Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For July 2-6.

Changing positions.

Rafe and Spencer realize they can’t directly confront EJ about their suspicions so Rafe simply dares Elvis to take a lie detector test. After the cops leave, William shows up and finds his boss acting frazzled. When EJ leaves him alone, Will discovers the paternity test sticking out of its hiding spot and actually reads it this time. He shoves it in his pocket as EJ returns and reminds him that he’s the top in their relationship. Will wanders off, sticks the evidence in a safe and then returns to Casa DiMera to tell EJ their relationship is about to change. He reveals that he knows he is not Stefano’s legitimate heir and holds all of the proof to out him. He demands that EJ give him back his loft, his car and all of his power. He wants Elvis to teach him everything he knows and make him a man. Just to make things clear, William happily tells him that he’s all his now. At first, EJ refuses to give him an inch. However, by the end of the day, he agrees to Will’s idea that he should take the polygraph test.

Sami bumps into her sister and notices she’s pregnant. Furious that no one told her earlier, she has a tantrum and suggests that Rafe must be the father. Marlena tries to calm the feuding siblings but that only makes things worse. Sami storms off to tear into Rafe. He insists he’s never knocked up anyone. Elvis walks by just in time to hear this. EJ fumes. Rafe tries to talk his way out of it and then advises Sami to keep her son away from Elvis. The cop walks off and runs into Carrie. She just went to an ultrasound with Austin where she vowed that she would be totally committed to their marriage. They resist their passion for each other, but it’s really hard for Rafe and he almost jumps into her arms. He pulls back and promises to keep his distance. She goes home and tries having sex with Austin to get her mind off of the other man. That doesn’t go too well. She runs into the cop again and tells him she’s having a hard time being with Austin, who just happens to walk in on their conversation.

Nicole is surprised to find that Daniel slept beside her all night. They have brunch and try getting to know each other better. That mostly consists of her quizzing him about his habit of sleeping with his patients. They don’t know what to call what they have. The doctor hides in her room when Rafe drops by to check on her. Once she’s alone with Daniel again, he tells her he won’t be anyone’s back-up plan. This leads to more lusty staring.

Trapped in captivity, Mel discovers that she has a not-so-secret admirer. Andrew has become smitten with his yapping captive. She chucks tea in his face and tries to run so he knocks her out. Chad’s still clueless about where she is. Gabi calls Andrew to hurry up and do another stalker routine to keep Chad clinging to her. Andrew slips up and tells Gabi that he’s holding her rival captive. He calms her down and warns her that she’s implicated in the whole mess. She agrees to take advantage of the situation.

Brady comes down off his latest high and tries to convince Madison that Ian has been doping him up. She leaves for a meeting and he sneaks out to score some drugs. When he gets them, he manages to resist temptation. When he tells Madi this later, she doesn’t believe him. Meanwhile, Kate is still skeptical of Ian’s insistence that he hasn’t been drugging Brady. And Abby and Cam go for a picnic with Kayla, Abe and the kids. Abby hears Kayla talking about breaking up with Steve. The women confide in each other. Abby tells Kay about her feelings for Cameron as Cam tells Abe about his feelings for Abigail.

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  1. From thelittleimp

    Why has EJ been so careless with such an important piece of paper (in fact, why has he not just destroyed it)?

  2. From SandyGram

    I’m absolutely flabbergasted with what ever set of writers wrote this stuff. Nicole loves EJ, she gets pregnant by EJ, he has a tryst with Sami and conceals it from Nicole, she leaves him more for lying and still having feelings for Sami, Rafe steps up to help Nicole conceal that the baby is EJ’s, he is more in lust for Carrie, Nikki and Rafe try to convince EJ Rafe is the father of Nikki’s baby, Dr. Dan gives Rafe a file folder supposedly with what’s needed to make Rafe the father of the baby. Rafe is standing by Nicole saying he’s the baby, Nicole changes the labels on the test tubes and DNA says Rafe is the baby’s father, Rafe gets upset that the DNA says he’s the father, he is still heavily sniffing after Carrie, wow…now Carrie’s pregnant with Austin’s baby, Dr. Dan and Nicole are suddenly doing the dirty deed on Dan’s desk, Rafe want’s to know who changed the Paternity test, Nicole wants to keep him out of the details. Get the picture….How can Rafe pretend to be this baby’s father, when Nicole is outwardly dating Dr. Dan….and now EJ hears Rafe say he’s never knocked up anyone. AND, the most amazing thing of all Carrie’s pregnancy is showing and Rafe is ready to jump her bones.

  3. From Sara

    Well..quite boring spoilers except for the Will/Ej stuff, i love this development it makes Will more an equal in this relationship with Ej and not so much ‘an innocent kid’ like his blind parents and family seem to see him..
    As for Sami writers make her do other things..the tantrums about Carrie/Rafe are old old old, she can do better..what about her Countess W job ?!! Her relationship with Ej ? Who cares if Rafe made Carrie pregnant or not !!!
    The Nicole and Daniel blossom relationship i like it : they are a good match imo and have more chemistry with each others than with his other love-interests.

  4. From SusanW

    LOL thelittleim, I can’t resist answering your question. It’s so obvious. Anyone with half a brain would destroy it. Just like I always wonder why people talk about subjects they shouldn’t, and always around someone that might overhear…But, this is a Soap Opera.

  5. From Clear

    Maybe reading the letter over and over he keeps trying to find a problem in the logic of it. Why he didn’t already get the DNA out of Stef’s brush and do the test baffles me. Everyone in Salem should have the lab that does paternity tests on speed dial by now!

  6. From Sharon

    #2SandyGram….just one more reason I read the spoilers and don’t even bother watching the daily show. the writers evidently have never watched Days in the years past. If they did, maybe things would be different. It is not even remotely interesting anymore.

  7. From Shani

    I know nobody has ever been able to bring down the Dimeras but I sure hope this one time Will can be on top of EJ for a long time. Cracked me up reading Nicole & Dr. Dan had brunch & ?!got to know each other better?! All the Carrie & Rafe stuff is boring & dumb.

  8. From LadyLumps

    The spoilers above say Will discovers the “paternity test”, what paternity test, last I saw it was a letter from Alice to Stefano.
    Also, Kayla & Abe have a picnic with the kids. what kids are we talking about? does this mean we will finally see the invisible child Joey?

  9. From SandyGram

    SPOILER Excerpts from …..just a few spoilers that may get some folks attention:

    Air date July 11th:
    - Sami and EJ have an argument that is fraught with sexual tension

    Air date July 12th:
    - John is determined to take over DiMera Enterprises (This would make me think John knows he is a DiMera!)
    - Gabi asks Andrew to let Melanie go

    Air date July 13:
    - Someone plants evidence in EJ’s apartment

  10. From gerri

    I agree with your post.
    the writers are stupid,thinking fans,don’t remember,things that have happened already,and they repeat,just giving stories a different spin.

    The only S/L worth wasting time on,Is Will and EJ’s,and hoping Will will bring him down,(for a short time anyway)
    I thought It was interesting,Will asking questions,as to why and when he got involved with his mom.
    maybe he will find out,in due time,how everything started…..

  11. From Clear

    Wow, Sandy! If John inherited the business it would be over! They will not let that happen. The someone has to be Ian! I cannot stand his character! Other villains have some likable qualities, but he is a snake! Even Kate the snake doesn’t deserve his torture.

  12. From BetsyB

    I just say yuk yuk yuk to this Gabby story line……reminds me of the Stephanie one – and I HATED THAT ONE. There is so much interesting stories going on I just wish they would make this one disappear!! I’m just saying:)

  13. From Realitycheck

    gerri Will certainly knows how everything ‘started’ like you said since he was here ! At the beginning actually Sami dated Ej and decided to dump him because Will was upset about the relationship and wanted his parents together so he knows everything about the start, the middle and the end..

  14. From Richard

    If EJ turns out to be John’s son, would that not make EJ and Sami cousins? EJ, Brady and Belle would be Dimera siblings, all fathered by John with 3 different mothers.
    Marlena is a Dimera by marriage.
    John would be a step father to Sami and a father to EJ. Marlena would be EJ’s step mother.

  15. From Leah

    While I wouldn’t mind you being right Richard (EJ being John’s son thus still making him a Dimera after all and enabling him to keep some of the Dimera wealth). Hope surely CANNOT be the mother…. she would have had to have him when she was 12!!! She’s just way too young. I reckon another possibility would be to keep Susan his mother and make a Horton his father. Why else would Alice have had his birth certificate for? I’m looking forward to more Ejami action. They belong together… always have, always will. As for the hanger oners. Bring back to life Rafes love of his life Emily. Open up his mysterious past and their lovestory (picking there was a pregnancy somewhere in there) and put Nicole back with Brady. I would so, so love Nicoles baby to be Bradys. Wouldn’t be the first time Miss Nicole had two men on the go at one time. It would make sure Bricole are always interwined and add much needed depth and storylines to Bradys character. I for one miss Bricoles interaction and decades of relationship history shouldn’t be ignored!

  16. From Richard

    14 Leah
    I agree with you about Hope not being the mother.
    I doubt very seriously that Hope and John were ever really married.
    Stefano, for some reason, needed the anastasia egg and only the Gina, inside Hope, and the pawn, inside John, could get it for him.
    Bo and Marlena couldn’t go to Alamania with John and Hope, because Stefano would never have been able to transpose John and Hope into Gina and the pawn.
    I have always believed that EJ is John’s baby that Kristen thought was dead.

  17. From MAB

    I loved EJ looking at the pic of Sami & the kids…seems to make him happy…and no we didn’t see pics at the mansion including Sami, but that’s probably because of Stefano. So now that EJ has his own apt., looks like he put up the pics he wanted, including Sami. I think it’s there to remind him of the family he should have. I don’t think it’s awkward, I think it just shows who means the most to him in his life, like the pic of him & Lexie. I’m sure Nicole probably won’t like seeing a pic of Sami in his apt. but really what Nicole thinks at this juncture is irrelevant. She says she wants nothing to do w/ him, so he can have a pic of anyone sitting around. He certainly doesn’t need her approval.

    As always, even w/ EJ & Sami arguing, they are so good together. They seem to smile & laugh a lot during all their scenes, not just yesterday. I think this happens because of their undeniable attraction to one another…no doubt they’re still attracted to each other.

    I wish they would tell is when people are divorced. Rafe called Sami ‘Sami Brady’ so what does that mean? Are they divorced or does he not want to even associate his last name w/ Sami? And I love how Nicole only uses the DiMera name and saying she’s married to EJ when it’s convenient for her. And in one breath she’s berating EJ in the pub in front of Rafe, then follows his outside and does a 180 and gives her condolences. Apparently her hormones are raging in this pregnancy.

    I don’t think it was disrespectful for EJ reminding people that he just lost his father & sister in a matter of a couple of days. If the shoe were on the other foot w/ anyone else, especially Nicole or Sami, they’d be singing the same song & dance too. And as far as EJ’s character, he is the most multi-layered character on the show, and really the only one who I think can pull it off. He is believable whether he’s being good or bad, and memorable every time he graces the screen. And when he said he’d make Will Sami’s boss, I think he was just messing w/ her. He knows how to work Sami and get her all riled up. I thought it was cute. No need to take everything EJ says so seriously.

    Rafe = boring. All he cares about is trying to nail EJ. Why can’t he do his job for a change and try to find the real shooter??

  18. From Patricia

    So very tired with Gabby!!!!! Why don’t they let her go from DOOL instead of Mel? At least Mel has a personality. Would like a story line that shows EJ as John’s son. Don’t think Will can keep EJ where he wants him for long. Just hope Will doesn’t get hurt (physically). Wish the writers would really read what they write and see how stupid they are.

  19. From Clear

    Richard, I hope you are right! Meanwhile we haven’t really gotten to see the letter and read it that Alice supposedly wrote. I didn’t think a birth certificate was with it. If there was we would know who EJ’s parents are.

    Ditto about Gabi and Mel. Isn’t it time for Gabi to get hers for all the deviltry she has done?

  20. From Randi

    OHH they cut my comment again

  21. From MAB

    I agree, why don’t EJ just destroy the paper? Now Will really does read it and gets one up on EJ. What I find odd tho is that Will told Sonny he wanted to bring EJ down, yet what does he do w/ this newfound information? He demands the money, car, and loft back. Seems to me he wasn’t being honest w/ Sonny when he told him he was working for EJ just to bring him down, instead he wants to work for EJ to get all the perks of the job, and become a man. I guess he is learning something from EJ. His blackmail will work…that is for the time being. I’m sure EJ will eventually somehow turn the tables on Will, and this time it might not be so pretty. Oh well, again, he deserves what’s coming to him if he’s willing to play w/ the big boys.

    I agree w/ LadyLumps. The only thing thus far that states EJ isn’t a DiMera is a letter from Alice. It doesn’t prove anything. No DNA test has been done, and w/ Lexie gone, the only way he could prove he was a true DiMera would be if they swabbed Chad and compared the results.

    Well, if John is determined to take over DiMera Enterprises, does that mean they will finally acknowledge that John is really a DiMera after all? If so, I still don’t see how the writers are gonna explain ignoring it all this time.

    Someone plants evidence in EJ’s apt? I assume this has to do w/ Stefano’s shooting. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be Rafe, but whoever it turns out to be, someone is willing to set EJ up instead of finding the real person who shot Stefano. This is stupid. And if Ian is behind this, then the people of Salem won’t need to be worried about EJ, because Ian is the real evil!

    Madison doesn’t believe Brady about the drugs…no surprise I called that one. She is pathetic! I’m counting the days until she leaves the show…along w/ Ian.

    I’m sure Will is privy to most of what has happened between his mother & EJ. I think Will just wants to know what draws them to one another. He obviously doesn’t understand it, but then how could he. He really has no relationship experience, so how would he understand.

    If John turns out to be EJ’s father, EJ & Sami would step-brother & sister. No blood relation, but it would be odd at the family gatherings. I think Susan is EJ’s real mother. If not, wouldn’t Alice have known that too?

    As for who EJ loves, it’s Sami. I do think he loves Nicole in his own way, but I think Sami is ‘it’ for him. I think he believes they are over because of Sami’s insistency on their relationship never happening again. And while Sami went off & married Rafe, EJ found Nicole and decided to have a life w/ her since he couldn’t have Sami.

  22. From patty

    #9, Air date July 11th:
    – Sami and EJ have an argument that is fraught with sexual tension

    Isn’t it just like Sami to be married to one man, sleeping with another and panting for yet another one. What is it with all the “sexuel tension”? Whatever happened to real love and romance.
    Why can’t couples have sex in bedrooms anymore instead of on desktops ,floors and crusty old couches. Why can’t they at least do it with someone they care about instead of someone they hate or someone that is in another relationship…and someone who is not your doctor!?!
    I think either Nicole or Will is the one who plants evidence in EJ’s apartement. They both seem hell bent on getting rid of EJ but my bet is on Nicole.

  23. From JiBi

    Will told Sonny he wanted to bring EJ down only to hide is real motive, he does not want to bring him down, he want the power and the money. He is definitely learning something from EJ and this is what he like. And some how I think EJ would like that too, I’m also pretty sure that EJ will eventually turn the tables on Will but somehow he will be proud that he is turning like him IMO.

  24. From Shani

    I also think it will be Nicole or Will that plants evidence. Rafe wants to get EJ in the worst way but he would never plant false evidence. He wants real evidence that will nail EJ for good.

  25. From Delores

    HOW MUCH LONGER will this GAG-i (GABI) thing go!! And when they have some one in captivity like this, how the heck do they GO TO THE BATHROOM or BATHE??!! Dear God at least PLEASE give them the conveniences of this instead of just a room and a bed!! GEEZ!!

  26. From jolie

    Since we are not privy to what Alice’s letter says, suppose there is any proof or clues as to why she thought Elvis was not a Dimera or was not Stefano’s progeny??
    MAB, wasn’t John the son of Santos and Colleen Brady who is Sami’s great aunt? That makes them blood kin but not too terribly close (I have been reading a biography of English kings so I have seen close blood relations marrying! On paper at least).
    I am of a like mind on the Gab-fest and the captivity. Let’s end it, clean up the basement, start a game room or opium den there. Anything but what we have going on!

  27. From Just Moi

    I am getting so sick of EJ’s whinning. For a big Mob Boss he sure is a whimp. Yeah sure he just lost his father (no big loss of someone who treated him like dirt) and his sister but as soon as someone is being a little snotty with him he cries how unfair it is cause he lost family. Well EJ why is it not unfair when you are being an ass to Sami, Will, Nicole or who ever passes your path? Hey big boy, if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out!

  28. From Lisa

    But Patty Sami doesn’t hate Ej, she love/hate him, nuance. Therefore her feelings for him are complex, contradictory and full of sexual tension, nothing new here.
    Otherwise she is only in one other relationship : the one with Lucas and although they sleep together she acts more like Lucas is a friend, father or big brother than a real lover.

  29. From patty

    Well, if EJ loves Sami it doesn’t show. He just finished telling Nicole how much he loves her and begged again after they bonded over the baby kicking. I almost felt sorry for him when she turned him down and he actually looked quite hurt. I’m not quite sure why Nicole is refusing to tell EJ he’s the father because she obviously loves him too. Unless of course EJ is really not the father.

  30. From Kat

    MAB, maybe the new writers realize, that John being a DiMera, can lead to some of the best SL’s ever.
    What else are they going to do with him…
    The story was put out there, him being Santo’ son,
    the elephant was/is to big to ignore. So if EJ is John’s son, he is still a DiMera,
    Alice, at her time, Did Not know, that John is a DiMera, did she now,
    so if that letter tells Stefano only, because he might not be the Fatha,
    right assuming then, EJ is Not a DiMera, WRONG, is could be one after all. Good bye Fatha Stefano, Hello Fatha JOHN… That would mean Lexie and Chad are EJ’s cousins….

    Unless Andrew also sent Text’s to Grandma Maggie, or Daddy Dr. Love,
    when, I say when, are they going to start missing Melanie, I thought they were so close, not even a crowbar(Help??) could tear them apart.
    Rafe today, again breaking the rule and telling Carrie about “EJ is a suspect”,
    Rafe, loose lips sinks ships….LOL

    Nicole, what a traitor, carrying EJ’s child, trying to help “Get Him”, since she is so lilly white,
    having sex on a desk,(with big belly and all), not saying there is no sex when you are prego, of course there is, LOL,
    I am now hoping that EJ and Sami will spark up the screen for a while, it’s overdue for Me…
    jolie, love your comments about the English Royalties, .

    I agree, Will loves working for EJ, loves the power, car, apartment and money, and now having something to hang over EJ, in his mind does guarantee him, that He can Hang On to all these Perks. He is having the time of his life, and EJ is paying for it.

    Brady, when will it hit you, or somebody close to you, It’s the Shake Stupid, that’s the one thing you constantly hold in your hand, drinking it…..but right now, you are to high to think clearly.
    I am still wondering, Why exactly were Ian and Madison brought to the show, is there any deeper meaning yet to come….

    P.S. Marlena learning that She is EJ’s StepMom, to delicious, the Brady’s would all go into total Coniption Fit (????), what fun that could be.
    If Gaby takes Chad’s phone out his hand one more time, somebody please, deck her…LOL

  31. From Kat

    I have only read on here, that EJ loves Sami, I have not heard him say that, only that he loves Nicole.
    So we can’t hold EJ responsible for what some of the viewers on here Think he Feels…
    So now, is EJ the Father of Nicole’s baby, tell Him, stop playing those silly games one way or the other, or she really might loose him to Sami or somebody else…the man is only human

  32. From Maryl

    So true, Lisa #28–Sami doesn’t hate EJ–never really has in spite of all the stuff she hurls at him when they are at war. She is so conflicted because she knows she has these feelings for him that she should not be having. He is forbidden fruit, or so her mind tells her–but her heart is telling her something else. Now I ask, is that a great plot for a love story or not? I certainly am on board with these two getting together, always have been. Their love story is long, long overdue.
    As Emma stated on last week’s blog site, you cannot look at Sami or EJ in a simplistic manner.
    Leah, I so agree with your blog #15–especially the part about Brady actually being the father of Nicole’s baby. Wouldn’t that be a great twist in Nicole’s little scheme? I think Brady and Nicole belonged together.

    I have always thought EJ might be John’s son–not sure about the mother. The “cousin situation” between Sami and EJ could be rectified if the writers would change Colleen’s history slightly–instead of Colleen being a “true blood” Brady–it could come to light that she was adopted by the Brady family. That would remove the Brady factor from John’s lineage and EJ would still be a DiMera, but no Brady blood in his veins.

  33. From jolie

    Poor Elvis cannot be held accountable for what the writers write…well, I guess actually he can but they are writing him as sort of whiny. I think that in the end he will be Stefano’s son. For a while it will be such a kick for all of Salem to think he is John’s son. Think about the famous Brady 4th July picnic. They’ll have to welcome him because he was Colleen’s grandchild. Think about Christmas with John, Marlena, Brady, Sami, any and all of the children, whomever Sami is sleeping with at the time, whomever Nicole is sleeping with at the time (if it is Elvis or Brady). And there’s Thanksgiving to consider as well. Set another place, Elvis is coming to dinner!
    I am being irreverant but would it not be a hoot!
    I am not liking how Nicole is being written right now. I think we were sort of led to believe she and Elvis would get back together. I loved them together.
    And Kat, I’ll deck the Gabster for you….just please give me a chance for a nice sound smack!

  34. From MAB

    jolie – you’re right, thanks for reminding me! Of course, it’s still unknown if the writers will ever acknowledge John as a DiMera. And we can’t be for sure EJ is really a DiMera, so EJ & Sami may not be related at all in the end. And they shouldn’t be (blood related) since they share 2 children. I actually read some of the letter as I paused the TV long enough to get a look at it. I didn’t see anything suspicious about the letter (proof or clues) from what I read, but of course I couldn’t see the entire thing. Then there’s always the chance of the writers changing it down the line too.

    EJ has every right to be upset over loosing his father, regardless of their problems, and his sister within a matter of days. He may be tough, but he’s still human. And I bet any of the rest of them would do the same thing if they had just lost loved ones as well.

    There is a difference in Sami around EJ that she doesn’t have w/ anyone else. She acts like she could care less about Rafe, and I agree that she doesn’t look at Lucas the same, more as a friend. She looks at no one like she does EJ, and vice versa. I don’t think either one of them could ever deny their true feelings for one another…they just bury it in the past and pretend there is nothing between them, when it obviously is every time they’re in the room together.

    Oh yes, Rafe has bent the law since he’s been on the show, so he would not be innocent of planting evidence if he thinks it would put EJ away for good. If he is willing to go as far as lay claim as father to Nicole’s baby, then he would certainly bend the law to nail EJ.

    I hope EJ is not Nicole’s baby’s father.

    Kat – I get what you’re saying about John. I just don’t want EJ & Sami turning out to be related since they have 2 children.

  35. From jolie

    I do wish Nicole had not been taken down the path they have taken her. Nicole was starting to live a more normal (for soaps) life and be a more sympathetic character. Now it is difficult to see the reason of keeping Elvis’ child away from him. Sami was written the same way just a few years ago. Quit resurrecting storylines and think of something new. Quit destroying characters. They have destroyed Nicole’s character before and sent her off when viewers couldn’t stand to look at her and they are doing to her again. I protest. The actress is amongst the finest in the cast. She is lovely, dramatic and oh so funny. Give her something to do besides have pregnant sex with Dr. Feelgood (I am on a rant about Nicole so I will not go after Dr Dan as well) and talking about keeping Elvis from his child because he’ll take it away from her. Yes, he has done that to Sami but wouldn’t those 2 be smart enough to gang up on Elvis and turn the tables on him? I think so. Sloppy writing. No ambition for the characters. Very obvious that we all care so much more for the characters than most of the writers. Sorry for the rant. I do appologize.

  36. From Shani

    I am sticking with my bet that Rafe would not plant evidence against EJ. I had Nicole as one of my suspects but from the spoiler on the new page it seems she wasn’t the one. I am still thinking maybe Will, or Ian. When will Melanie be missed by someone? I agree we are only guessing what EJ feels. Right now he is only saying he loves Nicole. Who knows what Sami feels on any given day?!

  37. From Clear

    I’m still hoping that the CIA has Stefano safely stowed away in witness protection, and Stefano knows where all the stolen money is and has access. When they find the money they might find some other clues.

  38. From Lea

    Patty how do you know that Nicole ‘obviously’ loves him too, it seems these months that she developped feelings for Rafe and now for Daniel, add that a big sexual attraction to Daniel also..

  39. From patty

    Exactly Shani, the only one declaring his undying love is EJ to Nicole so who’s to say who loves who anymore since he has been known to lie a time or two.
    I don’t believe for one minute that Rafe planted evidence in EJ’s apartment but I don’t think the spoilers are talking about the bullets , the spoiler SandyGram posted is for July 13th. Nicole found the bullets today.
    SandyGram, if Nicole saw the picture of Sami and the kids we didn’t see it and she didn’t say anything to EJ. Funny she won’t give a reason to EJ why she won’t go back with him except that he is not the father. I have a hard time to believe that it’s because he had sex with Sami.
    Rafe is convinced EJ is hiding something after he sees the bullets Nicole found(one is missing). I’m curious about something EJ and Abe said ,that they are family and would always protect each other. It made me think that maybe EJ is covering up for Lexie by hiding the bullets. Could be wrong of course.
    Agent Spenser seems to be a little suspicious of Marlena since she tried to do away with Stephano before.

  40. From patty

    #38, Lea, I don’t know if Nicole still loves EJ or not. By her actions you wouldn’t think that she does. I don’t believe she has fallen for either Rafe or Dan either. In your next episode she looks torn and looks like she’s about to give in to EJ but then she marches right over to the police station with the bullets. I wish these writers would make up their minds one way or the other and just move forward.

  41. From Julia

    Stop with Ej being a big dumb fool concerning Nicole, the guy still begs whereas she lie to him, keep a baby from him, manipulate him,flirt with his worst enemy and pretend to make him a dady to Ej’s child, try to frame him for his dad’s murder..and still he tells her he loves, want a family and begs ??? Seriously ??!! STOP DESTROYING EJ with this storyline and this Nicole character, as an Ej fan ENOUGH is ENOUGH, we already more than a year of torture with her duping him about a fake baby, it is disgusting !!!!!!!

  42. From Clem

    Ej can say he loves Nicole but when Will asks about his mother Ej become very nervous and become to think of her by watching pictures of her with her kids..the writing is pretty inconsistent and annoying (i agree Ej seems pathetic face to Nicole, he should be in revenge mode right now about Nicole not declarying his undying love, even more when few days ago he called her a whore and other flattering names..) but still we can see Ej being at least torned by his actions and behaviour..still the writing makes him all over the place in term of his feelings, thankfully he is more consistent and strong in Will and Lexie’s stories.

  43. From SandyGram

    #39 patty
    I didn’t see the picture on today’s show (6/27) either, but I did see pictures in the back ground of EJ/Lexie and others of the kids. I believe he sat it on the desk yesterday so it should have been facing Nikki when she walked in. No matter there’s bigger fish to fry than that picture. For me, when Nicole heard EJ had sex with Sami I felt she was more angry at him for lying or in this case concealing the truth from her than the actual act. Although she was jealous of Sami. Days before, Nicole and EJ committed to tell each other the truth and never hold anything back again, all the while he failed to come forward with the Sami tryst. I think under the circumstances of the tryst she could have forgiven EJ if he had told her right away, as I think Rafe could have forgiven Sami. It was the concealing of the truth that did the relationships in.

    Strange thing about that box of bullets Nicole found. I thought when Abe went to the DiMansion the night of Stefano’s shooting his gun was loaded. How would the shooter know Abe was going to leave his gun behind and the caliber of the gun. The shooter would have to take one bullet from this box and put in Abe’s gun. Something doesn’t add up. But then what’s new….Nuttin!

  44. From Clem

    I disagree totally SandyGram : the only real quality Ej find to Nicole and why he really decided to keep this relationship was because Nicole was the type of gal who doesn’t ask questions about his Dimera business, who he can lied by omission without any problems, she lacks so much of self-esteem that she was ok with it in order to be with her so called ‘betrayal’ about lies about the Ejami tryst was a big big big hypocritical claim from her.

  45. From Anna

    Nicole manipulations disgust me : Ej wake up and run !

  46. From SandyGram

    #44 Clem
    I agree about lying by omission when it came to the DiMera business….For me, the tryst with Sami was not business it was personal and Nicole did not want to be lied to about personal things in their life together. And, it was with Sami her long time competition for EJ’s heart.

  47. From Clem

    With your last explanation i get it SandyGram.
    Still it was not the first time he lied to her about personal things and vice versa but i quite agree with you; just before the revelation she thought he will not lie anymore about Sami..such a delusional gal this

  48. From custom engagement rings

    I haven’t checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend

  49. From SandyGram

    #47 Clem
    If you remember when EJ was courting Nicole during the Campaign time, they came to an agreement to leave the past behind them they had done equally horrible things to one another. Maybe instead of explaining it as lying…Nicole needed to know she could trust (much better word) EJ, after all look what he did to her with Taylor. So trust was very important to Nicole and she was terribly hurt that in his grief over Johnny why didn’t he turn to her, not Sami. She was fine not knowing the DiMera business, although it was paramount they have trust between the two of them. Yeah….Nicole cannot trust EJ is better than saying EJ lied/concealed truth from her even though that’s what he did. Thanks nice conversation.

  50. From patty

    Clem, I don’t believe Nicole is being delusional at all. She doesn’t delude herself into thinking EJ will change or that he is being sincere in his promises because he has betrayed her trust by lying to her when he promised her there would be no more secrets. She’s seen first hand how he took Sami’s children from her and she doesn’t trust that he won’t do the same to her. I think Nicole would do anything to make sure that never happens.

  51. From Clem

    I did not watch all the episodes when they were together because it was snoozefest to me so i trust you about Nicole ‘psyche’ still from what i saw and know this relationship was more than unbalanced and Ej was above all with her because he did not want to be alone and it was ‘easier’ with her than with others sinceshe al
    ways comes back which makes her character pathetic imho. And now Ej is the pathetic mess with this begging whereas she deceive him non is not in character for Ej this storyline is pretty say the least.
    Nice conversation too.

  52. From Clem

    Moreover i don’t buy the ‘trust’ biz with Nicole in this relationship at all, Ej disrespected, lied to Nicole time and time again and she pretty did the same thing to him and still the dumbass always comes back..for the Taylor stuff i don’t get why she thought she was deceived since he was clear their marriage was a sham; a businessa farce to get back at Sami. And finally for the Johnny missing stuff, Nicole just before dumped he did not have any obligations toward me Ej decided out of the blue to court Nicole last year because he did not want to be alone and she was the only one who would accept his conditions, ‘easier’ road for him like i already said..if Sami first then Taylor did not dump him he would never even lay an eye on Nicole..and that is sad..and pathetic.

  53. From SandyGram

    #51 Clem
    It’s me again. Nicole didn’t know EJ knew Taylor until the day of their Wedding. And EJ only knew Taylor was Nicole’s sister when he turned around from the alter and saw the Maid of Honor walking down the aisle and there was the ‘ah ha’ moment it was Taylor. EJ tried to find the woman from the park before he married Nicole but couldn’t. Nicole was deceived as we saw it, EJ had fallen madly in love with this stranger at first site, but when he saw her walking down the aisle he didn’t stop the wedding, he just married Nicole.

    I’m not sure where your coming from with “a businessa farce to get back at Sami”. What am I missing?

    By the way, if you don’t mind, are you new to this site I don’t recall seeing your name before (but that could just be my recall button isn’t working), what state are you located in. I’m in California.

  54. From Clem

    SandyGram nice to chat with you, i am from France actually although i live in New York right now that’s why my english is awful, lol.

    What i meant ? Well what i wanted to express is that Ej decided to marry Nicole to get back at Sami, to show her how it feels to replace her with her worst enemy like he thought he was replaced in his children life by Rafe. So that was a ‘farce’ a joke if you prefer and business..because Nicole knew that and was ok with it..As for Ej who did not stop the wedding whereas he fell for the mysterious stranger Taylor that again i did not watch carefully because i did not care it was boring to me..but from what i got, his revenge against Sami/Rafe was stronger than his crush or cheesy fall at first sight..whatever you want to call

    p.s: i am coming here sometimes, not often, i don’t post often either, i don’t have much time but your posts are always interesting as well as some from others even if i don’t always agree which makes actually the reading more

  55. From Richard

    I’m sticking with a Stefano, Roman connection here and adding in Rafe.
    Rafe, before the Stefano brainwash, only cared about Sami. After the brainwash, he at times, acts like the fake Rafe and goes after other women.
    He was hired, fired(after spoiling EJ’s plans for John, which Stefano wanted to happen) and rehired by Roman, the same man who fired him(Roman is a stickler for the rules and even arrested his own Grandson for murder)
    I believe that Stefano, after brainwashing Rafe, allowed him to escape and return to Sami.
    I believe that Rafe is under Stefano’s control and is using Nicole and Carrie to get the info that Stefano needed. I believe that is why Rafe seems to be out of character at times. I believe that he used Nicole to find the evidence that was planted at EJ’s apartment.
    Stefano would never allow EJ to gain control of the Dimera empire.
    No one would suspect Stefano. He’s a dead man, after all.
    He couldn’t let his empire go to Kate either. She became dispensible.

  56. From Lmao

    OK is Days i know but your theories make Days even more OTT than Days itself..but funny Richard funny.

  57. From Richard

    Could it be that Stefano faked his own death?
    He was sitting in his chair and listening to his music. He had placed his hand over his heart as if he was anticipating a self inflicted coma of some sort.
    Before he placed himself in the chair, he could have used Abe’s gun to fire a single bullet through the back of the chair. He had a nurse standing by, to verify that he was truly in a state of a self induced coma. The nurse then called the police and reported Stefano dead.

  58. From SandyGram

    #53 Clem
    Awful English, not at all, from your very first post I knew there was something special about your writing, very thoughtful. Look forward to reading more post from you. Welcome aboard.

  59. From SandyGram

    Interesting interview on Daytime Royalty with James Scott at the 39th Daytime Emmy Awards, James talks about how manipulative EJ is and although EJ is not sexually attracted to Will, as the great manipulator if it takes a little flirting with a Gay Character (i.e. Will) to get what he wants, he will. Maybe this is what some of us are seeing, a flirtatious mannerism from EJ when manipulating Will.

    See the whole interview with James, plus interviews with Arianne Zurker (Nicole), Blake Berris(Nick Fallon who will start appear soon after the Olympics break), Matthew Ashford (Jack)and others on Daytime Royalty, Soap Opera Socialite Interviews.

  60. From Paula

    #9 sandygram:
    “Air date July 12th:
    - John is determined to take over DiMera Enterprises (This would make me think John knows he is a DiMera!)”

    John has known for a long time that he was Tony DiMera’s brother. This will in fact, yes, make him as entitled to DiMera Enterprises as EJ. Technically more so since EJ is not Stephano’s son….although I still say that somewhere down the line we’re going to find out that’s not the truth.

  61. From HelenT

    Remember that Stefano and Chad had their DNA compared a couple of months ago. So Stefano’s DNA is in the system.

  62. From grandma to many

    well well well EJ ,s mama coming back ? talk of Eileen D. ,s return Eric Brady casted and possibility of Shawn D Belle and Chelsie returning ? nobody new to be shipped out THANKS NEW WRITERS ! this is what we’ve been waiting for a breath of if not exactly new air at least not stagnent air

  63. From jolie

    #58 Paula, not sure what you mean that being Tony Dimera’s brother makes John entitled to Dimera Enterprises as Elvis. John was Santo’s son. Tony was Stefano’s adopted son. Elvis (right now) is not Stefano’s son though only he, Will, and the other half of Salem that has or will see the Alice letter or will overhear someone saying it aloud, know that fact. I think as well that Elvis is indeed Stefano’s son and Stefano is either in witness protection for some very odd reason or he has taken himself out of Salem for whatever reason..may have to do with letting Elvis stew awhile in his own juices or getting some info on the seemingly forgotten coin. I don’t think the old fox is very far from the action and knows what is going on as we speak. Perhaps in the end, Creepy Ian will get all the blame, Kate and Stefano with Elvis Jr will all move back into Dimera manse with Nicole and her baby. We’ll all live happily ever after or until the next episode!

  64. From SandyGram

    #58 Paula
    Your right and I am aware of John’s background story that makes him a DiMera/Brady. The comment ‘This would make John know he is a DiMera’ was for all the folks, including myself, that has not heard any reference to this fact since John returned on September 26, 2011. Many of us were beginning to wonder if the Santo/Colleen story was going to be forgotten by the writers. So with this new spoiler “John is determined to take over DiMera Enterprises’ it kind of confirms John is a DiMera or there would be no way he could take over DiMera Enterpries. Now it makes me wonder will John have to turn into ‘big bad John’ to accomplish this?

  65. From patty

    #60, jolie
    Lol! Very good summary! Seriously, what you are saying would make a lot of sense and if only things were that simple on Days. One thing I agree completely with, Stephano is not far pulling all the strings.

  66. From patty

    #61 SandyGram
    I hope John does turn into “big bad John” to accomplish taking over Demira Enterprise. If he’s got Demira blood, he should use it to his advantage and level the playing field when it comes to dealing with that side of the family. They’ve tried to destroy him all his life, time for some payback.

  67. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Narcissists only love one person – themselves. They are sad, and melancholy when no one is left to orbit them. So, they manipulate people to stay in their orbit. Doesn’t always work, but they keep trying. It’s the real explanation for why EJ has a gay teen under his thumb, why he pretends to live in an empty apartment next to a woman who basically ignores him except to cause conflict, who holds out an olive branch to the one true (at the moment) heir apparent. Nothing Junior ever does is for the benefit of anyone other than the narccisist himself.

    Hope Eileen comes back. This show is so boring and needs someone who can ‘bring it’. James is doing a good job, but the rest of this cast is a yawner and the story lines..ugh. Zero interest. Shouldn’t a soap be MORE interesting than real life? Instead, it’s mirroring real life. I’m so unhappy. My rant for the day.

    Heat advisory for Illinois. Prayers for Colorado.

  68. From Sara

    Euh why Ej should take back Nicole after she kept his baby from him, manipulated him again and again, tried to frame him for murder, put him in jail, trying to make his worst enemy his kid’s it is ‘happily ever after’ for you Jolie ?! I don’t is more pathetic ever after to me..puke.

  69. From Joely

    Hope Ej will never come back with Nicole : if it happens i stop watching, this relationship makes me want to vomit, Ej is destroyed when he interacts with this skank..hate it hate it hate it.

    Rant over, lol but i needed it.

  70. From SandyGram

    #67 Dyeing to be Blonde
    Couldn’t of said it better about EJ. In fact I couldn’t of said it like that at all….your description has such clarity. Thanks!

  71. From patty

    #67,DtbB good post!
    #68 Sara, if you look back on it we could also see why Nicole refuses to be with EJ. He has used and manipulated her in the past, cheated on her twice, once with her own sister, is responsible for creating the monster that killed her mother, had her wear a tracking device to watch her every move, kicked her and Sidney out of his house…and I could go on and on. They are cut from the same cloth only I think Nicole is more shrewd.

  72. From Richard

    John is a Dimera, but he is also a Brady. It’s high time he becomes recognized as both.

  73. From Richard

    Alice Horton was a clever person. I doubt very seriously if Stefano is the only one privy to EJ’s parentage.

  74. From Richard

    If I am not mistaken, Nick Fallon once performed a test that seemed to verify that Lucas was the father of both twins.
    The way that EJ, first went about finding out that he was Johnny’s father, was by a voodoo ritual performed by Celeste.
    When Nick returns, will this come out again? Will he be privy to some of Alice’s info?

  75. From SandyGram

    #74 Richard
    I too thought Nick performed a test that proved that Lucas as the father of both twins. Now that you said that, my curiosity generator has kicked in and I’m going to search again for that little tid bit since I can’t remember what he did with the results. Thanks for stirring up my think tank again.

  76. From Mopy

    Oh, I’d love for Nick to come back and prove that both twins are Lucas’. This could be more scale-tipping for Lumi. They really have a great past which makes for a wonderful love story. Salem needs a permanent, stable couple, and I hope it’s Lucas and Sami.

  77. From jolie

    #68 Sara, calm down dear. That was meant to be comical, as I said, until the next episode.
    #73 Richard, very good point. Alice was a very smart woman and knew who she was dealing with. Could the coin have something to do with the truth? Maybe it tells that Stefano was not the Dimera and that John is. So if Elvis is a Dimera, then does he belong to John?
    OK wish I never went down that path. I am just supposing so don’t gang bang me.
    And it would be interesting indeed if Nick came back to resurrect some of that information on the twins. Wouldn’t that shake things up so immensely? But poor Elvis, could his temperment take it? His Fatha gone and right now presumed dead. His Fatha not really his fatha. His sister gone. His exwife passing his next born off as progeny of one of his archenemies. And perhaps John as his new daddy. And going from Fun Kate to Manic Marlena as step-mummy. Might be more than he can truly take. I guess that is why Susan is coming back. She’ll take the reins and run amouk.

  78. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    And, Jolie, don’t you wish they’d DO SOMETHING with these 3,000 storyline threads?? All they do is talk to each other! I can’t even stay awake when I watch it. Name one story line that is moving forward! Not the coin, not the paternity, not C/A, not Ian, not the murder. It’s like drowing a slow death in quicksand..

  79. From jolie

    #78 Dyeing to be Blonde, yes I do indeed. And while I am ranting, what is the point of Carrie and Rafe mooning over one another? Kate ought to show him the dagger and tell him just what kind of damage it can do!
    I guess the show hit the summer slumps long before we all did.
    All the Po-Po have to go on are what they think they know. Someone of a cast of several whacked the town’s leading citizen, I meant to say, crook. He has a disgruntled and estranged wife who is now working for the competition. He has a Creepy Ian guy who slept with his wife to make her disgruntled. He has a son-in-law who lost a wife due to misdeeds by said dead (supposedly because we know he is standing back and listening to some opera, sipping grappa and smiling). He has a houseful of people he supposedly almost blew up recently. Half the Po-Po are either on his payroll or used to be. The agent sent to help out was recently involved in the coin mystery which is still a mystery. Julie and Doug took off to Africa and still may be riding an elephant in the bush looking for clues that Alice left. He has a son who is now a mayor but has lost the millions of millions he stole from unsuspecting investors who are now all having to get a 2nd job and said son is/is not his own real son. He has a half brother whom we are having a difficult time knowing if he remembers he is the half brother and who is married to his former princess lover and art thief. I could go on but this is making my head hurt. And I would not even touch that Melanie is held up in a basement and forced to eat lunch out of a bag while Gabster runs around town trying to fill her shoes and her boyfriend’s arms.
    Writers, let’s do something unique. Let’s get into a storyline and complete it where it makes sense, makes some of us mad, makes some of us happy, makes us all glad it has come and gone to fruition.
    I need some time off. Been working too hard and seem to be a bit fussy lately.

  80. From patty

    Lol jolie! Love reading your post ,you are absolutely right of course! Get on with these storylines please!

  81. From Just Moi

    Some days I wonder why I come on this site, with all the bickering and name calling it gets old. But days like today when Jolie is on a roll I KNOW why I come here lol. Thank Jolie, Sandy and Patty for the great posts that keep me comming back for more :)

    Where the heck is GrmaJudy :( hope all is well with you!

  82. From jolie

    I think we are all here to entertain and be entertained as well. Glad to provide a bit of respite for my fellow posters. I think we are probably all or most of us anyway frustrated writers. Oui?

  83. From patty

    Oui jolie! Thanks for the laughs!
    Nice to see you Just Moi! I hope you do keep coming back. I wish Grandma Judy would too. Miss her on here and hope all is well with her also.
    Just Moi, you think that rain we’ve been getting is going to let up soon? My gazibo caved in last night under those downpours and my poor flowers took quite a beating. In need of some sunshine. :)

  84. From Shani

    Nicole today seeming to really enjoy a moment with EJ when he touches her tummy when the baby kicks for the first time & the next minute she’s running to police with bullets she hopes will nail EJ for Steffie’s murder. Ian is always disgusting but today he was beyond that! Lexie’s video to Abe is very touching.

  85. From MAB

    Rafe is always convinced EJ is hiding something, and he told Carrie that before seeing the bullets Nicole found. He is suspicious of EJ no matter what. I’ll just be glad when it’s revealed that EJ didn’t do it, and Rafe will be left w/ egg on his face, since he’s not investigating any other suspects at this point other than EJ. Several of us called that too, how Rafe can’t be objective and would zero in on EJ. I think Roman was doing a better job, at least he tries to be objective.

    EJ was completely suspicious of why Nicole came to his apt. and was trying to get rid of her. It was Nicole who duped him when she pulled the passing out trick to get him to feel sorry for her. To me, that is the only reason EJ softened to her, and started opening up about his feelings. I think he believes Nicole is more suited for him, plus the fact she’s carrying his child, which is why he keeps trying to get her back. He loves her, but his feelings are deeper for Sami, and they will never go away, which is why Nicole needs to go back to Brady. And boy does he need someone who will have his back for a change, since he certainly doesn’t get that from Madison.

    I loved the scene of EJ consoling a very distraught Chad. But it seems his constant crying is more about loosing Melanie than his father & sister.

    The pic on the desk EJ was looking at the other day of Sami & the kids is not the only one w/ her in it. There is another one of her & the kids sitting the console near the door. That one for sure was there yesterday while Nicole rummaged thru EJ’s apt, so there’s no way she didn’t see at least one of them. Apparently, it didn’t bother her too much, else she would’ve said something to EJ.

    I agree Nicole was more upset that EJ lied to her about sleeping w/ Sami, but Nicole will always be jealous of Sami for the simple fact that she always feels like EJ chooses Sami over her, and she’s right. I don’t think that will ever change, and I think Nicole knows that, which is why Sami will always be their obstacle…along w/ Nicole’s nonsense of saying she will never see her child if EJ finds out he’s the father. Well, if she would stop lying to him, then maybe he would agree to share the child, like he does w/ Sami. Nicole’s reasoning’s for keeping his child from him are full of holes.

    Yes, EJ & Nicole agreed to leave the past behind them since they had done equally horrible things to one another…the same agreement he made w/ Sami. Problem is, every chance they get, they throw it up in each other’s face. Nicole & Sami cannot continue to blame EJ when they are just as guilty as he is. Nicole needs to get off her high horse, and do right by her child, and that includes allowing the child know its real father.

    When Johnny was missing, EJ didn’t turn to anyone. Sami came to the mansion to be w/ the father of her child. EJ & Sami shared the same grief because Johnny is their child. Nicole & Rafe couldn’t relate, even tho they were worried over Johnny too. No one but EJ & Sami knew what they were going thru and how they felt.

    You don’t tell a man one minute to leave town w/ you and have a life together w/ your child, then when he refuses you (because of his other children and life being in Salem), she turns the tables on him and tells him they’re over, and proceeds to change paternity test to keep said child from its real father. Well in my book, I call that delusional…and that is Nicole.

    If the spoiler/rumor is right about Stefano still being alive, then it’s pretty much obvious he faked his own death. I’m sure he is privy to all the goings-on in Salem, and for some reason, I think Kate knows he’s alive. She has been less than thrilled w/ Ian lately…figured out he drugged Brady, and told him yesterday she was fine on her own…seems she’s being pretty confident all of a sudden.

    jolie – I think Paula was talking about before John found out Santo & Colleen were his parents, that he & Tony found out they shared the same mother, Daphne DiMera. So they were brothers at one time, until the Santo/Colleen s/l came about, but until the writers acknowledge this s/l, John is just John, not a DiMera or a Brady.

    Even if it comes to fruition that Johnny is Lucas’ child (which I doubt), Sami still shares a child w/ EJ, and that’s Sydney.

    I could never see Sami & Lucas as a stable couple…just saying. The fact is, Salem has a permanent, stable couple in Bo & Hope, but if Peter is leaving, then I doubt ever seeing another stable couple on this show.

    If Alice was so smart like everyone is claiming, then how come it seems no one close to her (like Hope) knew anything about all these secrets she had, and why are they just now coming out after all these years? It seems she told no one of the secrets she had.

  86. From Maryl

    Narcissim is a tendency to self-worship. Sorry, I don’t agree that EJ fits this description. As a matter of fact, he appears to hate himself at times. He puts himself down all the time, calling himself a heartless bastard, etc. He admits his faults to others. He has especially been doing this in the SL that is in play right now. I also believe EJ loves other people besides himself–Lexie for one, his father, and of course he loves his children. He has loved Sami and Nicole–even though things have always gotten screwed for him. This is a man who tried to put a bullet in his head when he lost Sami and the children. Being able to feel that much remorse and despair over loosing loved ones, does not appear to be the traits of a narcissist. If he loved only himself and worshipped only himself, he would never have gone into such a state of painful despair and want to do away with his life.
    EJ’s complicated soul is all about how he was raised and drilled by Stefano. He fully believes that is the only way he can function–as a DiMera just like Stefano. He also bears the burden of proving himself worthy of being a DiMera. He will now try to hang on to the DiMera name and empire, because that’s the only life he knows. He may not have a disc implanted in his head by Rolfe, but he is “programed” by Stefano just the same.
    Judging EJ DiMera is really difficult because he is so complicated. He is not simple. He is very scarred by his past sins as well as the bad stuff that has been done to him. We only get a peek once in a while at a softer side of EJ that he keeps hidden. He cannot show weakness or
    a loss of control–that is not the DiMera way. Until the writers decide what his fate will end up being, we can either love EJ or hate him. Viewer’s choice.

  87. From MAB

    Maryl – great post, all true on the EJ front, ditto!!

  88. From Just Moi

    Yes Patty we’ve had our share of rain, I would love to share with those in need. Calling for some good weather as of tomorrow. Happy Canada Day neighbour!!

  89. From jolie

    MAB, Roman even arrested his grandson but of course they let him end up looking foolish for doing that. Wish they didn’t play Roman that way. I like Roman even if he is made to look rather a dolt at times. But I disagree with you on why Sami went to Elvis when Gianni was missing. She went there to blame and raise hell. And she did and they did. You may be right about Kate knowing something about Stefano. It may just be a feeling with her but that shine on old Creepy Ian seems to have dulled a bit for her, don’t you think? I think she sees what a trumped up dandy Ian is and he doesn’t hold a candle to Stefano. When Stefano comes back, if Ian isn’t gone, dead or in jail, he’ll likely take an axx-whooping. I’ll be there with Kate, cheering old Stefano on for it.
    Was Daphne Dimera married to a Dimera(I just do not recall how that went)? If so, that still doesn’t make John in line for Dimera businesses or fortunes unless Tony actually left him a will of some kind but Stefano and Tony had a falling out right before Tony died. Stefano has never gotten over it. Either way, I think the writers are glossing over the fact that John has ignored his Dimera side since coming back. They’re probably giggling about all the time we spend posing scenarios about it. They take the best ones and write a new storyline about it that they never finish. Now we know how we got to this point!
    I think the writers have pushed poor Elvis this way then that. He has some tendencies toward narcissism but has so many other traits that it would be hard to pin him down. One thing for sure…he will cling to what he has just like Stefano, his family, whatever turns him on at the time whether it is some mystery like the coin, some woman who doesn’t want him back, possessions of others that he just craves because. He is complicated but very entertaining. Like the rest of the cast. Poor Rafe’s character is another who has been pushed and pulled to the point of no return or recognition. I am ready for something new for these people.
    Oh thing that came to mind lately is that John would take over the Dimera business and find the money that Elvis then Stefano absconded with. Wouldn’t that be a hoot for John to steal back the money for Basic Black and his investors. That might be the shock that brings old Stefano back from the grave!

  90. From grandma to many

    Richard I have watched these comments for some time now and have discovered that at least 2 people maybe 3 consistently misuse a word or misspell the same word every time they use it this makes me wonder if this could be the same person posting under different names especially when they always post complimentary ideas I am not trying to stir up trouble just wonder about your take on this or if you have indeed noticed

  91. From Anna

    It seems the people who want again Nicole with Ej are those who love Nicole and despise Ej (and it will be less a threat for couples like Sami/Lucas or Sami/Rafe)..but in a way i don’t get why would you want Nicole with him when he always chose someone else over her and other guys like Eric, Brady or even Daniel and in some extent Rafe did treat her better..i don’t get it.. but this comments are so transparent it is funny..
    p.s: Ej is one note and a pathetic fool when he is with Nicole, so Nicole lovers you really seem to hate him.. LOL

  92. From Mel

    Euh if Lucas and Sami are a stable couple, where is the story ?

  93. From Richard

    90 gtm
    Yes, I have seen that every now and then, but it is not unusual for the same person to create and post under different personae’s(sp), even complimenting their own posts.
    I know that some will even post as someone else, just to get that person in trouble.
    I don’t believe in doing things that way, but there are people who will.

  94. From Richard

    I sometimes get lost when I try to recall things, but when EJ came to Salem, wasn’t he under orders to kill John Black and to impregnate the Brady woman of his choice?

  95. From patty

    Yesterday touching moments between EJ and Nicole, today EJ and Sami awkwardly attempting at playing nice and little Johnny insisting they dance and Nicole out on a date with Daniel. I’m thinking the writers are all over the place trying to throw a bone to different fan bases and in doing so making it all more complicated and less believable. How is anybody suppose to root for a favorite couple when they go back and forth on a daily basis.
    I think Rafe is suspicious that EJ is hiding something but not necessarily that he shot Stephano. I agree with him, EJ is hiding something. For one, the fact that he’s not a Demira but I’m sure there is more about that night that he’s hiding. Maybe even the fact that he knows Steph is not dead.

  96. From Lisa

    patty today there were touching moments between Ej and Sami and it is far more genuine imo.
    And the Nicole/Daniel scenes were cute.

  97. From MAB

    #89 Jolie – I disagree, because when Sami first arrived at EJ’s they sat and cried together, it wasn’t until they started talking and getting more upset that they started fighting. Yes, Daphne was married to Stefano, but had an affair w/ an Alamain. I didn’t say it made him a DiMera, I said for a while he thought he & Tony were half brothers. Also, I don’t agree John has ignored being a DiMera, it’s the writers, because no one has acknowledged it.

  98. From patty

    I don’t know Lisa, I found the scenes with EJ with Sami to be somewhat awkward and forced while with Nicole, there was more emotions and feelings. On EJ’s part anyway. I agree that Daniel and Nicole were kind of cute but they are kind of rushing it don’t you think?

  99. From Leah

    I agree Patty…. I think the writers are trying to chuck all fan bases a bone BUT it doesn’t work. Like a poster said in regards to up and coming Ejami spoiler “EJ and Sami fight and as they do the air is filled with fraught sexual tension.” Her comment was typical Sami married to one man, sleeping with another while panting and wanting another. While we expect couple merry go arounds on a soap throwing each fanbase a bone is not working. The writers need to be more consistant. We fans are not that dum!

  100. From Lisa

    I disagree Patty : i felt the opposite, Ej seemed so much distraught and vulnerable and deep insightful with Sami but we can agree to disagree i guess.

  101. From patty

    Lisa of course we can agree to disagree, we both see it in a different way. One thing we can agree on is in both instances it was just a temporary truce they agreed on so we can expect more sparks to fly before this pans out either way.
    Leah, I’m with you. This merry go round is enough to make your head spin.

  102. From bobbie

    Yes, Richard. Ej came to town and took advantage of Sami when Lucas was trapped and she had to save him. This meant having sex with E.J. in the car as the price to pay for his help. Such a swell guy. And yet, there are people on this site have soft feelings for him. He put Rafe in a cell, sent a double to live with Sami, has kidnapped their daughter and then told her she was dead. Blackmailing Young Will and now telling Nicole that if that baby is his, he’s going to take it away from him. Just endless nastiness .Spoiled and arrogant.

  103. From Kat

    One thing is for sure IMO, it’s a hell of a mess right now in Salem…
    None of the left hands know what all the right hands are doing, come on writers, get a grip, get with the program, this is not A Dress rehearsal … this is everyday The Real Thing, at least supposed to be….
    90 GrandmaToMany, I hear you, I do wish the Admin. would check if there are “Double Dealers” on here, all they do is Cause trouble,
    and still look clean as a whistle under their Reg. Blog Name.
    It has always bothered Me, that as soon as Richard “cried”, either “hatch, many times” or now “magna” come out of nowhere to defend him in the most unkind name calling way. Sorry, but it does bother me and I am wondering, My Opinion…
    IMO, it always made Richard Look Bad to Me at least, Because HE never denounced bad/negative posts like that, He thanked them…..
    None of you have to agree with Me, but that is the way I saw/see it. It would

    79 jolie, the money that EJ took/and then Stefano was PAID BACK, to all the citizens of Salem, by John Black liquidating Basic Black, that’s why he was broke.
    I like a lot of your blog, much makes good sense to Me….
    MAB and Maryl, at the risk of starting another “Riot” I so agree with your blogs, ditto, ditto,.
    EJ is no way suffering from Narcissism,
    if anybody does it is Ian.

    I know what is wrong with this program,
    Stefano is not on it, they are all wandering around, not knowing what to do.

    I can’t wait until My Main Man/next to EJ is back on the screen.

    Watching John here, there is no doubt this Man needs a SL, I know Lexie died, he needs to mourn and cry, but he has been boring almost since he came back.
    He used to be such an Action Figure, now he walks around, holding Marlena’s hand, acting like an old retired fuddy Duddy, LOL. John still has some steam left in him, show us.
    Claim being a DiMera, it’s Only a Name, LOL,
    shake things up a bit, John, Stefano, EJ, Chad, DiMera and throw Susan/Kristin in for the Mix,

    you have New spicy stuff..

    Nicole walks in with a box of bullets, whoopy do da, go to all the houses of the involved, and you will find bullets somewhere, Lord, my husband had a gun and bullets.
    And watch the wording, EJ did NOT HIDE THEM, they were in his kitchen drawer, LOL, and were was Golden Boy Spencer when all this Nicole expose was done….

    Someone on here deducted, and no problem it is their right…..
    Stefano sat in his chair, hand on his heart, Brandy and music, had taken Abe’s gun and shot it through the chair, went back to the chair, went into a self inflicted coma, with the nurse there,

    so where does the blood come from, the blood from the body, bleeding out, if he is in a self inflicted coma,
    Coma, makes No sense to Me at all.
    I am baffled, that some of you smart people on here do not pick up on obvious stuff.
    Some of the bloggers loose me on here, because I don’t know what they are talking about, for me it is still Thursday In the USA. So I can not comment yet….

    Just in closing again, as to what GrandMa to Many had to say,
    When I post, all of you should know it is Me, I could not fake myself around with other names, if my life depended on it, it’s up to the Admin. to control that stuff.

    TerriK, how are you, please if you can, no pressure, let us know how things are going, God bless ya…
    and Kass, the same for you, what is going on with you….
    always, sincerely, Kat

  104. From Lucy

    For those who defend Nicole by saying what she does right now is out of character: you certainly don’t know her..miss Nicole chose money over her true love (her words) Eric Brady, she also manipulated many guys in order to get what she wanted, always thinking of herself before everything..the baby switch was because SHE wanted a family not for Ej, she tried to break up Eric and Greta then Chloe and Brady then Ej and Sami because SHE thought SHE deserved to be happy..therefore what she does right now is totally in character true Nicole Walker fashion.

  105. From Kat

    103 Lucy, All the above things you did mention, are true facts, so we will see what happens in the future….Good one Lucy,
    Nicole, who knows anymore, what is up with her, from would be killer of Vic, gold digger, etc.
    lying to EJ about their Baby, etc. hurting Sami/baby/EJ,,,
    we almost forgave her, but now she is back to So many Dirt Tricks, Rafe the Father, Dr. Love, srewing him, I can not call it making Love please,,,,,forgive me.

    I really do not know, what to think anymore about this Mess called DOOL…. Help

    Who is who Anymore….??

    You know, it is either blogging on here, jumping in the pool, or watching the fall out on Obama Care, Yikes.

  106. From grandma to many

    Richard I was right # 3 just used the same word now I know I’m not crazy :) and yes according to wickipedia (sp) EJ’s exact quote was about impregnating the Brady of his choice what a tangled web he wove it was fun reminding myself about the early years of Elvis’s return and just how many times he created havoc in the people of Salem’s lives

  107. From Kat

    105, that is reaching IMO, people just sometimes repeat what they read, dah…. would not hold up in court….

  108. From Maryl

    I have been rooting for Sami and EJ to become a couple and renuite as a family for years now–never have given up on them. While they have been messed up by the writers and paired off with people who were boring and bland, I have still held on to hope that their love story would eventually be told. If the writers are just tossing bones out to all fan bases
    to keep us hanging on surely they must realize that won’t work. What they need to do is open their eyes and see which characters, when paired together, create the most excitement and that hold our attention and interest to the point where we have to watch every espisode. For me, that’s Sami and EJ. Always has been and as long as I can watch the show, it always will be. Forget about the different fan bases, writers. Write good stories for the characters and make them fly–the fans will follow.

  109. From Richard

    102 Kat
    “Someone on here deducted”
    Come on Kat, you know it was me that came up with that theory about Stefano.
    Remember when Caroline was laying in that coffin in the pub, carrying on a conversation with Celeste or when Tony was mauled by the tiger. We saw all kind of blood and gore back then, yet all the deaths were staged by the Dimeras.
    All the shooter could see of anyone in that chair was the hair and maybe an arm. Most of the body was hidden by the chair. What made that person think that it would only take 1 bullet to kill Stefano?
    It has happened before and it can happen again.
    Remember that Stefano was a pile of ashes in Melaswen.

  110. From Kat

    197 Maryl, Lady, I am so with you, EJ and Sami, written right, it could go through the Roof,
    and I really do not care if some people get their feathers ruffeld, so what, somebody always has to be a looser, that’s the name of the game, EJ and Sami,

    “Nobody Can do It Better”…..
    go get them EJ and Sami, sooner or later, amen.

  111. From Kat

    108 Richard, of course my honey bunny, I knew it was you…
    No I do not remember Caroline laying in the coffin,
    Only talking about Stefano right now, was there blood from a bullett, or was he in Coma…..
    Love you Richard, my little honey bunny….

  112. From Michele

    I have a question about Nichole’s baby. Didn’t Rafe and EJ both take a DNA test, then Nicole switched the names on the containers. So Rafe’s had EJ’s name on it and EJ’s had Rafe’s name on it. I belueved Rafe, came back as the father, because it was really EJ’s DNA sample with Rafe’s name on it. If I am right in what I believe happened, then the baby has to be EJ, and can not be Brady’s or anyone elses…right? If I am wrong, please can someone fill me in because I am lost as to how it can be someone’s baby besides EJs. I missed a couple shows, so please help me out.

  113. From Kat

    111 Michele,
    “by george” you got it girl,
    it has to be EJ’s, because his DNA with”Rafe’s” name on it, was the baby’s father,,, Kudos, girl, simple deduction my ladies, good thinking, rather than getting so absorbed in all the Hate/Like stuff, stick to the facts, maybe you could get a job at the Salem PD,
    teach them a thing or two…

  114. From thelittleimp

    111 Michele–While I do assume EJ is the father, I also think the writers could decide to make it otherwise with Dr. Dan being the wild card. Dr. Dan could have thrown both DNA samples in the trash and fabricated a lab report showing Rafe as the father in order to provide support for Nicole’s claim. In this situation there would be no real evidence to support any man as the father of Nicole’s baby.

  115. From Richard

    111 Michele
    Neither container could have been EJ’s.
    One container could have been the DNA of Dr. Dan, which he could have labeled as EJ.
    “For every in there’s an out” and Dr Dan said that he would protect Nicole.

  116. From BamaGirl

    Maybe Doug and Julie found EJ’s mother and are bringing her back to Salem. And she will tell everyone in Salem that EJ is a Horton. Hope the new writers bring back some of the Horton family that we haven’t seen in a long time.

  117. From BamaGirl

    Maybe Doug & Julie will found EJ’s mother and bring her back to Salem. And she will tell everyone that EJ is a Horton. I hope the new writers bring back some of the Horton clan that we haven’t seen in years. Told me to try again. Hope this did not repeat.

  118. From patty

    #102 bobbie , you’ve just listed the reasons I’m not an EJami fan and never will be. Some things can be forgotten and some people can redeem themselves up to a certain point but those actions are just unforgivable and Sami is a fool if she goes down that road again. These are just not what super couples or great loves are based upon in my book.
    #106 grandma to many, you are not crazy because it is obvious in so many ways. Whatever floats their boat…

  119. From Cougar

    If any one has been watching Dallas, my advise the the writing team is watch this show and old riginal episodes and see how its done. Sami & EJ could so easily be the new JR and Sue Ellen. That love/hate thing JR & Sue Ellen had was great; lots of ups and downs. But they have to get Sami &EJ together to pull some of that off. So far the only thing we have gotten in the last few years is pathic teasing to the EJami fans. Nicole is a great second choice for EJ. She will always be in Sami’s shadow and that wil be a constant cause of insecurity for her.
    I don’t really see EJ as arrogant, debated in earier posts. He horbors some self loathing. He is fully aware that he does wrong, accepts it as necessary for a crime family. One hand washes the other, he does what is expected of a DiMera and has very little regret about it most of the time. He was raised by Susan just long enough to know the diffence have a conscience. He knows the difference between right an wrong, this causes the conflict in his sole. I think what people see as arrongance is really more a case of arrogance and self entitlement that is due anyone holding the DiMera name.

    I think if they could bring back the Susan charcter, even for a short stint it would be great. We all could use the comic relief and she would be the voice that tries to influences him to be a better person. But not too good, LOL.

    Some feel that EJ & Abe hove not really buried the hatchet and return to an antagonistic relationship. Not so sure about that, yet. This could be pivital and humbling time for EJ to be of the person that Lexie wished he could be.

  120. From jolie

    #97 MAB, I stand corrected on the Daphne stuff but still don’t think that puts John in line to inherit anything from being Tony’s half brother which is what I THOUGHT you said. I might just be way out in left field. No aggravation intended for you. And yes, the writers have ignored John being a Dimera but since that is all the John we have, we have to deal with it.
    #102 I am not an Elvis hater but Bobbie, you just brought back some bad memories! I might need some chocolate to get over this…thanks a lot. No, really, thanks. I was looking for a reason.
    #103 Kat! Thanks for clearing me up on the money. I do remember that now. I have missed many episodes lately due to time constraints. Thank you so much and sorry for bringing it up!
    And Kat, not sure what Creepy Ian has and it might be narcissism but it sure is creepy!
    As for the theories that there was blood when Stefano was found either shot or in a self-induced coma, you know Stefano can make you see what he wants you to see. Remember when Marlena was laying on the slab awaiting burial or cremation and to prove she was dead, someone stabbed her with a autopsy thermometer? I thought I would pass out but she wasn’t dead in the end.
    The bullets that Nicole found…I say it doesn’t matter who hide them, where they were found, whose gun they fit, once Nicole touched them and took them out of the drawer and to the police- all bets are off. The evidence would not be allowed in any courtroom in the English speaking world due to contamination, chain of custody, rights of the accused according to most law systems.
    #112 Michele, I really never thought the babe was anyone’s but Elvis but on this show you never know. But you have given a good argument. Maybe you can go work for Elvis as paralegal if he ever practices law again.
    #116 I wish we would hear from Julie and Doug. They may have found something and indeed desperately seek out Susan for the answer. I can’t wait to see the interaction between Susan and Elvis. I hope it is sweet and that she really exasperates him with her craziness. Elvis will have his hands full!

  121. From SandyGram

    Spoilers….Who Would of Thought…Excerpts from Days Cafe:

    Next Week:
    The light goes on and Austin realizes Rafe and Carries still have an attraction toward one another and he’s had enough! Now we’ll have to see if Kate’s threats kick in!

    In 2 Weeks:
    Carly calls Dan! What….it’s going to take another 2 weeks before Dan knows his daughter is missing?? Maybe he should get out from under Nicole’s skirt tail and pay attention to what’s going on around him.

  122. From SandyGram

    Spoilers…Excerpts National Enquire from Network 54:

    For week of July 9th:

    - EJ receives the result to the polygraph test.

    - John reveals his intent to take control of the family empire.

    - An epic confrontation builds between Lucas and EJ.

    - Chad finds Melanie’s bracelet in Andrew’s house.

    Pretty poor spoilers….where’s the meat we can really hook our speculating creativity in to?

  123. From Emma

    come on what a lame spoilers, Lucas is not match to Ej, their confrontations always make him look like a doofus..that being said it can be funny if they bring the snark..those two actors are great at it. I remember some Lucas/Ej bickering, it was fun but writing and one-liners have to be there.

  124. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Maryl, agree to disagree on the definition of Narsissism. It’s not all about self-love. It’s about manipulation those around you to also worshp you. I invite you to read Psychology Today’s article on How to Spot a Narcissist. This isn’t new territory for me, having been married to one for 35 years. Hence, my particular focus/interest on the layers that make up this character. All good soap villians are written this way, Palmer Cortlandt, Asa Buchanan, Alan Spaulding, Victor Newman. Even Kate, Sami, Nicole, and Ian are written as self-serving manipulators. And the king, Stef. It certainly doesn’t mean they’re psychopaths, merely socio-paths. They don’t lack empathy, they merely use it to their own gain.

  125. From Kat

    Richard, I have been thinking,
    the word Coma, maybe what you and I both agree on, that Stefano is made to look dead by a drug. I have mentioned that a long time ago.
    Coma, you would still look alive, just out…the other stuff, makes you look dead….
    It is going to be so interesting to see how it was pulled off…
    About EJ, yes I am one that likes the character he plays,
    I know it’s fictional, would not like him in real life,
    but he makes the Story interesting, without him and Stefano, Sami/Nicole, what a borefest this would be.
    Some on here when talking about EJ, and how bad he is, and how some can like his character, sound like they take him to personal…
    All the characters are written the way the writers want them to be, to keep this show alive, and EJ/Stefano certainly to their part and more, IMO>
    It’s not having soft feelings, for EJ, it’s liking the exciting character he plays.

    Grandma to many, just who are the “same commentors” on here, now I am curious.
    What did # 3 say, I don’t get it…

    Richard, keep your theories coming,
    I do like reading them, and then give my take on it, back and forth, is Good.

  126. From SandyGram

    SPOILER…Excerpt from TV Source Magazine Interview with James Scott, dated June 28th:

    On-screen, James’ alter ego EJ has been mixing it up with his old flame Sami. We asked the actor if the future holds more in store for the popular and controversial duo, Scott teased, “I will tell you this; I am working a lot more with Alison Sweeney in the last few months than I have in the last few years.”

    Stir It Up, Oh Baby Stir It Up….Some wishes may come true for some fans.

  127. From SandyGram

    Hey Richard do you have any thoughts on the box of bullets Nicole, so called found, in EJ’s apartment?

    There’s something confusing for me,I thought when Abe went to the DiMansion the night Stefano was shot his gun was loaded and when Roman found the body there was one bullet missing from the gun chamber.

    So hears the confusing part…..Nicole finds a box of bullets with one bullet missing in EJ’s apartment, for me an obvious set up. On the night of the shooting, the shooter first of all would have to know Abe was going to leave his gun behind. The shooter would have to know the caliber of Abe’s gun. But why would the shooter take one bullet from this box….which we are now to assume is the one that shot Stefano? See it’s so confusing I’m probably not even explaining it right…there’s just something wrong with this picture! Unless the gun that shot Stefano and the box of bullets came from the same house originally. What do you think?

  128. From Kat

    126 SandyGram, keep stirring, I like it. James Scott did say, that EJ was getting married,
    now the big question, Who will EJ marry…
    Nice memorial today, wish we could have seen the service at St. Lukes, they could have done both.
    Come to think, we have not been at St.Lukes in a long time, is it the writers for some reason, that do not want Religion..!
    Austin will finally get it, wow, what will He DO about it, that is the big question.
    Good to hear, that John will finally get a good SL.
    Hope that John will have to take a DNA test to prove he is Stefano’s brother, to lay claim to the DiMera, maybe if EJ also takes a test, we might find out Who’s the Daddy, are they all DiMera’s, but that would be to simple for a Soap.

    Since so many people in Salem have seen Santos DiMera’s picture, after it was found down south, incl.Lucas I believe.
    Should it come out that EJ is not Stefano’s son, not a DiMera, all these smart people should right away know,
    hey there is something wrong, EJ looks just like his Grandfather, and Sami looks just like Colleen, we all saw the pictures…LOL
    It should have occurred to Stefano and EJ right away, the total Look alike, dah.
    In real Land, Stefano would have immed. done a DNA test, his love for his son, would have made him fight all the way, after all first thing he did with Chad, DNA.
    There has to be more to all this, than what we get to see so far.

  129. From Kat

    127 SandyGram, I am not Richard, but we all saw EJ with a gun, let’s presume it was his.
    He fired two (?? shots into the wall whatever, and he wore gloves of course, the all did…
    Are the bullets they recovered at the mansion the same as the bullets found in his kitchen drawer, and why would only one be missing.
    Are the bullets found in the wall, the same as the bullet recovered from Stefano’s body.
    We know the gun belonged to ABE, is Abe missing a box of bullets, does he still have his box…

    So many questions,
    there had to be a reason (yet unknown) why EJ fired those shots, and if he used the bullets to reload his gun, why only one, more than one would have been missing.
    Richard, your turn, where am I going wrong, like your take on it..

  130. From Kat

    P.S. Are Abe’s gun and EJ’s the same guns, I am sure the police knows about that by now,
    and shouldn’t they know which gun the bullet that did Stefano in, into LalaLand, came from. Each gun leaves their own marks on a bullet, I think.

  131. From Cougar

    Right you are Kat balistic test link spent bullets with guns. The rifeling of the gun barrel creates unique to each gun, like a finger print for guns. Ownership of either gun or bullets proves nothing, it WHO shot the gun that counts. And that is the proof they are lacking.

    For all the griping, me included, about how losey it has been creatively for the show with the musical chair game of writers thats been going on; they did right in their send off to Lexie. The writing was good, the portrails of Abe and Lexie was terrific. Approppriate homage to both star and actress was paid.
    The flashbacks were a real blast from the past; I forgot how handsome Abe was in his younger days.112,

  132. From great granny

    I like EJ,he’s my favorite character on the show.Let him be his tough, smart cynical self. He makes the show worth watching.

  133. From Shani

    It was a nice memorial for Lexie but I would have liked them to show the church gathering they spoke about. The flashbacks were great. How the years change us! I’m not wild about Dr. Dan & Nicole but I thought his kiss was sexy today. How he walked up to her at town square & just gently did it. Better than clearing his desk the other day to go at it!

  134. From Kat

    June 27, 12,
    Top 10 Hottest Soap villains,

    EJ by a land slide with 40%,
    next in line with 11%, and down and down.
    Stefano got 3%.

    Congrats. James Scott/EJ for your great performances.

  135. From SandyGram

    Episode June 29th:
    An excellent send off for Renee Jones. Surrounded by family and friends, with words of love, gratitude for her friendship and memories of the time they had with her. Even Sami was upfront about her relationship with Lexie and how after the horrible things she had done to Lexie, she was there for her when Johnny was sick and when she went through her medical scare. Great memorable flashbacks of Lexie and her life in Salem. It was interesting that the writers choose to recall Lexie as the rouge Cop, the Pacifier. How her and Abe’s brother Jonah went beyond the law for the greater good. How it drove Lexie crazy to see some criminals going free on a technicality. Although Marlena made a point to say what they did was wrong, Abe did mention how he had to finagle her reinstatement but she turned him down and went into medicine. Wow, does the Pacifier sound like anyone we know today that is beaten about the head and shoulders daily in the postings for occasionally working beyond the law to bring down the bad guy? And like Marlena said it doesn’t make it right, all was forgiven for Lexie. Maybe someday when the writers can write a script where the Cops can bring in a bad guy legally, those going out side the law can be forgiven by the fans.

    Would like to have seen Brandon (but at least there was a phone call from him) and where the heck was Roman? Celeste and EJ’s conversation was short but successful in clearing EJ of the shooting based on her 6th Sense. I was glad to see the writers gave Cameron a break today from having Celeste warn him about the dark cloud over Abby.

    Then there was EJ, for me, the saddest part of the entire show today. Once again as we have seen so many times in the past, EJ looking in from the outside with a longing to be part of a loving family. The kids were great as always! All in all I really liked today’s show….Good Luck in your new adventure Renee and thanks for the memories.

    Finally, Nicole and Daniel….call me crazy but I liked their time together today.

  136. From patty

    I may not be perfect but I am Canadian and that’s close enough! :)

    Happy Canada Day weekend to all the Canadians on this board!

  137. From SandyGram

    Happy 145th Birthday to Canada. Enjoy the weekend to all our Canadian Board Members.

  138. From Richard

    Yeah, I do and it leads back to a bother(EJ) and a husband(Abe) who wanted to grant a dying Lexie’s last wish, that they get along.
    EJ was the first one to confront Stefano and then came Abe. They would simply use the same gun or identical ones. EJ shot 1 or 2 bullets at random spots in the mansion. He later was able to remove one bullet to prove that the bullet did indeed come from Abe’s gun. EJ simply removed one shell from a box of shells and placed them in his apartment.
    What I am trying to say is IMO, EJ and Abe worked together to fake Stefano’s death to grant Lexie’s dying wish. Abe couldn’t kill his wife’s father and deprive Lexie of her last days with him and Lexie accepted EJ even though they were not blood.
    The others touched the gun to give the law the run around. No one knew that Will would practice with his gun and get residue on his hands. EJ knew that Will wasn’t guilty, because he knew Stefano was still alive.
    EJ is the mayor and he can and did IMO, work with Abe to allow Stefano to take an option “B” banishment from Salem and go into hiding.
    It was all for a dying Lexie.

  139. From SandyGram

    #138 Richard
    All Lexie wanted was for her family to get a long. I’m not sure I understand why they had to fake Stefano’s death to accomplish this. I thought some where along the way Roman said the 2 bullets found in the Parlor (which we know EJ fired into the wall) was not the same as the bullet supposedly found in Stefano. The bullet found in Stefano came from Abe’s gun.

    So you don’t think the box of bullets Nicole found in EJ’s apartment was placed there by someone else to set EJ up for the shooting? You think EJ put the box of bullets in the drawer? The other strange thing was EJ throwing away his gun and gloves. It must of been an unregistered gun and of course the gloves has gun powder residue on them. But still like nobody’s going to find the gun and gloves?

    There is a new National Enquirer spoiler for July 9th that says “Rafe finds something shocking in EJ’s apartment”. The bullets are gone from the apartment and as Nicole said the place was relatively empty other than furniture, so what is so shocking the Rafe finds? Something to do with the investigation or the evidence that says EJ is not a DiMera? Now in today’s show Celeste pretty much cleared EJ of any wrong doing with her 6th sense which seems to be a little more accurate the investigations of the SPD.

    Questions, questions, but who has the answers?

  140. From Richard

    As Roman was answering the telephone about Stefano’s death, the next scenes showed Marlena/John, Hope/Bo, Abe/Lexie, EJ/Will and Ian/Kate.
    Roman wasn’t talking to any of the suspects, unless the call was a recording.
    It’s no secret that I suspect Roman is working with Stefano. After Roman learned that Nicole had already found the evidence in EJ’s room, his contact to get a warrant to search EJ’s room, conveniently fell through. Roman could make the evidence anything that he wanted them to be.

  141. From Richard

    #139 SandyGram
    What if Will is the answer to all these spoilers.
    Will could have been searching EJ’s place.
    Lucas could have a confrontation with EJ over Will, not necessarily Sami.
    Will knows about EJ.

  142. From Richard

    #139 SandyGram
    If it was up to me, Rafe would find an identical chair to the one that Stefano was shot in.
    What I meant to say in the previous post, was that it would be shocking to Rafe if he found Will in EJ’s place.

  143. From Leah

    I am an Ejami fan…. I just want them together. The powers to be have wasted to many years, months, weeks, days and nights as far as I’m concerned. Bring it on! Ejami together are magical. The show lacks big time when they are not in each others orbit. Rafe needs his Emily and Lucas needs his Autumn. Writers move them on and let the fun begin. Have said for a while now though I would love Sami to chase EJ this time. Nothing like watching Sami in seductive mode. EJ has chased her enough time for him to sit back and enjoy the attention and rewards. An quite affair that Ejami change enjoy for a while with no outside interference would be nice. Sneaking here, sneaking there. Yes please!

  144. From Leah

    Oops just reread by post… sorry for the mistakes bit tired but I think you get my drift.

  145. From patty

    A little spoiler for Monday’s show:
    Sami to Carrie after finding out about Carrie’s pregnancy:
    “Who’s the father, my husband or yours.”
    Carrie: ” Unlike you Sami, I don’t have to look at the calendar to know who the father is”.
    Ha! Good one Carrie! Rich coming from Sami who’s slept with two men and is still married to another. Like Carrie told Sami, Rafe could impregnate a hundred women, it’s none of her business since she pushed him out of her life with both hands by having sex with EJ,the man who tried to destroy her husband. Now she’s off to storm in Rafe’s office. I hope he tells her where to go. Sami, Sami, Sami, put a nuzzle on it.

  146. From Sam

    Well i don’t get why they still are not divorced, they broke up 5 months ago now, even in real life the divorce would be almost done, settled.

  147. From Kat

    135 SandyGram, I must have missed EJ throwing away his gun, I saw the gloves.
    Why would he feel he has to toss the gun, the police already know he has one, he fired to bullets, and they have the bullets.
    It has been established that the bullet that “Killed” Stefano came from Abe’s gun….
    The box of bullets in his kitchen drawer, why not, after all he does own a gun, known fact to the police.

    ARE the bullets found in EJ’s kitchen, and the bullets recovered in the mansion, shot by EJ’s gun,the same caliber, as to also fit Abe’s gun.

    I believe, as you said SandyGram, Celeste already “cleared” EJ, but in the meantime we need a good cat and mouse game, lots of smoke and mirrors to confuse us good viewers, otherwise it would be to boring, if bing bang, they had the right suspect already.
    Of course Rafe wants to get EJ so badly, he can taste it. It would make him the Hero among the Elite, and still he is ready to cross the line, just to prove something… He’ll never change. But his character is also part of the story, it’s a group effort after all.

    SG, if they found the paper saying that EJ is not a DiMera,
    to make that stand up in court, they would have to do a DNA test, and that would be great, then we would know for sure, but don’t count on it, it would be to simple, and they are not ready yet, to spill the truth. So lets get ready for a long ride and enjoy it.
    So IMO, EJ’s gun and box of bullets are totally meaningless, Abe’s gun killed the man, unless the police got it all wrong already, No, not the SPD and it’s finest.

  148. From Clear

    I hope Sami doesn’t disrespect Lucas and cheat on him again after he gave up so much to help her! The only way I could be happy if she went EJami is if Lucas went back to Autumn. With Sami it doesn’t seem to matter if she’s divorced unless she wants to have another wedding to be interrupted and go South!

    So who does Nicole really care about these days? Rafe? Give him to her and let her try for the happy family. Dr. Dan is sure to have more willing female patients. Who has he not had yet? Sami? We can ask him who wins the taste test. LOL!

    Writers need to give us some better clues about Stef. The only part of the Brady SL that did not make me cringe was him almost whacking the tar out of Ian. If he had then he would be in jail and no more shakes available if he wanted them! Sober and able to make sense. Madison should have figured it out long ago!

  149. From Kat

    Puzzle for me coming up….
    I read that Rafe will question EJ, about owning a gun, and EJ says NO,
    the police know he shot his gun, left two bullets in the walls,
    WHAT, if He does not own a gun, did He use, His finger!
    What am I missing here, let’s see what happens on Monday.
    148 Clear, I think Nicole just likes playing with men and having Sex. I think she would get busy,
    finding a Place to live, setting up a nursery, so much to do, when expecting a baby.
    But with Melanie gone, she could always move in with Dr. Dan.
    I still think that Parker is Dr. Dan’s son, and that be another SL coming up, someday.

  150. From SandyGram

    #149 Kat…..About whether EJ owns a gun

    June 4th the day Stefano was shot after EJ met with the Coroner he went to the SPD and meet with Roman. Here’s an excerpt of their conversation:
    “EJ recalls shooting up the wall sconce. I don’t think it’s much of a secret that my father and I had a tumultous relationship marked by a lot of ups and downs. I thought you should hear it from me.”
    Roman asked if EJ why his relationship with Stefano was Strained, Quote:
    “EJ – The same reason it always is. He resents the fact that I tried to take over from him.”
    “Roman – And were you?
    “EJ – No. I have my own life. I have my own goals. I’m a lot more than just his son.”

    Spoiler Excerpt from Mondays show July 2nd:
    Part of a conversation between Rafe and EJ when Rafe asks EJ if he owns a gun:

    “EJ – Do I own a gun? What sort of question is that?’
    “Rafe – A yes or no question.”
    “EJ – That is an unnecessary question because we both know the first thing you did when you took over this investigation was check the gun registration of everybody involved. So you know full well that I do not own a gun.”
    “Rafe – You’re right. Of course I checked the database but I still don’t know that you don’t own a gun. I know you don’t own a registered gun but maybe you own a gun that you forgot to register or maybe you have a gun that the registration was accidentally misplaced.”

    So who is EJ lying to Roman or Rafe? We didn’t see EJ take out the gun that is normally kept in the desk. He couldn’t of used Abe’s gun to shoot at the Wall Sconce Abe had not been to the house yet and Abe’s gun only had one bullet missing from the chamber. This probably explains why EJ tossed what appeared to be his gun, it wasn’t a registered gun.

    We can only hope the writers will clear up this conundrum!

  151. From Shani

    145 patty looking forward to the exchange between Carrie & Sami that you clued us in to. Imagine Sami having the gall to criticize anybody for sleeping with someone besides the man they’re married to?! & Carrie did not do that anyway!

    I do not think Rafe cares a hoot in H*ll about being a hero among the elite. He just wants EJ to pay for things he’s done. Wonder what the shocking thing is Rafe finds in EJ’s apartment? Maybe that is the planted evidence a spoiler mentioned. I am feeling like they need to move this Steffie not dead story along a little faster.

  152. From Kat

    SandyGram, my point, if EJ used Abe’s gun than the bullets found would match the chamber of Abe’s gun. Spoiler from June 2nd, is what I was talking about in my post. The police know by now that EJ had a gun (easy to proof it was not Abe’s gun used),
    so I do not understand why EJ would say no. He already told the police that he shoot the walls in the mansion. We all saw him put on his gloves, hold a gun ,point it at Stefano and then decided he rather shoot the walls. The police know that,he told them, so they know he has/had a gun. So that gun did not kill Stefano, so why all the questions.
    Of course if the gun was not registered, he just had one, just like Will and some of the others…. where did Marlena get her gun. All, no matter, it was Abe’s that killed Stefano…
    They should ask, did you come back later, pick up Abe’s gun and shoot your father, that makes more sense.
    SandyGram, enjoy the weekend.
    Maybe the police will figure out that to shoot scones, you have to have a gun, not a magic finger.

    Wonder who will be setting up EJ.
    Nicole could turn out to be his best witness, she after all searched the Place, as she claims all over, and now all of a sudden something “She Missed” will be there.
    Rafe annoys me, can’t help it, no response required.

  153. From Janiebell

    William can do much better than work for E.J; however one must live one’s own life.

  154. From bobby

    Is E.J. protecting Will because he didn’t want him to go to jail because he knows Stephano isn’t really dead? Or, did he realize that Lexie killed Stephano and hid the bullets? How else would Abe’s gun and bullets end up at the mansion?

  155. From Richard

    The question that I have is, why would EJ put his fingerprints on Abes gun, making himself a suspect?
    It had to be a setup.

  156. From SandyGram

    #154 Richard
    Why would EJ put his fingerprints on Abes gun? An even better issue, EJ would have had to return to the Parlor where Stefano was sitting since Abe came in after he left. So my question would be did he see Stefano after he had been shot and it was then he touched Abe’s fun when he saw it next to the chair? EJ didn’t seem all that surprised when he came into the room when all the coroner, police and Chad were there. The writers are going to have a real twist to this story or like so many others the details will be dropped.

  157. From SandyGram

    Oh Dear….that should be touch Abe’s gun not fun.

  158. From Richard

    #155 SandyGram
    If EJ had shot Stefano, then why wouldn’t he have taken his birth papers, at that time, instead of coming back later for them.
    If I remember right, EJ picked up the gun and placed it by the glass doors when Kate entered and picked the gun up herself. Unless she carried the gun out by the front door, I don’t know how the gun got out there. Ever who shot the gun, knew right where it was.

  159. From emily

    Great episode Friday at Chez Rouge, i was not always a fan of Lexie but this episode and those these last months about her makes me miss her..yep even from usually non fans (maybe i am a fan now, sometimes i liked her sometimes i did not like her) you will be missed Lexie Carver Dimera..
    Although misplaced on this episode i liked the Nicole/Daniel scenes, kind of cute although Nicole can be annoyingly smug Daniel made likable imo, i would love a real story between them, she can lost her baby and have one with Daniel ( i know miscarriage is not fun but it is a soap after all and Ej doesn’t need anymore kids).

  160. From Michele

    Thank you everyone for your answers. I was afraid that I missed something.

    I like Lexie’s memorial alot too. It is always so sad when we lose a long time player. I will miss her alot, but I do love seeing the flashbacks.

  161. From LadyLumps

    I loved seeing the old flashbacks of Lexi & Abe. Wow, how young he looked!
    # 156 sandygram you had me LOLing with that post, too funny.
    I am looking forward to more ejami hotness in the near future, it’s about time. I just hope they dont take us ejami fans to the brink and then have some major colossal breakup like they usually do!

  162. From Shani

    In a discussion in The Crystal Ball, Molly Burnett says Ian’s last air date is Aug. 22nd & he will wrack havoc in the weeks leading up to it. Sounds like by then we will be even happier he is leaving than we are now!

  163. From Debbie

    I am sure that EJ and Sami will be paired together soon enough. Their fan base is as big as any other and having two kids together makes even more sense now that both Lexie and Stefano are gone. I personally don’t care who’s paired with who so I won’t care this time either even if doesn’t pan out, but I do enjoy the little head games that go on between characters that aren’t normally paired up (ex. Daniel and Nicole). With the mention of Rebecca again, I hope they explore the backstory of Daniel as well as Rafe because I think there’s a lot of story to tell for both characters.

    Telling my own soap story now, I had a weird dream last night with Sami and Kayla in it! It was my wedding day (?!?) and Sami was fitting me with my veil. My “dress” was a white short sleeve leotard with a princess style skirt with velcro at the waistband! lol A cheap looking outfit for sure but it reflects how I detest the exorbitant pricetag for weddings so it was fitting for a dream sequence. Kayla seemed annoyed with me because I complained about the two double beds in the master bedroom…she said that’s what I get for getting married in a small country house! Don’t know what that had to do with anything but I thought it was funny. My deceased grandma was there too and was so happy for me. In real life, I was her least favorite grandchild so that was nice to experience if only in a dream. The best part of the dream was that my deceased father was there and announced that he was giving me away. I didn’t know the groom but we met right before the wedding and he was some disheveled man who seemed nice and sincere. I woke up at that point so I don’t know if we got married or not but I thought the whole thing was so funny that I just had to share. lolol

  164. From Clear

    Debbie, best wishes in your next dream sequence. Maybe you will find the disheveled one was the minister and he was introducing you to your Knight in shining armor!

    Your description of the dress makes me remember the snip of cloth that Ariana was going to wear for the wedding to Brady. Remember how short and skimpy it was? Her misery and short life was due to EJ and to Nicole having Doc Baker help plant evidence. Anything to get what they want for Nicole too. At least EJ felt remorse when she died, it may have turned him a bit farther away from the darkside for a bit.

  165. From Kat

    What a busy weekend going all the way through Wed. July 4…..
    So many speculations going on here,
    prob. none of Us will be right, so what, it is fun in the meantime.
    The writers have a Will of their Own….
    163 Debbie, funny your dream, I think at one time or another We All have weird dreams like that, I know, lord help me … I know, and so do many of you out there, be honest..

    Weekends… are good for Sharing on this blog site… Thank you Admin.

    If, that means big IF, they ever had to replace our Stefano with anybody…….
    the only actor that I think is qualified enough to make it interesting enough, is Ben Masters, the guy that played Julian Crane, no matter what, he was the most interesting – versatile actor on the show, God, help me for saying that, but He could replace Stefano, to be a mean evil guy, but still you can’t help but like him….

    Unlike that that creep Ian….

    I also would Love to See..
    McKencie Westmore — Sheridan – back as Rafe’s Love Interest… Emily, that really never did die, so what, it happens on soaps..
    161 LadyLumps, I also forgot, just how young and good looking Abed use to be.

    I know, see it, feel it, read it,
    so many on here don’t like me at all, they ignore me, fine by me, it’s there right, so what,
    my life does not depend on “Kudos”,
    but can we at least learn to
    communicate and comment among all of Us
    not making it so clear, who we like or don’t like, based on the way the Sl goes,
    it is so clear anymore, who talks to who, LOL, come on, let’s all just be a group effort, all of us talk to each other, agree, or disagree, otherwise it just becomes a very biased/divided blog site.
    Agree – Disagree – who gives a Hoot, it’s a soap.

    No REALITY at all. So why would any of you out there risk, offending and hurting any commenter on here, you don’t know them at all, you have no idea f their personal Life and Pain every Day,
    leave them alone, and just go with the way they feel about the Sl and the characters, period, and we all are entitled to our opinions on that…

    Personal Feeling should never,ever be used on this site, period, otherwise,
    Sicko, just get off….. we do not need you…
    Just to tell future “funny” out of …. it bloggers…

    Thank you
    Sunday, wow, back to the pool… Kat

  166. From Leah

    I have never liked Safe…. he and Sami were a mismatched from day 1. Rafes principals and values were compromised big time to be paired with Sami and for the majority of us it didn’t work. Safe ended up being boring and laughable at the same time. I have always wanted Emily’s character to be written into Days. I think her introduction would bring so much more understanding to Rafe’s character and open up to us his mysterious past. I believe Emily was and is the love of Rafes life. He has never been able to open up about her not even to Sami. I also believe Emily was pregnant with Rafes child (hinted at by Arianna when she said the Sami situation is just like Emilys all over again). Wouldn’t it be fun to have Emily and their child in Salem? As for Lucas and Sami this time around… they are just not gelling for me. I use to love Lumi pre Ejami days but not now. I hate the fact that I feel Lucas’s character has to be dummed down to be with Sami. When Lucas is with Sami he is never his own man. He just follows her around looking lost. I love it when Lucas and Sami are friends. Lucas tells her like it is and doesn’t pull any punches. I rather enjoyed Lucas when he first came back to Salem this time. He wasn’t taking anyones garbage, was his own man, had direction and was happy in love. I reckon either A) Bring Autumn to towm and have them reconnect or B) I feel Lucas’s character will end up going no where again and be written off again. I am hoping for option A. Get rid of Lumi and have Lucas back his manhood. As for Ejami couldn’t happen fast enough in my books. Only I want to enjoy the flirting, romance, seductions and love in the afternoon. Please build Ejami love slowly this time. Make it a real affair and love of a life time stuff. We’ll certainly be hooked watching it all magically unfold.

  167. From Kat

    166 Leah, I so agree with you about Sami and Lucas, friends, buddies, yes, but not Lovers and Man and wife forever….
    Sami and EJ all the way., so far IMO,,, Magic etc.
    Lucas needs a whole new woman, period, just for him.
    I am so tired, of all the men/women on this show, constantly getting
    switched around, everybody, sooner or later
    screwing everybody, – excuse the language – but it is a fact.
    They all are related by now, just for the fact of “injections”. no matter how gross, LOL.
    Once a year, they should have a Holiday in Salem, and Compare Notes about each others Spouses, wouldn’t that be a Blast.
    “Salem’s Annual Sexual/love/DNA,Cheat/Confession, etc. Day,,,,
    All they could do on this Day, is Tell the TRUTH. LOL

    I would love to be there, hearing the truth just for once…..

  168. From SandyGram

    Good News…we just heard from our friends in Colorado Springs. They were able to drive up to their property today and their house is still standing. Although they won’t be allowed back into the area for a few more days until all the fire hot pockets are out…they at least know they have a home to go home too! Was a good day!

  169. From patty

    SandyGram, I’m happy to hear your friend’s home is still standing and that they’re ok.
    I’ve been thinking that maybe since the spoilers predict an epic confrontation between Lucas and EJ that maybe Lucas is the one to plant evidence in EJ apartment. I think at this point Lucas should most likely do anything to save Will and Sami from EJ. He does live across the hall and it’s time to give him some backbone and fight for his family. Give the guy some front burner storyline, he’s a great actor and should have a better role than just being Sami’s sidekick. He’s got it in him to fight back, he is after all Kate’s son.

  170. From Cougar

    Watched a movie from 2005 last night and it had our favorite bed hopping Dr in it. The actor who plays Dr.Jonas, Shawn Christian I think thats his name. He played a slimey crimminal type who hooks up with a woman married to a rich man to gain access to the money. It was based on a true story about a multi-millionaire in the process of going through a divorce, murdered by his wifes lover.
    He plays basically a good character on DOOL with a high libido and no conscience with who he beds. By his acting in that movie he does seem to have the acting chops to play a real low life . I mean re-e-ally low the kind that charms the pants off women than spends all their money. A con-Juan.

  171. From MAB

    I completely agree w/ Cougar. If anyone one wants to know how to write a good soap opera, watch the new Dallas. This show started off w/ a bang and hasn’t let up since. They’re giving the fans what they want…Dallas is delivering! And if Days writers took some pointers from this nighttime drama, their ratings would skyrocket! And the first smart thing to do would be to pair up EJ & Sami…they would be a power couple!

    Nice send off for Lexie…loved seeing the old scenes. Although, if Marlena & Hope got to speak about her, then I think EJ should’ve been able to speak on his sister’s behalf as well. I think it was beyond disrespectful of all of them on how they ignored EJ completely. He has every right to mourn her as they did, and they could’ve at least been somewhat cordial. Glad Sami was there for him…and great stuff between them! Not awkward in the least…just reveals how they try to fight their true feelings for each other when they’re together. And Johnny was too cute asking his mommy & daddy why they weren’t dancing together. What Lexie said to EJ about him & Sami being great together if they’d just stop trying to destroy each other was so right! I hope Lexie’s words & wishes for them come true, and the writers smarten up and put EJ & Sami together, as it should be.

    I believe Celeste was right that she knows EJ did not shoot Stefano, but I can’t figure out if it’s because of her physic ability, or she said it because she actually shot him.

    Jolie – not agitated at all, just nice having a mature discussion w/ someone like you who I can respectfully disagree with w/o an argument ensuing. I didn’t say John stood to inherit anything DiMera because of Tony, but he would if the writers acknowledged the Santos/Colleen s/l which made John half DiMera/half Brady.

    If Stefano is alive, there’s no doubt this was a setup. That is why I keep wondering if EJ & Kate may be in on it (one or both of them).

    I think the bullets found in EJ’s apt. were planted evidence. I don’t think they were EJ’s. Who hides bullets in their kitchen drawer? We never saw EJ toss a gun, only his gloves. In fact, we have seen what any of the suspects did w/ their guns. All we know for sure is all of them pawed Abe’s gun and left their fingerprints behind.

  172. From Kat

    MAB, good stuff,
    I still have this question about the “Gun”.. that EJ used to shoot at the wall.
    Whose/what Gun was this, We all saw him use it,
    EJ told Roman that he did shoot at the wall, prior to that We All saw him point the Gun at Stefano.

    So, please what is going on here…

    I never saw EJ throw away a GUN, just His Gloves.
    Does anybody out there have a logical answer to my questions.
    The Gun that used to be locked in the Desk Drawer, the one that Sami used to kill EJ,
    is it still in the river, or did EJ really recover it, as he said, and was this the gun that he used to shoot at the wall.

    I just plain do not understand, why EJ would say, he does not own a gun, so Who’s gun did HE USE that night.
    I know, that maybe I sound like a broken record,
    but nobody seems to come up with any answers to my questions…

    One thing we know for certain, it was ABE’s Gun, that “Killed” Stefano, and He Never said, Oops, MY GUN WAS NOT LOADED, when I went to try to kill Stefano…

    In my Opinion, looking at the board of suspects, LOL
    Rafe is missing on it… he has just a much Reason as the Rest of Them, to kill Stefano,
    He was held hostage, brainwashed/or brain emptied out/whatever,
    an imposter was put in HIS WIFE’S BED, I would say he has a lot of motives to kill Stefano.
    And now, just like in the movies, He, Rafe, is the one investigating the “Murder”….LOL
    I put RAFE right on the list of suspects, and I mean Main Suspect,
    Give Me a Break….

    Again, None of any of the Guns, all the suspects have or did have,
    It is not important, The gun that killed Stefano, was Abe’s gun….

  173. From NeeNee

    Didn’t Sami throw the gun in the river that she used in her attempted murder of EJ?

  174. From NeeNee

    Duh! Sorry, Kat, I didn’t read your post closely enough. Yes, she did indeed throw it in the river. But did EJ or someone else actually recover it again?

  175. From Kat

    Hi NeeNee, think, if I remember correctly, Will threw the Gun in the river, maybe not,
    But EJ did claim, that he had recovered the Gun, thus having Proof to hold over Sami’s head.
    That I do remember, but it has Never been proven, did he actually really recover the Gun.
    Only in Salem..
    Today, we actually saw a bit more of the Letter,
    we don’t know what it says,

    but for Stefano or EJ, to take a Letters words for absolute proof,
    give me a break, not in my world, not with DNA, but we need this simple stupidity to make the SL work in Salem..

  176. From MAB

    kat – they never showed where EJ got his gun or what he did w/ it after he shot the wall. He walked in the mansion w/ it and confront Stefano. And the only thing he threw away was his gloves. I agree Rafe is missing from the suspect list, as well as many other Salem residents. I also agree, what does that letter prove?? Only a DNA test would prove EJ is not Stefano’s son.

    NeeNee – yes Sami threw the gun in the river that she shot EJ with, but EJ told her he recovered it, but whether it’s true or not we don’t know.

  177. From patty

    I never saw EJ throw away a gun either but he is obviously lying about not owning one among other things. I’m not convinced that he shot Stephano but he’s hiding something for sure. Since when does EJ ever own up to anything.
    No way is Rafe a suspect in Stephano’s shooting. Rafe might be willing to step outside the law to bring down a criminal but a murderer he is not. If he was going to shoot anyone it would probably be EJ since he`s the one who did all those horrible things to him.
    Some of these spoilers are wrong about what really happens. When EJ walks in on Sami and Rafe and he overhears Rafe saying he`s not the father, they are talking about Carrie`s baby, not Nicole`s . Also Sami is the one who confides her fears for Will to Rafe, not the other way around. She says when Will was arrested she was scared EJ used Will to shoot Stephano. Rafe and Sami have some regrets and they still look stunning together.
    Austin realizes Carrie still has feelings for Rafe but they are still good. Will finally sticks it to Elvis. A good day! :)

  178. From Kat

    Well if Rafe is no way a suspect in the kill of Stefano, because a murderer he is not,
    than neither should, Abe, Marlena, John, Bo, Hope be on that board of suspects, but since they are, so should be Rafe……
    I can not comment on tomorrow’s show, have not seen it yet, so why are we talking about it.
    MAB, again my question, Roman knows that EJ had some kind of a gun, to shoot at the wall, so why does only Roman know that, should he not have told Rafe etc. that EJ used some kind of a gun to shoot the wall,

    so if EJ told the truth to the question, Do you own a gun, and he said NO,
    who’s Gun did he borrow to use threatening Stefano and then shoot the wall. Just call me Mrs. Columbo, I want to know..

  179. From SandyGram

    Since I made the statement EJ toss his gun,I went back and looked at a lot of You Tube Videos and could not find one where EJ tossed a gun only his gloves. Which makes it all more curious why EJ told Roman about firing into the Wall and told Rafe he didn’t own a registered gun. Sorry for any confusion that may have been caused by my mis-statement.

  180. From patty

    Well Abe, Bo, Hope, Marlena, John ,Will, Kate and EJ all had their fingerprints on the gun, that’s why they were suspects. Rafe didn’t and there is absolutely no evidence to make him a suspect.
    No need to be Columbo to know that EJ is lying about owning a gun and is covering up something.
    I was talking about tomorrow’s show because it had to do with the spoilers above.

  181. From Samantha

    Wake me up when they kill Gabi. I can’t stand her. She is a bore.

    Who play Gabi – she’s very bad actress.
    Substantiation: She can’t act. She has no emotion and she acts with just one facial expression.

    I love Wilson so much. They are so hot together and meant for each other. More, please!

  182. From Kat

    T0 say Rafe did not have Motive to kill Stefano,
    is saying that none of the other suspects had any motive either.
    LOL. So Rafe could have worn gloves, unlike the other “stupid” ones who did not.
    Question, was it stupidity, they did not wear gloves or another sinister plan/conspiracy etc.

    My Columbo comment was totally mis -understood, sorry to say.
    I DON’t care about tomorrow’s comments and why they were on today, all I said I did not know how to respond to them, having not seen it yet.
    IMO, everybody can be a suspect right now, incl. Roman, Agent Spencer, Harmon, the CIA,all the Elite, Anna, Victor, Maggie, you name it, people we have not even considered yet.
    But Rafe, being the chief investigator, with so many motives in place, Why not, None of us know for sure, do we now.
    So patty, just debating a case, no harm done, you have your opinions, I have mine, so be it. No problem

  183. From MAB

    All the suspects are hiding something, not just EJ. That’s what the writers want so all of them will look suspicious until the really shooter is revealed. I don’t think Rafe shot Stefano either, but that doesn’t make him innocent of anything. Rafe could be the shooter, just like anyone else. The shooter wore gloves, enough said. All the fingerprints on Abe’s gun are the suspects on the board, but guarantee none of them did it. And Rafe is capable of murder, in fact all the characters on this show are capable of murder…whatever the writers want them to do. Also, if it was EJ shot instead of Stefano, Rafe would be #1 on the list. And no matter what his reasons would be, it would still be murder.

    Kat – I don’t know the answer to your question, unless the writers have messed up again. And Rafe being in charge of the case is a joke! He is only looking at EJ to nail him, not trying to solve the case at all. I’ll just be glad when the truth comes out and Rafe is left looking like a chump!

    SandyGram – can you find the conversation between EJ & Roman where he stated he shot the wall? I don’t remember it.

  184. From SandyGram

    Episode July 2nd:
    It would seem that Carrie had the upper hand today with Sami. Slinging all of Sami’s bad deeds at her as Sami accused her of sleeping with Rafe. But then Sami got the zinger line to Carrie: “you wished that baby were Rafe’s. That wasn’t some random thought; it came straight from your heart.” All while once again Marlena stood by powerless between these two sisters.

    Typical EJ whether talking to Will or Rafe, can this man not carrying on a conversation without threats, how about just talking and conversing on your own merit? For me, Rafe’s way of handling EJ was perfect. EJ was obviously distressed and putting in a lot of effort not to over react to Rafe’s innuendo’s and suppositions, score one for the Rafester. Although I don’t think EJ shot Stefano….his demeanor says he’s guilty of something and I don’t think it’s just the fact that he’s ready Alice’s letter to Stefano.

    Where were the writers going with Brian’s attack on Will? Could there be more to Will being at the Spot with Neil and Brian on the night Stefano was murdered? Brian seem to have no compassion for Will and the position he was in with coming out to his family and being accused of murder. I might be reaching here, but I’m thinking Sonny is going to be hurt in some way trying to standby Will.

  185. From SandyGram

    #183 MAB
    Take a look at Post #150 it has the gun conversation for both EJ and Roman and EJ and Rafe’s conversation today.

  186. From SandyGram

    #182 Kat
    Absolutely Rafe has motive to bring down both Stefano and EJ, but who doesn’t as you mentioned. Right now it would appear only those whose finger prints were found on Abe’s gun is being considered as the murderer. It will be interesting to see how the new writers will close out this murder investigation. Their material should start appearing this week at least in those areas where there is a re-write. Then after the Olympics I think the story lines belong to them whether they choose to keep the old story going or write all new stuff.

  187. From Shani

    patty spoilers fool us sometimes so thanks for the warning about tomorrow’s show.

    Rafe is not a suspect because there is no evidence against him, regardless of any motive. But the others have motive along with fingerprint evidence against them. EJ is hiding something so obviously & Rafe sees it. Spencer was impressed with Rafe’s handling of EJ today. So was I! I wonder about Brian’s attack on Will & what that was all about & what could it lead to. Sami was so out of line with Carrie.

  188. From Kat

    Yes Ladies,
    The plot get’s thicker every day,
    Orient Express in Salem.
    All Aboard, …

  189. From Cindy

    I hope they do not make John EJ’s father. That would make EJ and Sami related. Colleen is John’s mother. Colleen is Shawn’s sister. Shawn is Roman’s father. John and Roman are cousins. EJ and Sami would be (second or third or whatever) cousins. Too much even for a soap.

  190. From Julia

    Tomorrow is a will see, Rafe is so obnoxious but at least he is right about Sami, why bother him on work about some potential pregnancy, Sami you have better things to do..even apart they are boring in scenes together zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Ej/Will scenes are quite good although Will is becoming pretty cocky..
    p.s: this Brian guy is pretty cute..Will is a lucky guy.

  191. From Anna

    wow i am litterally annoyed by some telling that Lucas need to save Will and Sami from Ej !! AU SECOUR first Ej is not a menace to them, on the contrary he quite helped them these last months, secondly Sami and even Will can help themselves, they are strong enough to deal with Ej, at least Sami and Will seems to handle it quite well for now..As for Lucas he has always been only a sidekick to Sami, she was always the one who drove the stories, when he has a more significant role was when they hated each other, otherwise he can be funny and nice when he is not a controlling yelling little man but a leading man never he was or will be. As for Kate’s son he was not so strong he was above all Kate’s sidekick and a little mama’s boy, not really a backbone..

  192. From Cougar

    GSorry just gotta say it . . . Colonel Mustard in the parlor with a gun.

  193. From Cougar

    I know that they had to make everyone look guilty somehow but really. Couldn’t they come up with a little more dimmension than everyone tells Steph off and stupidly touches the gun. It seems to be lazy writting to me not to have a little more diversity to point the finger of guilt.

  194. From Cougar

    Sami did have a good point when when she made the remark about both Marlene & Carrie both committed adultery in their marriages. It really doesn’t put them on a higher moral ground when you think of it that way.

    Sami puts herself in the position where Her mother and sister wish to confide in her but on the other hand when Marlene says that she is not playing favorites and is always there for Sami, well it just doesn’t ring true to me. Saint Marelene has always preferred her step-daughter to Sami. I don’t recall ever seeing her shopping or doing lunch with Sami. Also, the night Steph was murdered Marlenen blew Sami off when they ran into each other.

  195. From Cougar

    Meant to say Sami puts herself in the position where her mother and sisiter do not wish to confide in her.

  196. From patty

    Sami has definetly put herself in a position where either Marlena or Carrie wouldn’t want to confide in her. Her old “you like her better than me” routine is really getting boring and juvenile. Marlena has tried with Sami but somehow Sami always ends up throwing old stuff in her face so we can’t blame Marlena one bit to want to spend more time with Carrie. Carrie is more loyal to John and Marlena than Sami ever was and she’s not even their biological child. Sami’s too busy throwing tantrums and throwing blame around for things that happened a lifetime ago and has ruined every attempt her family does to have a relationship with her.

  197. From SandyGram

    For my fellow Spoiler Junkie’s Check out for some terrific Spoilers….all about whether EJ is guilty of shooting Stefano.

    Then we’ve been wondering where Caroline was….surprise Spoiler in August she will be involved with a key story line.

    This should be the beginning of the new writing team. Just maybe seeing Caroline return to the screen is evidence of that….Just maybe!

  198. From MAB

    Marlena said she doesn’t play favorites, yet stood right there and did it! She’s so hypocritical. She caudles Carrie, and reprimands Sami. They both slung insults, it sure wasn’t all Sami. And Sami was right about nearly everything she said. The only truth Carrie spoke was when she told Sami it was her who ruined her marriage. That is true…both Sami & Rafe ruined their marriage. But Carrie, nor Rafe, isn’t innocent of what happened after. Then Carrie stands there and cries to Marlena about not being able to get over Rafe. She is so pathetic, and certainly no better than Sami. Marlena & Carrie preceded Sami in cheating on their husbands, and they think the reasons for their infidelity is validated because they’re in love, yet they slam Sami for her infidelity when it was done out of grief…just proves they think they’re above Sami, but they’re not. At least Sami admits to her faults. And Carrie’s rant about what a good guy Rafe is is debatable. Just because she sees him that way doesn’t mean he is. I feel so sorry for Austin to have a wife like Carrie. He is too good for her, and always will be.

    I agree w/ Cougar. Marlena claims she’ll be there for Sami…well where has she been thus far? I think it was a slap in the face to Sami finding Marlena shopping for Carrie’s unborn child. When have we ever seen her do the same for Sami’s kids? If it doesn’t involve Will, then she is an absentee grandmother to Sami’s children.

    Just when I thought Rafe couldn’t be any more arrogant, he takes it to another level. All he’s doing is digging his own grave. He’s either gonna loose his job – again – or he’s gonna get in trouble for harassing EJ. He’s ignoring all the other suspects & not investigating any other leads. He is putting all his money on EJ, and I’m gonna laugh when the real shooter is revealed and Rafe – again – will be duped. I think EJ handled himself perfectly yesterday, and I don’t see where Rafe thinks he rattled EJ…all he’s doing is pissing him off. Watch out Rafe, you might just end up back under the DiMera mansion again. If Rafe can walk in and make threats to EJ, then EJ can make them back. Although I found the things EJ said like more of a promise than a threat. EJ doesn’t want to be accused of something he didn’t do, so he has to be cautious…coupled w/ that and the fact he’s supposedly not Stefano’s son is what EJ’s hiding. In Salem, all you need is motive to be accused of a crime, especially w/ the way the Salem PD conduct business. Like EJ said, he can’t trust them to be objective because they want to nail him no matter what. Again, I don’t believe Rafe shot Stefano (he would’ve shot EJ instead), but that doesn’t make him or anyone else in Salem innocent. The shooter wore gloves, so it could’ve been anyone. And Spencer, I don’t hold much stock in anything he says. Who says he can be trusted? And what happened to the cop following Roman around?

    I agree w/ Anna. Why does Lucas have to be a sidekick to Sami (just like Rafe was)? Sami can handle herself, always has, and Will, well if he’s old enough to be out drinking legally in a gay bar (which would make him 21 not 18), then that makes him an adult. Besides, he got involved w/ EJ on his own. So he needs to shut up and stop complaining.

    I can’t believe the writers continue to let that letter float around. Now Will has found it again. EJ would never let something like this be found. He would have it locked up, or would’ve destroyed it already. What about the safe behind Stefano’s pic?

    No comment on the gay discussions at the pub. I found them nauseating.

    SandyGram – the excerpt says nothing about EJ admitting to Roman he owned a gun.

  199. From JiBi

    Julia, I’m so with you, Brian is pretty HOT/cute :) This is to bad that he is gay because he could be a competition for the young girls, DOOL are missing cute young guys for the young girls lol IMO

  200. From Shani

    3 cheers for Sami. She has not done anything Marlena & Carrie haven’t done. But have Marlena & Carrie slept around like Sami always has? & these days she & Rafe are still married aren’t they so she has cheated on Rafe several times, with EJ & with Lucas with Lucas & with Lucas again. Or have I lost count? I am rooting in a huge way for both Rafe & Will against EJ.

  201. From Shani

    Jibi, agreed about Brian being HOT.

  202. From patty

    #197 SandyGram, interesting spoilers. Definetly setting EJ up for murder. Looks like someone is about to give him a taste of his own medicine.
    That epic confrontation between Lucas and EJ and Lucas promising to protect Sami has got me thinking. I’m hoping I’m wrong but I did hope they didn’t just hire Lucas to blend in with the decor.

  203. From SandyGram

    #198 MAB
    Quote: “the excerpt says nothing about EJ admitting to Roman he owned a gun.”

    Neither does my Post #150 say EJ admitted to owning a gun. It says “We didn’t see EJ take out the gun that is normally kept in the desk. He couldn’t of used Abe’s gun to shoot at the Wall Sconce Abe had not been to the house yet and Abe’s gun only had one bullet missing from the chamber. This probably explains why EJ tossed what appeared to be his gun, it wasn’t a registered gun.”

    Although my explanation in another post said I’ve been unable to find where EJ tossed a gun so I conceded it was only the gloves he tossed, I still only said what appears to be EJ’s gun. Not that it was EJ’s gun.

    It’s obvious that EJ never legally owned a gun or it would have been registered as has been pointed out. We could go deeper into who’s gun did EJ use to shoot up the wall sconce, but how deep do we want to go. For me, the bottom line is EJ had a gun and it’s only semantics whether he owned it or not. He sure wasn’t upfront with Rafe and Spencer that he used a gun the night Stefano was shot as he did with Roman.

  204. From JEAN

    What with all the cross fornicating, adultery, homosexuality, etc. etc. etc. I’ve lost interest in a program I used to watch with my mother and aunts. The sands of time are running out on Days of Our Lives.

  205. From MAB

    At this point, who knows who is still married. The writers never let it be known when divorces or final, if papers are signed, etc. Rafe seems to have moved on from Sami, and so has she so apparently it doesn’t bother them in the least what each other does, whether they’re still married or not.

    Exactly, Sami hasn’t done anything that Marlene & Carrie haven’t done. Marlena & Carrie have slept around too. They’ve had a list of men of their own, no different than Sami. And they’ve all cheated. Marlena & Carrie are no better than Sami, and never will be.

    If there is a confrontation between EJ & Lucas, it won’t be epic. Lucas looks silly standing up to EJ.

    SandyGram – all I asked was if you could produce the conversation where EJ admitted to Roman about shooting the wall, because you said it happened, but I don’t recall it. If it did happen, I would think Roman would’ve questioned him about the gun and confiscated it for evidence. We know for sure EJ didn’t use Abe’s gun to shoot the wall, and I don’t think he used the gun in the desk drawer (if there is still one there). He walked in w/ a gun, so I think he got it illegally, just like all of the other suspects did. We know Will & John did, and it appears Marlena did. Bo & Hope probably did too, as I wouldn’t think they’d be stupid enough to use their police guns, and who knows where Kate got hers. So EJ certainly isn’t the only one who got an illegal gun that night.

  206. From angelsons4


    Please don’t post in all caps – SOF Admin

  207. From Kat

    203 SG, good one,
    Roman knows that EJ used A GUN to shoot the walls..and they have the bullets.
    Do Roman and Rafe ever compare notes, LOL
    EJ while talking to Stefano, took out his gloves, put them on and then took out a gun from his pockets/pants whatever and aimed it towards Stefano, after his rant, he shot the walls.

    When talking to Roman, he admitted to being the “Scone Shooter” and had the conversation that SGram quoted.
    198 MAB, I so agree with all you said.
    I can’t even stand watching Marlena or Carrie anymore.

    They know that Sami is a burning fire, every body knows that, but those two are so good a always pouring more Gasoline on it, and then They are surprised when the fire gets bigger.
    And, even more pitiful .. the Mother is
    a Shrink, LOL. All MO
    I did not see, EJ being rattled by Rafe,it would take a much, much more “bigger and smarter” person than that Dufus to get to EJ.
    Rafe might think is winning a few little wars in his head,
    but EJ in the End will crush him. So in the meantime Rafe your little fun time with EJ,
    it will Not Last

    Carline, let’s make her anothe suspect right now,…
    She finds the gun in the Safe, put there by Lucas, goes to the Mansion to kill Stefano,
    when she gets there she hears to music, follows it, however does notice Abe’s Gun, and decides to use that Gun, of course Caroline having become “Crime Smart” over the years, and being related to the Keystone cops,
    Knows to wear gloves, bing, bang, she shoots Stefano in the Back, so brave,
    Lot’s of Back shooters around, LOL.

    She goes back to the pub, put’s back the gun into the safe,
    and Will takes it out again, or big Maybe, Will knows that his grandmother took the gun for a while,
    Let’s face it, Our Will is great with COVER Ups.

    Just having a little bit of fun, Who knows what the writers will come up with.

  208. From Maryl

    If I was EJ–I’d have Rafe, Roman, and Agent Spencer thrown out of the mansion by one of my henchman! HA! I hope EJ doesn’t answer any of their stupid questions. Rafe, Roman and Spencer are suffering from the “three stooges syndrome”.
    One of the reasons EJ looks like he’s hiding something is because he is–his true identity. If the Salem PD found out the fact that he is not Stefano’s son, one shudders to thinks how quickly they would make that info EJ’s additional motive for murder. So until he can deal with all of this stuff about his birth, he is definitely hiding something. I seriously doubt he is guilty of Stefano’s murder. Rafe, on the other hand, is getting to look more and more ridiculous as a cop and as a want-to-be lover. Don’t know what they could do with his character any more to make him less annoying. IMO.

  209. From NeeNee

    Sami to Carrie, a la the
    Smothers Brothers:
    “Mom always liked you best!”

    Yes, Caroline has shown the spunk of Mrs. Horton these past few years, what with obviously taking a crash computer class to change the DNA results of Chloe’s baby. So actually being the shooter doesn’t surprise me. It’s just that Caroline has to be in her 80′s if Roman is a minimum of 60 because Carrie is 40 (with Sami being no more than 36, if you go by Will’s age). Let’s face it, the soaps play fast & loose with ages whenever it suits their plotlines.

    Re: the gun . . . off topic, are you guys aware that our illustrious President is doing a deal under the table with gun control being under auspices of the UN?? Scary, people!

  210. From AnnieQ

    On the Sami and Carrie brawl, I am definitely with Sami.Although back in the day Sami was awful in all the scheming and evil things she did to get Austin,that does not excuse Carrie acting like it’s ok to be involved with her sisters husand. Everything Sami threw at her and Marlena was true.Sami did ruin her marriage with the grief sex but that does not give Carrie carte blanche to go for her Sisters husband. Many of my friends have handsome husbands and I dont even see them as men.. they’re just my friends husbands and therefore off limits! Marlena never reprimands Carrie on that and Carrie was totally out of line with
    her barbs to Sami.Fortunately ,Samigot the final barb in and Carrie had to admit to Marlena that It was true.Poor Austin! Also, surprised at Rafe’s lack of boundaries..its just not OK!well I am done with my little rant that topic just really gets to me.
    Also don’t like Nicole and Dr LOve..having EJ’s baby, saying it’s Rafes and now having sex with with daniel. Returning to her slutty ways.
    I do however feel sorry for EJ in the situation with Nicole..I understand her concerns but he is a good father aside from taking them from their mothers.Some of you do not like to see him begging and pleading with Nicole but I love to see the soft tender side of him..makes him human..I even loved when he fell in love with Taylor..that vulnerability brings much needed nuance to his character. If not for those moments and his love for his family I would not be able to connect with him at all.
    Oh well, time to go and watch todays show, later.

  211. From MAB

    Kat – when EJ first showed up at the mansion that night, he walked in wearing the gloves, and I think the gun was in his black coat pocket. Later, he removed the gloves while they were talking, later he put the gloves back on, aimed at Stefano, then shot the wall. I’m sorry, but I don’t recall hearing EJ admit to shooting the wall. That is why I was asking SandyGram.

    Schuyler Yancey, who plays Cameron, tweeted “a random person sent me a drink at brunch with a message attached saying who killed Stefano DiMera?”

    On this same website, there’s a poll asking fans who is Sami’s soulmate: EJ wins at 45%, Lucas came in second at 31%, and Rafe comes in last at 24%.

    Spoilers say EJ finally agrees to take the lie detector test, but someone unknown sets him to up fail. Then it says Rafe starts to wonder is EJ is really guilty, while Roman is convinced of it. Then EJ gets set up again when the gloves turn up at the mansion for the cops. I think it’s either Will, or the real shooter, probably Ian.

  212. From patty

    AnnieQ, I don`t see a difference between EJ falling for his wife`s sister(and sleeping with her) and Carrie falling for her sister`s husband. Really, it brings nuance to EJ`s character but it makes Carrie a bitch,I don`t get it.

  213. From Kat

    MAB, EJ was down at the station, when they talked about him shooting out the scones. The police know it was him, and they recovered the bullets.
    Don’t know why Rafe does not know that.
    It happened when all the suspects were called down to the station.

    Poor Will, don’t cry foul to Mom and Dad and the World,when things turn out sour for You, and they will, unfortunately.
    He truly is his Mother’s son, starting to go down a road, he should not be on.

    But it will make a good SL.
    Rafe after a while, starting to doubt that EJ is guilty, well that could be a good one to watch.
    Maybe Rafe has some shining moments ahead of him, he needs something to make him more of a Strong Personality.

    Austin, it’s sickening to watch anymore,
    and Carrie, well she is something else.
    I hope that Sami tells Austin, that Carrie Did say, She wishes Rafe was her Baby’s father… well the woman said it dah.
    I never have seen laughing, hugging, etc. between Marlena and her daughter Sami,
    but then again, she was never around, and I do not mean when she was kept away by Stefano,

    to busy with John and other peoples problems.

    EJ also was voted by 0ver 40% – hottest Male on the show,
    next highest was 11%.

  214. From kat

    When EJ fell for Taylor, he Did not Know, she was Nicole’s sister.
    The feelings were there already big and strong, when he found out who his “Love interest” was.
    I see a difference, he did Not knowingly go after “His wife’s sister”) at the time.
    AnnieQ, like your post.
    Also when EJ was with Nicole, it was totally understood that it was not a “Love Marriage”, so I guess, he could fall for somebody else. Nicole had agreed to the terms.

  215. From patty

    Maybe John is setting up EJ for Stephano’s murder. A little payback maybe for EJ framing him for the stolen funds. It doesn’t matter who sets him up, could be Stephano himself. It’s time for EJ to get a taste of his own medicine. Maybe Rafe will get to throw him behind bar and watch him sweat like he did to him. I wonder what this will do to his position as mayor if he’s a murder suspect.

  216. From patty

    EJ knew that Taylor was Nicole’s sister but married Nicole anyway. No excuses or free pass for EJ, he’s a cheater. He cheated on Nicole multiple times.
    Why shouldn’t Will go down that road, he learned from the best, his master who keeps threatening him and treats him like his slave. I hope he does get on top and stays there. Not poor Will anymore!

  217. From MAB

    For those who enjoyed the new publicity pic of EJ & Sami where she’s standing in front of him wearing the red dress, there’s another one out there w/ her facing him. Google days of our lives new publicity photos of ejami, and find both pics under EJAMI Publicity Photos.

  218. From AnnieQ

    Hi Patti.. touche.. you are right in one sense but I was looking at it the way Kat has already responded.He didn’t know it was Nic’s sister and was not in marriage for love..still not right but in life these things do happen and we are all human in our frailty but not in case of Carrie and Rafe,lol
    Boy, I turn on tv and Nic and Dr Love are at it again..maybe he should step up and claim paternity for the baby since he is getting all the
    perks! I love that Nicole called him out for sleeping with his patients but he didn’t have much of a defense.I actually had forgotten her connection to Chloe, her best friend..again not OKAY!But I guess in Salem, it’s a different story.
    I was never an Ejami fan and sort of loved to hate EJ but with him losing father and Lexi, being disowned I can’t help but feel compassion and now think that he and Sami would be passionate, love hate drama filled ride but, i’m not invested in it..willing to see where the writers take it.
    Wow, Will has made a bold move with EJ..I love it and am scared for him at the same time.but it will be nice to see EJ squirm.

  219. From MAB

    Kat – I just don’t remember EJ telling Roman he shot the wall. And that’s not like me because I watch the entire show, and never miss EJ’s scenes. I’ll have to go back and see if I can find the scene on youtube. Also, you’re right about EJ falling for Taylor. He didn’t know she was Nicole’s sister until Nicole was walking down the isle, so no comparison to what Carrie & Rafe did.

    I highly doubt EJ will be put in jail. He is a DiMera and will outsmart them all in the end. That’s just what DiMera’s do. Will will get his unless EJ cuts him a break, and I’m sure Rafe will get his too, or he’ll just be left standing looking like an idiot when his investigation falls apart after it’s revealed EJ isn’t the one who shot Stefano…especially after someone starts setting EJ up. Then EJ will go on as mayor of Salem, and hopefully clean out the Salem PD of all the dopey police officers who can’t solve any crimes, or should I say find the persons responsible for the crimes. And if all else goes well, EJ & Sami will soon be back together too, and all will be right in Salem!

    I see I was right about Madison. Spoilers say she doesn’t believe Ian is giving Brady drugs, and she is not even willing to give Brady the benefit of the doubt. OMG, she can’t leave the show fast enough for me!

  220. From patty

    Spoilerish! Will to EJ: “Let’s make something very clear, I OWN you now!” Ha! Yup, he learned from the best. I just wish they could stop smiling and laughing through their scenes.

  221. From Shani

    Finding out Taylor was Nicole’s sister didn’t stop EJ. He kept on going after her anyway & then slept with her. I like AnnieQ’s LOL quip that we are all human in our frailty BUT NOT in the case of Carrie & Rafe. Ain’t it the truth?! I don’t think Rafe believes EJ shot Stefano & he will probably be surprised as anyone when EJ fails the lie detector. I think Rafe won the cat & mouse with EJ yesterday & EJ was rattled. Rafe doesn’t know yet EJ is not Stefano’s son so he thinks whatever EJ is hiding might have to do with the shooting. & for all we know at this point, that could be true & EJ is hiding something besides not being a DiMera.

  222. From kat

    MAB, hi I am beginning to doubt myself now, thought I remember the Scone shooting talk with Roman, maybe I did dream it.
    No harm done, love discussing with you….
    Once EJ found out that Taylor was his “wife’s) sister, it was To Late, he was already in Love….
    Carrie and Rafe both knew who they were, and did it anyway….
    Got to run, later.

  223. From MAB

    EJ only fails the lie detector test because he is set up to do so. And evidence getting planted in his apt., well let’s just say if EJ is guilty, then he’ll get off because of all the shotty police work that is being done. Maybe if Rafe played by the rules for once, or was actually looking at all the suspects, then maybe he’d solve a case for once in his career.

    kat – if you find any evidence of the conversation, please let me know. It’s possble I may have just missed it.

  224. From MAB

    Will saying I own you now to EJ is so laughable! It’s like Lucas trying to challenge EJ, it just doesn’t work, or look right. Will better enjoy this leverage he has for now, cause I doubt it last long.

  225. From Shani

    Poor EJ, it was too late & he was already in love so too late to do the right thing & walk away from his wife’s sister!

    I will be glad when Madison finally leaves too & Ian. The storyline has been so predictable since knowing they were leaving & when Ian started drugging Brady to discredit him in the eyes of Madison. I liked her & Brady so am disappointed things are ending this way & I think she is an excellent actress. What I would like is her to find out Ian was drugging Brady & to try and make it up to Brady but he turns her down & that is why she leaves town.

    Happy birthday America!

  226. From SandyGram

    MAB…I too went back and looked at the June 4th You Tube and low and behold….EJ doesn’t actually say to Roman he recalls shooting up the wall sconce, EJ’s shooting the wall sconce was shown in a flashback. So EJ never tolled Roman he had a gun. Well that solves that mystery, I must of incorporated the flashback into my own memory as the spoken word. Now I know I need to spend more time in the yard pulling weeds when I start writting my own version of the show.

  227. From Richard

    Am I right in recalling that it was Billie who brought up EJ as a likely suspect and not Rafe?

  228. From Richard

    Something is very wrong when just about everyone in Salem gets their hands on a gun and threatens Stefano on the very same night and then Stefano is not shot until everyone has made their threats and left the mansion.

  229. From SandyGram

    Episode July 3rd:

    Knock, Knock, Knock….is anybody home. Austin your pregnant wife just told you she still has feelings for her sisters husband out of one side of her mouth and she loves you out of the other side of her mouth. Then Carrie proceeds to tell Austin Sami thinks the baby could be Rafe’s. And what do you say Austin, where does Sami come up with stuff and why now?..Oh I don’t know because Carrie is walking around with Rafe written all over her face and oozing thoughts by the minute of what could have been. Then she needs you to know she never slept with Rafe! Maybe not in the Biblical since but as Sami has been so astute in telling Carrie, in her heart she has.

    Now if anyone wonders why Rafe would never want Sami to work at the SPD with him….just remember today’s show. Perfect example of what’s most important to Sami and that’s Sami…Rafe wouldn’t make it through one investigation that she wouldn’t be right up in the middle of it, dogging him every minute for facts she should not be privy too. I so wanted Rafe to give it right back to Sami when she started brow beating him about sleeping with Nicole. Maybe she would have shut up if Rafe could have just said, Nicole is doing just as you did and I’m helping her just as I helped you… she’s trying to protect her child from the DiMera influence.

    As I mentioned before, call me crazy but the Daniel/Nicole hookup is growing on me. But unfortunately even if she told EJ he was the father of her baby and they worked out a joint custody agreement; Victor would brow beat her as he did Chloe, Daniel would have to sever his relationship with Victor to protect Nikki from Victors hate of her.

    Oh My…William Young Squire even being a strong Jedi will not protect you from the wrath of EJ (not to mention Stefano when he returns). Just reading Alice’s letter you went to far, but to take it out of the DiMansion and put it in a safe at the Pub where obviously many people have access to what were the writers thinking…haven’t they ever heard of a Safety Deposit Box! This maybe how Caroline becomes involved in a big storyline in August, she finds the letter and reads it. I would speculate there will be a bigger fall out of Will knowing this little secret that could involve many other characters.

    To everyone enjoy being with family and friends as you celebrate our Independence Day!

  230. From MABHTR

    So nice to see the slimy, evil EJ finally get what he so deserves! Go young Will, bring this puke down. We have had enough of him getting away with everything. A dimera or not, he is still evil. Rafe will figure it out. He is the only one with sense. Sami will sleep with anyone these days, so look out Abe she is probably coming for you soon! She is such a whorish character. She deserves the wicked EJ. They can both dot in **** with Stefano! Go Rafe! And he is the most handsome guy on this show for sure.

  231. From SandyGram

    In looking at a few Spoilers, one talks to John making a move to take over DiMera Enterprises. Now that Will wants to be a Mini-EJ it will be interesting to see how this affects John and Will’s relationship.

  232. From Debbie

    I know a lot of you hate all the smirking that goes on with some of the characters but I like it. Especially with Will…he’s a natural with it and when he gets called out for doing it, he’s so good at changing his expressions effortlessly.

    Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope none of you are victims of storm damage or power outages and are able to just enjoy the holiday doing whatever. I put my flags out early today. I love this great country of ours. It may not be a bed of roses but it’s not full of thorns either.


  233. From Clear

    First- don’t like it Will thinks he is so superior and tells EJ what he has to do. They have now completely ruined Will’s character and he will probably become the most evil villain on the show but without Stefano’s finesse. I like the spoiler that John will endeavor to take charge. I was thinking that if Ian is actually a Dimera which is unknown, that Will may be if Ian is Lucas’ father. How is Ian connected to the Dimera Phoenix, and how soon will he be found out and gotten his just desserts. Stefano and EJ are the conflicted villains we love to hate, but Ian and what they have done to Will not looking good to me. I want those charcters gone and in particular Ian. I watch scenes with Will, EJ and Sami, and FF others. I fast forward through most all of Ians–cannot stand his character!! Ian is so swarmy and disgusting a character that it ruins my soapy dreams!!

  234. From Julia

    oh clear i quite disagree with you about Will, with this direction they make finally this character not a goodie two shoes but a conflicted, flawed and grey character..far more interesting imo..moreover if they can make his relationship with Ej more a partnership (and i say that in an ‘innocent’ way of course lol he already has pretty Sonny and Brian to keep him busy in this area..haha) it would be delicious, unpredictable and interesting. Will is more his mother’s son (or at least what she used to be) and not so much some little ‘innocent’ kid like his mother by the way and his self-righteous Brady family seem to believe, ha ha, love it !

  235. From Realitycheck

    Hey MABHTR Sami a ‘whorish character’ seriously ? What about Nicole who string along Rafe, Daniel and Ej at the same time, what about Rafe who let believe he slept with Nicole and is about to do it with Carrie at every moment ? What about Carrie with Austin and Rafe ? What about Gaby between her stalker and her obsession Chad ? ect…such a biased and hypocritical pov MABHTR.
    As for Rafe the dullar being the most handsome of the handsomest it is question of taste and MANY don’t share your taste, it’s life.

  236. From Delores

    When some one holds some one in captivity, like Andrew is holding Melanie, how the heck do they expect them to use the bathroom, or bathe themselves? My God writers at least give them the privilege of these conveniences in some way or form! NOT just toss them in a cell with nothing but a BED!! I HATE watching episodes like this any way. Let Melanie escape and find out what GAG-i has been up to so she can horse whip her like a flea on a dog tic!!

  237. From Miselemeas

    #230 MABHTR I totally concur and agree with all that you said and on a frivolous but yet important note to me Rafe is looking more gorgeous and glowing these days He is pre-eminent in both acting and looks over all men on the show Bring it Rafe; Slainte

  238. From Shani

    SandyGram I am liking Nicole & Dr. Dan together more & more.

    So great between Will & EJ today. They really play off each other well onscreen. Their timing, etc. is terrific. Such a kick out of Will’s facial expressions. LOL when he took out the cigar smelled it & put it in his pocket. & pulling up that chair to talk face to face with EJ. & I completely cracked up at his final words just so we’re clear I own you – Superb! Played it back to EJ the same as EJ has said to him! The actor has Will down pat. Gabi now help your friend. Another crack up for me when Andrew laughed at Gabi living with Chad but still not having him to come on to her.

  239. From Debbie

    Clear and Julia, about Will. I’m liking how his character has shown to have a dark side with EJ’s influence. To show that he is indeed his mother’s son will give the show a much needed boost in bringing something new to the storylines. And I think seeing this new side to him will give the EJAMI fans something to look forward to since I’m sure Sami will try to intervene when she sees how far Will has gone and this will bring her into EJ’s company more and more. As for Rafe, I think we’ve already seen his darker side emerge with his involvement with Carrie and his trying to protect other women while getting himself into a mess while doing so. I’m not complaining…I kinda like it because it shows that every person in Salem has this other side to them that they’d like to hide but it peeks out every so often. Makes for good story, IMO.

  240. From Jai

    Glad to see Will and also EJ have a nice neat haircuts. Most of the men on the show look like they just got out of bed and didn’t comb their hair – kind of like “rats nests”. Also don’t like how the younger women have such straight, flat hair. Would love to see Sami & Rafe back together – they have such wonderful chemistry together for whatever happens in their lives.

  241. From Marilou

    Shani : i agree with everything you just said about Nicole/Daniel and Will/Ej.

    As for Rafe, i can’t stand this character, to me he is one of the worst actors on the canva, as for his looks not my cup of tea but to each his own, life would be boring if everybody would like the same thing.

  242. From SandyGram

    Episode July 4th:
    Although I think Will is cruising for a bruising I do like Chandler Massey’s portrayal of Will’s newly acquired egotistical side brought on by his relationship with Elvis. The writers have given him and EJ a great script and as Shani #238 was saying from their facial expressions to the little details like the cigar, pulling up the chair, and coming back to let EJ know who belongs to whom, tossing all of EJ’s moves and gestures right back at his teacher…all great touches that brings this story line around.

    But I’m not liking Will ‘wanting’ power to use as EJ does whereby thinking that intimidating or threatening is how he obtains or gains control of a person, position, or the power he is seeking. I’m not quite ready to refer to Will as going to the dark side just yet. Right now, for me, he’s playing a part to get what is needed to bring down EJ…I’m not ready to give into Will’s action as being part of his basic true personality.

    Then Andrew had the line of the day after Gabi tells him Chad said she could move back to her apartment. Andrew quote “And you still can’t get him to make a move on you.” Now that she knows Andrew has Melanie she is surely in deep ‘do do’. To keep her quiet he will threaten to tell that she was involved in the kidnapping…now who couldn’t see that coming? Now through a SPOILER…Andrew takes Melanie out of Salem. That would lead me to believe this story line will be how Molly leaves the show which is too bad. I would like to see her get a nice send off.

    Finally how many times are we going to have to see Rafe and Carrie say they have to stay away from one another? Her plea to him today and the comment ‘she can’t do this anymore’ must be leading up to her and Austin leaving town. Being in the same town as Rafe and trying to keep her relationship together with Austin is not working out for her. Well maybe if they would stop meeting in obscure places they wouldn’t be so tempted. How many 15 minutes of fame is this girl going to need before it’s Bye Bye time.

  243. From patty

    I’m glad Will has finally turned the table on EJ but I find it kind of disturbing that Will wants to be EJ, the man who has hurt every member of his family at one time or another. He wants to learn from him but what is he going to learn, how to destroy the Bradys and the Hortons? How to frame them or how to alter their minds? I wonder if Will is going to be willing to hurt his family just so he can be like his mentor.
    The sexual undertones between the two are also getting a little nauseating. We might be getting ourselves a EJ/Sami/Will triangle if it keeps going this way. I wish Days would move on to some good storylines for some of the other great characters on the show.

  244. From SandyGram

    #242 patty
    In a recent Interview with James Scott the issue of sexual undertones between EJ and Will was addressed. Jame’s response was something like “EJ as the great manipulator, that he is, will use flirtation as one of the mechanisms to get someone to do what he wants”. But no there will be no Elvis/Will hook up. And that’s OK with me!

    Yes I’m not understand how Will almost immediately after EJ started blackmailing him, his whole personality changed. He didn’t seem to mind doing EJ’s dirty deeds and now him say he wants to be like EJ just how far will he go. So I’m hoping this is all part of Will’s rouse to get something on EJ. I’ve also asked a question about John and Will in another posting. If John goes after DiMera Enterprises, how will that affect his and Will’s relationship?

  245. From Clear

    Yes to Sandy and Patty’s posts. Anyway beyond that I am not enjoying Will’s conversion to all things on the darkside. Why did the writers have to ruin his character?

  246. From Debbie

    SandyGram and Clear, I don’t think Will’s turn to the dark side is going to be permanent. Like SandyGram suggested above, it might just be Will trying his hand at manipulating EJ and I agree with that possibility. And like we all know, the writers can always redeem a character and Will is no exception. However, I do believe that he’ll keep whatever knowledge he learned from EJ and will use it to his advantage when it suits him, like maybe against his mother.

  247. From Clear

    Debbie, you could be right. Just imagine the time Sami will have when Johnny and Sydney plus Allie all suffer that rapid aging syndrome and become teenagers!

  248. From Amanda D

    If the writers read any of these at all, please, I am begging you – STOP THE CARRIE AND RAFE MADNESS. It is AWFUL. Worst story line in a looooooooooooong time. So bad. Thanks.

  249. From MAB

    #226 SandyGram – thanks for letting me know about EJ not telling Roman about shooting the wall. I didn’t think I recalled him telling him, and I didn’t think I had missed it because you know me, I don’t miss too much when it comes to EJ!

    Austin is getting on my nerves now w/ the way he treats Carrie. It’s sickening! She doesn’t deserve him, and I so wish he would kick her to the curb, but w/ her carrying his child, that’s not gonna happen. He’s too good of a guy to do that.

    I agreed w/ Rafe at first when Sami barged in ranting about Carrie and him saying she shouldn’t be bothering him about his personal life while he’s working, but then again, how much work can he really be doing when all he’s doing in concentrate on nailing EJ, while letting all the other suspects walk around like they did nothing. Then he goes and spends all this time w/ Carrie, while he should be working on the case. So his claim to Sami about working on the case falls on deaf ears.

    Sami never wanted to keep the kids from EJ except for when Rafe was in her ear telling her to keep the kids from their real father so he could play daddy. Sami didn’t want her kids around Stefano. She has admitted many times that EJ is a good father, even so recent at Lexie’s memorial. I think Sami & Nicole’s reasonings for keeping EJ’s kids from his differs. I don’t know what Nicole’s thinking is anymore. She can’t make up her mind who or what she wants.

    Again, Will challenging EJ leaves much to be desired. It’s a joke! I still don’t see where the letter proves anything. It’s just a letter, and I have seen no documents proving EJ is not Stefano’s son. To me, EJ still has the upper hand. I understand Will wanting the car, apt, and a real job (not an internship) back, and I even understand Will asking EJ to make him his right hand man, and teach him everything because he wanted to be like him. That was the only realistic verbage to come out of Will’s mouth. Everything else made him look like a kid talking back to his parents, including pulling out the cigar, which made him look ridiculous. But to ask EJ for power…how stupid is that? Power is earned, and you have to be ruthless to pull it off, and somehow no matter how much Will learns from EJ, he’s never gonna pull that off. Like EJ said, you’ll never be me. Will is telling Sonny he wants to bring EJ down, but I don’t think he does. I think he’s truthful in wanting to be like EJ. Will is not asking to be like Stefano (mind control & trying to ruin the Bradys). EJ is doing none of that, that is unless they come after him first. All in all, I think it would be interesting for EJ to take Will under his wing for real, and teach him the business. In reality tho, it should really be Chad. But then he apparently he still wants nothing to do w/ the family business.

    I think Will wants power because of how weak he’s always been. And now that he’s gay, that is cause for more problems in his life. So I think he wants to be able to handle things, and be confident & powerful in doing it like EJ.

    I’ve never seen these so-called sexual undertones between EJ & Will. The only reason it’s being implied is because Will is gay. To me, their acting together would be no different if Will was not gay.

    I think Will’s smiling is annoying, but I can see where it is warranted sometimes from him & EJ. Apparently EJ is a little tired of it too, as he told him the other day to stop smiling.

    I agree about Will & EJ having nice haircuts. Chad’s was so awful, but he recently cut his too, which looks nice. Sonny’s is by far the worse on the show, terrible!

    #230 – hmm, can you be anymore obvious w/ your name?? There is no denying what you’re trying to imply, and IMO, admin should ban your screen name, or better yet, ban you from posting.

  250. From JiBi

    Will keeping the letter to the safe which lots of people know the combination is not a good idea.

  251. From Kat

    #230, I agree, your Screen name, an obvious insult to MAB,, Should Be Banned.

  252. From SandyGram

    Spoiler…Excerpt from Daytime Royalty, Soap Opera Digest Article, Issue Date July 9th:

    “John sees EJ as the next Stefano, so he wants to claim his rightful part in the DiMera empire in order to “neutralize” EJ. John, Marlena and Lucas all try to sway the various DiMera board members to give John control”.

    I’m confused, since when did DiMera Enterprises have a Board Members, it makes it sound like it’s a legitimate business? Maybe just for the legal side of the business, so it’s got to be pretty small. And Marlena and Lucas is going to help convince them John should have control? Since when did they have influence over anything DiMera?

  253. From Richard

    It’s good to see Will on top of the situation for a while. It may be short-lived, but it’s high time EJ got a dose of his own medicine, for a change.
    I don’t know what happened between Austin and Carrie in the past. It could be that Austin could be part of their problems, as well as Carrie. After all, Kate is his mother and I see the problems that Lucas, Philip and Billie have had with her.

  254. From Maryl

    Will’s dark side emerging does not surprise me. I think it was probably always there and now since he is an adult, it can’t be contained anymore. What I’m wondering is what will Grandma Marlena think about her “Darling Boy” once she gets wind of what he has been up to with EJ. If Will was sincere in simply trying to bring EJ down, why not use the info he has on him right now for that purpose. Instead he has chosen to use it for his own personal benefit. He is definitely like his mom, Sami!
    John trying to take charge of DiMera Enterprises could be interesting. I’m looking forward to that SL. Hope it’s done right. EJ will come out swinging with everything he’s got, however, I’m just wondering if in the course of all this, John might learn that EJ is his son.

  255. From JiBi

    Yes Yes Yes!!! My dream finally came thru, it is official my favourite actress, Eileen Davidson, will return in October, OMG I’m so happy that I have to tell:) I hope that the writer will do it right this time…

  256. From Cindy

    Did I miss a memo or is my computer just not showing the daily updates anymore? I can’t possibly wait until I get home from work to see what is happening each day! HA!

    #230 – I also agree that your screen nmae is inappropriate. I have had my share of disagreements with people on this site, but in my opinion that is childish and just uncalled for. MAB – sorry you have to see that.

  257. From SandyGram

    Days Of Our Lives Casts Greg Vaughan… Comings and Goings for Soap Opera

    Coming to Salem.
    ABC Soaps In Depth has confirmed the rumor that former “GH” star Greg Vaughan (ex-Lucky) will be joining the cast of “Days Of Our Lives.” However, unlike earlier rumors, it appears that the actor may not be coming to Salem as Eric Brady, Sami’s (Alison Sweeney) brother.

  258. From SandyGram

    #255 Cindy
    I think the Holiday being in the middle of the week has caused a little hiccup.

    We should be seeing in the This Weeks Section:
    July 2 – 6 Summary and Postings.

    While in the Next Weeks Section we should see:
    July 9 – 13 Summary and Postings.

    The July 9 – 13 Summary was posted earlier in the week when you search on blog.soapoperafan but there was so many other postings you can’t see it any longer. But you can see the Summary and a few comments that have been made if you search on:
    Dools Spoilers July 9 – 13

    I haven’t experienced any comments not taking if you are posting in the July 2 – 6 Section.

    I would hope it would be all back to normal soon.

  259. From Adrienne D

    does anyone know why this site has not been updated since last month/week? did i miss the memo on a vacation or something?
    #254Jibi: i am so glad she is coming back but which character(s)will she be? kristen? Susan? i cannot wait!!! if she is Kristen i wonder how they will explain the no longer in a harem thing:)

  260. From SandyGram

    #258 AdrienneD
    Take a look at Post #257…I think it’s because the Holiday was in the middle of the week.

  261. From JiBi

    Adrienne: I know, I cannot wait my self :) My guest is she will do both character kristen and Susan but I really want to see more kristen and I was thinking the same how they will explain the no longer in a harem, I hope Stefano as to do something with it :)

  262. From kat

    #255 Cindy, You showed really class as a fellow commenter on here, that you did not like what # 230 did to insult MAB, a Lady that has been on here for years.
    I respect that very much.
    None of us should let little “low lifes” get away with stuff like that, because the next time it could be any of Us.
    Not saying anything, IMO Means “You” are agreeing with it.!!
    And I will never do that,.
    Nothing much to say about the SL’s, except, lame, boring, Vac time fillers,
    but EJ and Will, great acting on both sides. As said before, We thought Sami was Bad, growing up,
    Ladies and Gents, get ready for
    William Horton, you ain’t seen nothing yet…. bring it on,
    little squirt on the loose, power hungry etc…. EJ might be the one in the end to save Will from Himself..
    But what a ride in the meantime, make it good writers…

  263. From MAB

    DiMera Enterprises is a legitimate business, always has been. They do legal business, and on the side, they do not so legal business. That’s the way most mafia families conduct business.

    Sami was always Austin & Carrie’s problem in the past, then Carrie cheated on Austin, and then she became the problem. Austin has never done anything to deserve Carrie’s disloyalty and he is too good for her. As far as Kate, Austin was always able to keep his mother at bay somewhat, unlike the rest of her kids. She only tried keeping Sami away from him, not Carrie.

    I agree w/ Maryl, I think Will has always had a dark side, just like Sami, and even Lucas. But IMO, all the characters have a dark side to them, some’s just don’t emerge as much as others, if at all, but all the characters have that potential dark side. I think when Marlena finds out about Will, she will caudle him just like she does Carrie. I also agree, if Will really wanted to bring down EJ, he could go to Rafe right now, but I don’t think he wants to bring down EJ because if he did, he wouldn’t be able to use the situation for his personal gain.

    I think it will be interesting for John to get involved in the mix to take over DiMera Enterprises. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I like seeing John do most anything. I still wonder if the writers will use this s/l as a way to introduce John as the DiMera we all know him to be from the Santo/Colleen s/l, or if this is just a new s/l to put John into??

    Thanks kat & Cindy for your support on the inappropriate screen name. And it is truly childish.

    Great news to hear Eileen Davidson is coming back. It’ll be interesting to see in what capacity she will return. I think bringing in Greg Vaughn is also great news, but if TPTB pass up using him as Eric Brady, then they are stupider than I thought.

  264. From kat

    P.S. about Eileen D. coming back,
    whatever, Kristin/Susan, sure sooner or later she will turn out to be Both characters, or even more, like in the past.
    Bring it on, but Stefano must also be back, to make it work, without so far, boring, the spark plug is missing in this show.
    Even John will be nothing, unless
    Stefano will come back, sooner or later, EJ, John, Stefano, hopefully Chad, they all feed of one another.
    MAB, so glad, that the writers are finally getting it, about the Ireland Story – Santos/Colleen, John being their Son, and EJ looking just like Santos… and Sami just like Colleen.
    So in the end, in my mind it is all but certain, that EJ is a DiMera, no matter
    by WHO, Stefano, John, or even another DiMera/Santos SON,
    the Man looks like his Grandfather and I will stand by that SL, and the pictures we have seen.

    It’s about time, that We the viewers, hold the Writers feet to the fire a little bit more,
    don’t treat us like idiots, we Long time Viewers know what we see/or saw,
    little things, yes, ok we can overlook, but not a Big Time Story like Ireland and then the fallout when they returned to Salem and John took over the DiMera Empire once before. LOL

  265. From Mary Ann

    I just read what MAB said in #248 and I am confused. I assure you I did not intentionally steal your initials. My name is Mary Ann and my husband and I own a small heating and restoration business. That is why I used our initials. I am sorry. I am new here and didn’t realize you couldn’t use someone else’s initials. I will use my name from now on so as not to anger MAB. So so so sorry.

  266. From Leah

    I think Will has always had a dark side. We saw the start of it when he was young…. setting up schemes, manipulating people to get what he wanted etc etc. I think Will is a chip off Sami’s block. While I think Will will never be as bad as Sami, I do think Will observing Sami and EJs ways and games haven’t helped. But then again the “so called” positive influences in his life haven’t always been that either. Grandpa Roman, Uncle Bo and step dad Rafe all lied and chose to stick their heads in the sand over the Sami shooting EJ in the head. Then we have great Grandma Caroline sabotaging events etc and the we have Grandma Kate! Where do you start with her? Then there is his dad Lucas…. like it or not EJ and Rafe have been there more for him than his own father. At the critical times when he needed a father Lucas was either in jail or off overseas and no where to be found. So Will having this bad side coming out in him… he really didn’t have a chance. At least he’s not as dark as Sami was at the same age.

  267. From Leah

    Mmm… but then again I forgot it has just been made known to us that it wasn’t Lucas that shot EJ it was actually Will! I don’t remember Sami ever doing that in her young teenage years… did she?

  268. From Kat

    264, 254, Leah, nice comments, I like,
    but looking back all the way,
    so far Will is not anything like Sami yet,
    she was the worst, and she also did Shoot EJ, just like Will,
    may I also say, the coward way, Will in the Back, Sami a man dead to the world,
    Sami has done things in her life,
    that only a Mother could still love her, LOL, and we all see how Marlena “loves Her”, more LOL.

    Will, the new generation, being Sami’s son, Lord have Mercy what is coming in the future.

    Like I said before, “You ain’t seen nothing yet….”!
    Bring it on writers, only problem is, Will being such a little guy, makes it kind of comical to take him serious, just like his Dad, Little Lucas…
    But then again, what is the story about David and Goliath….Most of us know it..

  269. From Cindy

    Thanks SandyGram. You seem to always have lots of good inside info. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  270. From SandyGram

    #267 Cindy
    Just in case the Technical Group doesn’t recognize there is an issue with the Postings, I also sent an email to the Admin. Their normally very good about getting back to me.

  271. From grandma to many

    you really learn to appreciate modern coveniences after 6 days with no power in 95 – 100 degree weather thanks AEP for importing help from out of state we lost power for 8 days in 2008 but that was in Sept. with temps in the 70′s it seems Eileen Davidson is due back on Oct. 11 can’t wait this should shake up Salem

  272. From Kat

    268 SandyGram, good,
    I also sent an E-mail to the Admin. to let them know about the insults on our fellow Blogger MAB,
    very important to me as a fellow blogger. Thank you …

  273. From kat

    269 grandma to many,
    just saw your post, after I “hung” up,
    6 days with No Power, no Air most of all, God bless all of you that had to endure that that misery.

    Kristin/Susan, whoever coming back, makes my Day,
    I am almost positive that sooner or later – as needed – she will reprise both roles of Susan/Kristin as needed in the SL.
    Just to see EJ having a Mama, whoopy, do da, and Kristin as a former Love Interest of John’s (DiMera), possible parents to our darling EJ, wow, bring it on.
    She can be both at the same time, as needed, sooner or later.
    Maybe when Susan comes back, old Crumy Bum whatever his name is, is out of the picture, don’t care how….LOL

    So many of you by now, I agree,

    Will, will be the next generation of our “Bad Seed” Sami, and the story goes on, …………….good.

    What’s all the problem about posting, I am doing just fine, posting on here, until it changes, no big Deal for me…

  274. From kat

    I guess I am not done yet, might as well get it all out, while I am on the computer working away, checking in on the blog in between.

    Gaby, now it is getting worse,
    so what is the difference anymore between a Gaby and a Stefano,
    he keeps his prisoners for his reasons, not Good, we agree,
    but now Gaby knows Andrew has Melanie,how in the …. does she know what Andrew might/or not do to Melanie…. For her to hire a “Sicko” like that in the First Place, is criminal and sick,
    now that She knows….to let Melanie stay there with that Sicko, give me a break, it Makes Her No
    Better than a DiMera any day– to let her friend Stay Kidnapped by a sicko Kidnapper….is just as criminal and sick as anything the DeMera’s would dish out, I really do not ever want to hear any big white wash for Gaby, she should
    -meaning her character should get
    boosted of that show, once, who knows when, it all comes out.

    Wonder, how will Melanie’s exit Be…

    Will she come back in a few years, married to her kidnapper Andrew, with a few children in tow,
    or will we see Melanie rescued before she leaves….??

  275. From NeeNee

    Leah, you said “I don’t remember Sami ever doing that in her young teenage years… did she?” (as in something like Will shooting EJ)

    I do believe that as a teen, Sami dated Alan, who eventually raped her. Her testimony did not hold up and the case was dropped. Later, when Alan threatened her at gunpoint, Sami shot him in the groin, castrating him. This was back in the ’90s when Allison Sweeney first came on Days, as overweight/insecure Samantha.

  276. From SandyGram

    #261 & #270 Kat
    #261…Quote “None of us should let little “low life’s” get away with stuff like that, because the next time it could be any of Us. Not saying anything, IMO Means “You” are agreeing with it.!!”

    As I interpret the above comment, if the board members on this site does not say anything regarding the Name in Post #230, we must agree with the use of the name, because I found nothing wrong with the Posting itself. With that in mind, then anyone who didn’t speak out must be a ‘low life’.

    First….I was just wondering how does it feel calling the majority of this board a ‘low life?

    Second….Did it ever cross your mind that there are those who don’t agree with the Name and followed the Posting Guidelines by reporting it to the Administration as you said you did in Post #270.

    Third….Although it appears the Name MABHTR used in Post #230 is directed at MAB, we have no proof of that, so for me, I felt MAB handled it with class. In her Post 248 her comment was to the point and knowing there had been an email sent to the Admin there was no need to build a fire storm around #230. Something about the phrase ‘innocent until proven guilty’ comes to mind here.

    Admin has no obligation to report to us what if any action was taken, what they did or didn’t do, or if they confirmed or didn’t confirm the Name was direct at MAB, but the Post Guidelines were followed. Just a few thoughts!

    Now that I have sat looked at this posting for several minutes and although I hesitate in pushing the send button, here goes!

  277. From Maryl

    I think Kate should get an award for wearing the ugliest dress known to mankind in today’s episode! Her wardrobe is often whacky, but today’s outfit topped the chart. IMO. Not only was the color combo atrocious, it fit her terribly. Kate is so attractive but her wardrobe lacks a lot to be desired.
    I am also excited about E. Davidson returning as Kristen! Out of all the past actors/characters, she is the one that I wished would come back. I believe she will fire up things in Salem–especially if she reprises her dual role of Kristen/Susan. I had always thought she was really EJ’s bio mother–maybe we will get some answers now on who EJ’s real parents are. Could it be John and Kristen???? Poor, poor Marlena! Ha!
    Love Greg Vaughan–I was hoping he would reprise the role of Eric, but I believe he will do justice to any role given him. He will be good eye candy, that’s for sure!
    MAB-I think the blogger who used your name in such a rude and obvious way shows a lack of respect and intelligence.

  278. From kat

    274 SandyGram, with all due respect, I stand by what I said, and second I Did Not call anybody on this blog A Low Life, only the the blogger with the Name MABHTR,
    let’s get that very straight….
    I am personally insulted by your blog against what I said,
    I stood up for MAB, which is more than I can say for you,
    so don’t you claim in your blog that I called Anybody on this site a Low Life, those are your words,
    and I do think that you are putting Your outrage at the wrong person, ME, and Not the person that called out MAB in a nasty way.,

    I did report it to the Admin. myself, but
    just once, I would have like to see on this blog somebody standing up for MAB, a few did,
    but Not You, you never Do, unless somebody a while back went after you, and you got all bent out of shape,
    So SandyGram, I like you as a blogger, you do a good job, but to come on here,
    and put Untruth out about what I said, when I stood up for MAB is totally uncalled for, shame on you.
    AGAIN, SandyGram, you point out to me exactly in which blog I call people on here
    Low Lifes”
    I only did call the person “MABHTR” a low life,
    I am very upset, by defending somebody, I get accused of being the Bad Person, but never a word for the real “Bad Person” so Sad…
    SandyGram, you should have held your button pushing finger back, because for somebody, that never gets upset about any nasty poster on here,

    and does not like to get involved in anything, you picked the wrong person, to let out your whatever

    fury, or whatever, sorely missed so many times in the past, when really needed, but No, then you always were deaf and silent…
    Very upset, Kat…You accused me of saying something about all our bloggers, which I did Not Say….

  279. From Kat

    By the way, next blogger coming on

    … SandyGramHTR, pattyHTR, MarylHTR, innocent until proven guilty like you said in your post # 274, LOL, give me a break…
    Again, I did not call any of all the bloggers A low Life, you better apologize for accusing me of that….

  280. From Clear

    The poster that used MAB in the screen name, please choose another! Trying to get my eyes around the screen name that was not MAB detracted from the message that was interestingly written. At first read I thought it was MAB! It also took away time from analyzing or posting feelings about the show. Choose another sign on please and then continue to post meaningful and informative messages.

  281. From Maryl

    SandyGram–I didn’t intrepret Kat’s comment about “low life” the same way you did. How did you come to that intrepretation? I believe she was referring to those bloggers who appear on this site every now and then and try to stir up trouble by getting personal and nasty. Not speaking up when we see someone diliberately being obnoxious, does give these bloggers a sense of being successful in their attempts to hurt someone. Sorry, but this is one time when I felt a blogger was really pushing it. Not jumping to conclusions is something I also try to practice and believe in but there is no need to jump in this case–anyone can see through this ruse–and several of us have.

  282. From Shani

    Kat I stood up for a long time blogger on here several weeks ago who was called an insulting name followed by other insulting posts when she tried to defend herself & you were one of three who told me I jumped in on something that was not my concern. So should we defend other people on here or not? 230 sign name was disrespectful if meaning what we think it does but I guess we have groups on here who only defend certain ones they like.

    Kate’s outfit yesterday really stood out it was so bad & I didn’t like her hair. I hope she will continue to suspect Ian is responsible for Brady & that Ian does not get away with it.

  283. From Clear

    kate’s dress was unflattering to say the least! Do these stars get to choose what they wear?

    Eileen D as Kristen, wow! I never saw Days during that period. Days could take a page from the good writers at Y & R too and finish the SL and go to another once in a while without so many unresolved loose ends! I have been enjoying Y& R lately more than Days.

  284. From JIBI

    I’m with you Kat and all the other bloggers that this person #230 “MABHTR” was disrespectful to have done this, It is so obvious that the intention of this person just want to attack Mad personally. Really if you have nothing more to do in here but attacking personally a person IMO you are a low life!

  285. From Shani

    Clear I am just getting in to Y&R. Never watched it before & I am getting hooked. Agree about it being better than Days recently. Not go too far off on Y&R since this is a Days site but is the man who killed his son telling the truth of why he did it? Eden can’t remember.

  286. From MAB

    Not too much to say about Thursday’s show, since it was kinda dullsville. I hate to see what’s happening to Brady. He is so adorable, and doesn’t deserve this over that skank Madison. I’ll be so glad when he finally finds someone who will love & support him the way he should be, because she sure doesn’t. And what an idiot…she actually stood there saying I know Ian, I was married to him. Ok, well then if you know him like you say, then you should know he is capable of doing this to Brady. Even Kate figured it out. Also, about Kate’s dress, I actually liked it, but I do agree the pattern was unflattering.

    Leah – great post.

    kat – I would love to see EJ’s have a mother influence too. I just hope if Eileen does come back as his mother Susan that she doesn’t act like she did before. She was too idiotic to me. I would like to see her be a more mature woman, and a real mother to EJ. Or like someone else said, maybe she’ll come back as Kristen and she’ll turn out to be his mother instead.

    Clear, Maryl – thanks for your kind words. It’s insulting for someone to use my name (or anyone’s name) in that manner, and it definitely shows the type of person that individual is. I’m not convinced it’s not someone we already know, but I’m not pointing any fingers. I know admin doesn’t always see everything that goes on here, but for someone to use anyone’s name like that should be banned IMO.

    SandyGram – I agree w/ Maryl that I did not interpret kat’s ‘low life’ comment the same way you did. IMO, someone who goes to those lengths to use someone’s name in the manner mine was used is a low life, and I wouldn’t be ashamed to call them that. I think that is all kat meant. But I just want you, kat, Maryl, Clear, JiBi, Leah, and some others that I know I forgot to mention (sorry) that I would speak up in your defense if the same thing happened to you. I do thank you for your comments on how you think I handled the situation w/ class in my reply to that person.

  287. From Clear

    Yes, Shani, Paul who is the father is a good guy and honest.

    Back to soapy Days now–I hate how they are drawing out what Ian is doing to Brady. Brady needs to get a food taster and I wouldn’t mind if Ian gets a blanket party when Victor finds out what he did to Brady! Then he will have another secret to keep from Maggie! Of course, if she wasn’t such a goody two shoes she might be glad Ian got his just desserts if Vic did that. Ian needs to be run out of town on a rail and out of Titan now!!! Give us justice!!!

  288. From Kat

    Hi, Thank you to all the Ladies that did understand my blog, and what I meant to say.
    Yes, that is what I meant, and I was in NO Way trying to insult any of our good blog buddies.
    SandyGram, maybe If you are willing to read my blog 261 again,
    you can see what I tried to say and the way others understood me.

    We all can read, interpret, or even see things the wrong way,
    so let’s move on, and chuck it up to another day in our life on this blog….Peace to all.
    Kate’s dress, what can I say, it’s been said, Simply Ugly…

  289. From SandyGram

    #276 & 277 Kat
    After going back and reading my Post #274 this morning I too was surprised to see what I had written. I originally wrote two versions of this Post and unfortunately submitted the wrong version. For that I do apologize to you Kat and to the other Board Members for being the one to instigate the fire storm I felt would come from this issue.

    1. The version that should have been submitted ‘Did Not’ include quote “First….I was just wondering how does it feel calling the majority of this board a ‘low life?”

    2. In my interpretation of your statement about ‘low life’ and not saying anything means You are agreeing with it….I meant for my response to be submitted as a question not a statement. It should have said “I read your comment as saying if we say nothing about the Name it means we are agreeing with it. So, if one agrees with it (being the Name) by not speaking up, do you mean we are ‘low life’ also?

    The rest of the post stands as written. Just for clarification when I first saw Post #230 the hair did rise on the back of my neck as I too suspected the Poster was referring to MAB and if it was true this kind of mocking was more than inappropriate. But I also knew the only way to resolve this issue was to report the Post to Administration, they are the only ones with the power to resolve a questionable Name. No amount of calling this person out or calling the Poster names like ‘low life’ was going to resolve the issue.

    Actually Kat, your Post #250 was an excellent response to the ill Named Poster…quote “#230, I agree, your Screen name, an obvious insult to MAB,, Should Be Banned.” But then came Post 261 where the ‘low life’ and the ‘agree with it’ statement came and for me the two seemed to be connected.

    And just so it’s clear, I am not standing up for or defending the ill Named Poster…..I’m standing up for following the Rules and in this particular instance I felt the best way to address it was by notifying Admin. A few members had already commented on the Name, for me, there was no need to bring any more attention to it through member postings than was necessary. And, just so you know the few times I have come to a fellow board members defense to my recollection it has been from MAB and maybe even once for you if I’m not mistaken. I just don’t keep those kind of detail records.

    Finally, in Post #277 For me, it is patty and Maryl who deserve an apology for your invitation to the ‘next blogger’ to create a Name appended by HTR using their names. If you want to bad mouth me then do so, but to bring in fellow Board Members is going to far.

  290. From SandyGram

    Darn Fingers…’it has been from MAB’ should be ‘it has been for MAB’

  291. From SandyGram

    SPOILERs Excerpts from National Enquirer, for week of July 16th:

    - Lucas tells Sami that he wants to make a go of it with her. (I thought he already did that!)

    - Carrie’s feelings for Rafe comes rushing back. (Rushing back have they ever left? Not for me!)

    - The sexual tension between Sami and EJ grows.

    - Lucas is shocked when he gets ahold of Alice’s letter. (Finally the secret is not so secret anymore!)

    - John confronts Ian about his involvement in Brady’s relapse. (It’s about time Dad!)

    - Will argues with Lucas. (A good paddling might help her Lucas!)

  292. From kat

    Here we go again,
    I tried to make an example of who could be next by saying it could be, and I will this time include myself, KatHTR, any name on here, with HTR added.
    I did not call any body on here a low life, this name is reserved for bloggers that “earn” it, like our MABHTR.
    You might have re-read my posts again,
    but you still can’t really let go, of finding something to accuse me of. I am truly sorry for that.

    All it took from you, to say, I mis read your blogs, now I understand, and we could be moving on.
    The Admin. misses so many things on here, and they also expect us to take care of some of the things on here, ourselves.
    SandyGram, again I am truly sorry that you just feel about me,
    you totally did not get my remark about,
    who is next, SandyGramHTR, KATHTR, you name it, it could be anybody on here that gets singled out the next time.
    No apologies warranted, I did not offend anybody, just tried to make a point.

  293. From TerriK

    Well how I’ve missed this place. Unfortunately I ended up in the hospital again now for almost two weeks and without elaborating too much, i’ll just say the results were not good, but we will try again. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

    Now Im escaping a little bit of reality and joining in on the exciting fictional world of DOOL and oh how i’ve missed it!
    Gabi must be destroyed! That’s all i can say about that. I hope she’s revealed for the insane little witch she has become. She will never be able to replace Mel.
    Carrie’s rendezvous’s with Rafe are really getting under my skin & i cant wait for Austin to realize this and gives Rafe a “talking to” and for Kate to strangle Carrie until she’s blue.
    I almost want Nikki & Daniel together just to keep her away from EJ. And whether I want to admit it or not, Daniel & her do seem to have some connection happening.
    What I’m not liking is this whole Will “owning” EJ now. He’s going to be in for a rude awakening I’m sure and I can’t wait to see him knocked down a few pegs.
    Marlena siding with Carrie over the pregnancy thing made me sick. When she can remove her lips from Carrie’s a$$, perhaps she can reconcile some sort of relationship with her real daughter..
    Oh what else…so much catching up…I HATE what they are doing to poor Brady, but if this is the s/l they have to take to remove Madison & Ian then so be it.
    Sami & Lucas are borrrrrring. Bring her back to EJ where the real chemistry is…

    Kat & MAB- I’m not trying to display favortism but I sure missed blogging with you gals! Always puts a smile on my face chatting with you guys! Xo

  294. From JiBi

    I new it, placing the letter to the safe who other person know the number of the safe was not a good idea. Will you should have tink about it before. He really need more training about black mailing some one lol And I also read some were that it is John that will know Ian set up Brady. It’s about time that Ian will received what he deserve.

  295. From JiBi

    TerriK: this is so sad :( I’m so sorry for you. Be strong and I will pray for you…

  296. From SandyGram

    #291 TerriK
    There are never enough or the write words….I’m with JiBi on this one be strong TerriK and know your in everyone’s prayers.

  297. From Maryl

    TerriK–So sorry that things did not work out for you–my prayers are with you.

  298. From Shani

    Was going to talk about today’s show but OMG this site will never change. A mess. People scraping all the time. Calling names or putting down opinions, then denying what was said or retracting it & saying something else that only makes things worse. Accusing someone of saying something they never said & it was only read wrong or it was someone else who actually said it. Making ammends in one post then being upset again in the next. & the selective defense of only certain people on here. Not fun & not worth it.

    TerriK I am sorry for your loss.

  299. From TerriK

    JiBi, Maryl, SandyGram & Shani- Thx so much. God has a plan for all of us, and I guess it just wasn’t the right time. I’m extremely blessed to have my 2 boys and I know my family isn’t finished growing, this just wasn’t meant to be.

    I agree with you Shani. We should all be able to be decent to one another in here. We all have at least one thing in common, we love the show :)

  300. From SandyGram

    #290 Kat
    After your over the top scathing remarks toward me in Post #276 and #277 did you expect me to go back to sleep and be deaf and silent? As with the many verbal controversy’s on this Board, my only issue with you is you don’t seem to know when to stop. For me Post 277 is an example of where I thought you went to far. It was as if you were inviting the next blogger to append HTR to existing members Names. To even show examples of how it could happen to anyone is only putting coal on the fire.

    I do respect that others did not interpret the ‘low life’ and ‘agree with it’ statement as I did. With that it’s time to move on.

  301. From MAB

    TerriK – I missed you, and I know kat did too. I’m so sorry you had to go back to the hospital. Hope everything is ok – keep us posted, and be strong! My thoughts & prayers are w/ you.

    To all my friends: I’m going on vacation so it’ll be a week or more before I chime in again. I’ll be watching Days tho. You ladies take care, stay safe, and keep it real. Don’t bicker too much while I’m away ok (lol). Peace!

  302. From VoiceofReason

    I just wanted to assure MAB and Kat that whoever posted in 230 or wherever else, was not me. I may not agree with you but I wouldn’t do that. I’m basically a reader of posts who wants to see people get along. Post #230 doesn’t help in that regard.

    Funny as it may sound, I’m beginning to dislike Rafe and Carrie now too. I don’t like EJ either, mostly because I can’t stand smugness and he’s got that in spades. I like Will’s evil side.

  303. From TerriK

    Jibi, Maryl, SandyGram, Shani & MAB- Thank you so much for your kind words. I do believe god has a plan for us all & I am fortunate enough to have 2 beautiful boys & this won’t deter me from trying again :)
    Shani- I agree. We should all be able to get along here, afterall we do all have at least one thing in common) and that is a passion for DOOL. I hated our past exchange of harsh words and would like to be on a friendly basis from here on out :) lifes to short to be angry.

    MAB have a wonderful vacay! Hope you make lots of awesome new memories & stay safe!

  304. From RiZa

    I think Sami is the killer of Stefano ( that is if he really is dead ). EJ probably saw Sami and was protecting her.

  305. From SandyGram

    Episode July 6th:
    Brady is a strong man fighting what he knows he didn’t start. His scenes in the Hotel Room were so realistic, spilling the Cocaine then scrapping it off the floor in a frenzy. He does stoned very well! Then Madison, even after her talk with Maggie, needs a little less talk and a lot more listening. How can she be in such denial that Ian had nothing to do with Brady’s condition?

    Nicole and Daniel were great together with their raging hormones and testosterone. I really like seeing them being flirtatiously frisky (if there is such a thing). Then after the Rafe interruption Daniels ‘ah ha’ moment was perfect, the light went on for Daniel, ‘he’s not going to be anyone’s back up plan’. Nikki was very observant to know the mood changed and followed up with the best line “naked to dressed in 30 seconds speaks volumes”. I am curious, time and time again these bed hoppers go from bed to clothed and no shower. I know there is only 38 minutes to the show but they don’t even walk into the other room as if they were going to shower….Ewwww!

    Another Will/EJ day, learning from the master may just be more than the Young Squire Will can handle. Although, Will was really having fun sticking it to EJ whenever he could with his reminders of who’s holding the Ace in the deck of cards, his nativity is so apparent. But then Will did seem to capture EJ’s attention not and then, they do a wonderful cat and mouse game.

  306. From kat

    TerriK, I was afraid something like might have happened to you, when we did not hear from you all this time.
    God has his reasons, trust him, and maybe next time it will go alright. Bless you my friend.
    Well SandyGram, you just refuse to get what I was trying to say.
    All I pointed out that none of us are safe, from being called, what MAB was called, but You just don’t want to see what I wrote, you have it in your Head to see my Words, Your Way. I did not mean to insult You, Not my bud Maryl, LOL or patty.
    Do you think I am that evil and stupid to do that.
    You were so quick to give the “MABHTR” benefit of the doubt, But Me, you jumped on right away, you did apologize for Your First Wrong Assumption, and trust me
    your Second assumption is also Dead Wrong.

    My “top scathing” remarks to you, LOL,
    you attacked and accused Me of things that I Did not Do, yes I was bewildered,
    that you would do a thing like that, for no reason at all, just because You did not read things right, funny other bloggers did get it.
    I did not insult You, Maryl or patty,
    give me a break.
    Maryl, did you feel that I would insult you like that, it is ludicrous (?) and I would not do that to you or patty. Patty and I have had our battles but to do what You SG accuse ME of is way over the line, and I do not like it all.
    Tells me only one thing, you just plain don’t like me, and this was finally your way of getting it out there, even though you were so wrong and other Bloggers picked up on it.
    One thing we do agree on, MAB has Class, something I have always Known, she is smart, fair, knows her stuff what she is talking about, and I admire her greatly, but that has also been attacked in the past, by some on here.
    MAB, have a great vacation, and thanks for always seeing things in an honest and fair way.
    And even bitter thanks for understanding my Posts, and if not, asking me to clarify. That’s a friend.

    P.S., in No Way did I intend to encourage the next blogger to do what you accuse me of,
    I would have to be crazy to do that to my fellow blog friends. I am done also, but very sad that you would accuse me of the things you did, you are so wrong, but that is Your Choice, so be it…

    Voice of Reason, believe it not, but it never occured to me, that it would be you,
    let’s keep on disagreeing, that is fun, otherwise this site would Dull.

  307. From Maryl

    Kat, do not give it another thought because I did not feel that you had insulted me. I understand what you were trying to say. I also know you are not the type of person who deliberately sets out to hurt people. I consider you a great blog buddy!

    The best laugh I had today was hearing EJ’s description of Rafe–”He’s like a bloody little hampster running in his wheel”! From now on, when I look at Rafe, I will be seeing a “bloody little hampster”! (Ha!) I must admit that Will and EJ are keeping me entertained–now, Sami needs to get thrown between them to stir things up even more.

  308. From kat

    watched today’s show,
    Nicole and Dr. Dan, well, so what, they both like Sex, so why not give it to each other…..

    Will, got to love him, stupid smile, cackling laugh, smirk and all, …. EJ and Will make a great team, soon they could take their show on the road..
    There are moments, when Will comes across a little bit like the old “Igor” character, and then again like “criminal in training”. Watch out people, William Brady might be the next “Guy to be feared in Salem”…
    Nicole taking coffee into the Brady Pub,
    Great for business.. LOL
    Rafe, first of all must not be to busy working the Case, some got all upset that Sami dared to interrupt the busy Crime Crusader,
    but our guy is not to busy to deliver Vitamins to a prego woman, that is
    perfectly able to get her own pills, and soooooooooooo much more, right Dr. Dan.

    I am starting to get suspicious of Agent
    wow would it be nice for our Rafe, finally to gain some status with many viewers, not just about his looks or body, but by showing slowly Some Brain,
    and begin to suspect, that maybe EJ is really not guilty, but a Big Time Frame might be going on here….
    I could learn to like and respect Rafe,
    and the writers could finally bring Rafe into the fold with all of us viewers.
    Carrie, my God woman, if you love Rafe that much, cut the cord to poor Austin now,
    save Him and your Child heartache and pain, that will certainly come.
    You are Not doing Austin any favor at all,
    be honest, and don’t make “sacrifice” yourself, LOL.
    Hurt Austin now, instead of later, when you will not only hurt Austin but YOUR CHILD.
    So tired of your sob story, get a grip.

    Once more TerryK, I am thinking about you,
    it was not meant to be, but in time you will realize that, and the pain will ease up.

    I am sure you heard me talk about one of our Blog sisters, KASS,
    she lost a baby xmas 2010, then got prego again after re-newing her wows last fall, but we have not heard from her in such a long time,
    I am afraid of what might have happened again….I hope not,
    so, KASS, if you are out there and read this,
    it would be nice if you could maybe check in with us.
    Now, I will not bring it up again Terri, just know people out here do Care. Lovingly, Kat.

  309. From kat

    303 Maryl, just saw your blog as I signed off,
    Thank you my friend, what You said means the world to me.
    I would never hurt anybody like that in two blogs, that would make me insane.
    Could the Bias on here about Disagreeing be so deep,
    that bloggers will accuse you of anything, just because you are on the other side, whatever….that would be so sad.
    Maryl, I must have missed the Hampster thing, so funny,
    keep running little Rafe.
    I agree, with Stefano gone for the moment,
    Will makes a perfect SideKick for EJ
    two very interesting, entertaining characters, and yes, we Do need Sami in the Mix, wow, screen power magic.
    But Stefano, I still waiting for you to come back, get rid of Ian and Madison,
    and then sooner or later claim back your
    bride, evil and complex like you, but so interesting to watch in this SL. Never boring at all.

    It is so bit….g hot and humid, only the pool every so often will do the trick, and than God for Air Conditioning ….

  310. From Arlene

    Spoiler today. Got my edition of SOD in the mail today. Looks like Chad saves Melanie. They discover the vicinity of where her cell phone signals were coming from. He crashes through Andrew’s window and is supposed to save her. Glad that story is ending soon, got tired of it.

  311. From Janiebell

    Thanks Arlene. I too think it is time for the Mel/Chad/Gabby story line to be over. I also think it is time for the Stefano murder mystery to be solved, and Brady Black to get his act straight and kick Madison’s x-hubby to the curves. Lexie had a beautiful exit but writers please donot put Abe and Kayla together. Very good friends yes any thing more no, no, and please no.

  312. From Clear

    Ditto on your post, Janiebell, except I’m still enjoying the who shot Stef SL. I think it was faked though, so he could disappear for a while for some reason. I’m wondering if it is to put a plan in place to trap the evil Ian. If that was so it cannot be too soon! I would enjoy seeing the slimy Ian’s plans unravel. Victor should never have hired him at Titan.

    I don’t mind Kayla and Abe together, but it is too soon to make sense when they are both grief stricken for different reasons. That is unless the writers are planning more grief sex!

  313. From bobbie

    Arlene-the spoiler I read said kidnapper takes off and takes Melanie with him.
    The dream sequence had Chad saving Melanie, but, just a dream.
    Hope they change Will back to nice Will. Tired of that cheshire cat grin all the time.
    For a “risky” pregnancy, Nichole just keeps rolling in the hay with Dr. Dan. Isn’t he being unethical?

  314. From kat

    307 Janiebell, 308 Clear,
    pretty much agree with both of you.

    On the Admin. etc. as has been talked about, blogs, whatever…
    I think the lights have been out at the Admin. office all week long…
    but that is ok by ME, they deserve a Long, whatever, Holiday week, just so many others…

    As a matter of fact, I like it when they leave Only One Site up, week to week, never did like this Two Site Thinghy….but again that is just MO….

    It is so hot and humid where I am,
    how about the rest of our Bloggers States…????
    Terri, take care, be good to yourself,
    I can’t help, even without knowing you, I keep thinking about you.
    I was born close to a River…. that’s why….
    Stay cool everybody, again thanks for Air Cond.

  315. From Kat

    I am on the computer working on my Book,
    it does bother me that you and I are on the outs, over 2 Blogs that I wrote, and IMO you totally mis-understood.
    Yes, I got a little annoyed, but who would not, specially on here… LOL

    I would like to move on, I like you as a blogger,
    No matter what You might have read into my comments,
    Please know – you were wrong in your assumptions, please believe me, it’s the God’s honest Truth.
    I don’t have to do this, but I want to,
    because I truly believe you are a great Person, on the blog and in your personal life, from what I have read, when You shared with us….

    So we should Not let Misunderstandings like this get in the way, of continuing a nice “Hot, agreeable/not agreeable” Blog Friendship, among all of us on here,
    the good, the smart, the wise, the crackers, the know it alls, you name it,
    don’t take me serious, I am very much trying to lighten up the whole darn situation.

    Maybe, I am just a Stupid fool, that believes in goodness in everybody,

    Even Stefano, had to throw that one in, just for the fun of it….

  316. From grandma to many

    TerriK please believe that God has another plan for you right now sometimes we don’t know why but He will guide you take care of yourself and your family husbands don’t always show it but they hurt too in these situations sending you all lots of love

  317. From Arlene

    #311 Hi Bobbie. I haven’t heard about the spoiler you mentioned. In SOD, it mentioned that when it was known that Mel was missing, Chad and 2 others were at the police station and they were able to track Mel’s cellphone. They were warned not to take anything on themselves so she wouldn’t be in danger, but Chad didn’t listen and figures that she might be at Andrew’s house since it was near the place where her signal came from. It said he crashed through the window and found her. I suppose time will tell how is will all come down, but your spoiler does make a lot of sense, since she is going to be leaving the show anyway

    #313 Hi Kat. In reading the blogs for a good while, I can tell you are a good person. Try not to fret too much, time has a way of healing things. I live on the east coast and last Friday when the storms came, we lost power for 1 day. It was a sweltering hot day with no wind and was so glad when it came back on at midnight the following night. We still have the heat wave and it was 104 degrees today.

  318. From kat

    I pretty much read the same stuff,
    but when they say Chad “found” her, could it mean, he finds Mel’s Bracelet (Her), but Andrew already took Mel away, wondering myself….
    Could it be that Mel will be a missing person, until a someday return, this actress or a replacement..
    I have a bad feeling that Gaby might get her wish, and Chad will get involved with her on the Re-bound.
    Also, all the pain/anger etc. could make it easier for Chad to turn into a Real DiMera, just speculating here.

    Arlene, thank you for your kind words. You are right, Moving on…

  319. From TerriK

    Kat- You really are a sweet person, I do wish we could exchange our info so you could find me on Facebook because i’d love to show you my two beautiful boys. They are my reason for being & my strength to get through this rough time. I know God has his reasons, which is why I stay strong in my faith. I know he will bless me again & I cant wait until that happens. So many people in this world aren’t fortunate enough to even have one child, so I consider myself very blessed to have Dom and Ryder. If I could, I’d have 20 more just like them.
    I’m so sorry for the dispute you & SandyGram are having. The 2 of you have such wonderful opinions of the show & I hope you guys can move beyond the contreversy MABHATR has caused. It’s probably just some 16 year old trying to stir the pot..the both of you are better then that & frankly I dont blame you for giving that thing a piece of your mind!
    From what i’ve read, everything was well & good until that instigator nosed in.
    Grandma to many- thank you so much for your kind words. Although it is a tough time right now, I know God has a plan for all of us and this just wasn’t the right time for my family & I. Thank you for being so kind hearted. xo!

  320. From LadyLumps

    Hey TerriK I’m glad you’re ok and I’m truly sorry for your loss. I noticed you weren’t tweeting either and was wondering what was up.
    I had the exact same thoughts about MABHTR, school is out for the summer. There are some bored teenagers out there that would love to cause a frenzy on a message board. They are best ignored… Otherwise we give them exactly what they want.

  321. From thelittleimp

    #318 From LadyLumps–”They are best ignored… Otherwise we give them exactly what they want.” I couldn’t agree more! Report them to the forum adm. and then ignore their posts.

  322. From kat

    LadyLumps, thelittleimp, I agree for the most part,
    but reporting it to the Admin. did Not do any good at all,
    and ignoring them, to some it means it’s ok what they did, and we really do not know who is doing it, do we now, could be anybody on here with bad feelings, could be a teenager, but we do not know.
    In My opinion, mind You all very respectfully, it is only my opinion,
    overlooking/ignoring Bad Manners is never good, it should always be addressed, and the Admin. has not always been there for us.
    I am not trying to start anything on here, please hear me,
    I never found it a good idea to just ignore bad behaviour by my kids, or anybody, somehow I always felt it should be dealt with right away. But that is just me, so please don’t go after me, I mean no harm to anybody.
    No more New mis-understandings please, we had enough… Kat.
    Nobody Has to agree with me, thanks..

  323. From kat

    317 TerriK,
    Thank you, I would love to see, your two little boys, but I am not on Facebook, or Twitter, sorry to say.
    I have several young friends with little kids here, and I do enjoy them so much.
    I raised two boys, I can relate, time goes by to fast, so please
    treasure every moment.
    Children are a true joy.

  324. From LadyLumps

    I’m sorry but I think it’s very wrong to say if you ignore a bad comment it means you agree with the bad comment.
    I have ignored many comments on this board that I did not agree with, simply because I did not want to be drawn into somebody elses battle. And then later be accused of butting in where I don’t belong. Yes, it has happened.
    And I do very much feel that this person is looking to stir up trouble and should be ignored. No I do not agree with that persons comments just because I did not express my outrage over it.
    Also, people like me who might not post for 5 days because they just don’t have time… Does not mean that they agree with the comments of a rude poster.
    Some people chose to report to admin, that is wonderful. So what if there were not immediate results – it’s admirable that they did so.
    Once there were 3 or 4 comments expressing their disagreement with the poster in question then what is the point of everybody basically repeating those sentiments? I’m sure a lot of ppl felt that way and chose not to comment. Again, doesn’t mean that they agree with the rude poster.
    There are so many reasons why one might not want to respond to a tacky comment, does not mean they agree with that comment.

  325. From LadyLumps

    Actually, since we have not seen another post from this MABHTR perhaps the initial reports to admin were acted upon and actually did do some good.
    They don’t need to let us know whether they have or have not done anything about it.

  326. From kat

    Only gave my opinion, that’s all, meant no harm to anybody….
    We all see things different, peace. Let’s move on.

  327. From SandyGram

    What a weekend between baking cookies for grandson’s birthday (2 dozen Chocolate Chip, 2 dozen Chocolate Chip without nuts and 4 dozen Oatmeal Rasin), driving there and back in the same day (about 2 1/2 hours each way)wasn’t exhausting enough. Today in our 94 degree weather, 3 loaves of fresh bread with zucchini from our garden and 12 half pint jars of yummers White Nectarine Jam which takes longer to prepare the nectarine’s than it does to do the canning….now the feet are crying out ‘sit down, give me a break’. Then we will continue tomorrow with 30 pounds of pickling cucumbers which will become about 30 quarts of the most delicious Kosher Dill Pickles. Then we should be done for the summer unless we can find some black plums at the Farmers Market Wednesday, then more jam. No tomato canning this year, last years crop was plentiful enough to last another year. Just keeping our fingers crossed the Nectarine Jam sets up good. We wouldn’t like it to be like the year the Strawberry Jam was ‘lets just say somewhat loose’. My Dad with his southern drawl commented on how good the Stawberry Jam was, but he had to chase it all over his biscuit so it would stay on. Between kids and Dad’s they say the greatest things.

  328. From SandyGram

    First I’d like you to know at no time now or ever was I angry, mad, in a rage about anything or do I dislike you. Although as I explained and apologized for I unfortunately posted comments that weren’t meant for anyone’s eyes but my own.

    My message to not just you, but anyone, which obviously did not come across well, was when something occurs on this site, that we the members can do nothing about, turn it over to the Administration. Calling offenders out or calling them names doesn’t resolve the issue, it only stimulates the issue and in this case continued to bring to light something very inappropriate directed at what appears to be a long time member of this board who had already addressed the issue most graciously.

    You are a strong proponent on one being able to Express Their Opinion, I think that’s what I tried to do, but obviously not so well. So for me, there is no longtime ill effects of this misunderstanding, I’m all for going forward into to the new week with this all behind us.

    I would like to thank everyone for their opinions of what happened, it has given me a new goal to consider author, content and intent before commenting on any more postings. Now on to Next Weeks Show!

  329. From TerriK

    SandyGram- I got through your post 325 and instantly had to run to my fridge haha. All of it sounds so yummy!
    When is the 2 week break anyways? There hasn’t been much advertisement for the Olympics at all and I’ve been so busy these days I don’t think id even notice EJ in my livingroom..haha highly doubtful though :)

  330. From patty

    Well, it looks like the person setting up EJ is wearing the same black gloves and coat as the shooter. Now I’m really curious.
    Terrik, sorry to hear about your misfortune. Blessings to you and your family.
    SandyGram, you’re making my mouth water here, that nectarine jam sounds heavenly. I made strawberry/rhubarb jam which turned out pretty good but I’m kind of busy running the roads these days with hubby on vacation. We’re doing the Fundy coastline this week . I’ll honk if I go through St Martin Terrik.
    #332 LadyLumps, I agree and that is my only comment on the latest conflict since it’s none of my business.

  331. From Just Moi

    Patty, the Fundy coast is beautiful. Hubby and I did it last year. If you have a chance go to Cape Engrage. Oh my its beautiful. We went all the way up but didn’t pay to go in. I wanted to zip line down but hubby is a scardy cat lol. Enjoy your vacation.

    SandyGram, what a busy lady you are, good for you!!! If I get a few bottle of stawberry jam done, I’ll be doing good. Hubby certainly didn’t marry me for my cooking skills lol

    #322, I also agree…enuff said!

  332. From patty

    Thanks Just Moi! I’m afraid the scardy cat in this family is me. Zip lining, parasailing and all that good stuff, not for me!!!Hubby loves it but I’d rather be making jam lol!

  333. From JiBi

    From Monday July 30 until Monday August 13 Days of Our Lives will be preempted due to coverage
    of the London Olympics. Are we going to loose 10 days of DOOL and we will not know what happed for 10 days or they will wait until is back to continue were they was in July 30 ?

  334. From TerriK

    Thx Patty :)
    If you happen to see a blonde driving a black PontiacG5 (probably too fast) that would be me. I go down to the caves often..especially these days. The sounds of the ocean relaxes me..mother nature can definitelly be therapeutic.
    Tip: don’t get ripped off at the restaurant by the caves that advertises “Worlds Best Chowder” There’s a little icecream stand just past the beer store & their seafood chowder is AMAZING (if you like seafood) and the price is right. Just like the caves they get their seafood fresh from the fishermen down the way.
    Next week there is going to be a lot happening here, concerts, a little carnival, and much more. I’m entering Ryder in the baby contest, hoping he wins King of his age group. So if you are here vote Ryder!
    I have to apologize to you. I have been a moody mess and sometimes I’ve gone too far, but, I can assure you that won’t happen anymore. We’re neighbours & I pride myself for being a friendly Maritimer, so I’m sorry for giving you a hard time.
    I come here because I love the show and to enjoy the theories people share about it. I’ve been lucky enough to make some friends along the way and the last thing I want is to have any sort of conflict with a fellow New Brunswicker :) there are much bigger things in this world, my world, to worry about & to be hostile over comments on a message board over a soap opera is just stupid. So from now on I’m going to ignore the conflicts and come here to do what I intended to do and that is chat aabout the show :)

  335. From kat

    SandyGram, I already addressed my thoughts to you in Post 313, let’s move on.
    However, you could over night some of the good stuff to me, I am sure you made to much.

    On your way how to handle some things, we will just have to differ.
    Looks like the Admin. is still out, And We also know, that if they Reprimand ,
    The do it in Bold Black Print, for every body to see,
    no secret dealings.
    So on that we respectfully differ.
    I think something is not working right there anyway……

    My Grandson and his Mom went Zip lining in Maryland,
    and I would love to do that.
    I have been on a Glider in Salzburg Austria, what an unforgettable experience that was, gliding in the Alps….
    Later, Lunch with the Ladies….

  336. From SandyGram

    Enlight of the comments about the Admin’s response regarding the ill Named Poster, here two excerpts from the Posting Guidelines that may clarify Poster Names and Admin’s responsibility to take action:

    - You cannot change your username, once you have created it. You cannot have a second or third or fourth account here at If you try, you could face administrative action as this is against our guidelines.

    - Reporting Posts: The moderators try to ensure our site is a place where all can be comfortable. Due to the overwhelming amount of posts daily, we may miss the odd ‘bad post’. If you happen to come across a post that violates our guidelines, click the anonymous Report a Bad Post feature. Staff will be notified and will look into it further. (or SheKnows LLC) may monitor discussions but we are not under obligation to review each and every post, nor are we obligated to share with the posters the solution that we came too. We expect posters to behave in a mature, respectful and courteous manner, while using common sense.

  337. From TerriK

    JiBi- Thanks! You are such a doll!

    Kat- Have a wonderful lunch! I want to hear more of your adventures in Austria! Exciting!

  338. From JiBi

    Molly Burnett’s (Melanie) last tape date is Friday June 15 and last air date is September 27.
    :( I will miss you in DOOL… But Good luck for your actress’s career!

    For Ian Buchanan, his last air date is August 22. I will not miss you lol

    Peter Reckell (Bo), he’ll finish taping late in July and be gone by the fall :(

    And Christie Clark (Carrie) and Patrick Muldoon (Austin), their last on screen appearances will air July 24.

  339. From patty

    Absolutely Terrik! I hold no grudges and I don’t know why I let myself be brought into these conflicts myself because that is not who I am in real life either. Like you said, I also pride myself in being a friendly Maritimer. ;) Thanks for the tips , I might just make it a point to try that chowder and Ryder definetly has my vote, I’m sure he’s adorable.
    Wow Kat, gliding in the Alps!

  340. From LadyLumps

    333jibi darn that is a long time for the show to be preempted. But normally they just pick up where they left off so we won’t miss anything. I will be on a cruise for most of that time period anyway so it works for me!
    326 kat, I was only just expressing my opinion too. I don’t have a beef with you. We’re cool. I’m glad to see that at least a few of the posters out there agree with my thoughts though. Thanks for the support patty & justmoi. And I know sandygram agrees.

    Sandygram, I have never canned a thing in my life and wouldn’t know where to begin! Thank goodness for the ladies like you who love to can, and sell their stuff at the farmers market for ppl like me to buy!

  341. From AnnieQ

    Terik,so sorry for your loss.I know focusing on the two blessings you do have will help you going forward. Keep the faith!Oh, and i am glad your beef with Patty is squashed. I love her posts and spunky point of view.
    Kat,you did go a little overboard in your support of Mab but there were misunderstandings on the part of both you and Sandygram. Glad that is done as well since you are both bring so much enjoyment to this board.
    I am a big scaredy cat but back in the 90′s my company sent us to various locations for a team building seminar and activities that included zip lining.I was petrified but, I did it and it was so amazing..would definitely do it again!It really helped me to overcome a lot of my fears. I was then able to go on and parasail and jet ski with my son who was a teenager at the time..I gained major cool points with him so overall I am glad I did that crazy zip line!

  342. From TerriK

    Patty- I’m glad we can chat now, I always enjoy you pov on the show and always read your posts :)

    Well EJ failed his polygraph. So he may not have killed Steffy but I’m sure now he knows who did or at least what happened. Unless Rafe had it rigged to shake him up and see his reaction.

    Sami & Lucas are cute together..but I prefer evil Sami versus sweet Sami. Poor Lucas is going to get his heart broken again. Sami is all about the bad boys and unfortunately Lucas is one of the good guys.Maybe in twenty years they’ll finally settle down with one another but I don’t feel this is their time.

    I’m loving Will’s character. He has really bloomed as an actor. The weird facial expressions have even come to an end.Our little Willy is becoming a man. I don’t want to see him take EJ down..or try I mean..because I do believe EJ is growing quite fond of him. Will needs to be reminded that his hands aren’t clean either which makes him no better than EJ.

    I have given in to the Nikki & Daniel love train. He’s just bad enough and sexy enough to keep her interested. Wow their sexy scene today..whip cream and all was pretty intense. Maybe a little TOO intense for daytime tv. WOW. Is all I can say.

  343. From TerriK

    Patty- I’m glad we can chat now, I always enjoy you pov on the show and always read your posts :)

    Well EJ failed his polygraph. So he may not have killed Steffy but I’m sure now he knows who did or at least what happened. Unless Rafe had it rigged to shake him up and see his reaction.

    Sami & Lucas are cute together..but I prefer evil Sami versus sweet Sami. Poor Lucas is going to get his heart broken again. Sami is all about the bad boys and unfortunately Lucas is one of the good guys.Maybe in twenty years they’ll finally settle down with one another but I don’t feel this is their time.

    I’m loving Will’s character. He has really bloomed as an actor. The weird facial expressions have even come to an end.Our little Willy is becoming a man. I don’t want to see him take EJ down..or try I mean..because I do believe EJ is growing quite fond of him. Will needs to be reminded that his hands aren’t clean either which makes him no better than EJ.

    I have given in to the Nikki & Daniel love train. He’s just bad enough and sexy enough to keep her interested. Wow their sexy scene today..whip cream and all was pretty intense. Maybe a little TOO intense for daytime tv. WOW Is all I can say. WOW. I wonder if he is accepting new patients???? LoL

    Show ended with EJ having a memory of disposing the black gloves into a dumpster. Maybe he did do it…or at least he “thinks” he did..only to later find out it was all a farce..Stefano won’t be pleased if this is in fact the case

  344. From JiBi

    Thanks TerriK, I know what you are going, I lost to many child and doctor told me that I can not have child but now that I’m 13 weeks I just keep having faith like you, maybe this time is the one :)

    Thanks LadyLumps for the info, I was afraid that I lost 10 days of DOOL lol I’m happy to know that they just pick up where they left off so we won’t miss anything…

  345. From Laurie

    I don’t know where everyone is finding out what is going on with this soap since it has not beend updated since june 28th. I am so far behind in whats going on, I don’t understand why this person who does the updates can not get them on here is a timely manner, used to be no problem before, its just been the past few months that this blog has gone downhill. Does anyone know of somewhere else I can go to get the daily soap updates other than Soap oprah fan .com?

    Hello Laurie, had a site issue last week and we posted all of our updates in a timely manner here on the blog. The issue has been fixed so you can now read here or on the Days section. There was no issue whatsoever for the past few months. We’ve been timely as ever. It was just one week! Sorry for the inconvenience. Admin

  346. From JiBi

    EJ did not really fail is detector test, someone unknown set him off, the mysterious man in black paid off the administrator to make sure that he fail.

  347. From Debbie

    In backtracking through the posts to find where I left off reading, I came across this one from Mary Ann, #265. Please read everyone, it explains about the “ill-named” blogger that supposedly insulted one of our members. It seems to be a big misunderstanding and is from a new member to our site. And if you’re reading this, Mary Ann, please post again. It’s a terrible thing when misunderstandings arise but we’re quick to forgive and will apologize if we are in the wrong.

  348. From SandyGram

    #345 Debbie
    Thank You so much for pointing out Post #265…I’m flabbergasted that one of us didn’t see that earlier.

    And Mary Ann…will look forward to more posts from you.

  349. From AnnieQ

    OMG, Debbie that was an incredible find .. this whole fiasco was a huge mistake..good catch! No worries, Mary Ann

  350. From Clear

    Bless those of you who have had a loss as I can relate. My sister kept miscarrying until she went to a specialist that gave her shots of progesterone hormone to support her pregnancies. Best wishes to JiBi.

    On days doesn’t it seem like Nicole would be going to a specialist considering her medical history?

  351. From kat

    AnnieQ, sorry, but standing up for somebody is part of who I am, yes I do get passionate about it. Guilty as charged, but I will Never change, because that is ME.
    OK SandyGram – you gave a total New comer the benefit of the doubt, brave,
    However as I had pointed out, you could have done the same thing for Me, but you did not, you accused me twice, and that hurt.

    But as we all have agreed now, it is over and done with,
    Well Mary Ann, I called you a low life, when I believed, as did others, that you tried to hurt our MAB, maybe you can see how that could happen, specially to MAB, a target so very often on here.
    I am sorry, that I called you out, but, but when I saw MAB”Hater”,
    what a chance of that being an innocent co-incidence.
    I am sorry now, but I also hope that you can understand, why this happened.
    Hope you join us more often, but as you prob. already figured out,
    This is a crazy bunch of people on here, no wonder, To much Salem
    Patty, nothing like it, gliding in the Alps, I always remember it, now I want to go zip lining with my Grandson.
    Done Jet-Skiing, but broke my Rib, bummer.
    Maybe soon, I should start a Bucket List, LOL

    SandyGram, the Admin. and Guidelines, also has told us, to work out small stuff among us….because they can not always hear and see everything…. as we found out.

    Where are my Kosher Pickles and Cookies….
    get a move on, I don’t want a SandyGram, I want a SandyCarePackage, filled with good stuff.
    Off to watch todays show, Later

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