Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For May 31-June 1.

Fixing things.

Will is in the sleazier part of town buying a gun when Gabi nearly catches him. He plods off and bumps into Marlena. She starts questioning him and he lets it slip that he was fired for following Stefano’s orders. He admits that Stefano was blackmailing him with something but won’t explain further. He runs away from her and straight into his dad, who can’t help but notice that he’s got a gun. Lucas is not happy about this and takes the weapon away. It doesn’t help that everyone else is running around packing heat. It isn’t only the cops either. After receiving divorce papers and a legal injunction threatening her new job, Kate is so miffed that she grabs a gun.

Livid after getting proof that Stefano was involved in the incident that led to Lexi’s tumor, EJ viciously lashes out at him. He says that he deserves every ounce of suffering he’s feeling. After declaring that he wants to take care of the family once she’s gone, Elvis pulls out a gun and levels it at Stefano. Mocking ensues. EJ is too emo to pull the trigger and walks off. Abe shows up next. He pulls his gun. Stefano gives a repeat performance and Abe walks off, leaving his gun behind. As the night goes on, half of Salem shows up to repeat the same confrontation.

Abigail admits to her friends that Gabi’s stalker story doesn’t exactly make sense. That sounds about right to Mel but Chad refuses to accept that Gabi would be so underhanded. At that moment, she’s bribing some dude named Andrew to pretend to be her stalker. He immediately tries acting like a menace and her friends are quickly convinced. Meanwhile, Daniel catches Nicole trying to change the paternity results. She tells him a sob story. He tells her one of his own and they wind up locking lips as the test tubes are quivering.

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  1. From SandyGram

    If Will is in the sleazier part of town, why is Gabi there? Maybe paying off her soon to be real stalker Andrew.

    So everyone is loaded up and hunting for that big ole caring, loyal and full of love Stefano. Lexie sure see’s a side of the Phoenix hidden from most of the fans. With Stefano being off screen I suppose EJ will continue to look for the other 1/2 of the ever illusive coin. And, just maybe by the time Stefano returns, EJ will have found out who Yvette is.

    Is anyone watching the Bachelorette, now there’s a real Soap Opera. TPTB call it a reality show, for me, there is nothing real about what Emily has to go through to find the love of her life and a daddy for daughter Rikki.

  2. From patty

    Oh no, it looks like we’ll be subjected over and over to Stephano’s snickering and ridiculing the parade of people that show up for revenge. it really does get old. It’s like Marlena said today, Stephano is counting on the fact that not everybody has a cold and ruthless heart as he does so he doesn’t worry that someone will kill him.
    SandyGram, I must shamefully admit that I’m a Bachelorette addict myself. As stupid as the whole concept is, I can’t stay away. Reality tv is one of my guilty pleasures. :)

  3. From Grandma Judy

    I see most voted Stefano is totally to blame. I actually voted partially. I’m sorry he’s not going to be killed off. I had high hopes for some kind of justice for him and being killed seems the only way to get it to stick. Instead it probably will be the same ole’ same ole’ when he returns. I don’t like Ian but I’m kind of sorry he’s being cut out of the show because as a villain at least he would be something DIFFERENT.

  4. From Debbie

    Grandma Judy, I would love to know who voted for “other” in the above poll. When ‘totally’ and ‘partially’ count as a YES and ‘not really’ and ‘nope’ count as a NO, then why is ‘other’ an option? Too funny.

    Patty and SandyGram, count me in as a Bachelorette junkie too. I know all the bad things said about “reality” shows, and all of them are right so I agree, but it’s my guilty pleasure too and I can’t stop watching a few of them. Love Storage Wars and used to watch Deadliest Catch a lot.

  5. From dc

    well, abby knows how gabi is because it is just like she was with austin. with melanie leaving the show this summer, i wonder if chad will also be leaving. i can’t see him staying and hooking up with gabi..
    stefano is gonna get shot, but by who, i am not sure.. but i have read where they arrest will. and stefano is exiting the show for awhile but will be back, not sure when.
    hate to see carrie leavig this summer. (austin and jack, ok by me). since ian is leaving i wish they would keep madison for brady..
    and the kiss between nicole and dr dan, i can’t see them together as a couple.

  6. From SandyGram

    Lexie, Stefano and Abe:
    Joe Mascolo’s (Stefano)performance today was excellent with the guilt over Lexie’s illness and for the up coming death of his daughter. But did anyone else think Joe seemed physically out of balance (for lack of a better way to describe it). I sure hope it was his acting that made him appear wobbly and not that Joe is in poor health.

    Stefano’s “I’ll Try” promise to Lexie to not bring harm to anyone she cares for again after she is gone is an interesting concept, one that might be unattainable for Steffie. Lexie standing on the stairs was another ‘arrow to the heart’ moment and when she held out her arms to Father with Abe looking on in total surprise, out came the ole tissue box. I wonder how much of Renee’s last days actually had her input to the story line and script, the performances have been totally believable?

    Will and Sami:
    As always terrific on screen as mother and son. Everything was going so well until Sami insisted she could help Will with what Stefano had coerced him into doing. Was a little disappointed that TPTB choose to have Will leave to seek out EJ and try to save his job. It made it appear that Will was more interested in his job than his relationship with Sami and she felt that way also. The writers have given Will powerful scripts for his coming out as gay. Although, for me, they are doing a dis-services to the character of Will by having him be Stefano and EJ’s flunky while playing the two DiMera’s against one another and being so flaky as to where his loyalties should be. Well like someone once told me don’t try to psycho analyze the characters, it’s only fiction, just enjoy/or not what you see.

    I’m still not getting this Stefano wanting to break up Nicole and EJ. Especially when Nikki loves EJ unconditionally and understands what it is to be a wife of a Dimera. While the other women EJ have been involved with Sami and Taylor have both wanted him to change and become a better/different man.

    This all brings us to EJ. James Scott must feel like he’s on a emotional roller coaster lately with his tender, loving, supportive scenes with Lexie, then back to his abusive, hateful, aggressive behavior with Nicole and Will. EJ’s narcissism couldn’t have been more apparent over the last few days. Job well done James. And it was no surprise EJ took away all of Will’s perks, it’s just EJ being EJ.

    After today’s scene in Dr. Dan’s office how could anyone not understand why Nicole would want to conceal her baby’s DNA, much like Sami did when she went into witness protection.

  7. From SandyGram

    #5 dc
    Have I or if I have I forgot, but if you don’t mind, where are you located? Your comments sound as if your in the Day Ahead group from Canada.

    Nicole and Daniel, I’m not liking a pairing there either. I’ve always felt a connection between Nikki and Rafe even as much as he has disliked her at times. For me, she actually works well with any of the men.

    Since Ian has been drugging Brady, wonder where this story line is going. Brady returns to being a drug addict while Ian and Madison skip out of Salem with all the Titan assets???? That’s an interesting scenario. We can only hope John starts paying attention to his son.

  8. From grandma to many

    #6 SandyGram I thought Stefano landed roughly on the couch at Lexie’s when he sat down beside her and tried to make a move to cover it with parents in their mid 80′s I see this kind of I guess unsure movements sometimes and worry that they are really starting to slip so yes I noticed it too

  9. From Grandma Judy

    Great post #6 SandyGram and I agree with all of it. Except I might have a little more sympathy for Will, getting himself caught between the 2 DiMeras who both would cause him harm if he doesn’t do their bidding. But I did think Sami had a right to feel as if Will was more interested in saving his job than his relationship with her.

    Like you and #8 grandma to many, I noticed Stefano’s unsteadiness. I have noticed that in him from time to time for a while now. That’s why it was believable to me that Stefano’s shooting would be fatal and that Joe would be retiring. But now that doesn’t sound like the case.

    So true such touching scenes with EJ and Lexie and then EJ’s disgusting abusive display toward Nicole in Daniel’s office. And Daniel was taking it all in with much disapproval, of course also knowing everything else EJ has ever done. So perhaps that, and then the kiss with Nicole today after she pours her heart out to him (I read the day ahead update) puts Daniel into her corner further enough for him to decide to leave the DNA tests changed as she had them. He has been sympathetic to her situation, anyway. And it does sound like the tests will show Rafe as the baby’s father.

    I also thought I saw a knowing look on Rafe’s face as he said good-bye to Nicole when she told him she wanted to be alone. He, too, had witnessed EJ’s rant with a disapproving eye. Who wouldn’t?!

    Another thing that struck me yesterday right off the bat was how ESPECIALLY yummy Rafe looked!!

    Another terrific performance by Joe Moscolo!! I almost felt sorry for Stefano. With “almost” being the operative word!

  10. From Debbie

    Just read that Joe Mascolo is going on an Alaskan Cruise departing June 10th – got this from his website. so stefano wont be getting killed off – Im glad cause DOOL wouldn’t be the same without him.

  11. From patty

    Yes, I’ve also noticed Stephano’s unsteadiness. He is a great actor but I didn’t really feel sorry for him , I believe he deserves the suffering he gets from having caused his daughter’s death . What is heartwrenching is that his daughter has such a big heart and is willing to forgive all the past hurt he caused her and everybody else.

    I agree about EJ changing so fast from being sensitive to his sister to being an a$$ to his wife and to Will. That is why his and Stephano’s shows of affection fall flat for me because we know that they won’t keep their words and will turn around and get right back to destroying people’s lives.
    As for the DNA test, I don’t think Dan knows Nicole switched them yet. He will know when Rafe shows to be the father. Not sure what is happening with that kiss. That is so out of the blue, it doesn’t really make sense except that Daniel is back to his old ways of falling for his patients (which is kind of sick).
    Grandma Judy, I totally agree, Rafe looked super hot yesterday!!!

  12. From dc

    sandygram,, i live in good ole tenessee (just outside nashville). been here all my life..

  13. From Grandma Judy

    patty #10, – Rafe not only super hot but absolutely correct in what he told Sami! IMO. That could be right and Daniel doesn’t realize Nicole had already switched the labels when he walked in. You’ve seen today’s show and I haven’t yet, – only read the day ahead.

  14. From kat

    There we go again, Nicole deceiving once again the father of Her Baby,
    Just like Sami,
    and then they want EJ to just act like a Normal, “I don’t care what you do me” Daddy……
    I believe Nicole started the lies first, back when she lost her baby, EJ had been and continued to be the most loving expecting father, but the lies went on and on, and then Sami/with Rafe’s big Help lied to him about their child.
    But they keep coming back for more, and idiot EJ keeps taking them back. Four pregnancies, what’s “wrong with the women”, nobody seems to blame them…..
    EJ, just go find yourself a woman that can get through the day without lying. And then maybe you won’t feel betrayed all the time, and will have time to love and be a good guy.

    I sure hope that “Dr.Love your Patient” is Not helping in the switch, not after the way He condemned Dr.Carly for standing by Chloe, until she knew about the Test Results….and you all know the rest of the story..
    Yes Rafe looked good, and he could look better if they gave him a Story line, that would make him look more interesting, instead of bland and boring…..
    Please writers… Bring back his
    “dead” fiance Emily, give him a life…. To see the Kids, I think
    Rafe should have called under the circumstances between him and Sami. Ex’s don’t just show up, I think it’s the beginning of him just sniffing around Sami again.
    Look for a Job, earn some money, now that the temp. gig with ISA is over.
    IMO, Stefano is not All responsible for Lexie’s death,….. indirectly because they are his tunnels yes, but
    just like when somebody falls on my sidewalk, I am libel….
    Stefano had no intend or knowledge what toxic gases were under his home….
    Maybe Ian and Madison are in it together — to do whatever…..
    that would be a new surprise and twist. Won’t miss them…
    The Melanie/Chad story is so stale… Put Chad back with his family and make him more interesting… keep him good, make him bad, whatever, but make it exiting.
    Abe sure did not look like he would honor Lexie’s wishes, Stefano did, but he was uncomfi about it. Lexie, when she looked at her father, knew that He Did not mean to Harm her, and she forgave him, that’s called Love…
    When someone is Indirectly responsible for a Bad Thing… they feel guilty, No Matter what…
    the first thing you say, Oh my God, it’s my fault, even if it is not….

  15. From SandyGram

    Looking back…again there is the scene where Daniel gives Rafe a folder and says ‘do with it what you want’. Leading us to believe what was in the folder would help Rafe and/or Nicole make the paternity test come out with Rafe as the father.

    Now yesterday there’s the box!…Daniel so carefully labels the test tubes with Rafe and EJ’s name, puts them in the box, places the key to the now locked box in the desk drawer and calls the lab to pick up the samples. Then he goes to attend to another patient. He does this all in front of Nicole and Rafe. Almost as if Daniel was giving Nicole a road map as to how to change the names on the test tubes.

    My confusion or question is….The Folder given to Rafe…what was in it and what was it’s purpose?

  16. From patty

    I agree SandyGram, a lot of unanswered questions. These writers have been turning direction on a dime as far as some of these storylines. There are so many things that have never been adressed and I wonder if it ever will. My biggest question now is what the heck are they thinking of pairing Nicole with Daniel or is this too just going to be a one time thing to never be adressed again. What happened to his interest in Billie and her developping feelings for Rafe? All this switching couples around, it’s enough to make your head spin.

  17. From dc

    well, i was totally in shock when i saw daniel kissing nicole, and it was not a little pat, it seemed pretty passionate.. can’t ever see them together as a couple.
    did ya’ll see everyone has a gun? but who will shoot stefano, kind of like who shot j r on dallas??
    they are gonna arrest will but i don’t really think it was him, not sure who it is. there are alot of people that want him dead.
    and i sure wish the writers would get the gabi obession with chad over. melanie is leaving this summer and i sure do not want chad left with gabi. maybe he will be leaving too.. abby knows gabi like a book. i can’t believe chad is so gullible..

  18. From SandyGram

    Oi Vie…where did that come from. Just last week Nicole was having feelings for Rafe….spoilers told us a kiss was coming, but we didn’t know how passionate it was going to be. The writers are really taking Nicole into the land of confusion. Just last week or so she was having feelings for the Rafmyster. Now she is having lip locks with Dr. Dan, all when her heart still belongs to Elvis. Her current story is almost identical to Samantha’s. Both women loving EJ at the time of conception, but ending up not trusting EJ and not wanting their unborn child to be influenced the the DiMera family. Both with a broken relationship with EJ and both soliciting the help of another man to conceal the pregnancy from EJ. Then once it is disclosed EJ is the father, EJ will do to Nikki what he did to Sami in trying to prove her as an unfit mother, take the baby from her and control the baby’s life, bar her from seeing the baby. Where does it end? Why can’t EJ be written as an understanding compassionate man, realizing his lying and lack of trust is what drove Nicole away and work it out where Nikki and EJ, could co-parent and not put us through another 5 years of battling for the child as with EJ and Sami. Heck EJ could even set Nikki and the baby up in an apartment next to Sami so it would be easy for him to see all the kids. Oh just wishful thinking!

    Just think if EJ and Sami ever got back together, Sami would be the step mom to Nicole’s child, the same as Nicole was the step mom to Johnny and Sydney. Deja Vu!!!

    I’ll go with my original thought. EJ should have a mansion of his own and move in Sami and all her kid, Nicole and her child, but they can all come and go as they please. I think that was call a commune in the 60′s.

    So everyone is packing heat. If there was anyone I’d be worried about it would be Marlena. She has proven before that she could take down Stefano and now she is highly inflamed he is messing with Will.

    Then for Chad, like a deer in the head lights, does see what’s happening right in front of him. Better buck up if he’s going to be a true DiMera.

  19. From kat

    17 SandyGram, sounds like a plan to me, move them all into one house/mansion,
    put up a schedule, who will be with who when and where,
    They are/or will be sooner or later, related to each other anyway. LOL
    When I said all, that includes, Dr. Dan, Rafe, Lucas, Carrie and Austin,
    One happy, Sharing Family….

  20. From Mama48

    I had read sometime ago that Stefano was going to try and take Theo away from Abe, but if he’s “dead” how is that story line going to work out?
    Everything is so very inconsistent right now. I can’t wait till the old scripts are done and the new writers are doing their thing.
    One thing I have liked is that the story lines are moving at a faster clip than in the past.

  21. From Thetruth

    What is this BS about Nicole loving unconditionnaly Ej ?!! Since when, maybe it was said on the dialogue but certainly not on the actions, Lexie i can buy it Nicole NOT AT ALL, she doesn’t accept him at all since she hides her baby from him the exact same thing (if not worse because at least Sami had some credible reasons with the Mayor murderer after her) she blamed for years Sami to do !! Let’s hope Ej will never take back slutty Nicole (why always blaming Daniel, they were two to tango) but with these writers i am sure they will destroy Ej’s character once again with this lame hook up.

  22. From SandyGram

    #21 Thetruth
    For me, Nicole accepted EJ regardless of the last name of DiMera. She understood she would not be prevy to all that was DiMera business. It turned out that the one thing that Nicole asked of EJ was truth and this is the very thing that broke them up. EJ didn’t trust Nicole to understand why he had sex with Sami. EJ concealing the tryst with Sami, Nikki looked at as a lie and that’s why she ultimately left him, for lying to her.

  23. From kat

    When will it ever Be about Us, the fans/viewers, and the Writers will get their act together, and at least try to blend their stuff together. All we are getting anymore, is incomplete plots, pretense that some plots/stories Never happened (big stories like the Ireland story).
    And yes Mama 48, what about Stefano trying to take away Theo from Abe, when Abe goes south because of to much drinking.
    They put those spoilers out there, and then nothing happens because of writer change.
    (Maybe the Abe story will still happen,who knows).
    The viewers should be honored more, the writers should try to do that.

  24. From Deetampa

    I read where Stefano is really retiring. He will be killed off. I know he has died many times but now it seems like it will be real this time.

  25. From kat

    24 Deetampa,
    thanks for the info,
    but does that really make any sense in the middle of a big SL, about the coin, his father Santo, etc. why would the writers do that to us…?

  26. From Thetruth

    Well in this case SandyGram she is not better than the other women, they did not accept that Ej lied to them either, it was also the deal breaker..Nicole for a while pretending to accept everything, to not know (so it implies lies by omission) makes her even more hypocritical and finally even more intransigent. And yep Ej doesn’t trust either Nicole so the bc about him being himself with her is also totally invalid..that’s the truth.

  27. From SandyGram

    #24 Deetampa
    SPOILER … from the Soap Opera Digest article on Joseph Mascolo Leaving, dated June 11th.

    Quote “As for now, Mascolo told SOD, “For all intent and purposes, Stefano is dead.” But sources are reporting that he is already included in future story plans! So, will the Phoenix rise again? “

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