The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For April 30-May 4.

Going down fast.

Liam searched for Hope, who was hiding from the paparazzi. She was photographed popping a pill before Liam arrived. The press had cleared and her mood had changed. She wanted to go skiing. They hit the slopes. She was stoned and giddy and accidentally ran over Steffy as she skied down the slopes. After making sure she was still alive, Hope giggled and sped away. Steffy cried out for help. Liam found her. As they waited for a medic, he fondly remembered their past. After he took her to the hospital, he confronted Hope. She admitted that she popped another pill but promised never to do it again. Liam was annoyed and worried that she’d never be able to deal with the stress of life.

Brooke worried about Hope to Stephanie. She brought Dr. Barton in and told her the latest. The shrink explained how dangerous buying pills online can be. Brooke puttered off to worry to Rick. Hope called to say she ran over Steffy. Later, Steffy called her mom to tell her about the accident. This led to Taylor and Brooke arguing in front of Stephanie, who wished this whole mess with Liam was over-with. Hope called her mom to say she was coming home alone. Taylor assumed this meant Liam and her daughter were back together. When Hope returned, her mom told her going to Aspen was stupid and then proceeded to coddle her as she brought her for another therapy session.

Bill was thrilled by how his plan was going. He babbled to Alison about how awesome Steffy is for his son and what a shrew Hope would be. She thought he was being a control freak. Back in Aspen, Ramona admitted to Steffy that Bill sent the press after Hope. Steffy decided that this had gone too far and it was time to sign the annulment papers. After she signed them, Liam showed up to take her back to the house. When they got there, they were surprised to see Hope was gone. He was even more surprised when Steffy showed him the annulment papers. He gaped like a moron and then started weeping. After tearing up the papers, he kissed her.

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