Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For May 7-11.

Big lies.

It looks like John, Marlena, Hope, Bo, Rafe and Carrie have all been blown to kingdom come. It turns out they’re actually fine. Roman decides it would be best to keep this a secret and let Stefano believe that his enemies are dead. Back in Salem, EJ laughs at Sami when she tells him she’s back with Lucas. He gets called to the site of the explosion for his official mayoral visit. Roman warns him that Stefano will pay for this and then runs off to hide the ‘dead’ while Shane heads to Salem to tell their families they are all gone. The unpleasant news comes as Will is in the middle of coming out to his father. After hearing that Lucas has gotten back with Sami though, Will realizes his dad might not be mature enough to handle his news. They’re distracted by the news of the explosion. Everyone in Salem starts to weep and vow revenge on Stefano.

Billie does her best to comfort Austin, who is blaming his wife’s lingering love of Rafe for her demise. Brady throws himself into work to try and avoid facing the loss of his father. Meanwhile, Victor begins putting his plans for revenge in motion. Chad stands up for his father and Maggie and Mel are left to calm the men down. Gabi winds up running to Chad for some comfort as she grieves. Doug and Julie return as everyone gathers together for the big wake and share their fond memories of the supposedly departed. Roman and Shane have a hard time sitting through all of this. Meanwhile, facing real death, Lexi decides that she’s finished seeking treatment. She’d rather spend her final days going through her bucket list and her family is willing to help.

Elvis confronts Stefano about the deaths but DiMera insists that he’s innocent. EJ remains unconvinced and gives a press conference vowing to capture whoever caused the explosion. When he returns to Casa DiMera, he finds Will confronting Stefano about the killings. EJ’s baffled when Will reminds Stefano of all of the secret things he’s done for him. News of the event continues to travel. It puts a damper on Kate’s date with Ian. She starts to worry about what her husband might do to them.

At safe house number two, Carrie and Rafe decide that they are going to make a go of being together. Marlena is supportive of this idea. They get back to dealing with their ‘deaths’ and decide to exploit the fact that Agent Harmon has betrayed them. They provide him with misinformation to trip Stefano up. Back in town, Roman and Shane finally tell the closest family members of the ‘dead’ that they have a little surprise for them. They take them out to the new safe house to reveal that it was all a fib. Most are overwhelmed by the news but Sami is just pissed about it. Carrie and Rafe tell Nicole that they are going to be together. She’s sad but understands. They want to tell Austin, but he’s too confused by everything already.

Back in Salem, Will catches EJ and Sami together. He thinks they are having it off and lectures her for cheating on Lucas so fast. Elvis tries to convince him he has no interest in his mother. After he leaves, Sami starts to argue with her son about his job with the mayor. When she suggests it could land him in prison, he explains that it’s the only thing keeping him out. She orders him to quit anyway but he refuses. Meanwhile, Billie tracks down EJ and tells him all about how Stefano helped the authorities free John Black. She hopes this will finally tip him into betraying Stefano. And back at the safe house, Carrie prepares to betray her husband with Rafe. Little does she know that Austin is on the way over.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Oh My…now this is intrigue. But if it looks like they’ve all been blown up and now the their family has been brought to the second Safe House to show they are OK…who’s going to let this little turd out of the bag so Stefano knows they are not dead? Which he should be suspicious of anyway, are they going to have pretend funerals? And of course, instead of Sami being happy her family is Ok…she gets mad, not as mad as the fans when they keep playing Sami this way.

    Very Interesting, now we hear Will has also been working for Stefano, quote “EJ’s baffled when Will reminds Stefano of all of the secret things he’s done for him.” This is hard to believe since Stefano hasn’t been around a lot of the time since Will started working for EJ at the beginning of his Mayorial campaign. Let’s see so he’s working or worked for EJ, Stefano and Nicole. I’m still thinking he’s trying to set up the DiMera family and I have to ask myself the question on his own or with someone else? If someone else, who could he be close enough to him that also wants the destruction of the DiMera’s….Rafe maybe?? More intrigue!

    OK that’s enough Marlena….now she is going to totally support Rafe and Carrie’s relationship. YUK! Sami’s right, Mom seems to always think of Carrie first!

    Now Billie is going to let the other cat out of the bag but to EJ, that it was Stefano that gave Bo and Hope the info needed to set John free. I’m with Sami on Will being careful young Jedi you could end up in some serious trouble doing the dirty deeds of the DiMera’s. My last thought is this particular story line probably won’t go on for more than 2 weeks, everyone will have to be home for Lexie’s death on May 15th.

  2. From SandyGram

    Got my dates wrong Will is coming out to Sami on May 15th and Lexie will die the week of June 18th, that could give the supposedly dead a little longer than 2 weeks in Safe House #2.

  3. From AC in PA

    #1, SandyGram – it looks like they do have pretend/fake funerals:

    “Doug and Julie return as everyone gathers together for the big wake and share their fond memories of the supposedly departed. Roman and Shane have a hard time sitting through all of this.”

  4. From lcg123

    Rafe and Carrie together? HORRIBLE IDEA! I never liked her and they don’t have any chemistry. I can’t wait for Carrie to leave the show and the new writers to fix this crap.

  5. From patty

    SandyGram, I’m thinking maybe Will does have something to do with bringing the Demira’s dow since he was playing EJ and Stephano against each other. Wow! Way to go Will,It looks like all that nastiness you grew up with wasn’t lost on you. Hope you’re putting it to good use.
    I can’t believe Sami is pissed because her family is alive, what have they done with Samantha Gene??? She had a quick role in the sack with Lucas today that made Kate gag and frankly was kind of nauseating since we know that next week she’ll be panting heavily for EJ. Who knows maybe the week after that she’ll decide she wants Rafe back. If all three men had a brain between them, they would stay as far away as possible from her shameless butt.

  6. From Grandma Judy

    So Will has been doing secret things for Stefano. I guess some of us were correct when we thought Will might be betraying EJ in some way. Didn’t think about it being with Stefano but did think Will could be up to something. And it could turn-out that Will is working with someone else, also, and betraying BOTH Stefano and EJ.

    At least we’ll get to see Julie and Doug onscreen when everyone gathers for the big fake wake, thinking everyone was blown up. Leave it to Sami to be mad everyone is still alive! Why?! Because she would just as soon see Marlena and John gone, or because Rafe and Carrie plan to be together?!

    I will be sorry for Nicole when she’s told Rafe and Carrie plan to be together. But how is that going to work with Rafe supposedly being Nicole’s baby’s father?!

    And on that note, on today’s show when Brady incinuates it was stupid for Nicole to get pregnant, she makes a remark that she and Brady didn’t always use protection. Some have speculated her baby might not actually be EJ’s. Do you suppose. . . . ?

    So while Victor plans revenge, Chad stands-up for his father?! Could this, and Lexie’s death, be the beginning of Chad’s return to the DiMera family?! Here we are left with so many questions, a little hard to become invested knowing what characters are leaving, and also having to wonder what parts of what has already been written will the new writers keep or change?!

  7. From jolie

    AC in PA, I might have a difficult time sitting thru it myself. So Julie and Doug return from darkest Africa. Did they find any secrets of Alice? Or were they like the rest of us..tired of hearing about it so got easily distracted by the first safari train leaving the station. I think Will doing some dirty deeds for Stefano is just creative writing like the election results and the missing money. I have now forgotten who was even running for mayor of Melaswen…I mean Salem.
    Safe House #2 and the secret plot to make Stefano think they are all dead. Who thought of this one? Have they met any of the characters in Salem who couldn’t carry a secret in a lunch box tied to their hand? These are people who infiltrate the Salem PoPo and pay better as well. These are people who know a secret will be devastating to the most sincere and innocent character but they’ll talk in a loud soliloquy about how they can let NO one know about a pregnacy, a changed DNA, someone has someone else locked in the basement, someone is married and is getting engaged to another, he ain’t your daddy and I was robbed of my eggs. I mean these folks can’t keep a secret if their lives depend on it and we have seen it over and over so I just find this latest escapade as ridiculous. And I hate that I am writing that as I try not to be negative or too critical of what is going on most of the time. If Stefano can’t figure it out, he needs to hand in his bad guy mask.
    That poor Will can’t confide in his dad on something as important as his sexual orientation because he says he is back with Will’s mom…don’t blame him a bit. Lucas, did you lose what little mind Sami left you with while on the other side of the world? So Sami kisses him and he is her lap dog again. I don’t blame Elvis for laughing. Everyone will be laughing except poor Lucas. And please, don’t have Kate try to kill Sami again and have her rail against her. Sooooo old and been there and back too many times. I thought there was hope for Lucas when they brought him back. He seemed more mature, less ready to jump into a scheme with Sami, more able to be his own man…well, that’s out now.
    I think I am just so disappointed in where the show has gone lately. I have not watched whole weeks of episodes lately and I am not really bragging about it but lamenting it. So sorry for dragging out the negative here but I am ready to move in a new direction.

  8. From Grandma Judy

    patty was right! Very teary today during Bo telling Hope about seeing Zack while he was in his coma.

  9. From jolie

    Patty #4, your last sentence in that post really says it all. What the what are any of them thinking? And Sami is getting in position to be the next best villian of the highest notch. If she ends up as a true Dimera, well, let’s throw in the towel.
    I think we are in for a long and confusing summer on DOL.

  10. From patty

    #4, Icg123 , I hope the new writers clean up these messes too. They have really screwed over Rafe’s character , he lost his family and his job and lusting after his sister in law is so out of character for him. The old Rafe was a devoted one woman man who loved forever so this getting over Sami overnight is so not believable. Not that I would want him back with that skank because they’ve screwed over her character also when they made her such a nasty a$$ biotch. They’ve even turned EJ into a whinny whimp begging Fatha to keep him in the family. I do hope that Austin gets there in time to interrupt whatever his wife is about to do with another still married man.(not that being married ever stopped Sami).

  11. From Sharon

    Are the other remaining soaps on other networks the same as Days…totally confusing and back and forth, like the writers cannot decide who is who and what is what?? I have gotten to the point I read the spoilers…if it sounds good, I may watch, but usually don’t even try. I, too, will be glad to see Carrie and Austin leave…they are so unbelievable. Also, read in Soap Opera Digest, that Chloe may be returning. Yay!!

  12. From NeeNee

    After Will tried blackmailing EJ about the Sami/EJ sexcapade, who’s to say he didn’t call his cousin, Andrew Donavan to get great-uncle Shane’s number at the ISA?? He probably realized he was in over his head at that point but didn’t dream that Shane would ask him to play both EJ and Stefano for info.
    Up to this point, Will has been portrayed as inexperienced, gentle and long-suffering. Maybe we’ll discover that he’s had training in being duplicitous just like his Mom!

    Over the years, writers have used plane crashes marooning a dozen characters, as well as a slasher killing them off one by one, only to have them reappear. How many times haven’t the writers supposedly wiped out members of the Brady & Horton families, only to have them return? To me, this is a plot device right up there with amnesia and every romantic couple initially hating each other!

    I’ve watched Days since 1967 and what originally got me watching was love & romance. I’m weary of sitting through all these bed-hopping couples. Currently, the drama of Will’s coming out story is what is giving Days any ratings at all, IMO. Scenes with him & Grandma Marlena and Sonny have been tremendous. Ken Corday, please listen to us: we don’t want sexy, young, new characters with no or little connection to the show’s history. Or those that fly in the face of viewers who’ve only watched for five years? It’s one thing to re-write something that happened in the 1970′s, but it seems like writers are taking liberties with recent show history to the point where most viewers scratch their heads and say, “Huh?? That’s not the way that went down.”

    All these inconsistencies of late make me wonder if TBTB aren’t setting us up for one of two scenarios: either the show will be ending within a year. Or Joe Mascolo is retiring and they’re trying to wrap up the DiMera Dynasty before heading on to a new one.

  13. From Jojo

    NeeNee – great post. This really captures a lot of what I’ve been feeling in the past few weeks.

    Some of the most powerful and interesting scenes have been when they focus on characters and relationships – Marlena and Will’s scenes were always engaging for me too. When there has been good and believeable dialogue, it has let some actors really shine. EJ & Lexie’s scene from last week at the hospital still stands out. Those are scenes that had such depth and felt authentic. I could BELIEVE those relationships and those struggles (identity, life/death, family). Even Stefano’s dinner with Kate before cluing her in that he knew about the cheating… Joseph Mascolo is such a treasure.

    The writing recently hasn’t always been rewarding the loyal viewers who DO remember the history and have come to ‘know’ (and care about) these characters… whether we call some of the recent stories as rewrites, partial rewrites, spin doctoring, selective memory, etc… some of the story shifts have been at best confusing and at worst, disappointing (and maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here) disrespectful.

    I do still see and feel potential, and hope the new crew coming in stablizes the ship. Based on what the rumors are of how things go for Abe after Lexie’s death, that has great potential. As you say NeeNee, we as viewers don’t need a ton of brand new actors and tons of flesh to feel rewarded. We want good story-telling and to be able to feel invested in characters without wondering – how long is it going to be before that character and/or their relationship is going to get rewritten anyway?

    /End rant. :)

  14. From kat

    patty, Jolie,
    if they only had a brain, but we all know The Locations of Their Brains…..LOL
    NeNe, Jojo, of course I so agree with all you are saying.
    No matter how many writers, do your homework, and respect your fans with respecting some of the Basic Truth’ of the SL,
    Tweak it in your new direction if you must, but Do Not disregard Basic Facts. Good writers, dedicated to the Show’s History, should be Able to Do Both.

    The writers and PTB, should always remember, we the Viewers are the Customer,
    and You do Not want to Mess with the Customer that has invested Years and years and years, into the Days of our Lives….in Salem.
    Between All of Us, We know the Facts, the history etc.
    One more thing, Sami is Only returning to be the Nasty B…. she has always been,
    they made her half way decent with Rafe, but now she is slowly is being herself again.
    I have to agree, Rafe has been written a bit out character,
    and Marlena supporting Carrie (playing with Austin’s emotions) sucks.
    Austin deserves Better…..
    Send them off in different directions when they leave….
    I would not mind Austin staying, and find a New Love, just for him.
    why not New Loves, for both Lucas and Austin, get them away from the Twisted Sisters once and for all.
    13 Jojo, agreed, I would like more Story telling rather than stupid juvenile obsession stories, or all the flesh – Brady/Madison – all the time.
    I like some of the sex/love scenes, but not when they get so “boring” like Sami/Rafe – Brady/Madison – to much of a not to great thing.”Gag”
    EJ and Sami/Nicole, when it happens, they do a great job and I enjoy watching, somehow, they bring out just that right touch of “It”, just my thoughts,,,,
    Jojo, you were not dramatic or disrespectful, you were just plain right .

  15. From Lee

    Wow, been there,done that when this storyline happened before and everyone was “presumed” dead. Nothing new.Love Joe Mascolo and enjoy everything he does. Not a big lexie fan, but she is part of the history of Days and it will be sad to see her go.Glad Madison is out,and can Sami go 2 seconds without a man? Love my Nicole as always, she’s my fave!

  16. From barb

    Love all the different outlooks I get here,helps me look at DOOL in a new light!

  17. From SandyGram

    The other 1/2 of the coin where can it be….I’m going to guess one of two places (1) Victor has it or (2) Ian has it under the Phoenix Crest on his walking stick. Where do you think it is?

  18. From patty

    When someone refers to “bed hopping scenes” I don’t think they are talking about love scenes between couples that are married or at least in love. What the viewers are getting sick of is this continual partner switching, revenge and grief sex that leads to nowhere and is not based on mutual caring and respect. So far Sami has had sex with two men that are not her husband so to me that cheapens her or any real feelings she might have had for either one , not to mention the ultimate betrayal to her husband and disrespect to her marriage.

  19. From Guest

    Sandygram, I like the idea of Ian having the coin in his walking stick. How do you think of these things? Ever consider getting paid for these ideas? Days could always use some good writers.
    Poor EJ. With no family history its hard to know who you are. Losing his siblings too, definetly a bad day for him. Nicole will be sad that Rafe is going after Carrie. There is however, still time for EJ to buy that shiny white horse and wisk her away.

  20. From SandyGram

    SPOILER excerpts from SoapsSheKnows, to me, these were the most eye catching:
    Tuesday May 8th:
    - Stefano calls Agent Harmon to chew him out, telling him he never wanted those people to die in the safe house!

    Wednesday May 9th:
    - Lucas comforts a regretful Sami. Sami wishes she could make things right with those who “died.”

    - Victor is determined to make Stefano pay. Chad challenges Victor, refusing to believe Stefano is responsible for the explosion.

    - Will confronts Stefano. How could he kill those Will loved the most especially after everything he has done for him?

    - EJ walks in on Will and Stefano and asks what Will has done for Stefano.

    - EJ makes Stefano see the suffering he has caused by taking him to the memorial.

    Thursday May 10th:

    - Realizing Harmon’s a double agent, the safe house folks decide to plant misinformation with him.

    Friday May 11th:

    - Will drops a bombshell. He shot EJ all those years ago and EJ kept quiet!

    - Sami also learns that EJ initially blackmailed her son into working for him.
    There are many more spoilers you an find on

  21. From NeeNee

    JoJo, not a rant at all—just an honest statement of your observations. And I’m with you about not wanting to invest in new characters. It’s like there’s an appointed window of time for newbies to be accepted. If the ratings don’t go up or if we the viewers express too much displeasure then the Newby Storyline is yanked or just dissipates.

    And Kat, you’re so right. Writers don’t appear to have done their homework about past character & show history. If I were hired by Days as a scribe, you’re dang tootin’ I’d be spending at least a week poring over past Days storylines & family history. Cripes, there are many books written about Days (I have at least 3). Wait a second! Maybe they HAVE read them, since we’re seeing so many recycled plots, ha!

    Patty, you’re right, I should have said partner switching instead of bed hopping. I just think of the old Days when it took months for a couple to hit the sheets; these days that will sometimes occur within a few weeks! Your analysis of Sami was very well put, yes she is cheapening any real feelings she had, as well as betraying her marital vows.

    SandyGram, you need to write for the soap fan industry! Very thought-provoking question about the mysterious coin. Maybe it’s hiding in the drawer along with Mrs. Horton’s ruby & that key Bo and Hope were searching for years ago! Seriously, my money is on Ian. The Phoenix crest cane is a good guess. Days has a history of using prominently-featured props as the key to a plot. Sidebar: as an antique dealer, I’ve sold several canes with a secret compartment or additional fixture. One had a bayonet type blade that could be pulled out, while another hid a small tubular flask.

  22. From Clear

    Neenee–loved your posts. I was wondering if Will is connected to Shane and his contact might be through Roman.

  23. From SandyGram

    #18 Guest, #20 NeeNee – I’d like to say the coin being in a secret compartment in Ian’s walking stick was an idea from an old movie where poison was hidden in the top of a cane or ring (which I have seen before); but not this time, I must admit I read, it on another Fan Site. I wish we could get a close up of the top of Ian’s walking cane to check if we can see a latch or a twist top. I’ll be more careful next time and make sure if it’s not my idea I put the source in my posting.

    #21 Clear – Now who William may be working with to bring down the DiMera’s, if this speculation should come true, I’ve list out many names. But because of his age and inexperience I could never see Grandpa Roman, Shane or even Rafe putting Will in that kind of danger. But him working with law enforcement is the only way I can see Will coming out of this story line unscathed. And the fact that Will first went to EJ to blackmail him for money to leave town after tormenting over EJ and Sami’s tryst, Will couldn’t of possibly known EJ would turn around and blackmail him in return giving him his in to the DiMera operations. Unless he did confide in someone, like Rafe, that EJ was blackmailing him for shooting him at the church and then Rafe and Will went to Roman with the truth which began this latest sting on the DiMera’s with the ISA. Gosh heaven help us if we’ve miss read Ian’s purpose and he’s actually running the ISA probe and not even Will knows this. There is again a lot of opportunity for the writers in this story line. I just want it to come out in Will’s favor and his reputation not be tarnished. All speculation of course!

  24. From PP

    Maybe will is pinning stefano and ej against each other cause he is wirking for ian, because ian ian is really lucas’ father which makes will his grandson!

  25. From pattypat

    Waht a story. to me there are to many story liens going around. You are bounced around and around. I for one do not like the big explosive scenes when one knows they would not get rid of the main characters, are would they?? Yummm I hear that Austin and Carrie will be leaving so where does that leave Rafe? I just dont’ know. I will keep watching to see what happens.

  26. From MAB

    Let me get this straight. Carrie is all up in Rafe’s grill, but Marlena & the others act like Rafe is the one who won’t leave Carrie alone? Really?? Rafe has pursued Carrie, but he sure isn’t the one who’s won’t leave her alone, she is the one that won’t leave him alone. And now the spoilers say they are gonna take a shot at being together, I assume after he tells her the baby isn’t his. What about Austin? Carrie is worse than Sami in my book. Austin is so devoted to Carrie and loves her so much, and she just tosses that aside to be w/ Rafe. Sick! And Marlena – she is gonna be in support of this? Again, really?? What about your other daughter Marlena…your real daughter Sami? Do you even care about what Rafe did to her (regardless of Sami’s indiscretions)? Apparently she relates better w/ Carrie since she seems to be taking the same path as Marlena did…leaving a loving, devoted husband to be w/ another man. I guess the fact will never change that Marlena treats all of her other children & stepchildren differently, and better, than Sami.

    I don’t think Sami’s anger will be because of her family members being alive. I’m sure she’ll be mad because of Rafe & Carrie. This Sami fan will give her the benefit of the doubt, because no matter how bad she is, she wouldn’t want her family members dead. Even w/ all her faults, she is not that heartless.

    Loved Brady & Nicole yesterday. Their chemistry is still there (just like EJ & Sami’s). I hope the baby turns out to be Brady’s, and he & Nicole get back together once Madison is out of the picture. Although I hope that doesn’t mean that Sami & Rafe will get back together. So who will Sami end up with in the end? Of course, I hope it is EJ, because Lucas needs a true love interest, and Rafe, well he needs to be w/ Carrie or someone like her, or just leave Salem altogether. We certainly don’t need to endure Lucas & Sami again? I like them together to a point, but not as a couple. This is just a repeat of the past, and Kate will no doubt do anything to keep them apart anyway, so why bother? Why can’t these 2 just be friends? Lucas deserves a real love interest for a change.

    Will may be working to bring down the DiMeras, but he sure wouldn’t or couldn’t do this alone. If he truly is doing this, I think it will all backfire in the end, and he will end up being a casualty if Stefano or EJ finds out he is deceiving them. And if Will is working w/ Rafe to bring down the DiMeras and he gets hurt, Sami will never forgive him.

    I hope by Chad standing up for Stefano means he will be returning to the DiMera family. His character needs this to be interesting instead of Melanie’s love slave or Gabi’s fatal attraction. I still don’t think he’s experienced enough tho to take over the family business. That job belongs to EJ, son or not.

    Loved Bo & Hope’s talk about Zack – very emotional. These 2 are the best!!

    Second threat to Stefano’s life = John. And I’m sure after Salem hears about the fake deaths of the safehouse crew, there will be more threats against his life. I feel like the writers are definitely setting the stage for Stefano’s exit. Oh how I dread this!

    Let’s see, since the writers have shown that Rafe isn’t perfect like some think, and shown that he has flaws like everyone else, some claim the writers are screwing his character. I think this is a far fetched synopsis. His indiscretions are not out of character for him, it just proves he’s human. Yet when EJ makes personal mistakes (and not the family crimes), he gets blasted for his actions and blamed for everything. Too many double standards for these 2 characters where some opinions are concerned. Personally, I’m glad the writers are showing the downside to the Rafe character because he is far from perfect, because no one is perfect. I’ve always said his true colors would eventually come out, and they have.

  27. From Shani

    There was that moment at the Town Square soon after Ian came to town, when he and Will first met, (at least we thought it was their first meeting), and Ian told Will he was sure they’d be seeing a lot more of each other, or words to that effect. So could it be that they’ve been seeing a LOT more of each other working together?!

  28. From kat

    The ISA must not be getting Stefano any time soon,
    if He is around and free to try to take Theo from Abe, and that is something this summer at the earliest.
    Lexie leaves us June 15, I read on here, so I guess we will have our fav. villain around for a while, I hope.
    If Stefano did not try to kill the Elite, than of course there has to be another bigger and badder guy out there, like Ian…..I still say, right now, we are seeing a lot smoke and mirrors, to easy for me, to predictable and no excitement at all. Please surprise Me just once
    dear writers, make the whole plot just a little bit more twisted.
    Ian almost needs to be in the plot, why else is he there, especially if He turns out to be the one Killed…

    Will, he shot EJ, so the kid does have Killer instincts just like his Mother. It shows that our Will does have problems, big problems. To intend to kill somebody is a serious thing, but I guess in Soaps, we have selective outrage, but of course Not when it comes to Stefano..
    I guess it comes down, who the victim is..

  29. From Randi

    Hi folks, I hope you all are well. Evidently this site erases my posts—–before I finish them, so I hope you all are well!

  30. From Richard

    I don’t believe that “fake” Rafe is dead or else, I think that I’m seeing double.
    I saw 1 Rafe running after the guy that was holding Marlena and a 2nd Rafe showing up at Bo and Hope’s.
    Now, Roman called Rafe and told him to take Bo and hope to the safe house. Wasn’t it Roman that fired Rafe?(Why would he be calling him, unless he is still working for the law?)
    I also believe that the Rafe/Carrie combination is still alive and well and working to bring down Stefano. They sure are convincing.
    What better way for Rafe to get closer to the Dimera’s than going after their number one partner(Nicole).
    This seems to be human chess at it’s best.
    I still think that Rafe and Will are working together, as well as Rafe and Carrie(maybe even Sami).
    Sami could have been the one to inform Stefano that Kate was being unfaithful and received CW as a reward.
    I believe the safe house was a setup to weed out the informer, working with Stefano. Too much valuable information was given out, openly, at the safe house.
    First of all, John is a trained assassin, yet he never uses any of that expertise. He designed and set up the alarm system at Victor’s, so he knew all about them.
    Before Agent Spencer left the safe house, he told John that if he had any problems to give him a call.(was it not understood that there would be no communication devices in the safe house?)
    Roman stepped aside to make a few phone calls(doesn’t his phone have a GPS app?)
    I think that we are witnessing a Brady plan to get Stefano.

  31. From Richard

    Yvette DuPres
    Justin Kiriakis brought Yvette to town because he wanted to get revenge on his uncle Victor.
    Victor caught her spying and made her a virtual prisoner in the mansion.
    Roman was able to help her escape, and told her that she would never be safe in Salem. Yvette said goodbye to Roman, whom she realized she’d fallen in love with, and left town.(1989-1990)
    Flings with Victor and Roman Brady(John Black).
    Could this be EJ’s mother?

  32. From SandyGram

    Bo Brady Could Be Leaving Days??

    Soap Opera Digest has learned that DAYS’s überpopular Peter Reckell (Bo) has been quietly informing cast mates that he is leaving the show. The actor, who first came to Salem in 1983 and quickly shot to super stardom, has reportedly been in protracted talks with the soap to work out a new deal. “We do not comment on contract negotiations,” says a spokesperson. “We hope that Peter stays with DAYS OF OUR LIVES.”

    See the new issue of Digest, on sale Friday, for more.

  33. From SandyGram

    RUMORS, RUMORS from SoapOperaFan:
    New! May 2, 2012
    Thanks to “S” for these:

    - Kirsten Storms returns as Belle Black Brady with Claire after Shawn (Jason Gerhardt) is injured in a boating accident and comatose.

    - Farah Fath returns as Mimi Lockhart to work at CW. She also gets close to an ex-love.

    - John Paul Lavoisier arrives as Rex Brady after spending time in the ISA. He joins Salem PD.

    - Jay Kenneth Johnson returns as Philip Kiriakis to visit Shawn and Belle in a few episodes.

    - Alexis Thorpe (Cassie) and Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) may return.

    WOW….Now these rumors have my head spinning!

  34. From NeeNee

    So notch another veteran leaving on the wall . . .

    Does this bear out the rumor of Belle Black Brady, Mimi, Rex & Cassie, and Chloe returning? Is the formula 1 Bo Brady = 5 lesser characters?? I posted this at Michael Fairman’s site:

    “Why should a veteran like Reckell be kept when the kahunas have shown they prefer to hire a flock of newbies that work cheaper? Even though Pete’s a hunk, he’s a 50-ish hunk. Kahunas think young/hot/sexy = ratings. How many times haven’t they tried this tactic, only to see the ratings continue to plummet?? Ratings spike whenever veterans are brought back. But what’s the old saying about a dog who chases his tail not quite knowing what to do with it once he’s caught it . . . once back on the canvas, writers don’t have a clue how to handle the vets. Witness Kayla the chief of staff tending bar at the Brady pub, Justin & Adrienne sitting around discussing how they affirm Sonny’s lifestyle, Jennifer looking pale and wan, pining for Daniel, Carrie & Austin sitting on their hotel room bed attempting makeout sessions, Marlene & John necking on the sofa, etc. etc. I realize that once you’ve written for a character for 40 years, it gets harder—see “Marlena, demonic possession.” But rather than bringing vets back for storylines in a vacuum, just handle it like Doug & Julie: have them come back on holidays & special occasions. Either that, or advertise for more creative-yet-down-to-earth writers!”

  35. From jolie

    #26 Mab, I know this thing between Marlena and Sami has gone on so very long. What is Sami turns out to be the offspring of Stefano and Marlena knows it all this time. That could make for a difference in how she treats her…well, stretching it I am. And I agree about the why of Sami’s anger…she is purely pissed because of Rafe and Carrie and probably doesn’t even think about the deaths of others. That is just Sami…first reaction, how does this affect me. Will says that about her all the time.
    #20 Sandygram, is our Stefano getting soft in his mature years? He has regrets about the folks supposedly dying in the safe house?? We know some are related to him and who knows, before all the stolen eggs and who’s the baby daddys are known, he may be related to them all.
    Will working with Elvis, Nicole, Stefano and who knows who else! This is hilarious. In the end, Will will have so much job experience, he can work with the ISA.
    #30 Richard, you may be right about the Brady plot to get ole Stefano but if you are I fear that the writers might have just stumbled across it themselves rather than planned it. You are years ahead on the thinking needed to create diverse and wildly innovative plots.

  36. From patty

    #34,NeeNee, thumbs up on that post. I agree completely . I just don’t want to see Peter Reckell go. Bo and Hope are the best!

  37. From jolie

    #34 NeeNee, I feel your pain my dear. What is the old saying about insanity is doing the same old thing the same old way and expecting different results. Boy does that fit what you are saying to a T! The powers that be continue on this spiral bringing in ‘hot’, ‘new’ characters only to have to eventually shove them off. Sadly for most of them, no one gives them a second thought. Bo will be different. Most of us have grown up with him and lived thru his life with Hope. This bodes ill for the show as a whole.

  38. From patty

    I agree jolie, Bo and Hope are the foundation of the show . They sort of replaced Tom and Alice in some ways and things would never be the same without them. Reckell leaving would be disastrous for the show right now, the new writers must have their hands full already trying to get the show back on track.

  39. From grandma to many

    over the years Bo would be gone for a while and Hope would be gone for a while but no matter what married to someone else possibly pregnant by someone else we all knew that Bo and Hope were ALWAYS meant to be I just can’t see any reason why I would continue to hurry home from work to see what was happening today if Bo and Hope weren’t there to greet me as a couple Lexie leaving Bo leaving are we truly looking at the end of Days ? were the Mayans right ?

  40. From Paula

    I don’t care what anyone says…I really felt bad for EJ today. After all these years of being Stephano’s son, and now because he’s not “blood”, Stephano just turns his back on him?? Seriously?? If I found out today that my son was switched at birth and was not my blood, that would make him in my mind no less my son! Certainly not at this point. What the heck is wrong with Stephano??!! I noticed lately that they have been having EJ wear his heart on his sleeve alot showing us that he is human, regardless of his past evil actions. First his genuine feelings for Nicole, the pain he feels about losing his sister, and now losing his father. I can’t help it. I feel bad for him and I just want to slap Stephano.

  41. From Clear

    Loved your posts, NeeNee. Bo isn’t gone yet. I hope they work out his contract so he is still a part of Days. Stefano said no one alive knows EJ’s father? Maybe it is John Black, or Roman, but wouldn’t Susan that we thought was his mother know something. What about Anna? Where is she?

    Today Roman showed interest in Kate again. He needs a love interest, but I’d rather see Anna come back to him with some Dimera secrets to knock Stef out of the water. The ISA needs to send in a DNA specialty unit to find out how they are all related!! LOL! Looks like Stefano messed with mother nature too many times. There is always the chance that EJ is Stef’s and that EJ’s mother tried to cover it up like many other women who get prego with a Dimera child.

  42. From Kat

    Hey Stefano “Idiot” get a DNA Test done, – use your Brrrrrains…. Idiot….(Stefano’s fav.word).
    Having grown up in Europe, I know just how darn important “Blood” is, specially in the big Dynasties, esp. Italy, etc….
    Maybe in time, when the dust settles, Stefano will come to realize that Love is also a very very powerful Feeling and Fact in Life. To me, they are Fatha and Son by Love….

  43. From Debbie

    Paula, I agree with you on feeling sorry for EJ today. What is wrong with Stephano saying that he could not accept EJ as his son because he’s not blood??? I was glad when EJ asked about Tony as I was practically screaming at the tv to Stephano saying “WHAT ABOUT TONY?” This is total nonsense with how Stephano is treating EJ. How is Tony’s story good enough for Stephano’s acceptance and not EJ’s?

  44. From Richard

    Stefano would feel that way about EJ, if he knew or suspected EJ was a Brady.
    I’m still confused about that letter from Alice Horton to Stefano. He was sure having a big laugh about it.

  45. From SandyGram

    #44 Richard
    Here’s an excerpt from from my Post #9 in the This Weeks Spoilers Section:
    Quote “Dethroning Elvis also confuses one other S/L. In Stefano’s flashback of him standing over Susan in the Elvis suit if she was artificially inseminated that day as the Days History Sites say she was, Stefano would have provide his sperm that day. So from the time he provided the sperm to delivery of said sperm, someone switched the contents of the turkey baster. Or if like the Doctor says on the You Tube Video, ‘he was ready to implant the embryo’, meaning the procedure was by in vitro fertilization thereby the sperm was gathered weeks prior and married with the Susan’s eggs in the petrie dish creating the embryo. Again if Stefano provided the sperm for this procedure, it was also switched before being joined with the eggs in the petrie dish. Which ever procedure was used, who was around at that time with the power to interfere with Stefano’s plan? Not to mention it’s all complicated by EJ being SORASed. His original birth year was 1997 but when Stefano brought him to Salem in 2006 as EJ Wells he was in his mid-twenty’s.”

    If EJ should be a Brady, which Brady back when EJ was conceived do you think switched Stefano’s sperm so Susan’s baby was indeed a Brady. And how would that Brady (or anyone I guess) know Stefano’s plan to use Susan as a surrogate to produce his perfect child that would be raised by Kristin? The writers have some real splainin to do to unravel this mess!

  46. From Rach

    I agree with you Paula except for the ‘genuine feelings’ for Nicole, he was only with her because he was rejected by Sami (many many times) and by Taylor..Nicole is just a pathetic doormat for him, not so ‘genuine’ in my opinion. The rest yes is sad.

  47. From Richard

    #45 SandyGram
    I could try to compare it to a modern day SL, as a possibility.
    Sami and Nicole and Dr. Baker.
    Kristen had lost John’s baby and she still pretended that she was pregnant. She kept saying that Susan’s baby was her’s and John’s and I just kind of believed that.
    Possibilities of tampering could include, Kristen, the doctor, Shawn Brady and Colleen Brady. Maybe even Susan, herself(she was smart enough to pretend to be Kristen).
    Baby Elvis, like Grace, could have died and Susan or someone could have substituted a Brady baby in his place.
    The letter that Stefano had from Alice, could have informed Stefano that baby Elvis didn’t survive and he could have only stumbled upon the letter, after accepting EJ as his son.
    In my belief, if nothing happened at the birth of Elvis, it possibly did occur when EJ was sick.
    It seems to me that someone came up with the idea to have Stefano raise a Brady as the heir to the Dimera empire and spill the beans only after the fact. I also don’t rule out the possibility of a Dr. Rolf connection here.

  48. From SandyGram

    From Daytime Royalty SoapNet Marthons will return to Sundays:

    Beginning this week (Sunday, May 6), “Days of Our Lives” will now air on Sunday evening marathons on SoapNet from 7PM-Midnight. “Days” continues to air each weeknight on SoapNet at 8PM and 11PM. The Sunday evening marathon replaces the 7AM weekday airings. This is the first time SoapNet has aired “Days” in a weekend marathon format since October 2008.

  49. From Richard

    Stefano asked EJ where he found the document that said that he was not Stefano’s son, as if he knew that he did not leave the document there.
    Could it be that there is more than one copy of that document? Could that document have been put there by Will or the ISA?
    It could even be that someone wants Stefano to believe that EJ is not his son, so Stefano will kick him to the curb and EJ will learn a lesson about the destructive side of Stefano Dimera. Take away Stefano’s power(his family) and what you have left is a shell of a once powerful man. He is on a losing streak, but is it real or is it memorex. Can we actually believe everthing that is going on in Salem?
    Is EJ Stefano’s son or not? Is Lexie really dying, for real?
    Is Stefano Dimera being transformed by the people of Salem? It remains to be seen.

  50. From MAB

    NeeNee – you’re so right. The fans want the vets! That’s why I can’t fathom Stefano leaving Days, and now possibly Bo too?? What are they thinking! Bo & Hope are the last true couple on the show, and the only ones who could be the next generation of Tom & Alice, which is so desperately needed on this show. There has to be some stability, and they are it!

    The only person in the rumors SandyGram posted I would really like to see return is Philip. And in the process, get rid of Ian! Philip should be running Titan.

    jolie – wow what a concept! It would be rather interesting if Sami turned out to be the offspring of Stefano & Marlena, but for me, I don’t like the idea. In fact, it’s just as ridiculous as having EJ not being Stefano’s son. Also, you’re right about Sami’s reactions. She reacts before she thinks, just like Lucas told her yesterday. I’m sure her anger is all about Rafe & Carrie.

    I don’t think Stefano not wanting the safehouse crew to die makes him soft. Stefano has never been one to just go around killing people. He likes to play the game too much.

    Stefano & EJ – double wow!!!!!!! I hate this s/l about EJ not being Stefano’s son, but the performances by these 2 amazing actors are worth it! I felt sorry for both of them, especially EJ. I wished they would go get a DNA test done to prove he’s not his son, then I’d like to see EJ contact his mother for the truth, that is if she would tell him. I understand about the blood lines for powerful families like the DiMeras (just watch any mob movie), but why would it be ok for Stefano to raise Tony as his own & not EJ. Why is it different? I can only assume this has to do w/ coin, and Santo.

    There were ‘2’ letters from Alice to Stefano. He had one that was in a regular white envelope like a mailed letter, and he laughed as he sat and read it. Then he retrieved the large yellow envelope from her safe deposit box, which contained the paper stating EJ was not his son. This is fact, as it was shown on screen, that is unless the writers decide to change that too.

    The only logical person to be EJ’s father is John IMO. And if the Colleen/Santo s/l was being used by the writers, then EJ would still be a DiMera, and also be a Brady.

  51. From kat

    49 MAB, such a pleasure to read your logical, well phrased blog.
    As always, you covered it very well, and I agree.
    Who is to say, that in the end EJ will still be Stefano’s son, but in the meantime we have a Shake up, Wake up SL. LOL.
    It’s not the first time, that paternity has gone back and forth…
    Still don’t get it, why so many think, that this is Stefano’s exit…!!??
    It might be true, but I am not thinking in that direction, until the Fat Lady sings…
    Stefano raised Tony, but he was Not going to make him his Heir….
    he wanted his flesh and blood… Elvis…and now another let down…
    That leaves Chad. Didn’t somebody say that Chad and Mel are leaving the show…??
    In the meantime, it could help turn EJ into His Own Man, as so often mentioned on here. Cut him loose from Stefano, and then some day it will come out, that Stefano is his Fatha after all..
    Like I said above, in the meantime big Sl……
    I like SL’s that are smart, slick and intriguing – but Not right down boring and Stupid.
    Looking forward seeing EJ defend Abe, hope it is in Court, and we get to see EJ in Action..
    Also for now, and it will come out, EJ Not being Stefano’s son, will open up a way for all the women not having an excuse anymore, and we will see some hot Romances between EJ and ? – ? – ,
    Which Door will it Be…..

  52. From Grandma Judy

    Richard #48, – Yes, it could very well be that someone just wants Stefano to think EJ is not his son. I’ve thought of that. And even if that was not the intention of the writers who started this s/l, it would be easy enough for the new writers to switch and take the story in that direction if they choose to do so.

  53. From SandyGram

    #49 MAB
    WOW that would be a stretch for Sami to be a product of Stefano and Marlena that would also have to include twin Eric. But just look at the show who’s been actually pregnant, who’s had babies by surrogate, who are parents but didn’t know it until years later, babies coming back to life etc….we can’t say the writers don’t have imaginations.

    Then this business about Stefano not wanting those held in the Safe House killed, unless I’ve total lost it he did. Monday April 30th Stefano tells Agent Harmon quote “take care of them. ALL OF THEM”. That’s after Harmon tells him the coin he gave him was a fake! Then on May 1st Stefano has a talk with Harmon on the details of the security system, whereby if anyone tries to open a door or a window the place will explode. Stefano is pleased and wants it taken care of immediately. Sure sounds like Stefano was certainly not opposed to saying good-bye to his proclaimed enemies with a big ‘BOOM!’ Maybe Stefano is not getting soft, but just maybe a little dementia setting in!! Hopefully with Doug and Julie’s return they will have the information needed to address Alice’s involvement in all of this.

    There’s two parts to the story line involving Alice. My druthers would be the first part dealing with Maggie’s eggs, Victor’s involvement, Daniel’s parentage, the bank account is all settled with Doug and Julie’s return from Africa. And the second part dealing with all this Stefano stuff; planting of the note in the Christmas Ornament; the key in the plaque; the safety deposit box; it’s contents; Alamainia; etc., hopefully is all an elaborate ruse devised and executed by Stefano for the purpose of retrieving that darn coin. But that was all complicated with EJ ‘who’s my Daddy’ story line that Marlene/Darrell when they took over from Diane H. said wasn’t going to happen anymore. So now we’re in this around, around, we go, where it stops, nobody knows mode. Intriguing or ridicules, now that’s a 64 Million Dollar question!

  54. From Dolly

    So time for Sami to realize that Ej has been protecting Will and her for a very long time.
    Who loves a woman more than that?

  55. From Dolly

    When will Sami realize what it means that Ej has been protecting both her and Will for years?

  56. From patty

    I hate it that scumbag Ian slips Brady drugs. I hope this is not the beginning of another struggle with drug addiction for Brady. I have a feeling Ian is also playing Kate but that is good enough for her.
    The safehouse went boom today but not before Rafe tells Carrie he loves her and that he didn’t sleep with Nicole.
    EJ drops in at Sami’s and he actually stays long enough to see the kids this time. I don’t mind him around the kids as much now that he’s not a Demira. He stays for a drink so there’s no telling what is going to happen next. Nothing I hope since she just got out of bed with Lucas. Ewww!

  57. From betsybee

    This certainly has become a confused S/L all round.

    If Stefano and EJ arethe only ones alive who know that EJ is NOT Stefano’s son, and, Stefano wishes it to be kept a secret for awhile, at least until he decides to tell the public, then, if Stefano dies from a Diabetic coma, then EJ will be the only one who knows the secret, He could then pretend to be a Demera and carry on the business with brother Chad.

    I do believe that JM will be leaving the show. When you watch his ability to maniplate his hands and fingers plus sometimes when he walks, he seems to have and elderly person’s problems. He has his aches and pains like the ret of us at his age !!!

    Wold love to see EJ set up his own Law Firm and still be the Mayor. Maybe that will hold true when he defends Abe in his custody battle.I think that is when Stefano will learn how clever EJ really is in his own element. !!LAW !!

    He loves his kids and I honestly believe that now he hopes that he is not a Demera for the sake of his kids.

    GG is quite a sad actor. He had better take the time and go back to Acting School !!!!!!!!

    BD is not and never has been one of my favorite actors. His body language alone tells me that he is really not into his acting job. !!!!!

    Just watched EJ with his kids at Sami’s. Very touching !! Especially after he has just learned that none of them are Demeras !!!

  58. From Grandma Judy

    It certainly has been played that Stefano wanted everyone at the safehouse to die so Agent Harmon can’t exactly be blamed later for misunderstanding. If now Stefano will say he didn’t mean for them to die, I think it’s just a CYA move on his part. But then they don’t die, anyway.

    Touching today when Lexie tells Chad about her illness. Could see EJ was hurting, with all the “family” talk, but he handled himself well through it.

    It comes out today that Ian is definitely playing Madison in some way on the Brady front. We already know Ian is going to drug Brady. I think Ian is playing Kate, too!

    Good to see Shane back. Today’s show would have ended in a cliffhanger if we didn’t already know everyone will be safe in the long run!

  59. From jolie

    #41 Clear, how many times over the years have we lamented that Roman doesn’t have a love interest and wouldn’t it be the icing on the cake if he and Kate picked right back up?? Stranger things have happened. Sami, can you say Stepmummy??
    #42 Kat, let’s hope Stefano realizes that his love for Elvis is strong enough to get him thru this. Tony was not his blood and he still morns his death. Oh, I see #43 Debbie is on the same thread. I think there is something we don’t know. I think in the end Elvis will indeed be a Dimera and will be Stefano’s progeny. We just need a rough patch and we’ll get back to it. Elvis is being dangled out there for some reason and he (James) is making the most of the emotional scenes. Good job. Now, let’s see if the writers can write themselves out of this one.
    #47 Richard, so true. Susan was confused but was smart enough to come out on top of things at times. And then you are right about Kristen’s baby as well, maybe Elvis is said offspring. I can only imagine that when all the wash is hung on the line, the story will be nowhere near as interesting as some of these ideas. If the ISA is behind all of this, well, that would be a stretch because they are only slightly better at solving and protecting than the Salem PoPo. But then I can’t imagine Shawn Brady allowing Stefano to raise a Brady if he knew it. But then Stefano didn’t raise Elvis…a conundrum for sure. Stefano on a losing streak is sort of like a bull in a china shop. Get out of the way while you can. There will be some destruction.

  60. From MAB

    I think we can say Lexie is really dying since the ‘actress’ is retiring and she asked that her character end for good and that they not resurrect her down the road. As far as EJ not being Stefano’s son due to a piece of paper in Alice’s safe deposit box, well who knows what’s true, I just hope it’s not. I see Stefano as one who knows all and one to have plans & secrets no one knows about. I would still bet on him coming out on top when all is said & done.

    kat – I hope you’re right that this is not Stefano’s exit from the show. It just seems they’re setting the stage for it. If this is a way for EJ to cut loose on his own, I just hope it would be Sami by his side as he takes on a life w/o being a DiMera. I’m still in favor of him being a DiMera tho because there will come a day when Stefano will be no more, and the only way I see the DiMera Empire to continue is if it’s led by EJ. Oh, and you’re right. The mothers of EJ’s children will no longer have the “my kids won’t be raised as DiMeras” excuse anymore if EJ truly is not a DiMera. Funny how some change their tune now that there’s a possibility that EJ is not a DiMera…that it is now ok for him to be around the kids??? It doesn’t matter if he’s a DiMera or not. He hasn’t changed overnight because of it. He is still EJ, good or bad, and either way, that has no bearing on him being Johnny & Sydney’s father, or his love for those kids, and theirs for him.

    Of course fans are having the thoughts about someone being behind Stefano believing EJ’s not his son – because it was rumored sometime ago that some of the things happening are being made to look like Stefano is responsible, but it’s really Ian doing it. This will be ok w/ me as long as it spells Ian’s demise on the show. However, I hate the thought of Ian getting anything over on Stefano, and I think it’s disrespectful to Stefano’s character if this is the case. Although, spoilers keep repeating the character of Santo coming to Salem. Maybe it’s him who is behind all of this. But who will this Santo really be?? Remember Stefano told EJ he loved him no matter what. So there is a reason behind why Stefano is doing what he is doing. I just hope the writers surprise us and do the s/l justice.

    SandyGram – uh, I ‘can’ say the writer’s don’t have a lot of imagination w/ the way they are handling some of these s/l’s. For example, how they’ve blatantly dismissed the Colleen/Santo s/l. It not only makes them look like fools, but it’s an insult to the fans. And Stefano, I know he told Harmon to ‘take care of them’. I heard it like everyone else and don’t need to be reminded, but spoilers say he says he did not want the safehouse crew dead. I’m just quoting what I have read. If it’s wrong, then it’s the spoilers that are wrong, not me. Either way, I still think Stefano would rather his enemies be alive than dead. That has always been his MO, that is if you’re schooled on Stefano’s character over the years.

    betsybee – good point about if Stefano dies and it’s only EJ who knows the secret, doesn’t tell anyone, and continues to run the DiMera family anyway. Although, I would think Stefano would’ve already changed his will, excluding EJ from power & money for not being his son.

  61. From patsy

    Im realy enjoying the EJ/Sami scenes .WHETHER they get back together or not I,m love watching them . Rafe can leave with Carrie for all I care they have ruined his charater to where I ff all the scenes .He use to be one offavorits I just dont want him any where around Sami Cant stand Roman and Marlena be so nicey nice to him .I,M glad they werent MY mom and Dad

  62. From patsy

    I have been reading some of the other sites and some are bringing up the EJ rape andSami s shooting him in the head I SAY get over it it was due to BAD writeing at the time .

  63. From Casey

    I think perhaps it will turn out that EJ IS DiMerra’s son. Perhaps Will has been working closely with great Uncle Shane, and with the help of the ISA, found the letter and replaced it with the one that says EJ isn’t a DiMerra, knowing Stephano would ‘oust’ Ej from the family. Therefore, EJ, feeling totally betrayed by Stephano, would turn against Stephano and thus help bring him down. When EJ finds out he’s been duped, hell hath no fury like EJ duped!

  64. From NeeNee

    Okay . . . Santo DiMera. We can be sure that this is not THE Santo, Stefano’s father (lover of Colleen Brady). So judging by what was revealed on SoapCentral back in February, we are to assume this incoming character is a nephew of Stefano’s?

    “Days of our Lives is looking to cast the role of Santo, a character described as a 30-something gorgeous Italian male, who is a strong man rooted in protecting his family at any cost. Of note is that actors trying out for the role most be 6’0″ or taller, and be able to speak with an authentic Italian accent. The role is a principal role, but will only appear on-screen for two episodes. There is, however, the possibility of more shows in the future.”

    If EJ is out as a possible heir to the DiMera legacy, would Santo replace him?

  65. From NeeNee

    Assuming that Stefano is killed off or disabled and unable to run his empire, then a successor must be named.

    If EJ isn’t a true DiMera and Lexie dies, that would leave Chad as the only remaining Stefano spawn. Perhaps Nephew Santo would appear to challenge and discredit Chad’s paternity. I could live with that storyline. But please don’t have Santo turn out to be another long-lost child of Stefano!

  66. From grandma to many

    NeeNee didn’t know about the 2 episodes only for Santo sounds like it might just be a flashback of young Stef and his father kind of like the other day but we get to see Santo and its more detailed

  67. From Kat

    Does it say anywhere that Santo is a nephew of Stefano’s, or some just wildly guessing.
    Grandma to many, I like your theory about Santo and flashbacks, but then why would they not use EJ again to play his own “Grandfatha” Santos…..We all have seen the actual Old photograph of Santos – looking just like Elvis. Give us a break writers.

    Maybe Santo is Really EJ, Stefano’s bio Son, but then again, why would EJ look just like Grandpa Santos…. Confused yet.
    Maybe Santo and EJ are fraternal Twins, or one belongs to Susan and one belongs to Kristin…I would never count out Stefano, the man has always been a few steps ahead of the clowns, and yes MAB, Stefano enjoys playing the Game much more than actually Killing. I will still put my money on Stefano, all is not said and done yet, that would be to boring and simple.
    Stefano my man, Bring it on…..

  68. From NeeNee

    Kat, the nephew thing was just one possibility I thought of, didn’t read it anywhere.

    If it’s a flashback, then EJ would have to play Santos, and another Italian-looking man would be needed to play Stefano as a young man.During the Colleen/Santos storyline, we saw Stefano as a boy, but not when he was a young man. So maybe that’s what this casting call is all about.

    Still, I like Kat’s idea of fraternal twins with different mothers. If that’s the case, then I think Corday is covering his bases to ensure that the DiMera family can go on whenever Joe Mascolo retires or is no longer with us.

  69. From kat

    Hi NeeNee, about the flashbacks, however if the new guy would be playing Stefano at an older age, why would they call him Santo,
    and not Stefano? Unless Santo is also Stefano’s Name ???
    And yes EJ could still play Grandpa Santos?
    I meant fraternal twins by one mother……
    Or two babies, one by Kristin, one by Susan,
    Not fraternal twins with different mothers….
    I am starting to confuse myself.
    What is all the doom talk about Joe/Stefano.
    He looks just fine and healthy and strong to me. As a matter of fact, if there was a contest I would like to win, it would be an
    evening with “Stefano”, Dinner, Opera, wonderful interesting talk, not talking romance, just a wonderful entertaining evening, only Stefano could provide with all his European class and charm.
    Come on Mr. Corday, Let’s win an Evening with “Stefano DiMera”, on the sets of Salem….I love His Music, and he could tell me all about his Homeland and his upbringing……as Stefano, and not written by the writers, LOL, I would love for Mr. Moscolo to make that up himself, what fun.
    Just a pipe dream of course, don’t worry Ladies, I am not loosing it, just having a little bit of fun.

    Long live Stefano DiMera and of course Mr. Joseph Moscolo. His father lived to be 107 and mother 100. He comes from good healthy Stock.

  70. From Clear

    Remember John is supposed to be Stef’s 1/2 brother. He should be the one found to be EJ’s father to get even for all Steffy did to him!

  71. From Shani

    Stefano went over all the details with Harmon to have the safe house blown to bits, knowing people were inside, & we are supposed to believe he didn’t mean to kill anyone?! He will be lying when he says he didn’t.

    I think Ian wants to break-up Madison & Brady by making Brady look bad, as in drugging him. i also think Ian is making fools of both Madison & Kate. Madison looked lovely with her hair more curly. Give anything for a figure like hers! Just the right amount on top, tiny waist, & great legs! Kate’s looking a little worn out. But she’s going through a lot, with Stefano throwing her out and seeing Lucas hook-up with Sami again.

  72. From Cougar

    For me the smart money would be to make EJ Johns son if they want to screw (pardon the pun) with paternity again. Unless the writers completely dismiss the history of that whole sl of a few years back. The one where EJ & Sami were the spitting images of Santos and Collens, indicates there is some Dimera blood in EJ. But the writers have dismissed history hundreds of times with new twists and turns.

  73. From Roberta

    Rafe and Carrie together? Puke! I really don’t like them together but if anything Rafe and Nicole. I do love/hate Stefano but time for him to pay the piper, enough is enough. Sami, my gosh is Sami whatta going to do? EJ’s storyline will be interesting for sure to see where this is going. Kate, I can’t even figure out how she kisses Ian with all that botox going on, she is starting to look like Joan Rivers…But this is DOOL and I still Love it after ALL these years. Oh p.s. Love the new writers. Really like that the plots don’t last for years, they do a storyline and get through it pretty quickly and onto another. Keep it up…..

  74. From kat

    Maybe it’s about time, that we let the writers know, to quit messing with basic facts that we have seen on the screen.
    If they want to change/take back the Santos/Colleen Sl. do so by writing a few slick scripts and change what we
    had seen, with some logic writing and explanations….
    That way, we viewers will feel still respected, not treated as if we are morons (?)This was a big SL with lots of Facts about the characters….
    To me, EJ has DiMera Blood, one way or the other, and I think we will find that out, after going through all this drama, Stefano thinking that EJ is not a DiMera.
    I think it is just a little shake up, good for some excitement…
    Yes Stefano talked with Harmon, but we Never heard the actual words, did we now…
    It could all turn out to have meant something else, as we have seen many times before. As Soap veterans we should know by now, all about Double talk…..

  75. From tessie

    I think John is EJ’s father. He did sleep with Susan when he thought she was Kristen. I think that is the next bomb to go off in Salem. That would change the dynamics of EJ and Nicole. Sammi will be with Lucas, Carrie will be with Rafe and Austin will go off in the sunset

  76. From MAB

    #73 kat – “Yes Stefano talked with Harmon, but we never heard the actual words, did we now…”. You are absolutely right!

  77. From MAB

    DaysCafe spoilers posted: “Stefano claims he had nothing to do with the explosion, and he did not mean for Harmon to kill people.”

  78. From Grandma Judy

    Guess I’m glad we’re at the end of the safe house explosion and can move on! Carrie was a basket case again today but, if it were real, I can’t say exactly how freaked out I would be myself. Marlena seems unrealistically calm.

    I haven’t been a fan of Rafe and Carrie but today I found them very tender and loving together. Carrie suddenly had new hope for survival after Rafe told her he loves her and the truth about Nicole’s baby. Took away the drama knowing they will all be safe. A DaysCafe spoiler says there is a trap door. I suppose they found that while rolling up the rug.

    Madison and Kate were good together today. Barking up the wrong tree, though, since Sami didn’t do anything. I liked Sami and EJ today, too. I don’t want them “together” but it would be nice if they could always be as they were today for the sake of the children. ‘Course, if EJ really is not a DiMera, and that somehow changes him to a better person, then I might accept him and Sami as a couple again. But right now, I don’t want Lucas to get hurt.

    Poor Brady! Ian has really set him up bad! However, all that sweating was somewhat of a turn-on! (chuckle) Evidently for Madison too!!

    Happy Cinco De Mayo tomorrow! But we’ll be at a Luau, if you can believe that! It’s the 90th birthday party for my husband’s aunt. Her daughters should have planned a Mexican Fiesta instead! But that lovely lady is a very young 90 and she will have such a great time!!

  79. From Richard

    #76 Grandma Judy
    Marlena has been blown up before,so she must be use to it.
    Where was the bomb squad?
    There had to mechanisms outside the house, to diffuse the bomb.
    Why didn’t they remove the glass panes and the guts of the front window, without raising it?

  80. From jolie

    #74 & #75 MAB, Kat is correct but the spoiler is quoting a different source. Kat is refering to the actualy show and the spoiler is relaying what Stefano lays claim to after the fact. When has the old fox actually laid claim to anything he has done? He is so crafty. I am not disagreeing or arguing but just pointing out that who knows really what motivates Stefano right has come apart at the seams and he is adrift. Kate dishonored him and his marriage broken up exactly when he needed Kate most (I could just kick her tail!!), his beloved son Elvis is no longer his son (so we are lead to believe but most of us not buying in), his beloved daughter Lexie is dying and for all his wealth and power he can’t do anything for her. Poor man. Yes, he is a scoundrel and has brought most all his problems on himself but how can you know feel a bit for his misery? Emotional pushover, yes I am.
    Now if this were happening to Ian, we’d all be standing in the bandstand, pounding our drums and waving flags. I still don’t like him and still get the creepy vibes from him. Will not be sad to see his backside on a fast rail out of town!

  81. From jolie

    #77 Richard, you are expecting alot from the Salem PoPo and Salem branch of ISA, aren’t you there partner? They just don’t have the wherewithall to do the thinking required. Some (most) of their best talent is in the house.
    And loved your comment on Marlena being used to it. She just may be hitting the vodka bottle before 5:00 or has written herself a few perscriptions.

  82. From Grandma Judy

    That spoiler about Stefano is only telling us what Stefano is going to claim, not that it’s true. And it’s not as if Stefano never lies! So far, the story has implied that Stefano planned the explosion, wanted something bad to happen to those in the safe house, and it’s not too much of a stretch to think people will be killed in an explosion. Whether that was Stefano’s intention or not, guess we’ll have to wait and see where the writers took it.

  83. From Grandma Judy

    Oh, Richard, you are always several steps ahead of the rest of us! Really a hoot that Marlena has been blown up before so must be used to it!! Haaa!!!

  84. From kat

    77 to much good logic,
    they wouldn’t have any drama left.
    I thought the same about the windows, guess what you can even See through them, funny that Roman did not think of looking into the windows, or Shane,
    again, that would be to much logic, and the Drama would not work….
    And yes, the first thing Roman should have done, is call the Bomb Squad, again to logical…
    EJ sure has a lot going on in his Mind and heart, lots to digest.
    To find out somebody is not your Father, it hurts deeply, No matter How Manly you are.
    Since it was Carrie’s idea to use the Rug, is she now the big Heroin????, and Rafe helped.
    Remember the commercial about Shake’n'Bake, and I helped….
    Loved seeing Sami,EJ and the Kids together… Who will it be, Lucas and Kids, EJ and Kids,
    How about Sami, EJ and Lucas, and all 4 Kids, Lucky, happy “7″. They could take turns, so what, they take turns all the time anyway, … LOL

  85. From jolie

    One more thought on the bomb…Richard started this line of thought with his comments. So they are trying to disarm it, it will go off if they open the doors and windows. And it has a timer! Doen’t make sense. A bit of overkill(oh dear, bad choice of words) to me. Danged if you do and danged if you don’t. So if the bomb is centrally located, build your wall of furniture, snatch open the door and all blast thru it. It does appear like Richard said…remove the glass. It is the contact points that keep the bomb from going off. If that part is still intact and in contact, no explosion. Well, except the timer. And if I were there, I’d be in Marlena’s stash of meds or vodka just so I could hopefully drown out Rafe and Carrie and Bo and John.

  86. From lloyd

    Thought I saw an article that Ian has the famous Phoenix tattoo on him somewhere.(and Kate hasn’t noticed?) Could he be E.J.’s father? It’s nice that E.J. will be one of us regular folk. And why is Sami working for the man trying to blow up and kill her parents and sister? And yet she keeps bragging to be a “Brady”! Who’s arms will she take comfort in when she’s told they’re all dead?

  87. From cwb152

    You know that family tree is still posted on NBC website under “days 101″. It shows John and Stephano as brothers and Ejs picture as santos. Surely the writers check these things?

  88. From Kat

    In my blog 84, I was talking to Richard because he was at one time # 77, and now MAB is 77, yikes…
    Still never heard Stefano actually talk about blowing things up, still think there is a lot of double talk going on yet.
    But if all of you turn out to be so right, that Stefano actually and willfully had the bomb planted, meant to blow up all those People, I will stand corrected. I am not buying it yet, it is just to lame a story, I am yawning by now, so darn predictable it is not even cool anymore. Stefano did it, Stefano did it, can’t those writers just for once throw us a curve ball, please, and have a SL with a Big, Big Twist.
    And surprise – surprise, Stefano lies, of course he lies when it suits him, but let’s face it, the whole darn Clan in Salem does nothing but Lie, Lying is the name of the Game in Salem, it is one of Soap operas Main Ingredient… LOL
    Every so often, I just have to sit back and have a good laugh about the way Soaps work, can’t take it to serious, or get to involved, it’s for Fun and entertainment, and a few laughs when we see just how stupid some of the things are, they are presenting us with every day,
    but, We all enjoy it no matter what. And I enjoy all the blogs on here, reactions from people all over the country, young, middle aged, Ripe, more Ripe and Over Ripe, emotional, grounded, rational, and way over the top involved. Like them All……

  89. From patty

    I will tell you that Sami cries the loudest when she hears about “the death” of her family. She and Will actually hug but it is Lucas’ arms she turns to. I say she’s a phoney baloney! According to spoilers, she gets pissed when she finds out they’re alive.
    Nobody else but Stephano Demira has been threatening or ordered for those people to be taken care of so he can deny till he’s blue in the face, nobody’s going to believe him. Since when does Stephano admit to his crimes??? Why would anybody else want those six people blown up?

  90. From rose castillo

    narlena wasnt a good roll model for her children. sami is just like her . and she” a doc. carrie is leaving good. and billie should be to leaving. ian cant trust at all poor kate. brady is so naive. shane is back how wonderful. and i havent see maggie or vic lately. dont care about vic and i like maggie. cant wait to see what happens

  91. From kat

    I think, that Austin, with a great SL and build up, could be a great character on the show.
    Get him away from the twisted Sisters, make him a strong male lead, put him with the right woman, and wow, Austin got IT, IMO.
    They have made Austin into such a whimpy character, it is pathetic, when he first came on, he was a
    handsome macho man, than between Carrie and Sami, they took him down, to become this pansie going back and forth between the twisted sisters. He lost his Macho identity pretty much the same way Lucas did.
    Keep Austin and Lucas, but let those two guys get their back, become total men again, find new
    loves , All their own,
    have Lucas start more Horton family, like with Will Horton, Ally Horton, and who knows in the future.
    Bring back Bill Horton – his Father.

    So many of you think that they are trying to wipe out the DiMera’s…
    Stefano (gone somehow), EJ, not a DiMera, Lexie gone, Chad (??),

    So if the DiMera’s are gone, Vic, pityful to say, but he is not a bad guy anymore, sorry to say, but that Monster, Bad Guy Killer, etc. somehow got out easy, so far…..

    Vic was one of the worst Killer/Bad guys in Salem, now being with Maggie, somehow All is Forgiven, Not in my Mind.

    So are we to think that Ian will take over the role of
    Bad Guy, give me a break my dear writers…..
    replace Stefano and Vic with IAN….

    We all know, in order for a SL to survive, We do need, the Bad, The Beautiful, the Ugly and the Good, and the not so Good. And we need the Super wonderful Big Bad Guys, like our wonderful Stefano and of course his sexy, handsome, charming, so wonderfully bad, delicious hunk of a man, Son EJ…….
    Writers, what do you think, Salem without the DiMera’s,

    it’s like a HotDog without Ketchup,

    and without Mustard…..if you take Victor Away…
    It would be a town, where only Cotton Balls would be thrown, remember, I love to throw Cotton Balls on the blogs, but some on here can’t even that, to bad.
    My yard, all finished thank God, help with Son/Grandson, mostly Me… Black Mulch, so many flowers, edged, cleaned, Deck full of flowers, it is so beautiful I am in awe, I love my Land, it’s so gorgeous, every day I am grateful for my health, great family and friends and the love of a good man.
    All of you guys out here, I wish nothing but happiness for you, we might disagree on the SL’s and characters, but I wish nothing but the best for all of you in your personal Lives…. Honest……Kat, the cotton ball thrower/…

  92. From SandyGram

    #90 Kat
    What does this sentence mean quote “It would be a town, where only Cotton Balls would be thrown, remember, I love to throw Cotton Balls on the blogs, but some on here can’t even that, to bad.” I must be awfully naive I can’t for the life of me figure this out.

    We just completed cleaning up the 12 flower beds around our yard and tomorrow we will begin planting the annuals. On the way to the nursery we saw blooms on the Cotton Wood Trees, as the old saying goes, ‘there has to be snow on the Cotton Woods before planting begins’. We have seen snow on Memorial Day before, but that’s still another 3 weeks or so away so we will go ahead and start planting in hopes if it does snow it’s only a dusting.

  93. From kat

    SandyGram, it meant what it said.
    A town of Salem without the Bad Gugs, what would be biggest Crime/Dramas be,
    Who’s the Daddy, who slept with who, who loves/hates who…etc.
    We need Stefano/EJ/Vic to put a little kidnapping/brainwashing/lock-ups, place, a reason for the Salem PD/ISA to exist – for John, Bo and Hope to get out of bed in the morning……
    and for me throwing little cotton balls on here, means I like to liven things up a bit on here, but
    in a good way, not the bad way some always think I do, when I throw a little Cotton Ball out
    SandyGram, please Save me some “Cotton”, you seem to have plenty.

    Cotton balls, means like throwing only “Soft Balls” like being very
    careful, Not Throwing Big Bombs, but little Cotton balls, I hope you get what I am trying to say.
    It’s used as a joke….
    I missed one word in my sentence, but some can’t even HANDLE that,
    I am not talking about You, but there have been one or two

  94. From MAB

    Who said anything about Stefano never lies and or what crimes he lays claim to??? We know, and we don’t need reminding. We all know what he is capable of, but he’s not always at fault. Kat is correct in what she said about we didn’t hear what Stefano ordered Harmon to actually do, and I posted the spoiler from DaysCafe stating ‘Stefano claims he had nothing to do with the explosion, and he did not mean for Harmon to kill people’. Even tho I shouldn’t even have to explain it, the point is, we were just pointing out that there’s a possibility that Stefano isn’t responsible for wanting the safehouse crew dead. It’s very good possibility Ian or someone else could be responsible instead. I never said Stefano wasn’t responsible, but I’d rather look at the whole picture instead of having tunnel vision and think that something else could be going on here instead of the obvious. And that’s how “I” perceive it! IMO Stefano is not one to just go around killing people. But of course the DiMeras always get the blame, whether they are guilty or not.

    jolie – I agree w/ you that we never really know what Stefano’s motives are. I said the same thing in a prior post, as well as that Stefano usually comes out on top in the end, and I never count him out. In fact, I read another spoiler that Stefano outsmarts the ISA. I hope this is true! Also about Kate, I’m hoping she’ll catch on quick to Ian, and tell Stefano…although he probably won’t help her, and that is her own fault.

    Finally Rafe admitted to that he loves Carrie, and he has all along. Not surprising to those of us who knew this the whole time tho. Yep no longer deny it, he said the words. So there was way more to that little kiss he shared w/ Carrie, just like many of us said all along. He just fell in love w/ Carrie, even before he knew Sami slept w/ EJ. To me, that is way worse than what Sami did. He betrayed her in the most intimate way possible, falling in love w/ someone else, and her sister at that. I just hope this cements Rafe & Sami’s future, in that they don’t have one.

    kat – all your post were good, and spot on! The writers need to be looking toward the future of the show more. The DiMeras are needed, and we need the next generation to start taking over once Stefano & Victor are gone for good…EJ for the DiMeras and Philip for the Kiraksis’, and Brady needs to be in there somewhere too. We don’t need characters like Ian that no one cares for and is also and older man who looks like he gets around no better than Victor or Stefano.

    Loved EJ & Sami Friday! Him being w/ the kids, and her coaxing him to stay for a drink. I loved the way he looked at her when he was on the couch w/ the kids. He was very happy in that moment. And the way he looked at her when she told him he was not alone. They are good dynamite on screen together, and I’m loving their new found relationship! I still hope it turns into what it should’ve always been between them to begin with. I love Lucas, but he needs a new love interest…someone who wants only him…and that is not Sami.

  95. From MAB

    2 more spoilers state:

    EJ confronts Stefano over his heinous actions, but he swears he never wanted anyone killed.

    Stefano calls Agent Harmon and chastises him over the safe house debacle.

  96. From kat

    Great job Shane, wait till the bomb went off, than call for help.
    Bomb/Fire Squad should have been there, the minute the Bomb was found…..
    I know it is needed for the SL’, but in my mind, Nothing at all justifies telling Family that their Loved ones are Dead, Not even Stefano, but again, Soap SL.

    I think Stefano will have to pull out all stops to prove that in this …. he just might be innocent… Would make for a good SL, and finally add a little bit more intrigue.
    Billie’s remark about her Mother, that Ian would be a Step up from Stefano, I almost chocked on my lunch.
    Sami and EJ together in the last few scenes they shared, absolutely great and worth watching. Those TWO OWN the Screen. MORE PLEASE… I loved EJ’s remark to Sami, about playing Musical Chairs, he must have read our blogs…
    Glad to see Will and his Mother making up, it’s time… Now all he needs to do is Tell his Parents, that he is gay and feel liberated by coming out.
    Don’t agree with Sami, urging EJ to tell the Kids about Lexie.
    There is time, don’t spoil their daily lives, until absolutely necessary, just like Lexie does not want Theo to know yet. Spare the kids.
    Did Bo and Hope think what them playing Dead will do to Ciara,
    what about Old Gram Caroline, to put her through all this Drama, could kill her.
    So many loved ones will go through grief and drama, that could be devastating to their health etc., but John, gets to play God, and Revenge Meister, and that is of course more important than Hurting Human Beings. And the Story must go on,I realize that……
    Poor Austin, what a fool he is being made of….. please dump Carrie, don’t ever take her back..
    Playing Dead, will give Rafe more time to be with Carrie……
    the Two hero’s that moved the Rug, and found the trap door… Hurrah..
    Roman sure can not control himself, no matter what, EJ is the Mayor now, Elected by a majority of the good people of Salem, and He is straight lying to the Mayor (his Boss) about the death of “Six”, and accused him of knowing about the Bomb Set up.
    We all know that he will have to eat his words about accusing EJ…
    and I still think that Stefano had nothing Deadly to do with it.
    The MO just does not fit, IMO…
    MAB, your blogs are a big reason, I am even on here, I do enjoy reading them a lot.
    What ever happened to Maryl, and Kass – is everything OK with you and Baby…???

  97. From kat

    I for one, would not be surprised, If Richard’s theory would come true, about Roman….
    If he is a fake or brain washed, whatever,
    maybe he took things in his own hands, planted the bomb, etc. maybe he wants to be free of Stefano, who knows why,
    Roman sure did not mind very much going along with the plan, to hurt all the families, telling them that All died, strange, ….
    Roman really on Screen seems to have No big emotional ties to anybody. Do we ever see him with his Grand children, hardly, anything… so He could be expendable, if it turns out He is not the real thing.
    I let Richard work out the finer points.
    As they Say, Something stinks in Denmark…and it is not the Herring and the cheese….
    Sorry to any Dane’s on here, I love Herring and Cheese!!
    .I strongly believe, that there is another “Master Mind” working out there in Salem Land…..
    Stefano will have his work cut out, to prove his innocence …..
    Stefano is not a Mass Murderer, besides he still does Not Have the Other Half of the coin….
    Stefano is not hasty and stupid, all of this Bomb Stuff, just does not fit….

  98. From patty

    I hate to be the one to tell you Kat but Sami and Will don’t make up very long. When she starts crying hysterically and blaming her father for the death of her mother, sister and husband a distraught Will really lets her have it. Even Lucas can’t stop him and it takes Austin to calm him down. Great scenes by both Austin and Will, they make it look real.
    I’m really happy the whole safehouse gang is alive as should be the family when they do find out. If Stephano didn’t want to have them killed, which if he didn’t it’s not for lack of trying, then it means somebody would be trying to frame Stephano. That would serve him right but of course he will soon run away as is his way when things come crashing down on him. Next time instead of barking orders to his minions to “take care of it”, maybe Stephano will risk getting his little hands dirty and do it himself. Even EJ believes he did it and told him “you’re on your own” .
    EJ making a public announcement swearing to get the monster who did this almost sounded true. What sounded a little false was when he talked about 6 of his good citizens. Really, the good citizens that you robbed and framed, locked up and cloned…those citizens?
    Love seeing Shane, Roman, John and Marlena, Bo and Hope ,Rafe , Carrie and Billie all working together for the greater good. Stephano never could take them down, no matter how hard he tried.

  99. From SaintDimera

    What part of “get rid of them all” do some of you not understand? Those words came out of STEFANO’S mouth. This is a guy who has been willing to completely destroy people’s identies, freedoms, and lives. Do you honestly believe that he isn’t capable of killing a few people if it suits his purposes? One of the first things he did when he came to Salem was creating a bomb to kill Marlena. He programmed John to kill the Bradys on his island. He has kidnapped countless people. Some of you are so hung up on defending your love of all things Dimera that you’re not thinking clearly. lol

  100. From Kat

    patty, good post, however when you say, in your last sentence, Stefano never could take them down,
    same goes for them, so far none of them could ever take down Stefano…. I said so far.
    Sorry to hear about Will and his Mom, but I guess the feud will go on.
    Hey Richard, Maybe Sami is right, blaming Roman, just a thought along your lines….
    See my dear blog buddy patty, debating about SL’s is what makes this Blog interesting….
    That’s why I enjoy it, good posts like yours, MAB’s and other people, that’s what it is all about…
    Don’t like blah, blah, stuff and opinions, dig in there, and come up with some challenging stuff, it’s like a chess game, your move buddy….

  101. From MAB

    Stefano may not be able to take them down, but they’ve never been able to take him down either. But it’s surely Stefano who has been the one to accomplish most of what he sets out to do by messing w/ their lives…they rarely get anything over on him. And that’s Days’ formula that has always worked…and that is what soap operas are all about and have been for years. You have to have the good & bad to make it work. And that is just the way I like it. I’m enjoying the excitement & intrigue. I think for the most part, the show has been very good recently (not sure which writers are completely responsible tho).

    If it turns out that someone is framing Stefano then it most certainly does not serves him right to be blamed for something he didn’t do. They better start looking creepy Ian’s way, and they just might find they have a whole new evil on their hands. Oh, and Stefano has more than once taken care of things himself, and that’s usually when it gets done right. He’s not stupid tho. He’s always gonna cover his @$$, which is what his minions are for.

    Kat – I’m w/ you, more EJ & Sami please!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. From Grandma Judy

    The way I look at it, if Stefano gets framed for something he didn’t do, it’s fine with me because I will look at it as payback for what he did do that they couldn’t nail him for.

    Loved it today when everyone emerged from the safehouse unharmed! I don’t mind that they are telling their families they are dead. Extreme, yes, and sad for the families but that’s temporary and it’s for the greater good of trying to get Stefano. What a day it will be when they find out everyone is really alive! Except I guess Sami won’t be happy!

  103. From Richard

    No security around Bo and Hope or John and Marlena, just muggers.
    Roman seems not to mind putting his daughter in the line of fire.
    Roman did not take a shot when he had one, as if he knew that it was a fake mugging.
    seemed to be talking to Stefano on the other end of his telephone.
    He brought Harmon in on the case, could have been a suggestion from Stefano.
    If you have a bomb situation, you bring in a bomb squad, not an ISA agent. I believe that the bomb could have been disarmed from the outside.
    Roman is just too calm in these critical conditions. He seems to be controlled.
    Roman didn’t visit Bo in the hospital as much as he should, if any. I guess the Moroni case was just dropped.
    I don’t believe Carrie is for real. I think that she is an imposter. I just don’t believe that she could be so up-to-date on Alamania law.
    I think that she is someone brought in to distract Rafe. She was the one who wanted to roll up the rug, at the zero hour.(hint)

  104. From kat

    MAB, my dear, We better have our DNA checked, you are to much like Me, – to funny, but also so wonderful, to find somebody on a blog, that thinks for most of the part just like I DO…. I love it, but I also like it when we spar, like over Jack or so….
    Healthy sparring….
    Right, I so enjoyed EJ and Sami, they are meant to be together on Screen, as friends,lovers, enemies or what ever, they make the screen come alive.
    Writers – get it – for havens sake, EJ and Sami are the salvation for DOOL. Dah

  105. From patty

    The only reason I might think Stephano wouldn’t want them all dead is because he wants his half coin so bad but wouldn’t it be ironic that Stephano would get nailed for something he didn’t do? Ha! Since nobody is dead , I doubt he will get charged with anything. I’m still convinced he will meet his demise at the hand of an angry Salemite since they’ve all been swearing to kill him. If Ian is somehow involved in some of this, I don’t think they’ll be looking his way anytime soon but I like the idea that someone could finally out-evil( don’t know if that’s a word) Stephano and give him a run for his money.

  106. From kat

    Richard, I know you and I make strange Bed fellow, but you are sucking me in on the Roman Stuff.
    The Man just does not act or react like he is Really Emotionally involved with the people he is supposed to love more than anything…..
    We totally agree about bringing in the bomb squad, fire depts. police., but what does all that say about Agent SHANE… shouldn’t that super Ace know better … than what went down, lordy, he did not call for help, until after the Blast, and the fire was going on, what about before, hours before, when they knew of the impending danger, in real life Roman and Shane could get the pants suit of them, criminal neglect of duty.
    But as always, I have to concede, Stupid is needed to make the soap work.
    Grandma Judy, In real life, I give you the soap life,
    I would ever Never be ok, with putting family and loved ones through the pain and total heart break, of thinking their loved ones Are DEAD, No matter what,
    Not even for nailing Stefano, who they Don’t even know yet is behind it, if they did that to me
    and I found out afterwards they Broke my Heart and Spirit, and ruined MY Health, (like maybe Caroline’s,to fragile to run the Pub)…
    I would be so pissed at all of them, they would hear me loud and clear, trust me, nothing justifies hurting your loved ones like that, for Maybe a Stefano…. nothing…. period.
    But, it is a Soap, here we go again, needed to make drama, I get it…..
    I like to just add something, for anybody out there, that is or has suffered from terribled dry eye syndrome,
    after over 2 years of misery, and eye drops etc. (Restasis, bad),I had eye tube implants, 2 sec. and it was done, no pain,,,,,
    now I feel and look like a brand new woman, clear, pain free, bigger and wonderful feeling eyes again…. Just a thought for maybe just One person out there.

  107. From SARAH

    I don’t like what has happened to Rafes character. I can’t stand Carrie, wish the show would get rid of her and put Sami back with Rafe.I would also like to see Nichole back with EJ. Wish Eve and her pimp Nick would be welcomed back to the show.

  108. From NeeNee

    Kat, so glad your eyes are now normal again. Last time you mentioned this I copied it and emailed to my middle daughter in Missouri. She has had a mild form of lupus for 10 years, and now has Sjogren’s (companion to lupus) that results in dry eyes and inability to make tears. Dr. has her on drops several times daily and ointment at night.

  109. From Kat

    NeeNee, Hi girl, Dr. had me do drops (Restasis)for about 7 months to give it a chance, but they did nothing for me, made it so much worse, burning, red, foreign object feelings etc.
    the tube in plants made all the difference in world for me, I feel like re-born, and my eyes are beautiful and blue again…
    Everybody remarks about it, it makes me look younger also, and the eye make-up looks great again also.. Win, win, for me…

    Also, my daughter in law, and her sister have Lupus. My daughter in law is in remission, but her sister is not doing good at all, it could be any time, every day is a gift.
    Have your daughter talk to her eye doc about putting tubes/plugs whatever they call it into her eyes. My God, I love it…., Drops and ointment at night, forget it, it did nothing for me…just more discomfort, I went through that, to long, and now finally I am good after over two years of misery….
    NeeNee, go for it for your daughter, she will feel better, trust me… I hope……I wasted to much time on all the drops and ointments….

  110. From Grandma Judy

    Kat #104, – Yes, a good soap s/l but even in real life the authorities will sometimes say that a person is dead when they are not. We watch the Investigation Discovery channel a lot (true stories) and many times it has happened that someone is presumed killed but is actually still alive and that’s kept a guarded secret in order to flush out the criminal. Like I said, temporarily hurtful but for the greater good. Like you, I would be devastated but I think later my anger and hurt would subside when I realized it was necessary. Maybe that’s why Sami is going to be so angry when she finds out everyone is still alive, – because she was lied to that they were dead.

    In Stefano’s case, if by some outside chance he did not want everyone in the safehouse killed, which is not proven by only his claim that he didn’t, he is responsible for countless other acts that he should be punished for. Like in real life when a criminal gets off scott free on one charge (OJ Simpson?) but is finally put away on another.

  111. From Kat

    107 GrandmaJudy,
    You have some good points.
    I can see our Sami getting angry after the fact.
    For some people that is a normal reaction, relieve … and than an outburst….
    I like your OJ theory, but if that was happen with Stefano, innocent of the Explosion, but guilty for other crimes, and I would also like to see some justice for Victor, guilt of soooo many crimes/killings yes, somehow in the end bring him to justice. Just because he married Maggie, should not mean that he never pays for all he has done in his life, just like Stefano.
    Maybe They Both will have to pay some day for their DEEDS in their life times. Now that would be fair.

  112. From kat

    PSGrandma Judy,
    OJ actually did commit the Other Crime and they put him away,
    with Stefano, we Do not know yet, if he is guilty of the explosion….
    So just like in real life, you need a New crime that you are actually guilty of,
    he was never found guilty on his prev. crimes, because the Salem PD always screwed up so bad and ended up making deals to save their own behinds by acting outside the law.
    In the meantime, good interesting Story.

  113. From MAB

    Will needs that sh!t-eatin’ grin wiped off his face! He acts just like an immature, spoiled brat…Johnny acts more mature than he does. I’m sick to death of his constant mother-bashing. What Sami does and has done in her personal life, right or wrong, does not warrant the disrespect he continually shows her. He doesn’t have to like it, but he doesn’t have to treat like he does either. He’s supposedly an adult now…so he needs to grow up and live his own life, and stop trying to run hers. Sami doesn’t have to explain herself, or justify her actions to him. He claims she hurt him and the other kids for what she did. Uh, seems to me the other kids are just fine. He’s the one w/ the problem. His current hatred of her, he claims, all comes down to her cheating on Rafe and ruining their so-called family. What happened between Rafe & Sami is none of his business. Besides it wasn’t all Sami’s fault anyway. Rafe played his hand too, and went off and fell in love w/ Carrie. And Will calls Sami a slut…well sorry to tell you Will, but Salem is full of them, and several of them are your own family members. You might want to find out what a slut is before you go around calling your mother one, and also consider who else in the Brady family also carries that title. Maybe you should address this at the next Brady family reunion.

    Great once again, is EJ & Sami!! Lovely to see him kiss her on the cheek before he left. Too bad their time together had to be interrupted.

    Well if Stefano gets framed for something he didn’t do, then the good people of Salem (and I use that term lightly) better watch their backs because there is someone really evil in their rearview mirror, who just might turn out to be worse than Stefano, especially if that person is Ian. Ian is not likeable in any way, shape or form. If you want to be a daytime villain, you have to have some kind of charisma and likeable traits (like Stefano), but Ian has none. He will NEVER be another Stefano DiMera! And if the writers think the majority of the fans will be happy if Ian gives Stefano a run for his money, then their sadly mistaken!!

    There is no proof Roman brought Harmon in on the case. To my knowledge, it was Agent Spencer who brought in Harmon, so it looks like the ISA are about as solid as the Salem PD. Still tho, it’s always possible Roman isn’t on the up & up, as many things he’s done are questionable. I’ve thought this for years, but I also think that if this is the case, then this is not the real Roman…he’s a clone, and the real Roman is dead…or he could be brainwashed. Or all this could just come down to the actor himself isn’t really good at showing his emotions like others. Although, I think his anger was very convincing when EJ showed up yesterday. I’m gonna continue to assume he’s real Roman, until proven otherwise by the writers, because they have never taken this path w/ Roman after all these years.

    kat – first off, glad your eyes are better! There is no doubt our thoughts are a lot alike. As they say, great minds think alike! And yes, it’s certainly nice to spar w/ someone on a mature, respectful level, even tho we rarely ever spar. And just another thing we agree on, EJ & Sami and their dynamic on screen!

    If Stefano wanted the safehouse people dead so bad, then do the spoilers say he chastises Harmon over it?? I’m so glad I’m willing to look at all the avenues of the s/l’s and not just the obvious. It’s always nice when the writers make your assumptions or thoughts a reality…like when I hoped Taylor & Madison would leave the show, and when I wanted EJ & Sami back on speaking terms, and when I was right all along about Rafe. So I hope my assumptions about Stefano are also correct.

  114. From Grandma Judy

    kat #109, – I don’t mind the Salem PD going outside the law to try and get any of the DiMeras. As has been pointed out before, sometimes have to fight fire with fire. But the Salem PD screwing up, I sure agree with you about that! Just as I would like to see DiMeras brought to justice, I’d like to see the SPD win one for a change!

    A friend of mine is going through a lot of pain and discomfort due to a severe case of dry-eye and the doctors can’t find a cause. I’m so glad you are ok with your eyes now.

  115. From lisa

    why is it that everytime they bring austin and carrie back on the show carrie ends up sleeping with someone else, first mike horton, and now rafe i think it needs to stop carrie and austin are meant to be together like bo and hope, quit makeing her have affairs all the time there are some people that are good out there not everyone is bad, her and rafe thats a horrible idea they are not compatible at all

  116. From Kat

    114 Grandma Judy,
    maybe your friend should talk to the eye doc about having Plugs put into her eyes, takes a couple of secs. right in the doc’s office.
    I feel like reborn, Drops and ointments did Nothing for me, but the Plugs, Thank you, thank you.

  117. From Maryl

    Hi, Kat! I’m just fine–thanks for your concern. I have been buried in work and extracurricular activities. My grandkids end of school activities, baseball, & etc. have kept me so tied up that I’m luckey to be able to read the blogs and watch the soap. I’m loving EJ’s SL right now, especially when Sami is involved with him–those two–meant to be! I only hope that the direction this SL seems to be going in isn’t too short-lived once the new writers take full control. I have always wanted something to happen to make EJ see what kind of life he is living and to do better for his children’s sake. I have often thought that he will have to be completely “broken” before any real change could happen for him. I think he has almost reached that point in the SL right now. Love to see what happens next and I hope that the new writers proceed with this new concept of EJ instead of going backward. Letting the good in EJ surface, sweeping the evil out the door is my hope. He could follow Tony’s and Lexie’s footsteps instead of Stefano’s. (Sorry, MAB, I know you prefer him being a DiMera, Ha!) However, whether or not EJ will turn up to be a real DiMera, does not change how I feel about the character–I will always be his loyal fan! Ha!
    Kat, I have the “dry eye” condition also. I’m using drops–probably not as often as you did–but I appreciate the info you gave on the eye plugs. My doc said it is an alternative for me if mine gets any worse. So glad it worked so well for you!!

  118. From patty

    Wow! Way to go Will! No only does he call it right when he blows up at his mother but he stands up to Stephano by shouting in his face and calling him a small sick man who doesn’t deserve to live. He doesn’t back down when Stephano pushes him and he tells EJ to shut up. That’s my boy! It’s about time people stop cowering from the big old Demiras. Will is turning out to be the strongest character on the show and has now joined the list of Salemites who want to get back at Stephano.
    Another great performance by Austin . Sami, well she’s being Sami and is making it about herself and slobbering on Lucas’ shirt. She at least admits she’s the screw up. Gee, tell us something we didn’t already know.
    Even though we know they are not dead, the wake is very touching and sad. Kayla, Gabi,Victor, Brady, Jen, Austin all pay nice tributes to their loved ones. Sami talks about what a wonderful man Rafe was and wishes she had a chance to make it right with her mother. I wonder if she will when she finds out she’s alive. Probably not. She doesn’t mention her sister Carrie.
    EJ and Stephano are standing outside looking in because EJ wants Stephano to see the pain he inflicted. Steph asks EJ since when has he become so sanctimonious and walks away. What a sad pair.

  119. From Grandma Judy

    patty #118, – I can’t wait to see all that you describe! I’m with Will all the way on how he feels about his mother and with how he apparently gets in Stefano’s face! Sami saying what a wonderful man Rafe was, well, yes, the best she’s ever had and she threw it all away. I like Lucas, too, but think Rafe was the best for her.

  120. From Maryl

    Just finished watching today’s episode–I am quite certain that Harmon is in cahoots with Ian. I find it hard to believe that one of Stefano’s henchman would have misunderstood his plan–I believe Ian was behind the change in plan to kill instead of scare, setting up Stefano as the killer. Appears to be a well laid plot–Stefano will think he is responsible for the outcome of the bomb scare going awry when all the time it was taken over and controlled by Ian. And now, Stefano will be set up to take the fall. Wow! I believe Ian is the real devil who doesn’t have a problem killing people–much worse than Stefano who believes more in implementing his “games” rather than killing his victims.

  121. From patty

    You’re right Grandma Judy, Rafe was the best thing that ever happened to Sami Brady. No EJami or Lumi can ever take the place of the love Rafe and Sami shared. Her life has fallen apart since she had sex with EJ and she keeps on self destroying . Sami doesn’t want a good man and she doesn’t deserve one. Will tells her nothing but the truth that she refuses to admit to herself. If she doesn’t like being called a slut, she should stop acting like one. She will be caught having moments again with both Lucas and EJ in the coming weeks. Are we to believe that this is true love in bloom? I think not, it’s just Sami needing men to take care of her.

  122. From patty

    Maryl, I don’t care much if Ian tries to destroy Stephano or Kate . They should concentrate on fighting each other and leave Brady ,Bo, Hope, John , Marlena and all the innocent people out of their sick games. I’m not convinced that Stephano wasn’t behind this, he’s not looking too upset about the turn of events. If somebody did cross him, I’m glad he’s met his match.

  123. From MAB

    Again, my thoughts seem to be coming true, in that it is Ian who is responsible and not Stefano. Man, it feels good to be right!

    Sami – since Rafe is out of her life, she has become the Sami I know & love. She is much stronger, and back to being in control, instead of the sniveling idiot she became w/ Rafe. I’m loving Sami right now, and hope Rafe is out of her life for good. She is better off w/ EJ or Lucas, or anyone else for that matter.

  124. From kat

    Strange, but I saw a Stefano that is Very, very upset about the Events, and I have great eyes… now …
    Well, give Stefano time to re-group and whoever did cross him, watch out. Stefano will rise to the occasion ….

    Stefano’s flashback with his Fatha, sounds like Stefano was just a young boy then, much what we saw in Ireland.
    Does that mean, that Santos died soon after the Affair with Colleen….
    and why does Stefano not see that EJ looks just like his Fatha did.
    EJ and the old photograph of Santos, total look alike…
    Writers, why are you messing with Facts and History, I am not happy about that, splain please, that would be nice and respectful to the viewers….

  125. From patty

    Mab, I wouldn’t count Stephano out so fast. There is nothing to indicate that Ian is behind any of this yet, just speculation. We still heard Steph say “take care of them, all of them”. Now to any goon on Stephano’s payroll that means kill them or hurt them. I’m sure it didn’t mean anything good.
    Since Rafe is out of her life, Sami has lost total control of her life and has been on a downward spiral ever since she had grief sex with Elvis. She has turned into a royal bitch and an uncaring hypocrite who makes herself a victim here crying the loudest for people she couldn’t care less about and as always making it about herself. She jumps from man to man as it suits her purpose at the time and uses both for what she can get. Having the hots for either or both is not creating a relationship so I wouldn’t hold my breath on her ending up with either one. EJ still wants Nicole and she will hurt Lucas sooner than later. She is better off alone and it’s exactly what she deserves. You want a sniveling idiot, watch her tomorrow. Ha! Crocodile tears if I ever saw them.

  126. From patsy

    I cant stand that little brat WILL someone needs to take him behind the barn and give him a butt whipeing Hes treating Sami the very same way that Sami treated Marlena So hes NO BETTER tham Sami HE NEEDS TO GET OVER HIMSELF MAG I,m with you keep Rafe away from Sami

  127. From Maryl

    patty, the real problem with Ian (if it does turn out that he is really responsible for the bomb going off) is that in the process of trying to get to Stefano or Kate he doesn’t seem to mind killing those innocent people you mentioned.

  128. From gerri

    Patty,and Grandma Judy,
    you both are so right about Stefano,.I will be happy to congratulate Ian,If he had any part,of setting Stefano up,It Is so past time,that some Karma,was sent his way,he has always talked about how much his family meant to him,but he’s never given a second thought,about the pain and hurt,he has brought on,to so many families,In Salem.

    I loved EJ throwing everything Into Stefano’s face today!!!

  129. From Shani

    Didn’t we hear Stefano talking on the phone with Harmon about the bomb & the doors & windows, etc.? So if Stefano wanted people dead or not, isn’t he responsible for the explosion not Ian or anybody else?

  130. From Shani

    Maybe Stefano counted on them finding the trap door & now he thinks they didn’t.

  131. From Just Moi

    GO WILL!!!! What a great actor that Chandler turned out to be. The emotion he showed yesterday, awsome! Sami crying and carring on was just to fake/over acting for my liking. Yes Will is his mother’s son and then some. Will telling his mother what he thinks, good for you Will! I am surpised it has taken him this long to act out and cut lose. Sami paybacks a b!tch and so are you!!

    When Stephano said “take care of them” I am sure he didn’t mean dinner and a movie. When Steffy sais something, his goons jump to do his bidding. If Harmon miss understood, so be it and if Ian is involved, all the better. Loving see Steffy and Eel J’s lives crumbling around them, what’s that saying paybacks a ……lol :)

  132. From Just Moi

    ohhh forgot to say, can’t wait to see Days today I hope Will rips them all a new one lol

  133. From Shani

    Maybe Stefano counted on them finding the trap door & now he believes they didn’t.

  134. From kat

    Why would some of you be so happy, if Ian Set up Stefano, meaning that Ian planted the explosives,..
    Unless I totally miss under stand what patty and Just moi mean…congratulating Ian, a bigger Monster than Stefano, killing will fully 6 people in the Cabin, I am totally lost, but willing to give both of you the benefit of the doubt, that I am just not understanding right, what you said..
    Maryl, I agree with you about Ian.
    I have said before, beware when writers give you the double talk,
    Stefano: take care of them,
    haven’t be all learned in the past, that could mean something totally different, and is used so many times to put us viewers on the wrong track, for added excitement.

    Will, ripping into Sami, has been going on now like for ever, it is getting old and boring, we got it,
    He is 19 yrs. old now, get Over it,
    what else is New about your Mom.
    Sami has been Sami forever, and Will is over the top now. Besides, what Sami does with her own life is none of Will’s business in the first place, it was between Rafe and Sami,
    Just like Will is expecting, that his Life/changes and up coming Love lives will be None of Sami’s/Lucas’ business.
    So Will, time to sit on it. Thanks for Austin containing Will in the Pub, it was about time, somebody did.
    However, I do agree that Chandler has developed into a good actor, good SL’s do so help. I do wish Rafe would get some better SL’s, so he can show us, if he’s got it also. So far boring, even RoboRafe was nothing to brag about.
    To me, he is mostly riding on his good looks, that’s just about all.
    When Billie got her dig in about saying to Kate, That Ian was an improvement over Stefano,
    anybody remember the real life digs
    Lisa made about Joe M. and then he responded and got her good….

  135. From patty

    To answer your question Kat, if that was indeed a question, yes I will be happy to see Ian frame Stephano if that is the case. Still not convinced that is what happened because Stephano knew about the bomb. So far we’ve seen no indication that Ian is involved and we still heard Steph give orders to have them taken care of and whatever that meant it wasn’t good if Stephano’s past behavior is any example. If his plan backfired on him that serves him right and I believe he wouldn’t think twice to have them all blown up to kingdom come. Whoever blew the house up didn’t succeed in killing them . It doesn’t make Steph the lesser of two evils even if he was outsmarted by Ian or anybody else .

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