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When a soap opera makes me react out loud, whether it is a gasp at some kind of reveal, tears at an emotional scene or out-loud laughter at some sort of ridiculousness, it makes me sad we have just four Daytime shows left. Especially, since all four of them delivered on all fronts last week. Hope’s dad’s comments about Bill’s sissy-boy jewelry and hair gel on “B&B” comes to mind. So does Tracy and Luke’s corpse-capades on “GH.” Or Austin’s over-the-top reaction to a cringing Carrie’s pregnancy on “DOOL.”  But even with all that there was just so much more that happened, so let’s get into it.

Deconstructing Days:

Of all the shows, this one seems to be struggling the most right now. While it’s always great to see Roman and Marlena and Hope and John in some caper, the impending death of Lexi and EJ’s non-DiMero status have left us reeling. Not to mention characters we know and love are just not acting like themselves anymore, and top of the list is Rafe. Once confident and charismatic, he is doing to Austin what was just done to himself. Christine says, “I felt for both parties and hope that once Maggie has had time to work through her anger and shock that she’ll eventually forgive him. Even though what he did was pretty ghastly. I found his explanation of needing time to get used to being accountable to someone else quite understandable and compelling.” Read more at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

Restless Rant:

This week marked the annual episode remembering Cassie’s birthday hit all the right notes, although the rest of the weeks seemed to be wrought with setup for coming weeks, including Phyllis’s hate for Christine coming back to the surface. Meanwhile, Ricky continues to creep all over town. Candace says, “So Genevieve, after pedaling her crap all over town, decided she’d turn herself in. I’ll believe it when I see it. I think she just told Victor that in hopes that he’ll do something to stop Cane from being deported. After all, if Gen goes to jail, Victor could lose BON to Jack. Over at Daniel’s place, Ricky blackmailed Daisy to get info on Phyllis – what’s wrong with this picture? The old Daisy would have handled this guy in a New York minute – poisoned his drink or something. Meh. I hope it was a wake-up call for Paul when Ricky showed up at the bar instead of the student informant – tricky Ricky indeed.” Read more Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.

B&B Breakdown:

Oh Bill, Bill, Bill – what would we do without you? This whole week was a showcase of his many sides. We saw the brash jerk who told his wife to get an abortion, the loving husband fearful of his wife’s health, the schemer listening on private therapy sessions and the bully, breaking laws and pulling strings to get what he wants. And we loved every minute of it. Candace says, “Bill’s still not getting a pass on his awful first reaction to Katie’s pregnancy news, but what followed was very emotional, raw, and honest between these two as they went back and forth – such a tough issue! I was really drawn in.” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.


GH Rundown:

“GH” continues to be a winner, mainly because the relationships between the characters continue to surge with such honesty and passion. Sonny practically broke when he saw Connie for what she really was while Carly’s claws were quick to come out at the mere mention of a threat to her son. And finally we got to see Sam reach out to people who love and care about her. Hollie says, “The biggest surprise on Wednesday was probably the mayor’s offer of the police commissioner’s job to Anna. She had just been complaining to Luke about being bored and, jokingly, how Emma isn’t the kind of kid who needs her grandma when we had just seen weeks of Ethan pawning her off on Elizabeth. Of course it will make things tricky for Luke since she over heard him and Tracy whispering about Anthony today as well. Trouble for the roommates is definitely ahead.” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.


Matt’s Musings:
Relationships were tested in Salem last week. Maggie and Victor are facing serious problems after their blowup over the frozen embryos, and Will let slip to EJ that Stefano had ordered him to tell Rafe about their romp. And while Stefano was released from jail, his joy was short-lived because of Lexi’s declining health. Matt says, “Everyone was congratulating themselves and gorging on the most anonymous cookies they could find since no manufacturer was willing to have their name associated with the SPD. But the fiesta of revenge was interrupted when the CIA arrived and announced that Stefano was the greatest patriot in the history of New England. He was granted so much immunity that John couldn’t even try to wage a staring contest with him. What really hurt was the fact that, even in his spare time, Stefano managed to help put away more criminals and save more lives than the SPD and ISA ever have. Stefano’s daughter showed up to faint so this event could feel dramatic.” Read more of Matt’s take at Matt’s Musings.

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