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May sweeps certainly didn’t disappoint last week, what with all the slaps, guns,  kidnappings and murders going on – and that was just on “GH!” The crew on “Days” were also dealt a few blows last week as EJ found out he is not a DiMera (what??) and the safe house exploded. At lease Rafe finally spit it out to Carrie that Nicole is not having his baby. Speaking of, Phyllis and Nick decide to tie the knot because of their impending bundle, but not everyone is as thrilled for them as they would like. And on “B&B”, Liam changed sides again, ripped up the annulment papers and planted one on Steffy. Seriously? Why would either one of these girls be pining over a guy who goes back and forth so much? I can understand Hope, being on drugs and all, but Steffy? Let’s see what else happened this week.

Deconstructing Days:

The award for most ridiculous scene goes to Rafe and Carrie rolling up the carpet like that was going to protect them from the house exploding. But since it probably revealed their means of escape, we’ll allow it. Elsewhere, it would have taken a cold heart not to shed a tear about the whole Lexi dying/EJ not a DiMera thing. Christine says, “It was like an era had just ended. All of Stefano’s death threats lately must be foreshadowing his death. EJ’s not a DiMera, which is absolutely asinine since EJ looks exactly like Santo DiMera. Lexi’s dying and Chad doesn’t want any part of continuing on the villainy. “Days Of Our Lives” without the DiMera family? Not something I want to see.” Read more at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.


Restless Rant:

Phyllis began spotting, which might not bode well for the pregnancy. Lauren stood up to Victor, which was a great scene to watch, especially as the SEC came sniffing around right after. We still can’t get over how much Kyle and Adam look alike, which could lead to an exciting who’s-the-real-daddy plot. We could really do without an Adam Chelsea romance though. Candace says, “Victor wants to strongarm Chelsea into leaving town. It was nice to see Adam’s edgy side reappear when he suggested he could turn $10 million into $100 million. As for the Adam/Chelsea hook-up – it was lacking that element where you’re practically jumping out of your seat, overwhelmed with wanting them to get it on – no real fireworks.” Read more at The Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.


B&B Breakdown:

Despite Bill going against character and explaining his actions to his secretary, Allison and Bill have been fun to watch. Hope in therapy, again? Not so much. Liam wanted a conversation with her that was not the high school version and it really drove home that it might not be possible with her. Candace says, “Liam’s shell-shocked expression upon learning Steffy had ‘set him free’ was priceless – be careful what you wish for, bub! When he could finally speak, he stated the obvious; ‘Steffy, you signed the annulment papers.’ Hysterical. Anyway, the roller coaster of emotions between them that followed is what soaps are all about – not to mention the unexpected twist at the end with him tearing up the papers and planting one on her! His interaction with Steffy is so much more watchable than the giggly gushfest with Hope – just feels more ‘real’ and grown up. Although I still don’t think Liam is much of a prize, the scenes were soapy goodness.” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:

Luke and Ann went to McBain for help finding LuLu, which always leads to a vampire dig or two on John from Luke. Sam and Jason are taking some time apart so he can think about whether he can love Franco’s baby, which only opens the door for a possible romance between Sam and John. Hollie says, “Sam and McBain end up in the same cheap motel as Ronnie and LuLu, and despite there being no rooms left when Sam checked in, they all ended up right next to each other. Pretty convenient. Dante got Delores to bust him out, just in time for him to team up with McBain on the hunt for LuLu. Starr waved a gun around at Sonny and forced him out of his house while his enemy Johnny can’t catch a break either. Carly showed up to knee him in the groin and I can’t say he didn’t deserve it. ” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:

Sorry Lumi fans – all you get is a quickie this week. Together for now, Lucas may be no match for a grieving EJ this week. And other than Ian drugging Brady and making up a security breech at Mad World, it was all about the fate of the players in the safe house. Matt says, “The men instantly went stir crazy. There was no TV. It was just like a couples therapy camp. The mood rapidly changed when they noticed the place had been rigged to blow. They managed to stop Roman from walking in and blowing them into bite sized bits. He called in Shane, who wasn’t much help. Faced with imminent death, things got a bit maudlin. They chucked everything into a pile to make a blast wall. They even had the DiMera couch passed down through the gaping chimney no one bothered to climb out of in spite of the fact that they’d passed walkie-talkies through it. Eventually, the clock ran down. It looked like Stefano had hired a competent goon for once.” Read more of Matt’s take at Matt’s Musings.

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