General Hospital Poll: John And Sam’s Future.

Where are they headed?

Sam and John have felt an immediate connection since they met in the church after Robin’s funeral. They don’t know how to explain it, but something keeps drawing them together.

What keeps John hanging around listening to complete stranger Sam’s problems? Vote and comment about where you think their connection will lead below.

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  1. From Erik Stone

    I Beliewe John And Sam’s Future Is Being Brother And Sister…Not Being The Newsest Port Charles Romantic Couple, And Won’t Let Jason And Elizabeth Begin Their Rebirth Romantic Era, For The 1st Time, In 4 Years…And Let Jason And Sam’s Marriage Be Survive For Real, In The Future On “General Hospital,” Going Into The Summer Of 2012.

  2. From Linda Davies

    I really hope Sam and John are brother and sister and Sam and Jason stay together…I really don’t want to watch Liz and Jason again…I am sick of her and her string of guys and babies. She is starting to look like a ho! Lets at least have one relationship that works!and make that Sam and Jason!

  3. From Rita

    I agree with Linda about Liz. She is just a whole issue of baby mama / daddy drama. She gets around as much as Sonny!! I think they need to keep Jason and Sam together, as the one couple that stays true on the show. In good times and in bad the Quartermaines have been the solid foundation of GH, Lila & Edward, then Monica & Allen, now Jason & Sam. They endure and remain steadfast and together (no matter how much drama, affairs, or times they (Allen & Monica) tried to kill eachother. Love remained, just like Jason & Sam

  4. From lauren

    Love JASAM. So sick of Liz and “we are just friends”. If they don’t straighten this out where at least Jason finally sees Liz for who she real is then I will scream

  5. From Jayme

    Jason And Sam 4Ever!!!!!!!! Lately, I’ve thought the story lines have been weak and to predictable the writers need to step it up and get rid of this OLTL characters!!! Give Sam her baby back and let it be Jason’s! Liz can give him a son and take that away because she was selfish and didn’t understand Jason or his life, but Sam who loves him can’t come on really!!! Let Jason and Sam be happy and have the family they always wanted! Jason and Sam deserve to be parents more than anyone on that show!

  6. From Tiffany

    Thank you for bringing in OLTL people, hope you bring more. I like Sam with John….

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