General Hospital Weekly Summary For May 21 – 25.


A murder, an acquittal, and an arrest.

Sam stopped by the lake house to pick up Alexis for her Lamaze class. Instead, she found Molly with TJ. TJ quickly made his exit before Sam could figure out him being there was a no-no. When Molly questioned Sam about why Jason wasn’t her Lamaze coach, Sam filled her little sister in on what happened with Franco. Molly offered to be Sam’s coach and they ran into Jason hugging Elizabeth at the hospital. Molly suggested Jason go to the class with Sam, but he declined. Later, Molly let it slip to Alexis that Sam’s baby wasn’t Jason’s, forcing Sam to tell Alexis the truth. Once she wrapped her mind around the news, Alexis called Kristina so she wouldn’t hear about it from someone else, but learned Kristina left school weeks ago. As she and Sonny tried to track her down, Kristina showed up in Port Charles.

Johnny got the upper hand on Anthony in the penthouse. He told his grandfather he convinced Connie to take the blame for shooting out his tires, but it was really Johnny who tried to kill him. Johnny then fired the gun at Anthony, killing the old man.

Once Kate reemerged in the interrogation room with Sonny, he told her Connie confessed to shooting out Anthony’s tires. Kate was devastated thinking she killed Starr’s boyfriend and child and headed off to Shadybrook.

Todd arrived at Sonny’s office to offer him a deal. If Sonny got Michael to change his mind about testifying against Starr, he wouldn’t run the story he had prepared for The Sun about Kate killing Cole and Hope. Sonny caved and convinced Michael to change his statement, resulting in Starr walking out of court a free woman.

Spinelli told Matt the only way for Maxie to get out of prison was for her to sign a statement confirming she saw Matt kill Lisa. Matt hightailed it over to the prison to convince her to sign it. A tearful Maxie, who had been attacked again by her fellow inmates, told him she already did.

As Jason told Monica at the mansion about Franco being his brother and raping Sam, Tracy and Luke discovered Anthony’s dead body in the boathouse in back. They passed him off as just sleeping when Monica and a visiting, and curious, Heather discovered them. Tracy and Luke later discovered Anthony’s body missing.

In other news, Mac was fired, Jason was arrested for killing Franco and Anna was offered Mac’s job.

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