Days Of Our Lives Poll: Who Shot Stefano?

Many options.

Most of the town wanted him dead. Even a lot of his family wasn’t terribly attached to having Stefano around anymore. And while plenty of people threatened to kill him, no one seemed to have the guts. Who finally pulled the trigger?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From jenn

    A lot of choices, indeed! I am torn between Ian and Lexi; but I ended up picking Ian. I feel Lexi may have done it for all the obvious reasons. However, the hand that picked up the gun that shot Stefano looked like a man’s hand. Maybe Ian shot Stefano because it had to do with the mystery of the coin? I also thought it was strange how EJ ran into Ian at the pub. Did Ian, Ej or even Lexi take the gun out of safe? How did that gun end up at the mansion? So the gun that was on piano, was it still Abe’s gun or was it the one from the safe?

  2. From SandyGram

    SPOILER included:

    We saw EJ shoot his gun at the DiMansion but only hitting the sconces on the wall, but the gun was fired. Lucas took a gun from Will, that Will said was EJ’s gun and now the gun is missing. Now Roman will arrest Will for gun residue on his hands and clothing. If he didn’t shoot Stefano could Will have gotten the gun residue from EJ’s gun?? Just a thought!

  3. From jenn

    That would make a lot of sense, SandyGram because we know the shooter was wearing gloves. Therefore, the shooter would not have residue on their hands only clothes.

  4. From dc

    he could have faked his own death, after all he is the phoenix..
    but i voted for ian, because he would do anything for kate and he is leaving the show (thank goodness)..

  5. From jenn

    So true, dc. We all know about the phoenix.

    So, I am sure this is old news to some people but I saw that Eileen Davidson is no longer with Y&R. Could there be a possibility of her reprising the Kristen/Susan role? I would love it if she came back!

  6. From Babs

    I hope it was Susan. That would be fantastic!

  7. From Lynne

    I picked Ian because they showed him outside the pub when EJ was leaving. I thought that was a little weird. I kind of hope its Lexi. That would be a good twist but I’m not sure they would write the character off that way. It would be a good twist if it was Susan. I don’t think its going to be anyone that we saw threatening him. That would be too easy. Wow..finally a interesting storyline. Eileen Davidson isn’t with Y&R anymore? Is Stephen Nichols????? More than anything I want Patch back on Days!!!!

  8. From gofinsc

    Nikki Newman. (But it was self-defense.)

  9. From nancy

    i don’t think stephano is dead he has pulled this before many times i bet he’s doing this only to capture his own culprite that he set up the trap on who killed him he’s faking his own death because he knows who it is that tried to kill him

  10. From SandyGram

    There is another place Will could have come into contact with Gun residue….when he took Kate’s hand when Roman was questioning Kate. In fact, for me, the camera held it’s position while they were holding hands. Just thought.

    In another Spoiler it’s suppose to come out why Kyla is really in town…I’d put her on the suspects list. But since from other spoilers Stefano will return, who ever shot Steffie is a main character there will have to be a logical excuse to prove him/her innocent of the shooting. That’s why Ian or an associate is a better candidate for the shooter.

  11. From Peg


    Why would the newscasters come on the air with Stefanos death before the family was contacted..also, Will makes the remark to Kate ‘you know where I am’ no one knows where Will is, he has no home, car or job.
    These writers better stop and think before they write some of this. Don’t they know that all of us can write the soap better than they can

  12. From jackie

    I voted lexi, but I,m not sureit was anyone on the list. I feel so sorry for EJ, cause he really loved the old scroundrel.

  13. From patti

    I first thought it was a hit from the arms dealer that he dealt with but am now thinking Lexi or Ian as they had the most to gain in the future and Lexi wouldnt be here to protect her family. Fact is besides the black gloves they checked to make sure he was dead.
    Feel sorry for EJ as he spent his life trying to please Stefano and was turned away…..

  14. From Cindy

    I still think it was a woman. The hand that picked up the gun moved very feminine like. When it checked for a pulse, it was very gentle moving like a woman’s hand.

  15. From Casey

    As soon as Abe read the note Lexie left saying she was going upstairs to bed, I suspected her.
    Could explain how Abe’s gun got there, she could have been hiding in the foyer waiting for everyone to leave and then shot Stefano.

  16. From Vivian

    Go to GOOGLE…type in “Who shot Stefano”….and start reading the blogs, etc….

  17. From Donna Kubisek

    Yes I do, I like to hear what other viewers think.I think Lexi, did it, she loved her family and friends. Stefano,was cruel to everyone, she could rid him from hurting everyone & she was going to die. She solved everyone problem, & no one had to go to jail.

  18. From WG

    My feeling is he faked his own death. I just can’t see the Powers that be being stupid enough to actually kill the character of Stefano off for good. I also read somewhere that there were plans to eventually bring him back. If, however, he really did get killed I’d have to say it was Ian. He is being written out of the show anyway so this would be a good choice. I know Peter Reckel is leaving also but he also said he may return one day so it would be crazy to make him the killer and everyone else is important to the show. Lexie….well even though she died because of Stefano she still loved him and I think it would tarnish the memory of such a great character by making her the killer.

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