Days Of Our Lives Spoiler Video: Shopping With Marlena.

“Trump card.”

Spencer isn’t happy with what Nicole did, Sami discovers her sister is pregnant and Sonny asks Will if he thinks EJ is guilty.

Check out this sneak peek at Monday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From SandyGram

    I’m thinking Agent Spencer when given more than a word or two to say, kind of sounds like Shane. Maybe that’s what makes him likeable.

    Ah Darn, I wanted to see more of Sami go off on Carrie for being pregnant and Marlena for trying to keep it concealed from her.

    Will and Sonny…interesting the Gay Bar Will and Neil were at is being visited by a lot of straight folks. Will seems to be over his ‘outing’ now that he’s been cleared of Stefano’s shooting. But where would Sonny get the idea now that Will has been cleared, people think EJ did it?

  2. From dc

    sandygram, i look forward to reading your comments on the daily posts for the show.
    i like spencer and yes he does sound alot like shane (i miss shane)..
    can’t wait until monday to see carrie and sami fighting (yet again). after all they are sisters. but it is usually over a man..

  3. From SandyGram

    #2 dc
    Without out sounding too much like an ‘admiration society’, I too like our conversations in this section of this Fan Site. It’s more peaceful over here!

    I did sneak a little peak and read the Network 54 Day Ahead for Monday (there’s also a Day Ahead on Days Cafe), it reads like Sami and Carrie will deliver some emotions since Sami will find out Carrie is pregnant and Marlena is there to referee. And you can only guess Samantha Gene will think it’s Rafe’s baby. Since Monday will be July 2nd we should be nearing when the new writers are taking over the script, anxious to see if there will be any difference.

  4. From dc

    “any difference with new writers”. i think all they know how to do will be to get rid of good characters and the actors who play the parts..
    i’m still not liking peter (aka bo) being let go.. they have so many leaving, it looks like they could keep him, after all hope is staying.. just no fairness..
    jack, ian, madison carrie and austin are gonna be gone.. that’s alot of people. and we still do not know if stefano is coming back. oh yea, i forgot melanie is leaving too.. nothing makes sense..

  5. From nat

    I thought Carrie wasn’t able to have kids? Curious how they forget these things. After she got pregnant with Lucas’s baby and then lost it, they told her she couldn’t have children. I would be able to forget all of that though if they would bring Matt Ashford back!

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