Day’s Fan Fiction: EJ Is Serious About Sami.

Making a commitment.

We just can’t get enough of EJ and Sami. Whether you like them together or not, their chemistry is undeniable. When these two share screen time, there is always that anticipation of something more, whether they are talking about the kids or seeking advice from each other. For two people who supposedly hate each other ,they sure do seek each other out for advice on anything and everything. We love them together, and we know we are not the only ones. This fan fiction is all about romance, something we don’t see enough of between these two.

EJ had it all planned out, down to the very last detail. He was not leaving anything to chance – this evening was too important for that. Tonight, he was going to show Samantha Brady exactly what life could be like if she would just allow herself to follow her heart and commit her life to him. He knew he has made mistakes in the past, big mistakes. But so has she and he was finally willing to truly let the past be in the past. Finding out he was not really a DiMera shook him to the core. But it also but the rest of his life into focus, and the one element he knew he could not live without was Sami. To act otherwise would be denying his true self.

He walked into his kitchen to start dinner. Sure, he could have flown in any chef to make Sami the most exquisite meal imaginable. But she already knew he could do that. What she didn’t know is that he was willing to put on an apron and make a meal for her himself. This was something he had never done before, but he was determined to show Sami every side of him. And if that meant getting some dishes dirty, he could do that. Now, making sure the food actually turned out properly was another story. He began pulling the ingredients out of the refrigerator, purchased and portioned perfectly by one of his staff. He wasn’t expected to do everything was he?

Thirty minutes later, things were smoking on the stove, dessert was in the oven and he had to admit, it smelled pretty good in here. He still had plenty of time before Sami was due to arrive and he headed toward the bathroom to get ready. He only got as far as taking off his shirt when the bell rang. At least he knew it wasn’t Sami. That woman was never on time for anything, much less arriving early. He headed to the door and pulled it open. He couldn’t have been more wrong because standing right in from of him was Sami. But he didn’t do flustered, and immediately put one of his patented lady killer smiles on his face. It wasn’t hard when the most beautiful woman in the world was standing before him.

“Well, Samantha, I certainly wasn’t expecting to see you this soon, but I can’t say I am disappointed,” he told her. “Please come in.” He moved just slightly so she had no choice but to brush up against him on her way in. “Well EJ, it certainly smells … interesting in here. Trying out a new chef?” It was then he smelled what she did, and it wasn’t good. “Excuse me,” he said and ran past her to his stat-of-the-art kitchen, now filled with smoke and all sorts of horrible aromas.

He ran around the room, turning off burners, flapping a towel in the air and tossing pans into the sink. “Well, that didn’t work out quite as I planned,” he said as he looked over at Sami. To his delight, she was standing there, laughing and looking like a woman in love. Dinner may be a disaster, but he will consider this evening’s accomplishment met. “EJ, I have never seen you like this,” she said. “I feel like this is a whole new side of you.” She moved closer to him. “And I have to say, I really like it. And the fact you aren’t wearing a shirt, well, that just makes this all the better.” She put her hands on his chest and leaned close. And that is when the smoke alarm went off.

“Yikes, let’s get out of here,” he said. He grabbed a shirt, Sami’s hand and told the doorman out front to take care care of the mess upstairs. As always, his car was waiting out front. Sami looked a little apprehensive, and he stopped to look at her. “Samantha, I wanted tonight to be perfect for us,” he said. “Obviously, that didn’t happen. But that has not changed my intent. I am in love with you Sami, and I wan to share everything with you. I want you to know what life with me will be like, I need you with me and I will do anything to make that happen.”

“Even burn down your apartment?” she joked. He could see the laughter in her eyes and he began to smile himself. “Yes, even that,” he said. “So, are you willing to get in this car with me and go to the best hotel where we can order room service and talk about our future?” She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. “There isn’t anywhere else I would rather be.” They got into the car and drove off, leaving the past behind.

Find out what happened for EJ and Sami on their date in our next EJami fan fiction piece.

Do you like Sami and EJ together best? Let us know in the comments. You can read more Sami fan fiction with Rafe, EJ or Lucas on our Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction page.

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  1. From Louise

    Thank you Hollie, i could read Ejami fictions all and i can’t wait for the rest of this story, date between Ej and Sami.

  2. From Juliet

    It is really nice and cute Hollie but actually Ej already made himself some cooking for Sami..remember in 2006 just before her wedding to Austin he invited her in his appartment and made a dinner for her; some oysters where he hide some earings for her..the chemistry was off the charts on these scenes by the way..but anyway nice fanfiction i am looking forward to know what happen on Ej and Sami’s date..

  3. From Christy

    I love it I have always wanted them together and am still waiting. I really don’t like her with lucus at all.

  4. From jen

    love it!!!

  5. From Fiona

    Is it possible to ask one question when you do interviews Soap Opera : it is the question almost everybody want to ask..which is WHY Corday, Sony and NBC in 6 years still don’t want to write a story for Ej and Sami, and i mean a REAL story ?????????

  6. From Lucy

    I flove this picture of Sami and Ej, i think it was the first time they loved it. So much chemistry, why waste it writers ???

  7. From Jorgeann

    I always enjoy the passionate and the comedic sides of EJami.

  8. From Jeanne

    Love the scenes between Sami and EJ. Their is no denying their chemistry.

  9. From Jeanne

    Love the scenes between Sami and EJ. Cannot deny their chemistry.

  10. From Jeanne

    Love the scenes with EJ and Sami. Their chemistry is undeniable.

  11. From Jeanne

    Love EJ and Sami on screen. Their chemistry is undeniable.

  12. From Tammie

    I love anything that represents EJAMI. They are my all time favorite couple. Thank you so much for this!!

  13. From Tammie

    Love EJAMI. Sami and EJ are the best couple on day time and I cannot wait until they can finally have a true family together.

  14. From leslie

    i really love sami and ej together. im really hoping they will be together for good. i liked sami with rafe. but after seeing rafe kiss carrie i didnt like him anymore. they were my fav couple. but always secretly rooted for sami and ej. cause they always manage to connect. and their emotions for each other seem more realistic than any of the others. kkep sami and ej together. dont kill sami.

  15. From wanda

    love ej and sami

  16. From Adele

    Hate EJ & Sami together

  17. From Tif

    Ejami all the way! They’re a power couple and EJ’s first love (the one he can’t ever get over because they keep going back to each other). They need to be together for a long time. The next Doug/Julie of relationships.

    So cute that EJ cooked for Sami! lolz

  18. From Carrie

    EJ and Sami together is the best of days.

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