The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Battle For Liam.

Another round.

The bewildering battle over Liam continues this week as he is forced to make a choice (again) between Steffy and Hope. Now that he’s slept and lived with both of them, will he seriously re-think his choice to be with Hope?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From Ellen

    This soap needs to be taken off the air. It is stupid, dragged out and plain uninteresting. The same story line goes on for a year. Give it up. Who cares. I feel sorry for Liam, they are making him look absolutely dumb.

  2. From Dolores

    I hate that Hope is the loser in this poll. Liam was Hope’s financee before Steffy felt that Liam is the love of her life and did everything to trick him into marrying her. I would love for Steffy to realize that Liam really loves Hope and move on with her life to an unattacked man free to love her and only her.

  3. From Debi

    I agree with Ellen and Dolores. Liam went after Hope, and was very persistent. Steffy was too busy attempting to swap up Dolla Bill. If he wasn’t already married, I think they would make the perfect couple. They both are conniving, vindictive, and very destructive. Steffy does not seem to fit, in my opinion with Liam. She’s dangling him around like she has a chain around his neck. Liam is too sutle. Steffy is full of drama. In my opinion, I think she’s the one that should be seeing a shrink. How in the world can she speak of being madly in love with Liam, when previously she was chasing, the Dolla Bill. They both have no class, whatsoever. I think it’s so sad to see a grown adult manipulating people to destroy the relationship of Hope and Liam. It was so romantic and solid. It took sordid steps/attempts to disrupt the Hope/Liam relationship. Liam acts like a pussy cat. He has no get-up with himself. He lets sex determine his direction. What happens when he grows tire of it. I hope this Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle is not another Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle. We’ve gone down this trail once, I would be very bored to see another repeat. Why must the characters act so slutty, vindictive, pressed, liars, and the list goes on. There are so many others productive subjects, issues, topics, and areas which are more noteworthy and interesting to pursue. C’mon now, lets start being a little more creative. Thank you ~

  4. From Jen

    Now that Stephanie is trying to do right, it almost makes me want to like her. I think its unfair that she may end up winning after all the evil she has done. Hope, although I can’t figure out why she would want to be with someone who’s mind changes with the wind, should get Liam after all. Best thing to happen would to cast a new guy for Hope to make her not want Liam anymore, a real man that would finally make Liam and Steph jealous.

  5. From Cassandra

    I think that Liam should rethink his decision about Steffi because he loves her, both of them have a great Chemistry together they are very compatible and most of all she is his wife. Steffi didn’t force Liam to marry her he did it off his own free will. She didn’t put a gun at his head. I will love both of them to honor their wedding wedding vows “Till death do they parth”.

  6. From Gail

    I think Liam should stay with Hope. she gave herself to him and he took something from her that she can not get back. he acted like he loved her and now he should stand up and be a man and stay with Hope. she has true love for him and that what counts. hope loved him when he was broke and that should count for something. bill should be exposed and Liam should see his father for what he is…nothing. stuffy should move on. she is strong and she can add move to B&B by being single and causing trouble in which she does so well.

  7. From lisa

    shame on the writers of B & B!,,,
    They totally destroyed the beautiful & rare love story between Hope & Liam!
    What are they trying to prove to the viewers? that all the bad guys/girls are suppose to win & virtue is no more? Bad Choice!!

  8. From Shirl

    I agree with Cassandra. I see beautiful chemistry with Steffi and Liam but none with Liam and Hope, or Brooke and Ridge for that matter. I see pure lust for sex and position as Mrs. Forrester with Brooke. Steffi and Liam make me smile. Hope is a zero in my mind. The way Brooke has spoken to Steffi is enough for Ridge to dump Brooke. I turned off the TV when Brooke starts in on Steffi. Brooke has no respect and deserves none.

  9. From brooke

    STEFFY AND LIAM FOR EVER!!!! LISTEN PEOPLE??? This soap needs an anchor couple! Its S&L Not Hope. Broke needs a good slap down from Ridge. Hope needs to get with Thomas.

  10. From carol morgan

    I am personally sick of all 3 of them. I really think it is all about dolla bill wanting to get control of Forester and using Stef and lame to do it. I remember when he went after her himself he had her shares of the company on his mind.I have been thinking who would go to that much trouble to keep lame and Steffy together? Without an ulterior motive ? I am not buying that he just thinks stef
    is the right one. Seems way out of line unless it is all about the forester stock. The other is they need to cast some more people so they can get some more story lines going.

  11. From Jennifer

    I’m sick of this love triangle. Let Hope,and Liam get married. Let them be happy! They have been through alot. Bill needs to be put in prison!

  12. From Luanne

    I am so sick of watching Steffy go over every kiss and time together with Liam and visa versa I can hardly even bare to watch this show any more!!! Enough!!!

  13. From ty

    Steffy n liam are mature together I keep tuning in to see them reunite it needs to happen steffy deserves a second chance let hope be with Oliver they were good together before but I’m team steffy n liam all the way stop dragging out hope n liam and make it happen please

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