Days Of Our Lives Spoiler Video: Like A Blithering Idiot.

“Just tell me what you want?”

Mel tries to find a way out, Rafe gets Carrie alone, Ian shows Kate some support and Nicole pays EJ a visit.

Check out this sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From TeenerV

    I really am getting tired of this whole whiney Gabe storyline. Really? Can’t they just have her snivel somewhere else?

    Brady being an addict again also is rather annoying. He drinks those shakes like a moron when he should know Ian is the dolt that’s drugging him. I feel dumber for having watched that.

    Love love LOVE the Will/EJ deal though. I love how Will is going to take (even briefly) the upper hand in upcoming scenes. He and EJ are good together. Acting wise, of course. I want him to end up romantically with cute-as-a-button Sonny.

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 TeenerV
    It looks like the Gabi saga will carry on for a while. Spoilers for July 12th says Gagi asks Andrew to let Melanie we at least know Gabi knows he’s holding Melanie. But over the next few days we will also hear Andrew is getting a crush on Mel. Then the spoilers say on July 13th Chad will go looking for Melanie. Sounds like he might be headed for Europe. Will Gabi be able to stop him this time. TPTB are keeping it close to the breast, but I can only speculate that the danger Celeste feels around Abby could have something to do with Melanie being missing. And with Cameron’s comment about if Abby were in trouble he would save her, just maybe it is Cameron that saves both the girls and who knows by this time maybe even the Gabster.

    Brady’s drug use….where is John. He needs to be in his sons life, he needs to be the one to take down Ian and Ian needs to go bye bye as soon as possible, or even sooner. Where’s the ole sarcophagus when you need one.

    I too love the character of Sonny. He’s supposed to be getting more air time in July. We can only wonder but Ian did financially back Sonny opening the Coffee House, sure hope Ian doesn’t do something to harm Sonny or his business before he leaves town. And, although Will wants to take down EJ, it appears he’s more attracted to the job, the power of the job and the DiMera name. At least one good thing with all the paternity issue around Salem, William will never be proven to be a DiMera. He’s a Roberts/Brady through and through. Just one thing about Will bring down EJ, is he doing this on his own or is he working with someone and if so who could that someone be? Who would trust a kid still wet behind the ears to take on such a big project? I’m sure glad these are the Days of Their Lives and not mine.

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