The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For May 7 – 11.

Sharon publicly kissed Victor, Daniel proposed, and Tucker cheated…

Victor warned Sharon, as a couple, they’d hurt many people. Sharon didn’t care. Nikki interrupted a romantic dinner between them and accused Sharon of using Victor because Nick was remarrying Phyllis. Sick of everyone trashing her, Sharon kissed Victor in front of Nikki, Nick and Adam. Later, Chelsea turned down Victor’s ten million dollar offer to leave town.

Avery got Lauren off on community service. On Jill’s way out of town, she and Genevieve got into a fight, leaving Cane and Billy to break them up. Genevieve heard from Colin, who claimed he’d been released thanks to her.

Ashley told Jack about Tucker and Genevieve’s past and gave him advice about Kyle. For Kyle’s sake, Jack and Nikki agreed to part ways. During therapy with Sarge, Jack felt a twinge in his legs! Meanwhile, Kyle and Eden had sex. Kyle made it clear she wasn’t the only girl he planned to bed. Later, Eden became creeped out over Ricky’s hatred for Phyllis and ordered him to move out. Ricky met with Paul, claiming he wanted to start over. Paul realized Ricky was digging for dirt on Phyllis and decided to look into Ricky’s past. Ricky planned to contact Danny as a way to get to Phyllis.

Phyllis’ spotting was normal. While she told Avery her news, Daniel proposed to Daisy – for Lucy’s sake. Daisy bought into his ruse, and they had sex, leaving Daniel privately grimacing. Phyllis called Danny for help in talking Daniel out of the marriage. After Daniel and Daisy eloped, he got her drunk enough to pass out then slipped away. Phyllis arrived, woke up Daisy and heard she was now her daughter-in-law! Phyllis refused to let Daisy take Lucy to look for Daniel but offered to drive her. When they arrived at Jimmy’s, with Lucy in tow, Phyllis and Daisy spotted Daniel and Eden kissing.

Ashley ignored Tucker’s calls. Harmony gave an intoxicated Tucker a ride home. Upset over their personal lives, they had sex – and Ashley caught them!
Neil told Sofia he had feelings for Harmony. Sofia professed her love to Neil then stormed off. Neil confided in Devon that he didn’t love his wife and that he’d developed feelings for Harmony. Harmony confessed to being with a married man at her AA meeting, which Nikki and Kay attended. Kay realized it had been Tucker and threw Harmony out.

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