The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For May 21 – 25.

Ricky snooped, Noah returned, and Christine threatened Cane…

Ricky eavesdropped on an argument between Christine and Phyllis then tried to get dirt on Phyllis from Christine. After a visit with Daniel and Lucy, Danny walked away from an interview with Ricky, who’d tried digging into his past with Phyllis. Danny reported to Phyllis, who confirmed even Paul was unnerved by Ricky, then they reflected on their past being comparable to what Daniel was going through with Daisy. Ricky downloaded information from Phyllis’ laptop then demanded Daisy get what he needed from Phyllis’ penthouse. A student named Bryce alerted Ricky that Paul was asking questions about him. Ricky met with Paul, in place of someone who was supposed to give Paul proof Ricky killed his ex-girlfriend.

Nikki agreed to marry Jack, who regained more feeling in his foot. Jack’s lawsuit against Genevieve was reinstated. Knowing Jack would win Beauty of Nature if they didn’t help Genevieve, Victor ordered Avery to do it. When Victor confronted Nikki about marrying Jack, she realized that’s why he was with Sharon. Nikki and Victor shared a moment at Cassie’s grave on the anniversary of her death then parted ways. Noah returned and agreed not to give Sharon grief over her relationship with Victor. Nick, Sharon, Noah and Daniel all shared regrets about the day Cassie died.

Christine warned if Cane didn’t cooperate with the investigation against his mother, he’d be deported. Cane told Lily, who agreed to support his decision, even if it meant they all had to move to Australia. Later, Lily lashed out at Genevieve for putting Cane in such a position. After a run-in with Christine, Genevieve told Victor she was turning herself in. Cane decided not to turn his mother in and informed Lily they’d be moving to Australia. Lily welcomed the adventure.

Chloe and Abby were stunned to see Chelsea working at Jimmy’s Bar. Knowing Angelina was retuning for the gala, Abby asked Carmine to tend bar for the event. Chloe accused Abby of having feelings for Carmine.

After Devon warned Harmony away from Neil, as well as himself, Katherine invited her to move back to the estate. Meanwhile, Neil told Sofia he wanted to make their marriage work. When he admitted he might never love her, Sofia asked for a divorce.

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