Days’ Fan Fiction Poll: Which Couple Do You Want?

Who is your favorite?

Everyone has a couple they are always rooting for – or two or three – on “DOOL,” and our favorites can be very special to us. That is why it can be so frustrating when they aren’t paired on screen when we so badly want to see them together. We want to know which couples you want to read more about so we can give you just that.

Please take a moment to vote in our poll today to let Soap Opera Fan know who you are dying to read more about in our upcoming fan fiction. You can already read about Sami with Rafe, EJ or Lucas on our Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction page.


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  1. From Missy


  2. From Lucy

    Ej and Sami OF COURSE what a question !!!!!!

  3. From Julie

    Put Nicole with Brady, no more destroying of Ej with her, we want EJ with Sami !!! IT IS TIME TO GET IT !

  4. From Lisa

    Sami and EJ are the only couple I want to watch or read about.

  5. From Alessa

    Have you been watching the screen lately? Cause Sami and EJ are bringing it on, full on!! I don’t tune in that often but these two have captured my attention for the past two months and the lates episode was just to delish to not support Ejami (I think that’s what they are called as a couple?!). Rafe is just a duh, honestly, I don’t even know what’s the point of having him on DOOL – isn’t he duplicating Roman in a way??

  6. From Nicky

    EJ and Sami need their Love story told..too much time has spent trying to keep these two apart..Its time to BRING THE ROMANCE BACK once and for GOOD..

  7. From dorothyg

    Ejami are the couple of choice…They are the couple I watch Days…Ejami are Soulmates, Forever<3

  8. From Leah

    The fans have been SCREAMING out for Ejami for years! About time Days listened.
    EJ brings Sami to life. She can be herself because he’s not wanting to change her. Thus she is more confident when with him.
    Sami brings out the softer side to EJ. The last few weeks since Ejami have reconnected and Sami has FINALLY admitted to her feelings for him EJ has been attentive, connected, committed, loving, romantic, honest, playful, happy and relaxed. I am enjoying see this side of both of them.
    With EJ and Sami (James and Alison) its all very believable and natural. Love it! Writers please don’t stuff it up and just go there ALREADY. Go Ejami and Ejamily.
    PS: I reckon its time for all this sexual tension between them to be released also. How many cold showers has EJ had to have lately? Ha, ha. Its so obvious he wants Sami and Sami I reckon may have had to have a few too. All anxious, flustered, fidgety and heavy breathing panting when EJ is around. EJ loves it… as he knows he is getting under her skin.

  9. From George

    Ej and Sami! Who else could it possibly be!!

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