the gun – great ! But did anyone say they did the most basic BALLISTICS test, to see if the bullet that “killed” Stefano could have come OUT of that gun ?!?!

    …and I AGREE with you (kind of)

    The TRUE “Roman Brady” was the ONLY one who could catch Stefano, because he was the only one with the profiling skills to understand “The Game” (as Stefano often put it). Stefano would NEVER kill Roman, because he RESPECTED him so much, and was his only “worthy opponent.”

    The “Roman III” that we are all currently watching on-screen (since 1997) is absolutely P-A-I-N-F-U-L to watch.
    He is acting, and/or being WRITTEN like a clod, from his detective skills, to his relationships with family/friends, to his “romances,” this is NOT the same character as originally conceived by Pat Falken Smith in 1981.

    I don’t know where the breakdown lies, and do not want to put it 100% on the shoulders of Josh Taylor, because I liked him as Chris Kositcheck “back-in-the-day.”

    Roman Augustus Brady was supposed to be NOBLE, and a “blue-collar-cop,” with the intelligence of Sherlock Holmes (he was often shown being a “master of disguise”). He was SO good at his job, that the elite and “super-secret” International Security Alliance recruited him, and he was under “deep cover” to get Stefano in Salem (but, hey – that was before they let EVERYONE in, even ex-junkies & thugs…)

    Roman III as being written/acted now is superfluous, and it would be a lot less painful if they weren’t calling this character “Roman.” Most of the lines that have any sort of emotional gravitas, which normally would be coming out of Roman’s mouth, now have to come from John or Bo.

    Is it 15 years of bad writing ? Or is it because the writers don’t feel they can trust the actor to deliver the lines with the appropriate impact or sensitivity ?

  175. From jolie

    Could Stefano have set up his demise with the government agency he was working with to seal the gun runners’ deal? Maybe this was his price…he gets out of Salem without arousing suspicion and goes after his coin. Also, Elvis will find out he is indeed a Dimera. This was a set up by someone to throw Stefano off Elvis for a while…everyone else too for that matter. Elvis will find out he is indeed his fatha’s son when fatha comes back from his trip later this summer. But this is strange to be happening when Lexie is dying. But then old Stefano is alone and just can’t deal right now I guess. And Lexie has learned that he is responsible for her tumor…in a very round about way.
    Nic-Nic’s bambino…I think it is Elvis’ but might turn out to be Brady’s. That means she and Elvis will likely get back together. Right? This is DOL!
    Gabi, maybe the stalker will haul her out of town. I am so tired of that storyline. And I do hate to see Melanie leave. I loved the actress and character. Good luck to her.
    Kate and Stefano..knock it off and get back together where you belong.
    And Caroline has been at work again…changing baby DNA like she changes diapers on Sami’s kids.

  176. From RJD

    …a couple of thoughts/laughs on today’s (6/4/12) episode in particular…

    In the words of Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper:
    “In what universe” would a high-profile crime scene NOT be “taped off” ?

    I mean, by the end of the episode (presumably the same dark & stormy night), EJ’s able to non-challantly stroll in, and sit on the blood-stained carpet, across from the blood-stained chair ???

    Either the Salem PD is VERY quick & efficient, or they really don’t care about contaminating the forensics of the crime scene….

    …and of course, my comment from an earlier post: Did anyone actually do a ballistics test to match the bullet & gun ?

    …of course “Roman III” should have excused HIMSELF off the case; due to his 30 years of history with the victim
    (…oops, that would require him being written in-character, sorry – my bad…)

    …and of course the BIGGEST laughs from today came every time a character said:
    “OMG !!! I don’t understand ?!?! I know he had enemies, but who would want to do this ?!?!”

    ROFLMAO !!!

    Might I suggest they read the Salem White Pages/Phone Book ???

  177. From MAB

    Regarding Roman, it’s simple. Long story short, Wayne Northrup who played Roman left the show…they brought the Roman character back played by Drake Hogestyn…he was paired w/ Marlena and they became the new Roman & Doc until it was revealed John wasn’t Roman (when Wayne N returned). But by that time, Drake/Roman/John had became a very huge, popular character w/ the fans, more so than Roman…so Roman was ultimately reduced in status and John took over…which resulted in John becoming Stefano’s biggest adversary instead of Roman. Basically, John took over being the lead character from Roman.

    I think Stefano has definitely planned for his “death” and will disappear until it’s time for the Phoenix to rise again! I’m sure by then he’ll find out all about the coin, and I assume the story will continue on that once he returns. As far as his exit before Lexie’s, since he feels guilty over her dying, I think he feels she’s probably better off w/o him at this point…and so he feels leaving her before she passes is best for her.

    I’m glad Stefano made it clear (again) that he wasn’t trying to kill anyone in the safehouse. I still say Harmon was responsible and working for someone else, probably Ian.

    I wonder who took the gun in the safe at the pub, and is it even important at all, as it seems Abe’s gun was used to shoot Stefano?

  178. From Vickie D

    Anyone ever think of Lexie killing Stefano since now she found out about what is causing her tumor?
    Just a thought.. wouldn’t that be interesting?

  179. From patty

    #174 Thanks RJD! :) I totally agree with your description of Roman.

    #156 SandyGram, I don’t think Sami’s intentions are to leave Lucas for EJ just yet. Their talk is nothing more than Sami giving out advice (go figure) about how he can change his ways now that Stephano’s gone and said we might stand a chance meaning her family and her kids future. I’m thinking that whatever EJ does to Will to put him in a horrible position might come between the new found frienship between Sami and EJ and I’m hoping that he’s not setting Will up to take the fall for Stephano’s shooting.

  180. From Grandma Judy

    I found today’s show repeticious and predictable but I guess that’s to be expected at this point. Everyone who had been to the mansion, that we know of, was looking very guilty during the whole show, and even some did who weren’t at the mansion, like Ian. Nice scenes between Kate and Will, I thought, and between Lexie and Abe. It’s a respectable opinion but not really “for sure” that Abe is to blame for Lexie knowing of Stefano’s involvement in her illness. There are some of us who have the opinion it was totally an accident that she overheard. Like her overhearing today that Stefano is “dead”. The writers are having her unexpectedly pop up. She and Abe are so in love and it’s going to be so sad for him when she dies.

    Kat #164, – I, too, remember those weekend chats some of us had. There was one time when there was some big sports event going on, maybe it was the Super Bowl a couple of years ago, and you and I and Cougar, remember her?, and one other blogger were posting back and forth during the game. Like an online tailgate party!!

    patty #166, – I cry almost every time our grandkids leave. And sometimes they’re coming back the very next day!!

    gerri #167, – Maybe one of these days joint replacements will be outpatient procedures!

  181. From Grandma Judy

    Maybe whatever EJ does to Will not only will come between EJ and Sami but maybe bring Sami and Will closer together if Sami is in Will’s corner.

  182. From SandyGram

    Process of elimination of the shooter by color of rain coat alone: Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Kate, Abe, Will, EJ!

    - Marlena – Rain Coat was Red

    - Abe – Rain Coat was Dark Gray

    - Hope – Rain Coat was Blue

    The thought a medical or police office would know to check the pulse….the one person being left out in everyone’s conversation is KALA! OH, OH, almost for got, although it seems many folks have access to the Pub Safe, Kala does also!

    – Although every one that came to the DiMansion with a gun, it would appear the shooter used the gun laying out in the open.

    Could it be Ian….no hint of being in the rain, although he did have those moments of eyebrow raising and he could of had someone else do the shooting!

    The gun appear to be in the foyer since it was in the shooters hand while carefully opening the parlor door, but after the shooting it’s laying next to the chest set. So how did it get into the foyer, where did Abe leave his gun?

    For me, if the shooter were any of the eight suspects, there would have to be a way to eventually prove anyone of them innocent.

    There has been some mention by fellow bloggers of Kristen returning and shooting Stefano. But I can’t think of why she would want to shoot him. Wasn’t it Susan that foiled Kristen’s plan to have her kidnapped and instead Susan arranged for Kristen to be kidnapped and taken to that far away place?

    So where does that leave my thinking….waiting for the answer along with everyone else.

  183. From SandyGram

    #180 Grandma Judy
    It does appear that the Carver house has ears with the writers having Lexie over hear the 2 most important things in her life, but it is interesting that both of those things are tied to Stefano.

    Also Lexie mentioned having a bad dream…could it be from her tumor she is becoming disillusioned not remember things she may have done? Wonder how far the DiMansion is from the Carver house? And is she even well enough to drive a car that distance.

    That’s it….I drive myself nuts trying to out smart the writers.

  184. From SandyGram

    Forgot one thing, why has no one said Rafe could have shot Stefano? Or even Samantha Gene or Nikki hasn’t been thrown into the mix!

  185. From patty

    Grandma Judy, I hope you are right and that it does bring Sami and Will closer. I’m also wondering if it might not bring Rafe back into the picture since he does believe in Will’s innocence.
    I know what you mean, I just wish my grandkids lived next door or close by so I could see them everyday. They sure are my pocket full of sunshine.

  186. From Lucy

    Leave Rafe out of this storyline, we don’t need this bore..he can live his love story with Carrie or go way !

  187. From Kat

    Pretty much just repeats today….
    What a bunch of accomplished deceivers they all are, lying through their teeth…LOL.
    When Will shouted at Stefano, What have I ever done to you, Stefano could have answered… You shot my son in church……

    Grandma Judy, wasn’t it the Super Bowl and the Steelers won….
    Of course who could forget Cougar,…. Where are you….
    and Nightmare…
    Did you not today, when Lexi was the closest to the living room and the news were on TV, Lexie did not hear that… funny…
    I hope that Lexie has nothing at all to do with Stefano’s death.
    It would tarnish her in the eyes of her son, sooner or later, and I for one do not want to see that.
    Let Lexie leave with grace and dignity intact…for All concerned,
    especially since Stefano is “Not Dead”.
    I still say, that blaming Stefano for Lexie’s Death is way overdone – it just does not fit.
    To blame him For Mother Nature in the Tunnels, and Andre, a misfit, for kidnapping Lexie and keeping her there, while he was deathly ill in Italy, it’s a reach, no matter what.
    It’s pitiful if that is the Best the Writers could come up with…..All IMO of course.
    And then again Chad, his girlfriend Melanie, and Her Understudy Gabi, and now the Hired Stalker….
    Please, get Chad out of the Coffee House, give him a story away from those two women, make him interesting in his own right, hoping the same for
    our Rafe….To watch those two guys being wasted away in the most boring SL’s, HELP.
    MAB, as always, good to read your blogs.
    I enjoy all the old Roman stories, but do any of you think, that all those different writers even know what happened back then…. to maybe pick up
    on these old conspiracies and finish them now or sooner or later. I highly doubt it, they don’t even remember Ireland, even thoug EJ’s picture is on the DiMera Family Tree as Santos and EJ DiMera.

    Help us, for those writers don’t seem to know what they are doing, from new team to new team….

    Any of those suspects could have for the final shot, put on gloves, even after touching the gun without gloves on. But I doubt, any of them did it, it will be an expendable character, just like MAB mentioned.

    Marlena, Mother of the Year she won’t be, the way she dodged her daughter Sami, who looked she really needed to talk to her Mother……

  188. From SandyGram

    Days Of Our Lives Cast Interviews!
    Monday, June 04 2012 from:

    Very interesting!

  189. From Clem

    These spoilers sigh..why can’t they write for Ej and Sami just for ONCE ? Why always having something, someone as an obstacle for them ??????..It is so predictable and boring..for once writers write them working together not against each others..this endless cycle is so tiring..and why put Rafe again in the picture, Lucas is already there and Rafe is already busy with the Nicole’s switch pregnant story and his star-crossed love story with Carrie, enough is enough !! These spoilers don’t make me want to watch, to say the least..SIGH

  190. From patty

    Thanks for the link SandyGram. Interesting interviews.
    I highly doubt an EJami pairing would work for very long, it never did before because she wanted him to change his ways and she still does. I also doubt very much that EJ will ever change his ways. Sami might fall for the new and improved way he’s been treating her and start trusting him again but sooner or later she will find something out that he’s been doing that will set her off and she will hate him again. She’ll most likely go ballistic and do something irrational like take his kids away again. There never was a real deep love connection between those two, it was always more an obssessive attraction and the spark has kind of fizzled out after she shot him in the head imo. Pairing them up after that would be kind of ridiculous but I always said they deserve each other. Lucas and Rafe are too good for her.

  191. From Kat

    In my opinion, the only two that got the Magic, are EJ and Sami,
    Lucas and Rafe, both of them are good guys, but way to Boring for Samantha, keep them as buds, but not as her Lover, Main Man, Partner, etc. etc…. EJ is the Only Man that can Be ALL to Sami, all the others just don’t Get Her.
    She needs Big Bad Boy EJ, best Lover, most romantic Guy, understands her best, they belong together, always have and always will, from THE FIRST MOMENT THEY LAYED EYES ON EACH OTHER…. the spark, the chemistry, it was all there.
    Don’t understand what the writers are saving this Wow Story for, how long are they going to wait, until they give us the soap romance of the “Whatever”.
    Writers, don’t save it forever, DOOL might be canceled before you guys finally give us the Best ever Story….. Get with it
    Lucas and Rafe, just plain to boring for our sexy, dynamo Samantha Gene….. She needs the Best… she needs to be with EJ DiMera, The most sexy Man in Salem…

  192. From SandyGram

    #190 patty
    Sami was more concern about Stefano’s influence on the kids, than EJ’s. Stefano’s threatening to take them out of Salem was her greatest fear. Although she shouldn’t give EJ a break in that area either, he has been know on more than a few occasions to call for the Jet to be fueled up himself. Then there’s the issue of having any kind of relationship with her family if she hooked back up with EJ. But then again, EJ wouldn’t mind he has always said his ultimate goal was to separate Samantha from the Brady family and that was when she lived in the DiMansion supposedly in a loving relationship with yawn Elvis. Sami does seemed to be primed for an EJ invasion right now, she lives in his apartment building, he’s across the hall to have a relationship with the kids, she works for Countess Wilhelmina….yep everything she has is provided by a DiMera. That doesn’t sound to independent to me.

  193. From patty

    That is true SandyGram, Sami did worry about Stephano’s influence on her children. She says to EJ ” now Johnny doesn’t have a crazy Grandpa trying to send him off to mobster camp”. For someone who is supposed to be comforting EJ, she seems more worried if Stephano is really dead and about EJ taking over the Demira empire and keeping her job. Sami has never been independant a day in her life. She’s always depended on someone to take care of her, usually men.

  194. From Debbie

    I have already excluded Bo and Hope from my suspect list because both of them are left handed and the gun was held in the right hand of the shooter.

  195. From Shani

    Yesterday’s show was a bunch of people deceiving everyone else.
    Stefano is not really dead so it makes sense that he had something to do with this plan to make people think he is dead. How awful for it to be set up at a time when his daughter, Lexie, will now die thinking her father was murdered. Whatever Stefano has been, she loves him & that is a terrible thing to do to her.

    I partly blame Stefano for Lexie’s illness, by his connection to Andre who put her in the tunnel. Again I never blamed Abe for Lexie finding out Stefano’s connection that she’s sick. Her overhearing was an accident. I would blame Abe if he had intentionally told her. Days favorite way of people finding out stuff is to overhear accidently or intentionally eavesdrop.

    I never saw true love between Sami & EJ. Just lust & EJ’s obsession with possessing her. & Sami being delusional about EJ changing into a decent person, which he never does, so she lashes out. Never ending cycle that is boring. When EJ first came to town, I liked them together but all the hate & deceit between them has completely turned me off from them together. Rafe was the one for Sami but she ruined it. But there could be hope for them yet. Rafe is going to believe in Will’s innocence. Good old Rafe, of course he will! Just like he believed in John!

  196. From Caylee

    Hello long time reader, first time poster.
    Yesterdays show was pretty dull. I thought it was really messed up the way Bo and Hope were sitting there smirking when EJ was trying to calm Chad down. Which I’m glad EJ was there for him. Poor thing looked like he was going to fall apart. Stefano’s the third parent Chad’s lost.I realize him and the DA had a very heated relationship before his mom died but he still loved him.
    Which brings me to Chad. I don’t believe for one minute that he ever stopped loving Stefano. His reaction yesterday proved it I don’t think it was over the top. It seems that Chad’s been the designated Stefano mourner. All I know is yesterday Chad broke my heart especially when he was in the town square.

  197. From SandyGram


    Soaps Fan Site has a link policy only…there are great spoilers for the week June 11th. They begin to answer a lot of the speculations to date.

  198. From MAB

    Sami comforting EJ over Stefano’s death…alright! As long as they get screen time together, and keep getting closer, I’m all for it!

    I still think Stefano’s shooter will be an expendable character to the show. My first instinct was Celeste, but Ian acted weirder than normal yesterday. I think he just may be responsible…he could’ve even had someone do it for him. Also, it seems Kayla may be a suspect too…possible but I think that would be stupid on her part, leaving her little one behind, and what about Steve & Stephanie? She has a family to think about too, and leaving them behind only to go to jail over Stefano’s shooting is silly. I just can’t wait for the Phoenix to rise again! And if Ian is responsible for shooting him, then I hope Stefano makes him pay big time!

    I think Kate was really hurt. No doubt she truly loved Stefano. And Lexie’s reaction definitely proves to me that she had nothing to do w/ it.

    Big difference in Roman coming by about Stefano’s death & Abe promising he wouldn’t do anything about Stefano and bring Lexie grief until she was gone. Abe laid into Stefano just as Lexie climbed the stairs so overhearing it as she did was Abe’s fault. Roman coming by and Lexie coming down the stairs, overhearing Roman, not a surprise…no one could keep Stefano’s death from her, as she would’ve found out one way or another.

    Kat – I agree about Will shouting at Stefano about what have I ever done to you and he could’ve answered you shot my son in church. Will is such a drama queen. He acted like his life has been ruined, when he’s only mad because EJ fired him and he no longer has the perks of the job.

    I bet Chad takes that turn and embraces the DiMera family now that Stefano is gone. I think Melanie was out of line yesterday talking to Chad that way about Stefano. Looks like she may loose Chad on her own w/ that sort of attitude, w/o Gabi even trying to break them up.

    EJ & Sami never lasted long before because the writers wouldn’t let it happen. It was her family, Lucas, or Rafe coming between them. But when you got a couple like EJ & Sami, who burn up the screen together, I would think that would be a writers dream to write for a couple such as them. There is so much that works for them & against them as a couple…there would always be something to write about & the s/l would never become boring & redundant. And that is all that will happen as long as she’s paired w/ Rafe, or even Lucas. There was absolutely real love between EJ & Sami. They both admitted to loving each other more than once.

    Very true, that Sami was always about Stefano’s influence on the kids, not EJ’s.

    I agree w/ Caylee about Bo & Hope. I love these 2, but for them to stand there smirking while Chad was a basket case over Stefano’s death was so disrespectful. They had no right…I don’t care how much they hate Stefano…Chad never did anything to them. So glad EJ was there for him.

  199. From patty

    Thanks SandyGram. Interesting that Will gets arrested for having gun residue on his hands but the gun he fired wasn’t the gun that shot Stephano. I thought it was established that Abe’s gun was the one that shot Stephano. The shooter was wearing gloves so if it was Will, he wouldn’t have residue on his hands.
    The spoiler says EJ resumes blackmailing Will so I wonder what dirty work he’s got up his sleeves for Will now. Isn’t EJ always up to no good though, even if it involves Sami’s children. Could spell trouble in paradise for an EJami pairing.

  200. From Caylee

    MAB, hey I agree that Melanie’s probably going to lose Chad if she don’t stop her Stefano bashing. I don’t know if this is related but next Thursday Chad chews her a new one it’s on daytimeroyalty.
    I can’t wait for the Will/Chad confrontation. That should get very loud. It’s sad that the only interaction these two are going to have is fighting.

  201. From Lisa

    Why do you care so much about trouble in paradise between Ejami ? They are not even together (writers and Corday never gave them a chance) so be happy and stop rambling about is uber annoying patty.

  202. From carrie

    People who bash non stop Sami while hoping really hard to see her hooking up again with so called ‘honorable’ good guy, hero Rafe make me laugh..lmao
    p.s: Lucas a good guy..well not so much if you know the character..they changed his character and now he is some boring lackey to Sami and/or Kate..what a development..before he was also a mama’s boy but at least sometimes he was interesting with his drunken meltdown, bitter jealousy and jerky smuggy moves and His only saving grace seems to be that sometimes he still have some humor unlike boring Rafe..

  203. From patty

    Lisa, my point is that EJami is doomed before they even start a relationship, who wants to be with a man who is using and blackmailing your child? The only obstacle to them being together is themselves… and TPTB. But I get why that would annoy you, I get kind of annoyed when people go on about Safe not being good for each other when he was the best thing that ever happened to her imo.

  204. From Maryl

    Lisa–well said! Reading her blogs, it appears that patty is more worried about an Ejami reunion than anything else in the SL! Ha! Relax patty, we know Corday doesn’t want Ejami to happen and the new writers coming in will see that it doesn’t. They will once again, no doubt, scrap the best love story that could happen on a soap opera. I hope I’m wrong and that they will finally see the potentially powerful love story they have under their noses with EJ and Sami.

  205. From Maryl

    patty–”who wants to be with a man who is using and blackmailing your child”?—perhaps a woman who has done all of the same stuff–especially the blackmailing–capable of even blackmailing a child if need be–that’s our Samantha Jean. That’s why Sami and Rafe didn’t work out–as you said, he is just toooooo good for her.

  206. From Kat

    I just plain and simple like EJ and Sami together on the screen.
    Don’t care what the SL is (of course would like to see Love and Romance).
    I wish bloggers, when trying to refer to another blog, would use the Bloggers Name, not just the #…
    because, the Numbers keep changing all the time. It makes it confusing.
    Maybe Kayla will go back working at the Hospital, she is after all a Doctor, and with Lexie gone…
    I have a feeling, like I said before, Kayla’s news will be about Steve, what else could there be…
    She could keep Abe company, they both have little boys….
    Waiting to hear from which gun the Fatal Bullet came…. Abe’s or Will’s,
    because the gun powder on his hands, have to go with the bullet….I am sure you guys know what I am trying to say..
    So it is all up to the writers, if they want to cash in and put Sami and EJ together……..see how the majority out There in soap land Likes it/or not…
    We are just a small number on here…
    and the show is not written for JUST US
    on here..

  207. From Grandma Judy

    I’d say reading patty’s blogs, she has the Sami/EJ history and current relationship, and any hopes for a future with them, nailed down pretty well! And I agree! I think the discussion about a Sami/EJ reunion got started because somebody saw Sami’s telling EJ that Stefano being dead would mean a better chance for them and blogged that Sami may have meant “them” as in her and EJ. I don’t think she meant that at all, as she explains to EJ on today’ show.

    I personally hope you are right, Maryl, and Corday doesn’t want Sami and EJ to happen.

    Stefano being the kind of man he is and always has been, I understand why Melanie didn’t want Chad to get him involved in Gabi’s “stalker” mess. She was very comforting to Chad later on when he felt so down at the Town Square. If Chad does turn over to being a true DiMera, that’s what could break-up him and Melanie. With the actress leaving the show to do prime time, that could be how they break them up and the way she makes her exit. I love Melanie and hate to see her go!

  208. From Kat

    Hi Maryl, (204,205)—
    I so agree with your thoughts.
    Samantha with her history needs a Man like EJ, all others, sooner or later will become Boring for Her, and Us the viewers…

    It’s like the Fine China, all you do is look at it/but hardly ever… use it,. What are you saving it for ? Use it and Enjoy.

  209. From Grandma Judy

    You’re right, Kat, and our online tailgate party was during the Super Bowl, which the Steelers won.

  210. From Grandma Judy

    Kat, every couple of months, I get out our china, silver, and stemware and I serve hubby’s and my dinner in our dining room. With candles whether it’s dark outside yet or not. Keeps the romance AND the China alive!

  211. From Debbie

    Oh, I see there’s someone else named Debbie on here too! I’ve been on here for over two years when Dustin still ran things but I don’t want us confused with each other. So a shout out to the ‘other’ Debbie…would you like me to change the spelling of our name or would you want to change yours?

    As for the shooting, I like the idea of Kayla being the shooter. I never considered her until it was brought up in the spoilers that the real reason why she came back would be revealed soon. As for how would this affect her kids and husband…the writers would most likely not even bring them up since they already have ingnored so much of the history of others’ characters that they would write anything just to move the plot along. So I think Kayla could be just as viable a suspect because of that.

  212. From Kat

    210 Grandma Judy,
    Good girl, I do the same thing, if you have it, Use it, keep the romance alive…
    I am sure your hubby feels special. Funny how we don’t agree about some of the characters/SL, but that is fun also… I think.

    P.S. In Sami’s case however, with her temper, the China might Not stay alive very long, plates would fly between her and EJ, but then the “Make-up Sex”, would burn the up the screen, LOL.

  213. From kat

    Debbie 211,
    IMO Kayla’s news will be most likely about her husband Steve….
    I don’t see her as the shooter, but who knows,
    I could see Caroline do it, before Kayla.
    But then again, I don’t think any of the Main characters did it,
    but if Stefano survives, why not,
    they had other main characters involved in attempted murder before…
    “Who Shot Stefano”?????????????????
    “Somebody” did it, LOL

  214. From JiBi

    The Rumor Mill said that Lexie or Will killed Stefano! My opinion is Lexie because the hand shanking and the way that the person touch is neck to verified is pulse. IMO it is a lady not a man, if it’s not Lexie it is some one that we did not see yet with a gun… Did Kayla was a nurse before ?

  215. From Terri K

    Molly Burnett tweeted today she was going to work today with Blake Berris. Looks like he’s definitely back in…wonder how that’s gonna play out…

  216. From patty

    #205 Maryl, if Samantha Gene wants to be with a man that she shot in the head and is blackmailing her child then she should go for it, she will sooner or later find out what a dumb move that was. That is not what an exciting romance is based on in my book, that spells disaster .

    I still say the reason Sami and EJ would never work is because he can’t be trusted, he always has an agenda and doesn’t care who he uses or destroys. That is my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  217. From patty

    I’m not sure what the reason for Kayla to shoot Stephano would be. It’s true that she had access to the gun Will put in the safe but apparently that is not the gun that shot Stephano. According to spoilers, she is having problems with Steve due to the fact that he went to work for the ISA without consulting her but I don’t see what her problem with Stephano would have been besides thinking he tried to have her family members blown up. I think that could have been more a reason for Caroline doing it but again Will’s gun is not the one that shot Stephano.

  218. From MAB

    Caylee – I can’t wait for Chad & Will’s confrontation either. Another DiMera vs Brady…love it!

    Lisa & Maryl…ditto!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is no difference in Bo getting help from Victor than Chad getting help from Stefano. All Chad was trying to do was get a name or something to help Gabi. I highly doubt Chad likes Melanie trying to tell him what to do, especially when it involves his family. Melanie would do well to watch her step w/ Chad and trying to tell him what to do. He’s a grown young man who can take care of himself. And regardless of what Stefano does, she can’t expect Chad to just dismiss his father completely. I doubt she would dismiss him if he was her father.

    No one has Sami & EJ’s relationship nailed down, which makes no one an expert on them. We all see the same things happening, just view them in different ways, so what you say about them all comes down to nothing but an opinion. And with that said, it’s TPTB that will make the call either way if or when EJami ever happens again. And as far as discussing a reunion between them, it didn’t take a mention of what Sami said for me to talk about it. I’ll always want it to happen, and will talk about it ever chance I get, in hopes one day TPTB will wise up and make it happen.

    I believe Abe’s gun was used in shooting Stefano because that is what was shown, and the fact the police have confirmed it. Many fingerprints on that gun since they all touched it. And all those people who touched were shown having a showdown w/ Stefano. So far those are the facts. But again at this point, it could be anyone who shot him, although I doubt anyone who went to the mansion shot him. And Kayla? Of course she could’ve shot him. She could’ve taken Will’s gun from the safe, but used Abe’s gun once she got to the house. Everyone else had a gun on them, yet still picked up Abe’s gun as well, so why not Kayla too? And there are plenty of reasons for Kayla to shoot Stefano. If you know anything about Kayla & Steve, you know they have a long past w/ Stefano just like all the others. And if Steve is working for the ISA, I bet it’s because of Stefano. Plus adding the fact that Kayla blames Stefano for what she thought was the death of her half her family in the safehouse, makes her just as much of a suspect as the rest of them. We just didn’t see anything played out for her, like the others. My money is still on Celeste or Ian tho.

    Does anyone else remember when Joey was born and Stefano took him and had him for a while? It was always my interpretation that Stefano did something to him, like plant a chip inside of him, because even tho Kayla & Steve got him back unahrmed, they found a mark on him. And a reference was made to Stefano by someone (on a phone) that apparently they had carried out what he ordered them to do, whatever it was. Of course, this was another dropped s/l once Kayla & Steve left the show again.

    My money’s on another dead end in bringing back Blake Berris. I’d rather see Nathan come back.

  219. From Terri K

    MAB- I agree. I really would love to see Nathan come back to the show..I don’t know who would be better than Mel to pair him with right now and with her leaving it really doesn’t leave a lot of options. I really hope they don’t pair Gabby & Chad up EVER..Not only is that whole deal a waste of time..her acting is just really crappy.
    I REALLY hope these new writers are smart enough to not pair Nicole & Daniel was awkward watching the 2 of them together..
    Always rooting for Sami & E.J. but neither of them could ever trust one another..I like the obvious constant flirt-on they have with each other on the side anyways..the occasional rompp between the 2 of them is always fun to watch.

  220. From Grandma Judy

    Geez, take me to the woodshed! I only meant patty has Sami and EJ’s relationship “nailed down” as I see it. I agree with her opinions about them. So am I sufficiently reprimanded now?! Remember, I am one of the big supporters of what everyone posts on here being only an opinion.

    Especially good acting by Lauren Kaslow today! More closeness and tenderness between Lexie and Abe. Just my opinion!

  221. From patty

    Spoilerish! After learning that the baby is Rafe’s, EJ still doesn’t believe it and again begs Nicole for another chance. He says they are not over and they never will be.
    Rafe is back on the force and will be working on the Stephano murder case. Roman tells him he’s the best detective they ever had.

  222. From Grandma Judy

    Kat, – sounds like you were correct about Kayla. A DaysCafe spoiler for next week says, “Abe confides in Kayla. Kayla also confides in Abe – about her marriage to Steve going on the rocks afer he joined the ISA.” Maybe it will be in the spoiler that will be at the top of the new page due to come up today.

    Oh, no, not EJ begging again!!

  223. From MAB

    Terri K – yep EJ & Sami probably could never trust each other. But it would be much more interesting to watch them go round w/ each other than her w/ Rafe or Lucas. There’s so much story to tell for EJami that it’s a shame for the writers to pass such a great opportunity up.

  224. From MAB

    One good way to botch Stefano’s murder case…putting Rafe on the job! Way to go Roman…not!

    Stupid for Kayla to let her marriage falter just because Steve goes to work for the ISA, but I guess it’s the only way to explain them not being together. I still say if that is what he’s doing, he’s doing to because of Stefano.

    Oh how some just enjoy be so snide. It’s ok that you voice your opinion about how you see it, but as soon as someone disagrees, you jump down their throats. So much for the support of others opinions, but I guess that only applies when one agrees w/ you.

  225. From patty

    Hmmm! I think Rafe is going to uncover EJ’s well kept secret that he’s not a Demira…and clear Will.

  226. From Terri K

    MAB- Agreed. Their relationship is a lot of fun. Although both of them are very lovable..they are both the same kind of villain. They do what’s best for them..and love to rip each others throats out, but the second someone else tries to bring them down, theyseem to be in one anothers corner. I love how they always seem to come together and their chemistry is amazing. Love to hate each other and although I was kinda digging the EJ/Nikki relationship, Nikki just always seems to come out looking like the fool. He cheated with her sister- took him back, he cheated with Sami- then agreed they could run off together and have a happy. Life. Should have stuck with Brady who would move heaven & earth for her!

  227. From Grandma Judy

    #224, – At first I thought your post was directed at me but then I knew it couldn’t be because I never said a word about your opinion or disagreeing with it, let alone jumping down your throat. I addresed only your remark about the “nailed down” comment and I cleared up what I meant when I wrote it. And yes, I ALWAYS support other’s opinions. I may state where I disagree but another person’s opinion is always valid.

  228. From Richard

    Stefano Dimera could be the killer. I mean, we all know how Stefano likes to clone people. Why not clone himself? Has anyone seen Agent Harmon, lately? Stefano has acted out of character lately.
    To me, he seemed to have created his whole murder scene, himself, to get all of the suspects to come after him at the same time and the same night. Who would ever suspect Stefano as being the killer?

  229. From Richard

    I don’t know if anyone else saw it, but when Abe pulled his gun on Stefano, Stefano turned around and looked directly at Abe. As if he was under mind control, Abe laid his gun down and left it there.

  230. From patty

    If Stephano and Kate are not divorced yet, wouldn’t she be the one to inherit the Demira estate? EJ was left out of Stephano’s will so everything should automaticaly go to Kate right? Of course the writers might just overlook this little fact . As far as we know, Kate and Stephano were still married. As a matter of fact so are EJ and Nicole and Rafe and Sami. Even though the writers seem to have forgotten about their histories together, it has only been a matter of months, not years.
    Grandma Judy, the reprimanding barbs were probably indirectly meant for me through you . Sorry you had to get caught in the middle, you did nothing wrong and you have every right to your opinion as all of us do. You’re one of the most considerate blogger here and I appreciate your views.

  231. From GrandmaJudy

    patty #230, – Thank you! No problem, – 6 to 1 half a dozen to the other who she meant. I was having fun with my “woodshed” comment but I did NOT criticize her opinion(s) in any way. Wanna join me behind said woodshed? I’ll bring the wine!! LOL!!

  232. From Grandma Judy

    patty #230, – Thank you! No problem, – 6 to 1 half a dozen to the other who she meant. I was having fun with my “woodshed” comment but I did NOT criticize her opinion(s) in any way. Wanna join me behind said woodshed? I’ll bring the wine!! LOL!!

  233. From AnnieQ

    I dont see Kayla as the killer but i dont know much about her history with Stefano.When I was working only saw DAYS sporadically. My money is on Ian especially as he is leaving the show. Maybe they willwrap up his storyline that way.Or possibly something with agent Harmon. Since the police already confirmed that Abes gun was used I guess its also possible that one of the others that touched it left and then returned and did the dastardly deed! I love a whodunnit!

  234. From Kat

    Hasn’t it been figured out by now,
    That Everybody on here has a Right to voice their opinions, period. How much longer will that argument come up….LOL.
    It’s been my argument from day 1 I started on this blog.
    Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of expressing yourself, please when will it sink in.

    Another opinion of mine, mentioned on here before, if you
    are talking about somebody’s blog,
    please give the blogger a Name, so half the group on here does not always think, “you” are talking about them, like Grandma Judy did, and so many others (Incl. myself) have thought so in the past.
    Yikes, a little Clarity would help so much on here.

    231 Grandma Judy, .. 6 to 1 half dozen to the other who she meant…?????? Identify please, and we all know….
    I hope you agree Grandma Judy,…

    If you have something to say, have a different opinion, state it to the person openly, in a respectful way, and then start your Chess game back and forth if needed, and have FUN..

    Fun is the name of the game on here, it is for me, but attack me personally, I will come back, or if I am getting smarter, I will use my “No Comment”.
    222 Grandma Judy, now if I could only be right about the Lottery,
    about Kayla, it was just plain using logic, what else could it have been about. I don’t get it though, after she thought Steve was dead for all these years, she mourned, and mourned, and Now she can’t handle Steve joining the ISA, talk to the Local Shrink Marlena, she is sticking with her Husband …..Writers, sometimes I really think you could use some Help….
    Kate might be Stefano’s “widow”, but he
    has everything in place for Her not to get a thing, I remember him talking about that. Stefano might be Evil, but he ain’t Dumb.

    As of this moment, EJ, Chad and Lexie Are his Heirs, nobody knows about EJ (???), and Lexie would never tell.

    And of course, all his beloved Grandchildren, I am sure Stefano has made arrangements to always have them taken care of.
    But all of that doesn’t really matter,
    we know that our Stefano will be Baaaaaack. Thank God — the SL needs him,

    and he needs to figure out his Father’s (Santos) obsession about the Coin…
    and if Ian has any connections to this whole Mess……


  235. From gerri

    IMO,there Is tender moments,with EJ and Nicole,along with passion..,with Sami,I’ve only seen,very heated passion,not my idea of any lasting love.their relationship began this way(the cabin with Lucas pinned under a wood beam)and EJ wouldn’t help him,unless Sami agreed to have sex with him,this sure didn’t spell love,and now the lastest was” the grief sex”,every relationship needs passion,but at the same time,It also needs love,to survive,and I don’t or have ever seen,this between these two,so hopefully,he can change some of his bad habits and Nicole can forgive him,and they can be together for their child,and be a family.
    these feelings are entirely my own.

  236. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Holy cats! I finally got a character named after me on a soap, even if she only lasts one day! Woot!!

  237. From Maryl

    Maybe it was Yvette (from the coin)who put a bullet into Stefano. Maybe she found Stefano before he could find her.

  238. From RJD

    Re: Post 232


    Since Kayla half of the fourth Brady “Super-Couple” from the 80′s (Roman I, Roman II & Marlena, Bo & Hope, Kimberly & Shane and “Patch” & Kayla), she was involved in the late 80′s with Days’ “Super-Villain”: Stefano.

    While her motive doesn’t go back QUITE as far as Roman’s, or Bo’s – there are definitely decades of stories that would compel her to (finally) kill Stefano.

    That being said – I don’t think she did it (lol) Maybe killing Stefano was Steve/Patch’s “secret assignment” off-camera ? Or, after 25 years, since the ISA has finally decided “this is the year we get Stefano,” perhaps it was just an unnamed ISA assassin ?

    Who knows ? (lol)

  239. From MAB

    #227 – You thought her opinion was spot on, I didn’t, and just because I said something about it, you typically made snide comments directed toward me. Not that I’m surprised, but apparently neither you nor your little friend know how to take a difference of opinion w/. claiming you’re being reprimanded, which is ludicrous. Again, your support only goes so far because it only extends out to those you agree with. Also, your little friend shouldn’t flatter herself because I wasn’t indirectly talking about her, just trying to share a difference of opinion, which obviously can’t be done w/ haters.

  240. From patty

    RJD, good theory! I also don’t believe Kayla did it. I tend to believe that since Stephano turns up alive that he staged his own death. Crazier things have happened on this soap and being Stephano, anything is possible. How he manages to fool medical examiners is quite baffling however. I won’t be shedding any tears over his funeral for sure, I can always pretend he’s really dead. I just wish poor Lexie didn’t have to be put through that.

    Grandma Judy, I’ll bring snacks.

  241. From patsy

    Isn,t it sicking how they have EJ pineing after Nicole .Just makes my stomach turn .But EJ always wants what he thinks he cant haveI guess ARI zACKER WAS RIGHT ITS A ejole love story .Alot of EJAMI FANS are going to be VERY disappointed AGAIN

  242. From JiBi

    As per DOOL spoilers at DAYSCAFE EJ is the one that paid Will’s bail

  243. From SandyGram

    June 5th Episode:
    I like Officer Martine Kent, Roman’s new shadow, she doesn’t act like a thug like some of the other officers. Now off to visit all the suspects who’s finger prints are on Abe’s gun, most of the conversations Abe, Marlena, John, Bo, Hope and EJ were all predictable admitting they were at the DiMansion but swearing they didn’t shoot Stefano.
    Now Kate that’s a whole other story, I think she protest too much. Especially when she said to Roman, “you know the things that I’m capable of and you know that I’m not capable of murdering Stefano”. That’s exactly why she should be suspected, because we all know what she is capable of and murder is definitely in her tool box. In the end unlike all the aforementioned suspects she didn’t say she went to the DiMansion and swore she didn’t know how her prints got on the gun. I still don’t believe she did the shooting, but could she have seen something?

    Ian and Kate, this guy makes my skin crawl he is so deceitful. Then finally Sami and EJ, first of all like others have mentioned ‘what is with those bangs’, that blunt cut makes them look stiff as a board. Not a good look on Sami. The conversation was nice, but in the end I felt like all she was really concerned about was her job….which continues on with the writers making Sami make it all about her and she’d play nice with the devil to keep that job.

  244. From BC

    #239 Mab, boy look who’s being the overly sensitive one now who doesn’t like anyone standing up to her? You sure can dish it out but can’t take it, now can you?

  245. From MAB

    #244 BC – nope not sensitive in the least. And I only dish it out when it gets dished out to me first. It’s called a response. Besides, who asked for your opinion anyway??? Why do people like you always have to stick their nose into other’s conversations?

  246. From RJD

    I had some “down time” and just looked at the spoilers for the Week of: June 18th

    WOW… I mean REALLY ??!?!?

    When Stefano first “died,” with his heart attack (or was it a stroke?) in prison, back in 1983, we all assumed it was “real,” because we’d never been exposed to the legend of “The Phoenix.”

    …btw…here’s a great “Golden Oldie” from when he finally reveals himself to his captive Roman Brady (yes, the real one):

    After that – every time he “died” had less and less credibility/dramatic tension. Although him plunging into the flames of the burning PAC, after Marlena shot him (the first time), and shouting that “he is the Phoenix and can never die” was a nice touch

    My point is that there was more “suspense” or “dramatic tension” because TPTB in 1983/84 had the good sense to keep Stefano off-screen for at least 6 months, so his death was more “believable.”
    …and his RETURN was more DRAMATIC

    This is TWO WEEKS ?!?! (lol)
    …and they’re already “resurrecting” him ?

    SHEESH !
    I’ve got LEFTOVERS that get colder than Stefano !!! (lol)

    - Sorry we do not allow links to other soap opera sites. All spoilers can be found on or well into June. – Moderator

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