Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For June 29.

The Pacifier.

Everyone heads to Chez Rouge after Lexi’s funeral. Abe is still reeling. “It’s not right,” he tells John and Marlena. Across the room, Steve sends some condolences by text to Kayla. She vents about him to Jack and Jenn. He offers to talk to Steve but she says the marriage is over. Bo and Hope walk in to hear this. Bo is shocked. His sister explains that she was waiting and hoping for things to change but they didn’t. Hope thinks Steve must just be having a mid-life crises. Kay says it’s divorce time. Her brother hugs her.

Sami brings the kids in. They leap on EJ. Allie wonders when Aunt Lexi is coming back. Their father says she’s not. Lexi’s family arrives. Theo plays with the twins and Cameron talks about how he hardly knew his sister. Abe declares that they should all tell him stories about her. He recalls when they first met on the police force before she went rogue with his brother, Jonah. After she got fired, she became a doctor. More people join them to reminisce about what a great doctor she was. Things were never smooth for them, he admits, especially where Theo was concerned. He hopes he has what it takes to raise Theo. His family and friends promise that they will always be there to help.

EJ sits with Sami and tries to avoid bickering about William. He tells her about Lexi’s phone calls. She assures him that his sister knew what a wonderful father he was. Sami wonders why he isn’t talking to Abe. The cop is surrounded by Bradys. Sami explains why Lexi always hated her guts and admits that she was one of the few people who was better at lying than she is. Elvis tells her that his sister thought that they could be happy together if they stopped trying to destroy each other. She laughs uncomfortably and says that’s ‘nuts’. Sami encourages him to be his own man now that his father is dead, although she doubts he really wants that. When she walks off, Celeste joins him. He asks her if they will ever catch who killed Stefano. “Is that what you really want?” she wonders. He wonders why she wonders that. She wonders why he wonders and then assures him she doesn’t think he offed Stefano. Abe goes up to the podium and declares that it’s time for the dancing to begin. Gabi pulls Chad onto the floor. Kayla asks Abe to dance. Johnny drags his mom over to EJ and orders them to dance. Once the dance is done, Hope makes a toast to her friend and how she was always there to listen to her complaints. Everyone toasts to Lexi. Marlena goes up and reads a speech from “The Tempest.”

Nicole runs into Daniel outside of his office. She thought he would be at Lexi’s service. He admits he ducked out after the funeral to avoid all the grief. Funerals always remind him of when his wife died. He asks her out for dinner. She says he doesn’t need to do that just because they slept together. Nic reminds him that she helped Chloe hide cheating on him. He just wants to have dinner so they can get to know each other. She tells him he’s paying. They go to Mandalay and tease each other about not drinking. She’s impressed that they are having a good time sober, but she says he’s too predictable to be attractive. He gets up, grabs a guitar and starts singing until she stops him. “I think I proved that I’m not predictable,” he says. After dinner, he offers to walk her home but she tells him she’s not into hand holding. They part. She returns a moment later. Daniel rushes up to her and they kiss.

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  1. From dc

    well, is it just me or was todays show really relly sad?? the finale of lexie was worst than when she died.. but all in all it was a good farewell..

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