The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Katie’s Pregnancy.

Too dangerous?

Last week, Katie revealed to Bill that she was pregnant. He instantly told her that she needed to have an abortion. Considering her medical problems, he was terrified that pregnancy could spell her doom. Is Bill actually right? Will Katie go ahead with the pregnancy anyway?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From Lynn

    What kind of idiot gets pregnant after having had a heart transplant? There are so many other ways to have a baby, it just makes no sense. Bill is right and Katie should never have even tried it.

  2. From Shirl

    I think she will end up with abortion but if she tries to carry the child and doesn’t, maybe that would get rid of Katie. I totally dislike Katie who has a history of deceit and behavior that far exceeds anything Steffi has done. It is disgusting to me how she is so superior but is really rock bottom.

  3. From Giulia

    She has to lose the baby and Bill, Batie is the worst couple ever, they are finished and this storyline it’s a big mistake! PEople don’t want Bill with this pathetic doormat, we have had enough of this boring and fakke storyline. They are always fake and without any chemistry, when I see them together I change the channel, and with me a lot of people do the same in fact when they are on screen the ratings fall dowmn. They need a divorce and this horrible SL has to endend ASAP. People want STILL, Steffy and Bill captured every day a lot of fans because for better or for worse they are all talking about them. This is a couple that is sparks, with a unique chemical and wonderful, the way they look breathless, excited at all times. Steffy and Bill deserve a real chance!

  4. From The Bold & the forum - Pagina 13691

    [...] sicuramente scovato i punti in cui le nascondi.. le pizzica il naso e le fa la linguaccia The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Katie's Pregnancy. | Non penso proprio e poi te ti meritavi le pinzette in faccia, non io, l'angelo Desdemona sceso [...]

  5. From liam williams

    this batie baby storyline a joke, katie already knows the risk, remember the nick baby the writers seem to think fans forgot, the nick baby that died, they is nothing worth rooting for with katie being pregnant, its thoughtless and cruel, there is no sacrifice , she a bitter insecure jealous woman risking her life and that of her unborn child to get her husbands full attention, shes using an innocent baby because her husband cares more about his ex lovers happiness over that of his wife, im disgusted by this storyline i hope the baby survives and is healthly and katie dies she doesnot deserve this precious child


    I HATE Katie and I HATE Bill and Katie as a couple this Emotionally Abusive Farce needs to end whether she has the kid or not.

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