General Hospital Weekly Summary For May 7 – 11.

Returns, regrets and revelations.

Jason prevented Connie from getting on a plane at the airport and brought Kate out. Jason brought her to GH, but she was promptly handcuffed to her hospital bed for attacking Ewen. Kate was devastated to learn all that Connie had done while she was in charge. She tried to explain to Sonny and while he wasn’t having any of it, he still secretly asked Alexis to represent his ex. Olivia, on the other hand, eventually came around with sympathy for her cousin.

Dante and McBain got the jump on Ronnie at the Haunted Star. The standoff led to Lulu getting grazed with a bullet and Ronnie revealing he was the one who shot at Dante in the parking garage, not a Zacchara. After Dante took Lulu to the hospital, John shot Ronnie dead when he held a gun to Sam’s belly. Jason entered to find John comforting Sam. This of course resulted in a lot of posturing between the men. Meanwhile, Lulu realized she never felt more alive than during her ordeal and told Luke she needed to embrace her thrill seeking Spencer gene.

Michael found Starr holding Sonny at gunpoint at the site of the car crash. He talked Starr down, but later had charges brought against her for attempted murder. Todd Manning, who had been acquitted for killing his brother Victor, showed up to help his daughter. His ex-wife Tea Delgado also arrived to represent her former stepdaughter. Tea made it very clear that despite Todd getting off for killing her husband, she wasn’t about to cut him any slack. Todd later overheard Kate confess to Alexis at the station that Connie might have been the one to shoot out Anthony’s tires, causing Starr, Hope and Cole’s accident.

Spinelli found video footage of Lisa’s death. While the killer’s identity wasn’t entirely clear, it was obvious it wasn’t Maxie. Mac, Felicia and Matt were thrilled they had evidence proving Maxie’s innocence, but Spinelli remained silent about who the real culprit was.

Heather orchestrated Steve’s release from Memphis custody by forging a confession letter from Maggie, who clinged to life after Heather poisoned her, but eventually died. Heather also produced a note from Maggie to a devastated Steve explaining why she took the rap for him.

In other news, Carly refused to forgive Johnny, Todd showed up at the Metro Court for some good old fashioned banter with Carly, and a room, and Patrick remained consumed with grief.

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