Ian Buchanan Leaves Days Of Our Lives.

One less villain.

Salem continues to lose its baddies. Recent arrival Ian Buchanan (Ian) will be leaving the series. He made his first appearance on the series in February and has been steadily ruffling feathers and playing mind games ever since. This isn’t to last though. The actor is scheduled to leave sometime during the summer as part of the massive cast cut.

His final air date has not yet been released but Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you updated.

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  1. From dc

    not surprised by this..
    never thought too much about his character..
    now, just wish they would keep madison since he is leaving..

  2. From SandyGram

    Bye Bye….will TPTB leave his story line open ended, like why does he have a walking cane with the Phoenix crest (or at least that’s what the spoilers reported some time ago).

  3. From jenn

    dc, I am not surprised either. Bye bye, Mister McCreepy!

  4. From Lynne

    Very happy about this. He was way too creepy!

  5. From Angelprincess6879


    Could this mean he’ll be the one who shoots you know who??

  6. From bettyg

    No tears here! Maybe Ian can try out for the Dark Shadows sequel now!

  7. From manders

    I was actually starting to not dislike him as much lol but like Sandy gram says we won’t know what’s up with the phoenix on his cane or what is up with him and Will…..

  8. From Lcs

    Loved his character. Someone to put Brady and Madison in their place.
    Very distinguish looking.

  9. From Lcs

    Love his character. Someone to put Brady and Madison in their place.
    Very distinguish looking.

  10. From Lco

    Hate to see Ian go Love his character. Someone who can handle Brady and Madison.
    Very distinguished looking.

  11. From Michelle

    Don’t want to see Ian leave Days. He just started and the story getting interesting. Please stay.

  12. From tee

    I really enjoyed his character: I was waiting to see if he was related to Stephano or maybe he is EJ’s father and Stephano’s long lost brother!!! HMMMMM

  13. From Travis

    I’ve enjoyed his character as well…one of the few worldly, sophisticated people in Salem. The writers, I feel, could have accomplished so much more with him.

    Adieu, Mr. McCallister. Adieu…


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