General Hospital Weekly Update For May 14 – 18.

Confessions, confrontations and clean shaves.

Epiphany visited a withdrawn Patrick at home. When he refused to join the surgical rotation, Epiphany pulled out Ewen’s file. Patrick passed on his co-worker’s surgery. She ordered the scruffy widower to look in the mirror and decide if he was who Emma needed him to be. After a visit and guilt trip from Elizabeth, Patrick arrived clean-shaven at GH to perform Ewen’s surgery. It was a success and Ewen asked to see Liz when he woke up.

When Todd overheard Kate at the station say Connie was responsible for Cole and Hope’s deaths, he went to see Carly at the Metro Court. Carly filled him in on Kate’s split personality. Todd went straight to Sonny and offered him a deal: If Sonny got Michael to take back his statement against Starr, Todd would make sure Kate avoided murder charges. Sonny declined his offer declaring Kate meant nothing to him. Todd knew better. Despite his insistences to Todd, Sonny went to the jail to witness Kate’s session with her psychiatrist. Through a two-way mirror, he watched as Kate confronted Connie. Devastated by the realization Kate was seriously sick, he ran in to comfort her, but found Connie in charge. As the two argued, Connie told Sonny she was the one who went after Anthony, not Johnny. Meanwhile, Anthony overheard Luke and Tracy plotting his death and went to Johnny for help. Johnny turned him down, adding, he was the one who tried to kill him. Not Sonny. As for Luke and Tracy, Luke convinced his ex-wife to let him handle Anthony in a non-violent way. Tracy agreed, but declared if his plan didn’t get Anthony out of her life, murder was back on the table.

In court, Spinelli finally told the truth about Matt killing Lisa when he presented the photo he had as evidence. At the same time, Maxie confessed everything to a stunned Matt. He was prepared to confess in order to free her, but she made him promise not to come forward. Later, Spinelli begged Maxie to sign a paper confirming she saw Matt kill Dr. Niles. She ordered him to stop meddling.

In other news, Michael discovered Molly and TJ were secretly dating, Starr pled not guilty, but was denied bail and Jason wished Sam a happy birthday, but didn’t stick around to celebrate with her.

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