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Soaps are at their best when they focus on the relationships, and that is what every show seems to be doing right now. On “Days,” Carrie thinks she knows what is best by moving forward with Rafe, but may be railroaded before she gets a chance. Meanwhile, Will’s connection to his parents is being tested as he comes out and Lexi tries to spend as much time with her loved ones before she dies. In Port Charles, Maxie and Matt’s bond is being put to the test, while Todd tries to forge a stronger bond with his daughter. Johnny works to make amends with Carly and Jason and Sam remain at a distance. On “B&B,” Thomas proved he was the kind of man Caroline could get serious about while Hope and Steffy still hold out hope for a future with Liam. And on “Y&R,” tension continues to build and bonds are broken as everyone seems to be caught up in an emotional whirlwind. So let’s get down to it and see where we stood last week.

Deconstructing Days:

After watching Carrie and Rafe’s hot and heavy makeout sesh, Austin is going to have to do a little better than a scrapbook if he wants to save his marriage. It will help once she is back with him and dealing with a possible pregnancy. But that was minor compared to the biggest thing to happen in Salem last week, Will’s reveal to his parents Lucas and Sami that he is gay. And, of course, Sami reacted as childishly as we thought she would. Christine says, “Sami (say it with me) screwed up again and it was EJ who was the voice of reason. Sami’s never been very pragmatic and thankfully, EJ seems to be everywhere she is these days, when she needs an ear. Can you see where this relationship seems to be slowly headed? Just putting it out there. I digress. Sami was overwhelmed by the news of Will shooting EJ, Lucas going to jail, EJ blackmailing Will, and then finally she heard her son’s gay. I’d have been happy to have some good news after all the shooting and blackmail news but Sami made it all about her.” Read more at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

Restless Rant:

Another theme across the Daytime board last week was makeout sessions, and on “Y&R” Daniel got pulled out of his moment with Eden – on his wedding night to Daisy. Meanwhile, Ricky is about to kick it into killer mode and couples continued to play musical beds. Candace says, “Sharon got the 411 on Adam and Chelsea’s new living situation. Not sure why she was even there, since she supposedly chose Victor, but Adam told Sharon they’re over. What bothers me is that one of the few things you could count on about Adam was his eternal devotion to Sharon – so this is shaky ground. In a classic soap scenario, Victor went looking for Nikki and showed up just in time to hear her seemingly accept a marriage proposal from his arch-enemy. Are we supposed to feel so bad for him now that we get on board with him turning to Sharon? Guess again.” Read more Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.


B&B Breakdown:

And while Amber’s cross-dressing shenanigans were funny, Rick really stood his ground and kicked her to the curb. As well he should considering she supplied Hope with illegal and dangerous pills. Meanwhile, Brook is going crazy trying to get Hope and Liam down the aisle and Bill is doing his best to prevent it. Their relationship almost doesn’t stand a chance. Thomas really stood out this week for his support of Caroline and her two moms. Bill, however, became beyond unlikable after his reaction to Katie’s pregnancy. Candace says, “After much hushed whispering and awkwardness, Thomas finally found out the big secret – Caroline has two moms. He was so supportive! Caroline, he’s a keeper. As for Bill, I don’t blame Karen for not wanting him to know – he can be such a Neanderthal! I felt heartbroken for Katie after the blast he delivered when she shared her happy news. Even if Bill was reacting out of sheer terror, since a pregnancy is so dangerous for Katie and he could lose her, his feelings could have been expressed in a more sensitive way. He’s not getting a pass on this one! Brutal!” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:

“GH” has had us riveted lately. Between the uncertainty about Jason and Sam and the baby to Todd and Tea coming to town to help Starr to Spinelli finding the proof he needs to free Maxie, storylines that have been in the works for a while are moving along quickly. The best thing to happen all week, aside from Todd’s dry humor and his face off with Sonny, was Sonny’s eventual warming to Kate’s plight. It must be love! Hollie says, “As he watched her confront Connie through the glass, it really hit home why Sonny is so beloved on “GH.” Watching the mobster melt with love and empathy was the only way we wanted to see him come around. Looking forward to seeing the sparks fly between Sonny and Connie in the weeks to come!” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.


Matt’s Musings:
The mystery of the drugging of Brady by Ian continues, but it’s hard to figure out exactly why just yet. Sami acted in typical fashion when Will came out to her and Lucas, but Lucas handled it really well and his relationship with his son only seemed to get stronger from it. And the DiMera saga with the safe house six continues on. Matt says, “Meanwhile, Babs and Hopalong were at ISA HQ, attempting to follow up a lead she’d discovered about the gold in Stefano’s egg. For once, Hope’s vast knowledge of jewelry was actually useful. But it wasn’t long before they were cowering as Agent Harpoon arrived to sink their ship. He walked out with the infamous coin of mystery and brought it to Stefano. He said it was like taking candy from a baby, only babies in Salem are better at hiding things.” Read more of Matt’s take at Matt’s Musings.

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