General Hospital Weekly Summary For April 30 – May 4.

The jig is up.

After a catfight with “Kate” in the lobby of the Metro Court, Carly faced Johnny to give him a piece of her mind. Or, more to the point, a knee to the groin. During Johnny’s attempt at an explanation for why he slept with Kate, he told Carly about Kate’s DID. Although wary, she relayed the information to Jason, who thought it made perfect sense and even supposed Connie was the one who shot out Anthony’s tires. He took off to find Connie, who was battling Kate for control at the airport, as she prepared to flee Port Charles. Jason showed up to stop her.

With vengeance in mind, Starr stole Johnny’s gun and forced Sonny to go with her to the siite of the car crash. After Michael punched Johnny for two-timing his mother, Johnny tipped him off about Starr taking his gun. Michael found Starr ready to shoot Sonny on the side of the road.

Sam and Jason had a long overdue conversation about her confiding in McBain, him confiding in Liz and the fact that Franco is the baby’s father. Jason still couldn’t commit to loving the baby, so she moved out of the penthouse.

Desperate to find his wife, Dante confronted Ronnie, who produced evidence making it look like Dante was the stripper attacker and had him arrested. Ronnie took off to torment a tied up Lulu at a motel, where Sam was moving in and McBain was already living. McBain stumbled upon the rogue cop when Lulu turned up the TV too loud in an attempt to get help. Ronnie got rid of McBain, but he later couldn’t do the same with Sam, so he took her captive as well. Anna called upon McBain to help find Lulu for Luke, who told him of Lulu’s suspicions about Ronnie. McBain realized who Ronnie was and returned to the motel. He bumped into Dante, who tracked Lulu’s phone to the motel after he convinced Delores to let him out of jail. The men found the room empty, but discovered a matchbook from The Haunted Star Sam cleverly left behind. The cops hightailed it over to the floating casino, where Ronnie held the women captive.

Despite pleas from Mac, Matt, Felicia (who Maxie wasn’t exactly thrilled to see back in town) and Spinelli (who she convinced to keep quiet about Matt killing Lisa), Maxie prepared to face the judge. He sentenced her to 20 years in prison. As Maxie was led away, Spinelli told her he loved her and vowed to not give up.

Meanwhile, Heather killed Maggie by drugging her tea, Sam and Carly bonded and Olivia and Liz teamed up to figure out if Kate attacked Ewen.

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