The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For May 7-11.

More bumps in the road.

Hope informed her mom that she was moving out of Liam’s. They started planning the wedding and decided to have it in Italy. Meanwhile, Liam returned to town and filled his father in. He even told Bill that he tore up the annulment papers and kissed Steffy. Bill told him that Steffy was the right woman for him. Hope showed up, apologizing for what happened and asked if he still wanted to get married. He was still determined to go through with it. When he told his father this, it raised Bill’s ire.

Steffy filled her family in about Aspen. Stephanie rolled her eyes but Ridge was proud of her. He chatted with Brooke about it. She badgered him to design a dress for Hope but he refused, saying that his daughter should be with Liam. Hope arrived to tell Steffy she was moving out until the wedding. Steffy was surprised they were going ahead with it. Neither of them wanted a divided man. Steffy goaded her by saying that Liam did something in Aspen to make her think they had a future. After she left, Hope tried making wedding plans. Over in Malibu, Bill was busy telling his son to dump Hope. When Liam went home, Steffy showed up to say she knew that he kept tearing up the paper a secret. She kissed him and left. He went limp. The next day, he told his dad who gave him the familiar lecture. Meanwhile, Steffy told Stephanie all about the papers being torn up. That made her realize Liam would never walk away from her and their shared love for Bob Hope. Brooke arrived to hear all about this. Stephanie thought the couple staying together could be a blessing. Brooke was furious.

Amber called Caroline over to see some new designs and then recruited a model to dare Rick into walking in heels. He took the bait. As he strutted, Caroline walked in and didn’t stick around when he tried chatting her up.

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