Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For June 5.

Are You Sure He’s Really Dead?

Roman sits in the square reading the paper. Officer Martine Kent, his shadow on the case, arrives. He explains that the governor’s men will be taking over the investigation soon, especially since he is closely connected to most of the suspects. They need to make sure everything they gather is impartial. He lists the suspects.

At home, Abe hides the paper from Lexi. She catches him doing it and takes the paper. As she reads, Roman and Kent show up. Roman bluntly says that Abe is on the suspects list and his gun was used to kill Stefano. Lexi’s shocked. Abe explains what he did last night but insists he didn’t kill Stefano. Theo shows up so Lexi takes him to the kitchen. Abe tells Roman why he lied to him last night and then unloads. He claims he left his gun behind because he hoped Stefano would use it on himself. Lexi has been eavesdropping and comes out to say she believes his story. Roman asks his friend to come down for a few tests so they can clear him. Once the cops depart, the couple wonders who the shooter was. As Theo watches “SpongeBob,” Abe admits to his wife that part of him is glad Stefano won’t be in their son’s life. She claims that what happened to her was Andre’s fault and they need to make peace with this. Abe can’t forgive her father. She’s distraught. They discuss how most of their friends have motives for shooting her father. “If one of them did it, I don’t want to know,” she says.

Kate is in her office reading the paper and thinking about last night. Ian shows up and she tells him how hard it is to believe that Stefano is gone. He was the most vindictive person she’d ever met. She warns Ian that Stefano will keep ruining her life, even from beyond the grave. “He’s been dead and undead so many times that I can hardly count,” she says. Ian assures her he’s in Hell now. He asks her if she pulled the trigger. Before she can answer, they’re interrupted by Roman and Kent. She waves calling her attorney. Ian leaves and Roman asks Kate what really happened. She’s not terribly helpful but admits that she was furious. Ian listens at the door as Kate tearfully tells Roman she would never murder someone she was desperately in love with. She reminds Roman of her checkered past and her long history with Stefano. Their marriage may have started out as a business relationship but it evolved into something else. Ian walks in. She swears she didn’t do it. Roman asks her to come down for a test and then leaves. Ian reminds her of how abusive her husband was. She loved him anyway and feels sad and guilty. He asks her again if she killed Stefano. She sobs.

EJ stops outside the pub on his morning jog. Sami wanders by and asks if the news is true. He admits he’s shocked by Stefano’s sudden death. “Are you sure he’s really dead?” she asks. They head to her place and he explains that he just ID’d the body. She says everyone wanted him dead, even they did. He admits there were such times. She worries about her job. He assures her he won’t let anyone take it away from her. She realizes he’s the head of the empire now and he can make it into whatever he wants. “We can have a chance,” she says before insisting she meant the ‘family we’. Roman and Kent arrive. He wonders why EJ isn’t more upset about Stefano’s death. “You already know who the killer is, don’t you?” Roman prods.

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