Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For June 12.

The Wrong Horse.

Roman and his shadow drop by the townhouse. He tells John and Marlena that they both passed the residue test… but Will didn’t. They’re shocked. Marlena would stake her life on Will being innocent. That sounds suspicious to Roman. “What is wrong with you?” Marlena snipes. Roman tells them they need to follow procedure. He’s being brutally honest and he’s noticed that the people close to him are lying. Roman gets a call telling him that EJ posted Will’s bail. They wonder why. Marlena keeps insisting that Will couldn’t hurt a fly. She spouts off and accuses Roman of only caring about Stefano. He insists that this is not easy for him and the investigation is not over. After he leaves, Marlena gets pensive and remembers the night Stefano died. She tells John that Stefano is tormenting them from beyond the grave.

At the pub, Sami and Lucas discus how they barely know their own son. Lucas says that no one can ever find out that Will shot EJ. They turn around and notice that Rafe is standing beside them. He didn’t catch the clue. He explains he’s back on the force. Sami hopes that means he can be helpful. Rafe promises not to stop looking for the killer. He thinks they should call Carrie in to help. Sami insists that they are using Justin, even if he is just a corporate lawyer. She rails about her sister. He accuses her of letting her quarrel with Carrie get in the way of looking out for her son. This infuriates her. He gets a call about Will making bail.

At the station, Will is led upstairs after getting bail. He’s surprised when EJ shows up and reveals that he’s the one who paid it. Will wonders if this means he has his job back. Elvis is not there to make amends. Freeing him just serves his purposes. “Once again, William, I own you,” EJ says. Will doesn’t want his help. Elvis explains how useful he can be by pointing out that he could tell the cops about when Will shot him. “You can’t blackmail me twice over the same thing,” Will objects. EJ says it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Will wants to go back to work for him but EJ needs him to earn his trust again. “You backed the wrong horse, mate,” EJ says, claiming he holds all of the cards. Will points out that he’s learned quite a few things the mayor likely doesn’t want to become public. EJ tells him to take that back. Will doesn’t. Elvis thinks he’s being stupid and threatens him. Rafe, Sami and Lucas barge in. They’re startled to see EJ there and demand to know why he paid the bail. Elvis claims he just wanted to help a young man in need. Lucas and Rafe are fairly skeptical about that. When they are left alone, they discuss what’s going on and Rafe repeats that they should bring Carrie in to help. Roman shows up and Lucas heads out. The commissioner tells Rafe that EJ posting Will’s bail only makes him look guiltier. Roman guesses that EJ is not the only person who has been hiding things. They discuss how much Will has changed. Roman stares at the suspects board and admits that it is too hard for him to stay balanced. He asks Rafe to take over. Rafe points out he’s as connected to the suspects as he is. Roman is sure he can be ‘objective enough’ anyway. It takes a little prodding, but Rafe agrees.

EJ goes to Mandalay and places a call to order ‘a handsome casket and some red roses’ for his father. Meanwhile, Sami takes Will back to her place. She fusses. Lucas shows up and suggests that he humor his mother. She thinks they need to keep everything under wraps. Will’s starting to think she thinks he’s guilty. Elvis calls him to say they have unfinished business. Will covers so his parents won’t realize who he’s talking to. EJ makes it clear that he wants more from him.

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  1. From SandyGram

    I guess this says it all quote EJ to Will “Freeing him just serves his purposes. “Once again, William, I own you,” EJ says.

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