Molly Burnett Leaves Days Of Our Lives.

Leaving Salem.

After months of speculation, it was finally confirmed by Soap Opera Digest that Molly Burnett (Melanie) will be leaving the series. She will be exiting the canvas at the end of June.

The Littleton, Colorado native joined the cast of the soap in 2008. Since then, her character has lost a father, found a new one and had relationships with most of the younger male members of the cast.

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  1. From dc

    well molly i hate to see you go but i wish you well in all you do
    what is chad gonna do without you??

  2. From Eric

    The best new Female Days has had in years…that 1st year was rough…she was a bit… but the last 3 WOW! I was hoping they would put her with someone else…other than Chad… For me now we have no reason to have Gabi or Chad so I hope they are on their way out the door also!

  3. From patti

    so sorry to see Mel go….i love her, she is such a cutie and a good actress as well….she and chad have so much chemistry….their real life relationship sure shows with the way they look at each other and their charactures inter-act….will miss you and good luck in your future endeavers….

  4. From jenn

    I feel like the grinch here because I will not miss her. However, I would rather see Gabi go than her. I wish Molly the best of luck in all her future endeavors.

  5. From John

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now who am I going to have a crush on…

    Plus the fact I liked her acting..

  6. From cynthia

    I will miss her. I thought she added a bright spot – especially her interactions with Victor, Maggie and Dr Jonas. She has spunk and i love her laugh.

    i wonder why she is leaving…

  7. From Dianne Hawkins

    I hate to see her go. She and Chad made such an adorable couple. It was nice to see a YOUNG Salemite couple.
    Why not Gabi???? Gabi nor her brother Rafe add any redemptive value to this show. when will they be gone?

  8. From Molly Fan

    Will definitely Miss Molly!!! But Ill never understand the grumpy strange ppl that would stop watching a “fave” show simply because an actor has moved on… Come On Ppl….Back to earth please.

    (based on the posted Poll)

  9. From bettyg

    I will miss Molly because she made Mel interesting and fun. Maybe she’s leaving because she just hasn’t been getting much story line. Good Luck to you, Molly! (After Mel leaves, who will be left that actually has Horton blood at all?)

  10. From Precious

    I’m going to miss Molly. When she first appeared on the show, I didn’t like her being that mean, manipulative girl, but grew to like her when the writting turned her character around…what will Maggie do now without her, and her dad, Daniel? Maybe she’s going to be with her mother?
    I’ve read that she has lots of projects either done or on going, so maybe that is the real reason for her leaving? I guess, with her leaving the show, Chad will take his place in the DiMera mansion as the “hier apparent”?? I hope they don’t let Gabi be his new girlfriend…she needs to go off the show!

  11. From adair

    aw, what a bummer! i wonder if they’ll recast her character in the future??

  12. From Stacey Loflin

    I REALLY enjoy her character and thought she was one of the better younger actors on the show. :(

  13. From jenn

    @bettyg, Melanie doesn’t have Horton blood (Maggie is a Horton by marriage). Jen, Lucas, Abby, Hope, Nick is coming back and I think that’s about it. So there are still some character with Horton blood that remain on the show. However like you pointed out, they are sadly decreasing.

  14. From daysgal

    @jenn Don’t forget Will and Allie!

  15. From bettyg

    @Jenn and @daysgal—Thanks for the info–I forgot about Maggie marrying into the Horton clan.

  16. From Samantha

    will and ally are lucas’ children and Lucas is Ians son. They do not have horton blood.

  17. From Samantha

    Will and Ally are not Hortons….They are whatever Ian is….Poor things!

  18. From Mopy

    This is stupid. Hers was a wonderful, rare, and diverse character, full of layers and colours, unlike most new characters that came aboard after 2001/2002.

    Good luck to Molly. I hope she has a rich career.

  19. From Judi

    I’ve been watching days since before Bo and Hope got married. Can’t believe who they are letting go! Molly is the bright spot with such a natural way of making her character fun and endearing…she’s a fantastic actor. Gabi…yep, won’t miss her…and her story line has been so overdone..I also think the young man playing Will is a wonderful actor..

  20. From Chocolite

    Pure craziness to let Molly/Mel go. I absolutely love the woman that her character has become. And…she and Chad make such an adorable couple. I’ve been such a loyal fan of Days, but these recent changes have worked my last nerve. Just when the PTB get an interesting s/l going, they change it in mid stream. Anyway, Molly, good luck and may God bless you on all that you do…

  21. From Lucy

    I am so sick of this cast cutting, I’m ready for them to roll up the streets of Salem. Hard to give up the show after watching since the 60′s but it’s just not the same anymore. Back then you would have a character die or leave once and a while, now it’s every month. We are paying more and more to watch TV and receiving less and less from the networks on these shows. I’m tired of wondering which of my favorite characters will be next…just not worth it. I feel bad for these actors and their work situation.

  22. From BA

    Not sure but I believe Molly Burnett is leaving the show voluntarily and not being Cut.

  23. From TC

    Thank god she is leaving!! Couldn’t stand her. She sucked!! It’s about time she left. Why they even hired her in the first place I can’t figure.

  24. From starchild

    She’s one of the best actresses on the show! I think DOOL’s days are numbered. The writing is awful. I think the fans could come up with better plots than they do. I have been a fan of Days for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, it’s just not what it once was.

  25. From Vivian

    Whoa…Lucas is Bill Horton and Kate’s son. Not Ian’s. Going to miss Melanie…the bad thing being she is a character that someone else cannot step into the shoes and keep it going. Hope, Jennifer, Maggie, Victor and Stefano are the others.

  26. From soleowner

    I guess with Ian leaving the show, the idea of messing with Lucas’s DNA and twisting the entire history of the show into Lucas being his son….is now over. Thank God!!!! Molly will be missed very very much. What a great actress she is!!! Every emotion played true!!! I hope we see a lot of her on the big screen or really good TV and there isn’t a whole lot of really good prime time….all sex and no substance!!!
    Good Luck, Molly!!!!!!!

  27. From jenn

    @Samantha #16, Lucas is Ian’s kid? Is that on a spoiler because I do not read them. Until that storyline unfolds, Lucas is still a Horton.

  28. From Robo

    I’ve been watching since last summer and I haven’t really seen her with a good storyline. And now that she’s with chad , their storylines went straight downhill to boringtown. Good luck. Just can’t wait til Madison’s last day!

  29. From Luckylyn

    I’m really bummed she is leaving. What a wonderful actress she has become. Love her and Maggie together. Get rid of Gabi! I’m so over her. The following need to leave: Abby, Austin, Carrie, Madison, Billie (yawn). Everytime someone exciting comes on the show they end up leaving or they get rid of them.

  30. From Stephanie

    Lucas is a Horton. He and Jennifer are half siblings so Lucas, Ally, Will, Jennifer, Abby, and Hope all have Horton blood. Wonder what it would be like if Ej turned out to be a Horton or a Brady! Now that would be interesting. Back on topic….I love Mel and can believe she’s leaving especially now that her and Chad (her real life boyfriend) are together.

  31. From CM

    I think Nick will escape prison, show up, and kill Melanie since he was obsessed with her enough to kill for her…at least let the character go out with a bang. The one I can’t wait to see go is Austin. Maybe it’s no fault of the actor, but good lord, they’ve made the character into a complete, delusional wuss. I can only hope Rafe won’t be far behind…it seems like ever since the whole Sami/EJ affair his character has completely changed…and pairing Rafe with Carrie is laughable. No chemistry at all…plus, just let Carrie and Austin be happy offscreen with a new baby and be done with it if you’re not going to give them anything of substance.

  32. From lynn

    Noooo. Please say this isn’t so. Why can’t you let Gabbi go. I am sick of her lame scheming tricks in an attempt to get Chad. Keep Mel and Chad together.

  33. From Audrey

    Gosh every ones leaving!! this bites. These new writers better not screw this up because iv’e been watching days of our lives since i was 17 years old( i am now 54)

  34. From Audrey Snyder

    this bites! these new writers better not screw this up and get this show canceled. iv’e been watching DOOL since i was 17.( i am now 54)what’s hope gonna do without bo. what’s chad gonna do without mel? surely the writers arent gonna hook him up with gabby? THIS REALLY BITES!!!!

  35. From Travis

    I’ve felt that Melanie often was unfairly given a lot more airtime than many of the other characters but she is one of the most likeable ones on the entire show and that is mostly because of Ms. Burnett.


  36. From becky

    It’ll be a shame to lose such a talented actor. She was a great mix with the characters of Maggie and Daniel, and was excellent with her contemporaries too. Too bad for DOOL…

  37. From janice

    ohhhh i will miss her. what a spicy, cute and very talented actress. she is the best of the young people on the show…and come to think of it, most of the older ones also. please reconsider and just have her visiting her mother and bring her back REAL soon. get rid of Gabbi soon. Why in heavens name did you destroy Rafe’s character. he was one of the sensible ones. and i agree, stop with the ‘I’m leaving the show…you’re not going to…even though at times some of the writers stink. just hang on, they will also fade into the dust!

  38. From Cheryl

    Great, another good one bites the dust. I LOVE Melanie, LOVE Bo, LOVE Jack – geez, all the good ones are leaving. WONDER WHY??? Could it be the new writers? I remember when Marlena and John left because the “new” writers at that time wanted the soap to have all young actors/actresses, so they were getting rid of the seasoned actors. Gee, how’d that work out?? Most of them came back!!! The writers need to sit back and understand what works and what doesn’t. Get rid of Gabbi, stop making Will so whiney and devious looking (cheshire cat smile???) Get Raife back to the way he was, the only decent male on the show!! Brady is just a cutie pie – and I am soooo glad Lucas is back, but Sammie is screwing that one up too – SUPRISE!!!

  39. From Miselemeas

    #38,I agree with all you said, especially about Rafe,he is my hero,but totally under-rated by some.Bring it Rafe, you are the best

  40. From Melanie

    Melanie you will be miss you are awesome actor.Hope you will be back on days i love surprises.

  41. From judy

    i wish she stay i dont like see her go :(

  42. From Peggy

    I won’t miss her because her story line has become so weak and she’s being a ninny about Nick coming back to Salem. Don’t like her with Chad.

  43. From sharon

    they need to keep melanie and get rid of abbey, she needs to go to jail, to let all the other kids that watch this know that a crime is a crime even on tv and if you commit that crime you pay the time.

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