Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For June 11-15.

Surprising gestures.

Although he claims he’s innocent, Will is still arrested for shooting Stefano. Roman tells his daughter she might want to ask Carrie to represent her hapless son. Sami gags on that idea. She and Lucas call Justin instead, even though he’s just a corporate lawyer. The parents entertain the thought that their son might actually be guilty. Meanwhile, Will doesn’t have to spend much time in his cell because EJ decides to take him out. He posts his bail after hearing about the arrest while stealing the papers proving that he’s not a DiMera from under Rafe’s nose. Will is reluctant to leave with Elvis, who makes it clear that he owns him now and wants to use him for his own mysterious plans.

Marlena flips her wig when Roman tells her he arrested her grandson. He wonders how she can be so sure he’s innocent. When he and John hear that Elvis has bailed Will out, they start to think they could have been in cahoots to knock off Stefano. Meanwhile, Rafe assures Sami and Lucas that Will must be innocent. He’s surprised when Roman pops up and announces that he can no longer run the investigation because he’s too close to it. He thinks Rafe should take over since he’s the only person in the SPD who can be objective. Rafe pokes a few holes in that idea but takes the job anyway. And Sami gets busy insisting to her son that she’s confident of his innocence. She throws blame at her mom instead.

Lexi’s grief over her father makes her last days even more difficult. She joins with her siblings for a grueling memorial honoring the man they called ‘father’. Kate and Nicole show up to pay their respects and almost wind up wailing on each other. Once alone with the body, Kate tells him she will always love him. She goes off to burn her divorce papers. Lexi is next, forgiving him for all he had done. She goes home to Theo and has to explain that his Nono is not the only one who is going away. Finally Chad says goodbye, wishing he hadn’t pushed him away. He’s shocked to learn that Will has been arrested for pulling the trigger. He runs off to confront his friend. Will insists he’s innocent but this mess really puts a damper on their relationship. Meanwhile, Elvis breaks down in shrieks of grief. After recovering, he runs a mysterious errand. Could it have something to do with the meeting he had with Ian?

Gabi lectures Andrew for messing up her plan with his excessive enthusiasm. That won’t curb it though. He begins preparing a basement for a special captive. He goes off looking for Mel. Lucky for him, she’s on her own after Chad flips out on her in his tormented grief. As Gabi comforts Chad, Andrew tracks Mel.

Brady continues to fight for his tarnished reputation. Madison is starting to have doubts about their future so he offers to submit to a drug test. Little does he know that Ian is still drugging him. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope go back to couples therapy. It’s all about the John and Gina incident but talking through it seems to make things better. Over at the pub, Jenn and Abe find Kayla distraught. She finally admits that she really came to Salem because her marriage was falling apart. Steve has gone back to work for the ISA against her wishes. Across town, Victor makes a big romantic gesture in the hopes that he might woo Maggie back into his life.

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  1. From SandyGram

    So EJ takes the papers proving he’s not a DiMera from under Roman’s nose….so what’s new in this….very predictable, but it does tell us now Roman knows EJ’s secret.

    What “Rafe should take over since he’s the only person in the SPD who can be objective”. These writers have got to be kidding, I’m surprised Rafe is not on the list of potential shooters. And he can be objective? Somebody is protesting to much.

    Before the body is buried (so to speak) EJ is already up to no good. He may have bailed out Will, but we’re back to now he owns him. Yep good ole, gonna be a better man EJ so my kids will be proud of me, EJami should be reconnected kind of guy. It’s like finger nails going across a chalk board….barely tolerable.

    Now Gabi’s little helper Andrew is planning on hi-jacking Melanie because he’s suddenly got this thing for Gabi. Talk about love at first site. He is a very attract young man with those gorgeous blue eyes.

    Well I guess the ISA is helping the unemployment situation, now Steve has gone back to the agency causing a big riff between him and Kyla. But it’s not clear if we will get to see Steve or at least a re-cast (which wouldn’t be my favorite), or will Steve just be ISA International.

    Now how much of this is the fired old writers, the just fired writers or the new writers with a little re-write before the new writers stuff starts showing up somewhere around August. Since we can’t tell I think I’ll just stay invested week by week for now.

  2. From sherri

    Ian is the shooter. He charactor is not going to stay on the show. Rafe has to much to lose and his contract is signed for another year.

  3. From terry

    Rafe on the case? last time I checked wasn’t he fired from the SPD?? I haven’t watched much of days anymore and now I know why.

  4. From Lynne

    Why are they insisting on breaking up Patch and Kayla. I HATE THAT! They better not recast Steve aka Patch. Ok, I know its just a tv show but I love Stephen Nichols and would never watch anyone play that character. I threaten to stop watching this show often but seriously that would be the final straw for me without a doubt!

  5. From kat

    SandyGram, I agree,
    Rafe being the only guy to take over the investigation, because he can be Objective.
    Are they for real, even writing something like this….
    Rafe objective,
    and honest,
    so why did Roman fire him in the first place…..
    At first I thought I read this wrong, but no that’s is what it said..It’s getting comical…
    Kate telling “Stefano” that she loves him, always has and will, might be just the thing that brings her and Stefano back together again.
    I am sure since he is not dead, he knows everything that goes on at his memorial…..and this might be just the proof he needs, that his wife Kate, does love him after all…. I like those two together..

    To break up Kayla and Steve, because he joined the ISA, give me a break,
    not much real love there….writers, Kayla and Steve have a bigger and stronger love that that.Do some research…
    Gaby and the stalker, sick of it. Get Chad back with his family and give him some stronger SL”s.

  6. From Tish

    I think it was Lexie. She’s dying and it’s her way of righting all the wrongs her father has done. Just a crazy thought :)

  7. From lc

    Hello all!!
    I think in using what little strength she has Lexie shot her father!! She will tell everyone using her dying breath. I hate that she is leaving…I like her character!!

  8. From SandyGram

    #7 lc
    I too have contemplated Lexie as the shooter, but it doesn’t fit the legacy she wants to leave Theo. His mother the murderer of his Nonno is not how she wants to be remember by her son.

    But a twist could be added that may work….remember when Abe came in from the rain she said she had a nightmare she couldn’t remember but it scared her? What if she did go to the mansion and in her severe mental pain and condition, she did the shooting and just can’t remember. That would also explain the shooter feeling for a pulse since Lexie is a doctor.

    Or, on her death bed thinking one of her good friends was the shooter, she confesses to save her friend in payment for the years her father tormented the friend. But then again that’s not how Lexie wants Theo to remember her.

    Oh those writers and spoiler writers how clever to bate us fans thinking we could out guess the script we haven’t seen. Ain’t it fun! By the way my percentage for speculations coming true….ummmm….not so good.

  9. From SandyGram

    CAST Alert…..
    Christie Clark (Carrie) told Daytime Royalty exclusively today that her return is “not happening now”. She added that she’s going tomorrow to clean out her dressing room.

    I would of like to have been a fly on the wall when this decision was made, can’t wait to here the details.

  10. From SandyGram

    You Tube Video worth seeing..Search on Brady Soiree Q & A

    Portions of the Q and A from the Brady Soiree on 6/1/12 Featuring Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Peter Reckell (Bo), Jason Cook (former Shawn) and Lauren Boles (Ciara)

    Very enjoyable!!

  11. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram #1, – It says it’s Rafe’s nose that EJ stole the papers out from under. Probably what you meant to say. Wonder if EJ took them before or after Rafe read them? I agree Rafe can’t be objective. Certainly not where Will is concerned. He loves that young man and already is sure he’s innocent.

    Soooo, EJ bails Will out and, thereby owns him once again and will use him for his own agenda. Surprise? NOT!

    Can’t wait to see Kate and Nicole go at it! Too bad Will and Chad’s friendship will be strained now. I’m sure all the words spoken at the memorial will be touching, although I could be more moved if they weren’t for such a terrible man. Lexie’s will be hard to watch, since she will also be passing away soon, and I can only imagine how heartwrenching it will be to see her trying to explain her future to Theo.

    Don’t know how long Melanie’s captivity will last but it seems to me it will only bring Melanie and Chad closer together once she’s found and Chad regrets any harsh words he’s apparently going to say to her. Gabi, too, may regret what she has done and how far her pretend stalker took things. Not sure when Melanie is leaving the show. The spoiler only said this summer. Anyone else know?

    I feel so badly for Brady and this drug issue is most likely going to break-up him and Madison. Can’t really blame Madison, since Brady has a history and now his drug tests are sure to come back positive, since Ian is drugging him. Guess this will be why she leaves Salem. I just don’t want her and Ian to leave arm-and-arm together. I hate it when bad guys get what they want!

    Happy to hear the couples’ therapy makes things better between Hope and Bo, and I hope Victor’s big romantic gesture succeeds in winning back Maggie. Kayla, WHAT are you thinking giving up on Steve??!!

    School in our area dismisses for the summer at noon today. I’m picking up 2 of our grandsons (brothers 15 and 11) from their schools and our first stop will be the local Family Frosty for coney dogs and ice cream. It’s tradition between them and me, and my hubby when he can join us, which he’s not able to today. It’s always a very fun afternoon! All sun and mid 70′s here today, too!

  12. From dc

    if they can’t bring back the “real patch”, then i would rather kayla divorce him and that be the end of it.. no one can replace patch (just my thoughts)..
    i hate it that this creep that gabi hired is trying to kidnap melanie just to get in good with gabi.. i would just rather melanie (when she leaves) just goes on her own accord and not because she is maybe killed or something.. and i sure don’t want gabi put with chad, come on writers don’t do this to your viewers..
    i am liking will and sonny together. hate that will is arrested and then of all people ej bails him out.
    and the day will not come soon enough for ian (me creepy) to be gone, i still think he killed stefano for kate..
    i wish they would keep madison to help brady. don’t like to see him goin on the drug binge (unaware someone, (ian) is doing it)..

  13. From SandyGram

    #11 Grandma Judy
    I must of been thinking Roman because he has Stefano’s Will, which I’m surprised. Just where would he of gotten the Will from. But being that it was Rafe’s nose (and a fine nose it is!) under which the papers were taken by EJ, I wonder if Roman had read them yet and he knows they say EJ is not a DiMera?

    Now if Will has any since he will tell Lucas, Sami, Lucas, Kate, Marlena, someone EJ is back to blackmailing him. I would think they would wonder how Will got his job back after EJ fired him on the trust issue.

    I too am not happy about the writers causing a riff between Chad and Will, they just haven’t learned yet not to mess with the good things about Days.

    #12 dc
    If they can’t bring back Stephen Nichols just for a couple of shows to address the problems between Patch and Kayla, for me, I would rather see a temporary recast and not have their relationship end without us actually see a Patch. And it would be nice if we could see Patch with Joey…but then it be nice just to see Joey, he’s just up the stairs at the Pub.

    When Sonny first came on board, I was a little reluctant to have him and Will develop a relationship for fear at some time they would leave the show to go exploring the world like Sonny has done. I just don’t want Will to exit Days, we saw his birth, now I’d like to see him resolve all his issues and become the young man we all know he will some day be. Darn that reads like I’m talking about EJ. But in Will’s case the writers haven’t taken him so far he can’t get past his issues, where EJ it’s questionable!

  14. From MAB

    No doubt Stefano’s will (when read) will explain what’s to become of the DiMera estate. For the meantime, it looks like EJ will be running things. Regardless of whether Stefano & Kate are still husband & wife, if Stefano don’t want Kate, or EJ, to have control, they won’t. I’ll wait to see what unfolds before making assumptions about what may or may not happen. Besides, if he’s alive, it won’t matter either way.

    Funny how some only point out a couple of instances about EJ & Sami being together, but they tend to leave out the night they made love and she got pregnant w/ Sydney, which was filled w/ love & passion! So if Sami & EJ can put their past behind them and forgive each other, then why can’t some fans get past it???? Move on already! And the night Lucas was pinned under the beam was not the beginning of EJ & Sami’s relationship. They were a lot of happenings going on way before that ever happened. Their relationship started off like most do, they saw each other, and immediate attraction, and they got to know one another and liked one another very much. And over the years, aside from all they’ve done to each other, they have been able to maintain a relationship. And yes, have loved each other. Sami has admitted to it more than once, as has he, so there is no denying their love has existed, and probably still does.

    I think Marlena needs therapy! Does she realize that she is not the only family member Will has? Does she think Roman wants to arrest HIS grandson? Marlena acts obsessed w/ Will anymore, and it’s kinda scary.

    Again, Will got himself into this mess working for the DiMeras, so he’s just gonna have to deal w/ the consequences. He wants the perks of the job so much, so EJ will own his @$$ and make him pay like he said. That’s what you get for thinking you’re smarter than the DiMeras.

    Rafe is the only person who can objective – really?? That is the biggest joke ever! He surely can’t be objective, or honest, which is why Roman fired him in the first place.

    I think it’s ridiculous to have Kayla let Steve working for the ISA being a reason they are separated. Why couldn’t they just say that he’s working for the ISA to explain his character being off-screen? NO WAY can Steve be recast…TPTB better not even go that route!

    There is no reason to mar Lexie’s character making her the shooter. Regardless of Stefano’s faults, he was Theo’s grandfather, and she wouldn’t do that to her son. Plus, she forgave her father, and even said he wasn’t directly responsible for what Andre did to her. Her dying is giving her a lot of perspective on her life, and I think her conversation w/ Abe yesterday sealed the fact that she didn’t kill her father. Also, in her condition, I don’t think she could’ve got to the mansion, shot him, and got herself back so quickly & easily. Everyone was wet from their outing, and she was dry as a bone. She is apparently very weak now too, but her memory seems to be in tact. I don’t think shooting her father would’ve been something that would’ve been so easily for her to do, just shoot him point blank like he was. She would’ve come back distraught.

    I’m glad Chad & Will’s relationship will be strained now. It will make things more interesting, and put yet another DiMera against a Brady!

    Can’t wait until Madison is gone, and Brady can get on w/ his life. Too bad for Brady tho that Madison is not woman enough to stand by him and believe he’s willingly taking drugs w/o being suspicious of her evil ex Ian.

  15. From Donna

    I love EJ. If he leaves I will stop watching. Can’t stand Will, he is such a WHINER!! Give me a break. Don’t need Kayla and Steve. Don’t need Bo and Hope. Don’t need Ian and blue headed Kate. Love EJ, Nicole, Victor, Maggie, Chad, Melanie, Daniel, Brady, Sonny and bring back Philip and Chloe. Love their story lines

  16. From kat

    14 MAB, I just like reading your blogs, and I agree with all you said….
    I have also noticed that Marlena seems to go a bit ueber board when it comes to Will…She acts more like a teenager in love, every time she runs into him, than a Grandmother….
    Rafe objective and honest, that’s a good writers, I think you did that on purpose, to get the troops going.
    None of them, Bo, Hope, Rafe, Roman(?),should head the investigation, to many personal feelings involved.
    Besides we know, that Bo,Hope and Rafe love to work outside the Law.
    Remember the Fafe debacle, the kidnapped him, beat him, deprived him of his rights, need I go on.
    And of course, it Cost them the whole case against Stefano and EJ.
    Chad and Will’s feud could be interesting, the new generation, and the beat goes on.
    Hope they clear it up, that the Gun Will had, did not come from EJ, he got that one himself in a bad neighborhood. That young man has so many problems, he needs some serious “boot camp” to get him straightened out.
    Stefano should have a Legal Will somewhere, not just the one, as EJ pointed out, never witnessed or executed in a proper manner.

    They are really ridiculing the relationship that Steve and Kayla
    had, writers is that the best you could come up with.
    Sami and EJ, you are so spot on for ME,
    They both have done awful things to each other, where did it start,
    but they always found a way to forgive each other. There is a seed of love in both of them, for Each Other, that will never go away. I just wish, we could get to enjoy it on the screen, what are They saving
    it for (the writers).

    it for

  17. From TerriK

    Rafe in a sentence with the word objective is an oxymoron. He may not have slept with Carrie but he sure fantasized about it and that is just as bad. He gave Sami crap for sleeping with EJ but we all knew at the time her heart was truly in it for Rafe. He fell in love with her SISTER and had zero interest in saving his marriage, he refused to even try. I used to like his character, but he’s not who he used to be. As far as Carrie is concerned I say ADIOS. Bad sister, bad wife. Austin deserves much better.
    I’m lookin forward to the Chad/Will feud. DOOL neeeds to start working on long lasting rivalries since Victor & Stefano are obviously not going to be around much longer.
    All this speculation on Roman being the shooter needs to be thrown out the window. He certainly wouldn’t put his grandson through that scrutiny. And what happened to Billie? She definitely could have a hand in it considering what Stefano did to Kate & Bo. Even though in the end I’m 90% sure Stefano is behind it all the way.

  18. From kat

    17 TerriK,
    Great job, I agree with you on all you wrote, great points you made.

  19. From TerriK

    Thanks Kat. I think the fans on here could do a better job writing the script for the show lol. We all know what we want..and stay pretty dedicated regardless of some of the story lines that push our buttons.

  20. From Jennicat

    The CIA, whom Stephano recently helped, helped Stephano fake his death so that he could escape retribution from the arms dealers he set up. We will likely find this out around fall sweeps, after Joe Mascolo has had a nice vacation.
    I repeat: this is only a theory.

  21. From MAB

    kat – I like reading yours too. We think a lot of like. Remember being accused of being the same person a while back? What some will accuse you of when you disagree w/ them. But I see more & more people posting that think along the same lines as we do as well.

    TerriK – good post, I agree. Rafe, oxymoron, definitely! I could care less about Carrie too, but I don’t want her leaving if that means Rafe will start sniffing around Sami again. And yes, the feuds need to stay in force! Since Stefano & Victor are winding down, we need EJ vs Brady (or Philip) and even the younger group Chad vs Will. I’d like to see DiMera Enterprises vs Titan w/ Basic Black in the mix.

    TPTB – about bringing back the character Nick Fallon, why not go after someone worthy of bringing back, like Philip Kiriakis? And why not bring back Shawn D. too?

  22. From patty

    As much as Rafe and Carrie didn’t belong together, they have ended up doing the right thing and that includes not sleeping together. So really I don’t think fantasizing about someone is just as bad as actually giving in and cheating. Rafe was determined to save his marriage, that is until he found out about Sami doing the unforgivable by cheating with EJ of all people and lying about it to his face. Rafe and Carrie have come to terms with going their seperate ways and the child she’s carrying is her husband’s so she has chosen to save her marriage and Rafe is stepping back.
    As for getting back on the force, Rafe is a detective and that’s where he should be. Unlike Roman, he seems to believe in innocent until proven guilty, maybe he’ll go after the real criminals instead of throwing innocent people in jail. I’m glad he believes in Will’s innocence and I hope he helps clear him and out of EJ’s clutches.

  23. From Spookypaws

    Will has become a whiny queen. He’s gay now so they have to make him dramatic. It would be nice to see him at least man up and quit blaming Sami for all his problems. He made his bed he needs to lie in it. And why all the hate? Did he think it would be easy to spring this on his mom? I think Sami has reacted as any normal mom would, and she is reaching out to him. He’s a jerk.
    I think lexie killed stefano, or at least what is a setup to kill him since we know he will be coming back. The whole thing was probably engineered since lexie is dying, stefanos cronies in the govt. arranged for him to get out of town awhile, and lexie is in on it, being the one to kill him no one will suspect he is alive. Of course until the Phoenix rises again.
    Give Lucas something to do! I love him and sami together but he needs more air time. Get rafe a real job, get rid of Austin and Carrie and bring back Steve!

  24. From Richard

    If Roman is not the real Roman, but an imposter, then Will is not his Grandson. Roman was very smart, this one is not.

  25. From TerriK

    Hi patty! in no way do I agree with Sami cheating- if Rafe cheated or fantasized about somebody other than Sami’s sister I’d probably be a little bit easier on him. I know if I found my husband with my wouldn’t go over well..and if I found out he was fantasizing about making love to her it would hurt just as bad as the actual act. What’s the diff between Sami & EJ’s act versus Carrie and Rafe conspiring to be together behind Austins back? He has the right to also know the truth baby or not. But that’s just my opinion totally and I respect yours too :) and yes Rafe was determined to save his marriage until the news of EJ & Sami, but the second he found out, the light bulb in his head came on and he saw this as his chance to be with Carrie and tossed Sami away without a second thought. Didn’t she deserve some kind of chance? But I’m glad those two seperated- Sami & EJ have too much onscreen chemistry to end that story line. Rafe just tried to keep Sami in line..but that’s not the real her- at least her and EJ can have a chuckle about all the bad things they’ve done lol

  26. From Lucy

    I’m going with Celeste as the killer. No one is mentioning her, she’s stressed at Lexie’s situation and hasn’t had a good relationship with Stephano for a long time. Losing her daughter could be enough to make her do it. It makes sense…OH WAIT, it’s a soap, it’s not supposed to make sense…haha.

  27. From Cougar

    Richard I too had that thought that Roman is actually some sort of DiMera Doppleganger. Not acting quite like the roman we all know and love.

    Rafe objective – not! I agree Grandma Judy Rafe loves Sami’s kids too much to be objective.

    Cant wait to see Nicole & Kate tussle at the memorial. Maybe we will see a good lod fashioned roll around in the mud cat fight and watch them knock over the coffin in the tussle.

    Lex the shooter, its a cheap parting shot to her character if they do it. Only way it would work if it was accidental. I think it would be an easier sell to say the Harold the butler did it. I could see them take some obscure character do i to eventually take the heat off all our favorite characters. What about the DiMera mole in the ISA who blew up the safe house. Doggone it cant remember his name. After all he had a disagreement with Steph about what he meant whe he said “take care of them”

  28. From Cougar

    I enjoyed Kates comment “Is Stephano really dead. He’s been dead and undead so many times.” I agree with that line of thought more so than that some one actually did the deed. After all he IS the Phoenix! Also what about the rumors that were bandided about some time ago that Abe will start drinking in grief and that EJ will defend him as Stephano tries to take custody of Theo?

  29. From JiBi

    IMO Rafe have not only fantasizing about Carrie, he told her that he LOVE her so yes is just as bad as actually giving in and cheating. Rafe was not determined to save his marriage because he was with Carrie all the time the minute he saw her, I don’t care if Sami cheat with EJ but it was a good excuse for Rafe to let go of Sami for his sister. And Carrie did not chose to save her marriage she chose to lie to Austin and not telling him she was about to let him go for Rafe, IMO you don’t stay with some one that you don’t love because your having a babe and for Rafe to stepping back is because he have no choose lol Carrie decide to stay with Austin. (poor Austin)

  30. From JiBi

    he have no CHOICE sorry it’s a spelling mystake

  31. From val

    Wow really i can’t..Rafe on the case ? Really Roman ? It just show they don’t know what to do with this character, why can’t they get rid of him ? WHY? WHY? WHY?
    And Kate and her undying love for Stefano..whatever i don’t mind them, they can be entertaining together but it is seriously an abusive relationship..typical real behaviour of woman being in an abusive relationship..make me quite uncomfortable..

  32. From JiBi

    actually a do lots of spelling mystake because I don’t know all the time how to write good english lol sorry for all my mystake it is not my intention.

  33. From TerriK

    JiBI- cracking me up haha but 100% agree :) its too bad they let Rafe’s character become such a jerk. I have a feeling Austin will never know the truth

  34. From Richard

    Don’t you just love the way that Roman investigated and went after the Moroni’s after they nearly killed Bo?
    And the way that he went after Abe, but never investigated any possible wrong doings by EJ or Nicole in the election.

  35. From Shani

    I had this in the back of my mind most of the day & considered because I was not involved in the back & forth. But when someone like MAB, who’s name comes up all the time connected to problems on here, can have a minor dispute over a made-up TV show with 2 other bloggers on last week’s page, & then she makes the leap to put those bloggers in the class of “haters” – & then MAB’s friend posts a comment today on this page saying how much she enjoys reading MAB’s blogs, I have decided this site is not for me.

  36. From TerriK

    And yet Shani here you are trying to start trouble by openly pointing your finger at someone. How does that make you any better? It’s a discussion board..people are bound to buttheads and have’s nice to see those same people are able to put it behind them and now get along..jmo

  37. From Paula

    Will needs a slap! I have always felt bad for him d/t Sami’s bad parenting, but now he’s just being a jerk! What mother would be jumping for joy the minute her son tells her he’s gay! Speaking as a mom, it’s not exactly what we expect to hear from our children, but he hasn’t given her so much as 5 minutes to process it. I had no doubt that Sami loves him enough to accept it, but any parent would need some time to emotionally deal with it. He’s just been a sarcastic little witch as far as I’m concerned. Thank you Sonny for taking the words out of my mouth.

  38. From jenny

    Just wondering what happened to Melaine’s nursing job? I see she hasn’t worked in quite some time.

  39. From patty

    #25 Hi TerriK , to answer your question, no I don’t think Sami deverved Rafe to give her another chance. Having sex with another man while your husband is out looking for your lost child is unforgivable enough but having sex with the man that had been hell bent on ruining their lives and their family, that makes it even worse. I never condoned the Rafe and Carrie attraction but your episode tomorrow will show you Carrie telling Rafe that even though she wanted to be with him that she loves Austin and has been praying for a family with him for a long time. She is devoting herself to making her marriage work and Rafe accepts that. Carrie and Austin then proceed to happily make plans for the future of their family. So yes I still think they did the right thing by not giving in and having sex.
    As far as chemistry on screen, the two second arguement between Sami and Rafe had more excitement than the long drawn out comfort talk between Sami and EJ. It was like watching paint dry and the only thing that saved it was EJ’s snug fitting jogging outfit. ;)

  40. From kat

    34 Shani,
    I my dear Shani, the friends name is Kat, and I do enjoy MAB’s comments and thoughts about the ongoing SL’s in Salem, as I also enjoy others, and I tell them.
    The day you and I agree about a Character or SL, I will gladly let you know.
    I agree with you, this site might not be for you, because the only memory I have of you, is starting trouble.
    If you don’t like my blogs, or MAB’s just skip over them, nobody is holding a gun to your head, making you read them…… dah
    35 TerriK, kudos, those were some very level headed comments you gave back the Shani,
    thank you from somebody, Me, that dares to voice it on here, that I like to read MAB’s thoughts and comments on here…. go figure that one out.,”The Nerve of Me” LOL
    Again TerriK, I like your thought process about situations, now maybe I will about that one too, How dare I like your blogs…..
    How refreshing it was to watch Sonny today. Now there is a level headed guy, just what Will needs, hope Sonny can help
    Will get back to sanity ….

    I also liked how nice Sonny treated Sami, The Mother, and no matter what, she is Will’s Mom.

    31 JiBi, don’t you ever worry about any spellings mistakes on here, We are
    fellow blog buddies, NOT English teachers..!
    26 Lucy, we have mentioned Celeste as a suspect before, maybe you missed it…She is expendable as a character, and could very well have done it. But then again, why would Grandma kill Theo’s Nonno (?)…
    I think I am going to give up, second guessing Who Did “Not” kill Stefano…
    Surprise Me..
    36 Paula, right on, Sonny was so right to tell Will to give his Mom some time to adjust, Lordy, We all know how long it took Will to get with the program.
    Question, does Roman know that it was Will that shot EJ in church…???
    Who, by now, does actually know about
    what Will did, or for that matter, What Sami did to EJ…..Bang, bang.
    TerriK, this is truly a good humor question, trust me, Do I still sound Snappy…? I hope so…

    Good comments every body, keep it lively, I get bored very easy.

    Cougar, good to have you back, Grandma Judy and I just mentioned you a while back….
    Rafe, still legally and emotionally being Will’s stepfather should not be part of the investigation, no different than Roman the Grandfather.

  41. From michele

    Here is my idea…

    Steph, read the paper and began to cry. We were all lead to believe that it was because EJ is not his son… But what if… he had to go into wittness protection and had to make EJ believe that he was not his son in order to protect him. What if he was crying because he was forced to push his loved ones away and make them believe that he did not care for them for their own safety??

    I do not think that Will is being written the way he is being written because he is gay. I think he is being written the way he is being written to show that he is his mother’s son. I can see how people are getting turned off by him, because as I always say I love to hate Sami.

    I think they are braking up Steve and Kayla so that we can see Kayla and Abe develope a relationship of some sort.

    I miss my Ejole!

    Richard, I do not know if Roman is real or fake, BUT I do agree with you and have always thaught the samething, he always goes after his family and never anyother bad guys.

    Ejami fans, while I am a HUGE Ejole fan, I can believe that they could forgive each other for what they have done in the past to each other. We all know that Jack raped Kayla and Jack is now a good guy and Kayla forgave him. Austin forgave Sami for EVERYTHING she has done to him. Maggie forgave Vic, Vic and Caroline frgave each other. Bo and Hope forgave each other. I do not think that there is anyone on this show that has not needed to forgiven at one time or another….I still want my EJOLE and they too have done alot of really bad things to each other. I mean Nichole is still hurting EJ, at a time in hi slive he needs her the most, but I just can not give up hope…lol..

    These are just my opinions on some of the way the stories could go.

  42. From patty

    #34 Shani, please don’t leave. This blog is for everyone and your opinion is as welcomed as anyone elses. You can always join me and Grandma Judy for wine and snacks later. :)

  43. From kat

    P.S., my fav.
    It is so wonderful, how God gave all of us Eyes and Ears (and of course plenty more….), but for the purpose of blogging,
    he never demanded that we All See and Hear the Same things The Same Way, what a wonderful gift of
    Freedom of mind he gave us,
    and we should All respect it a little bit more…..
    So MAB and whoever I agree with -
    keep the good blogs coming,
    but how often have I said, I like all blogs,
    GrandMa Judy, SandyGram, etc., they write great blogs, we just don’t agree, so what, … I do respect those Ladies greatly, and so many others on here…
    I like all on here, but I draw the line when Nasty gets personal…..

    Promise, I am done for tonight.
    Maybe I should not talk about it, but I will, because we are friends in need here,
    spent the afternoon at my former DIL’s house to pick up my grandson.
    His maternal Gram was there, whom I love very much, I already knew, but she was telling me, that she has dementia/maybe more like Alz……
    She is only going to be 73, … Her telling me almost broke my heart.
    We have been family for over 24 years.
    My grandson for all purposes was Baby Sitting her while Mom was at work.
    She can’t drive anymore, but we had the best
    time together, she is still ok, living by herself, but time is not going to be her friend….
    Sorry, if some get offended by my sharing….but strangers sometimes are the best medicine… thank you, as so many times before…Kat

  44. From TerriK

    Kat- I can’t help but like your blogs lol even if we did “butt heads” slightly. You’re very insightful when it comes to DOOL and I respect that very much :) So dead on about Will..loved seeing Sonny put him in his place..Will had no business using him to be snarly with his mom..and also using him to make sure Rafe found out about Sami/EJ.
    Patty- lmao I will agree with you about sexy EJ and his running suit hahaha but everything else I’m gonna agree to disagree ;) you either love Carrie or you hate her. I stand by Austin deserving to know the truth. And yes EJ has done ruthless things to Sami & vice versa..and you are absolutely right- to do that while Rafe was looking for Johnn was so wrong in sooo many ways but when your little boy goes missing and you truly think he was dead..and happened to be with the father of that child..she wasn’t thinking right..and like I said I don’t care about her being with Rafe..Sami & EJ are a match made in blissful hell lol. But that doesn’t excuse him frolicking with Carrie knowing the history his wife has had with her
    & men.

  45. From patty

    Rafe is Will’s stepfather and believes in his innocence because he is innocent. Rafe will try and prove that. That’s our Rafe, that’s what he does unlike Will’s other ex-stepfather who is blackmailing him to do his dirty work.
    Again Shani, don’t let anyone bully you off this board.

  46. From TerriK

    Oh and not stand by what you say and there is nothing wrong with that. I’ve been coming to this site for a lot of years and only decided last week to actually start leaving comments, however, I’ve always enjoyed reading your blogs along with MAB & Grandma Judy’s. I’m on twitter and actually suggested this page to a few of the actors because I’ve enjoyed how diehard the fans are on here…we’re a dying brred and I never want to see the show cancelled like All My Children..the only other soap I really enjoyed :)

  47. From KK

    WHO IS EJ’S DAD???

  48. From patty

    Well TerriK # 43, I’ll have to disagree with you there,telling people they don’t belong here is not just standing by what you say and there is something wrong with that. Watch your back my friend.

  49. From TerriK

    Patty- perhaps you should read what I WROTE. I said what makes Shani ANY DIFFERENT FOR STARTING TROUBLE. NOT ONCE DID I SAY SHE DIDN’T BELONG HERE. Watch my back? Are you serious? Apparently you need a life my dear and I’m going to leave it at that because I’m far more mature than this petty arguement. AGAIN- I suggest you re-read what I wrote before you start running off at the mouth. I was trying to keep the peace.

  50. From TerriK

    Patty- I copy and pasted my comment just so we’re clear. Tell me where exactly did I tell this person they didnnt belong???
    35. From TerriK Comment added June 6th, 2012 at 4:30 pm And yet Shani here you are trying to start trouble by openly pointing your finger at someone. How does that make you any better? It’s a discussion board..people are bound to buttheads and have’s nice to see those same people are able to put it behind them and now get along..jmo

    Watch my back? Wow I’m going to lose sleep tonight because an internet name told me to watch my back lmfao

  51. From kat

    Nobody, but Nobody is trying to bully Shani of this board, she
    decided that on her own, give me a break, it was HER ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL OF US.

    TerryK, I am developing a lot of respect for you, your comments, your thinking etc.
    Big puzzle to me, where on your blog # 43 did you tell anybody that they don’t belong on this blog, nobody told Shani that at all, # 34 Shani,
    if I read that right, she decided that All By Herself…. yes she did, so she gets all the credit for that decision, lordy, lordy….
    TerryK, you don’t have to watch your back with me, etc.
    I might be snappy but I have always been totally honest and fair, and called it the way I see it,
    and I will always have my true friends back on here….period…
    terryK, that does not mean you can not disagree with me about the characters or SL, I love disagreements in a respectful and funny/light way.
    Bad, sad eve tonight…

  52. From patty

    I wasn’t talking about your post to Shani. I suggest you read what Kat wrote to Shani telling her she doesn’t belong here, that she just causes trouble. That is not true and Shani has as much right to post here as anyone else.

  53. From Kat

    patty, my dear … I think you are loosing your credibility,
    people are starting to pick up on your Little agitations…. I have a long time ago, but I came back to make it work with you, my big mistake again, again, and again.
    My mistake….
    Lady Lumps and I made it work, and also some others,because there is truly No Malice in my heart about “stupid” blogs about a soap, give me a break,
    but you seem to get to wrapped up, all in my opinion, I might be so wrong.
    TerriK, you did nothing wrong at all.

  54. From patty

    “I agree with you, this site might not be for you, because the only memory I have of you, is starting trouble.”
    This is what you told Shani Kat. She decided to leave because of you and Mab and yes it’s because you bullied her off the board.
    TerriK, I was just giving you a fair warning when I said watch your back, I didn’t mean from me, I meant from those two. They will jump on you sooner or later. Like Kat, I stand by what I say .

  55. From TerriK

    Kat- I may have been snappy with you in our first encounter, but we are both grown women with a passion for the show. Not everyone agrees with the opinions of others and although I may have taken your orignal comment the wrong way, I still respected you for standing by your opinion. This isn’t a place for silly threats like “watch your back” I mean come on…these comments are innocent and its fun to read the opinions of others. Patty- Shani came on here immediately giving her opinion on how certain people should act, and all I wanted to point out was she was start a confrontation herself by poking her nose where it didn’t belong. Unless you’re Shani too I don’t get why u r taking this to heart. I tried getting along with you & told you I agreed to disagree about your opinionn and I meant it. All in good need for petty threats that really have zzero impact on my life.

  56. From patty

    And Kat, people have picked up on your little barbs and insults since even before I started posting here. It just so happens that I don’t back down from people like you and Mab so live with it.

  57. From TerriK

    Kat-this could be the beginning of a very fun friendship :) you had every right to say what you said to Shani..if she’s going to throw out an opinion like that obviously about you and MAB why shouldn’t you be allowed to throw one back?

  58. From Kat

    48 Miss Patty,
    I did only agree with Shani,
    SHE, all on her own decided that she did not belong on this blog,
    Yes and I agreed, if she can’t take being on here, Leave, fine by me, so what is wrong with that….
    Of course Shani has all rights to blog on here, but if she comes on here, announcing in a big dramatic way, that she does not think She belongs on here, Her Words, I agreed with her, yep I did.
    By the way Patty, I wrote my blog #49, before your blog 48 ever came on.
    It’s about time, before responding to any blog anymore, people Really read all the way, what they are responding to.

    Why is it so important to divide camps on here in a Nasty way,
    #44 patty, telling TerryK,…. watch your back my friend….
    My God, what are we going to do to TerriK, are we going to hurt her, lock her up in Stefano’s basement, what…. this is crazy, to even use language like that to a fellow blogger,
    SandyGram, sorry to say, but I feel like scratching my Head…

    Are we still talking about a Fictional SL, with fictional characters in it, or what….

    people on here should not have

    Hate issues….. LOL

  59. From patty

    TerriK, my comment watch your back wasn’t meant as a threat from me, it was just a fair warning that sooner or later they will jump on you too. I stand by that, they will. You did nothing wrong and my problem is not with you.Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  60. From Kat

    52 TerriK,
    You got it Lady, just like on the soaps, Friendships are formed in the strangest ways,
    usually mutual respect in the end… and I do respect anybody with straight opinions that also, like MAB, respects that We can disagree etc. like grown up people… ThanK you, your words meant a lot to me.

  61. From patty

    Kat, you love issues, you’ve been having them on this board with almost every blogger that came along.You have called people names and told people off and combined with Mab’s arrogance have managed to drive many people off this just like you did with Shani. That to me is unfair.

  62. From TerriK

    Hey Patty- I. Take nothing personally. All is forgotten in my opinion. And I expect to have a difference of opinion with people just as I have had with you. Its a blog. And its life. No one is ever going to 100% agree with someone else. It really all is in good fun. I just see no need in people starting petty arguements with someone when that person wasn’t even involed in the difference of opinions. I respect Kats well as MABS and even yours (when it has to do with the show)
    Omg..I feel like we all belong on the show haha but the queestion is which characters are we?

  63. From TerriK

    Lmao I feel like we are the online Days of Our Lives soap…which character are you? Lmao..I’m trying to figure out who i’d be..and scary…I’m leanin towards Sami..
    Patty- I hold no grudge..but I stand by what I said to Shani…she stuck her nose where it didn’t belong and can only expect that type of response. Regardless of your opinion of Kat, I think she’s pretty insightful when it comes to DOOL. And when she thinks she’s hurt someones feelings she’s quick to be the bigger person and let’s things go..this is based on my own experience. Shani has no reason to be personally offended by her and her comment was plain rude. Anyways, I truly enjoy this site & this blog. I love reading everyones opinions and diehard Days fans are hard to come by. If I didn’t like a little drama why else would I be a fan? ;)

  64. From TerriK

    OH and one of these 2 comments said it didn’t load…so now I look like the mad repeater lmao..I’m going to bed :)

  65. From Kat

    56 patty, Give it a Rest please,,,,I have Not have issues with every blogger on this board, that is an absolute lie….
    I have Never called any body Names, and I have Never told people off, period, Where in the world are you coming up with accusations like that, I am getting actually Angry with you, How Dare You….Don’t you dare and blame Shani’s wish to exit on Me, it’s her choice, and it is about time you stopped your “Hate for MAB”, it is starting to come through loud and clear,

    you better start getting some control in your blogs, because you show to much hate, like warning TerriK about watching her Back, from US, give me a break, Are you Serious, this is a soap blog, fiction, We Are No Danger to anybody,
    patty, really.. now. you are going overboard.

  66. From patty

    # 57 TerriK, having a difference of opinion is fine with me. I know this is just a show and I don’t take what is said about the characters to heart. I respect other’s opinions but what I don’t respect is offending bloggers to the point that they no longer want to blog here and calling it disagreeing respectfully.
    Now I’m putting it behind me also. Happy blogging.

  67. From Kat

    58 TerriK, there is a heaven, thank you…. What a smart and fair lady you turned out to be….

  68. From kat

    61, patty, has it ever occurred to you, that when a blogger tells you, they are respectfully disagreeing with you or anybody on here, That they really mean it, and have the right to do so….
    Why do you assume that they are lying when they say so…..
    Why do you think that if they do not agree with a blogger, they are being dis respectful….If anything again, shani made her own choice, nobody offended her, just disagreed, yikes, where am I , in La,La Land… where did all the Adults go,
    Most of them are still here, but some are missing…

    Hope I am still snappy, never mean to be mean, truly .

  69. From lc

    **this make come on apoligies**!!!
    Sheesh it sounds like a whole nother soap on here!!! I, for one, love Kat and MAB and all the blogs on here. But kindly do not make rude comments and not expect to have something to be said back. Kat and MAB are always respectful of others and are the first to apologize if they offended anyone!!
    Anyways…back to why we are all on here!!!
    First…I commented I thought Lexie shot Stefano. Then read other’s comments and how she did not want to leave that legacy for Theo…totally understandable. Now I’m wondering if it was someone totally not being looked at….Like Abigail…not sure why I thought of her…I guess it was because Celeste keeps telling her son to stay away from her as she sees danger coming for Abigail. Again…just a shot in the dark…Okay no pun intended there!!!!!

  70. From lc

    Sheesh it sounds like a whole nother soap on here!!! I, for one, love Kat and MAB and all the blogs on here. But kindly do not make rude comments and not expect to have something to be said back. Kat and MAB are always respectful of others and are the first to apologize if they offended anyone!!
    Anyways…back to why we are all on here!!!
    First…I commented I thought Lexie shot Stefano. Then read other’s comments and how she did not want to leave that legacy for Theo…totally understandable. Now I’m wondering if it was someone totally not being looked at….Like Abigail…not sure why I thought of her…I guess it was because Celeste keeps telling her son to stay away from her as she sees danger coming for Abigail. Again…just a shot in the dark…Okay no pun intended there!!!!!

  71. From Kat

    64 and 65 lc,

    wondering why I am still on,
    I am still writing my life story to leave to my kids etc.
    so whenever I am on writing, I take a Blank break and switch to DOOL….
    Thank you for your very kind remarks, and you are so right, the only time I come back, if somebody first pushes my buttons,
    thank you, you got it.
    Abbigail, who knows anymore, they are all fair game at this point.

    lc, it’s been a while since you have been on…. don’t be a strangers, not on this loving blog site, just little snappy Me,… I love it.

  72. From gerri

    #37 Patty,
    after reading these posts,(most of them)one was a response back to me,on my judgement call re-EJ/SAMI and EJ/NICOLE.This was my thoughts,only so didn’t really need no backlash,but this a freedom board,so we can agree or disagree,no need for anyone to get mean,but at same time we don’t need to give an apology,for our opinions……..
    so now
    I need some wine,can I join you and Grandma Judy?

  73. From patty

    Telling someone they are trouble mean, nasty , unkind, snide or that they post nonsense is not disagreeing respecfully and talking about “some people on here” is not discussing the show. Now if you don’t want issues or someone biting back, maybe you should refrain from saying these things, especially to me because as you’ve noticed, I only take so much crap. Then you act all confused when I bite back as if you don’t know where I’m coming from. Sorry but if you can call it as you see it, so can I.
    Now I will keep on posting here and it is up to you whether you want to disagree respectfully or not. The ball’s in your court Kat.

  74. From gerri

    #66 Kat,writing things about your life,is something I think we all should do,for future generations,I do have little boxes,for each grandchild,that I’m putting,pictures,and different things they made in school,for me, some are quite funny.I know they will all appreciate,it later in their lives,youngest grandchild will be 17 in August,so mine are
    all grown.

  75. From thelittleimp

    I think EJ should back off as far as Nicole is concerned. He knows that she has trouble carrying to term and stress will not help the situation. It makes more sense to just wait until the baby is born and obtain a strand of the baby’s hair (he can probably get his lackey Will to obtain the sample) and then run a DNA analysis on the hair to determine the paternity of the child. If he truly believes the child is his why put the child’s life at risk?

  76. From kat

    68 patty, again very respectfully, I do not have a clue what the heck you are talking about,
    forget the ball, I really don’t care for you, you confuse me, I don’t get you,
    I have never dished out crap to you, what is going on with you anyway, all I ever want to do, is
    agree or disagree about the SL, I think
    a lot of the other bloggers are getting that by now

    69 gerri, thank you, yes I enjoy spending time on the computer,
    writing down my memories, my thoughts, my life experiences, etc. you name it…. I love doing it.
    Why else do any of you think I spend so much time on this blog, because I am on the computer so much.

    patty, take a good look at yourself,
    chill at bit, nobody is your enemy, you make them by your own negative feelings all the time.

    69 patty, please read all of your own words again
    ….. those are your words against a lot of us.

  77. From Kat

    Getting back to business, what if the baby test results showed, that EJ really was not the father,
    of course Rafe was not either,
    but none of them were… and that is why Dr. Dan was just a wee bit off, something….
    and that devious look on Nicole’ face when she hugged Dr.Dan. Somethings is going on here. ….!,
    but What..????? Is there more to that SL
    than meets the eye… puzzled.
    Sleepless in PA

  78. From Grandma Judy

    Lots of activity on here last night. Shani, I appreciate that you were sensitive to MAB’s “haters” remark toward patty and me. But the remark was so out of place that I felt it only deserved to be ignored. I hope you don’t intend to leave. You are just as valued a blogger as anyone else on here. You respond to jabs, and don’t we all, but I have never viewed you as a troublemaker, and your opinions on the show are good ones and welcome.

    Bo, Hope, Marlena, and John all fessed up to each other yesterday that they were each at the mansion the night Stefano was shot, but their faces all still look guilty as sin. And why was Marlena hiding her red coat from John and apparently anyone else?

    EJ put up a good front to Roman and in front of Sami when he talked about him and Stefano being flesh and blood when, of course, he knows they are not. (At least that’s the s/l right now.) Great acting as always by James Scott when EJ was so emotional, next thing to tears, as he pleaded with Nicole again to give him another chance, and then when his face turned dark when he told her in his threatening way that it’s never going to be over between them.

    Great acting, too, when Nicole gave in to such a flood of tears after EJ left! But there was that sly and coniving look she had while hugging Daniel. Daniel looked smug, too, and was enjoying his closeness with Nicole. What’s up?! Being a doctor, I don’t agree with Daniel leaving the DNA labels switched. Be something if Nicole keeps Daniel on the hook while Rafe is out there pretending to be her baby’s father!

    Rafe was practically speechless when Daniel named him as the father, but he played the part while EJ was there. I’m glad Rafe is going to stick up for Will and believe in his innocence, because I think Will is, but Will sure looked guilty with Roman in yesterday’s last scene.

    Will was being such a smart @$$ when he pretended to Sami that he and Sonny were a couple. Sami never missed a beat, though, acting like she was plenty ok with it, and then later I loved it when she asked Will why he wasn’t dating Sonny. Very cool on her part!

  79. From Grandma Judy

    Kat and gerri, writing things about your life is such a great thing to do for your grandchildren. I haven’t done that and at this point I’m so behind in organizing my photos that it’s pathetic. We have 10 grandchildren. The oldest is 27, youngest is 8. We’re in Michigan and, unfortunately, 5 of the grandchildren are way out in Washington State. The other 5 are local, thank goodness.

  80. From llh

    Very tired of Nichole’s pregnancy. Been there, done that. How many times do these women have to switch results on E.J.? And why is Roman spending more time trying to accuse his friends and family of murdering Stepheno and hardly investigated Stephano trying to kill these people. Did he ever consider that the Russian mafia may have put a hit on Stephano after he helped close down their arms trading and got them arrested?Plus, it worked out for them to have a gun laying there handy to put the blame on someone else. What trained cop would leave their weapon behind? Reading ahead, Sami is now going after her Mother for the shooting? Real tired of that storyline too. She expects Will to forgive her, but lays in wait to go after her mother at the drop of a hat. If she wants to be forgiven,(and there is far more to forgive her for than Marlena is guilty of) she better start growing up, or she will loose Will again. Poor Will lives with most disfunctional family ever, tries to do the right thing, and then everybody uses him. It’s a wonder he hasn’t gone postal on everybody.

  81. From SandyGram

    Off to the 14 year old Grand-Daughters 8th Grade Graduation this morning. This has been a big year for her and now she’s moving on to High School. I remember when she was about 6 she said, Grandma I want to be 16. Now look she is only 2 years away from her wish and Grandma is wishing she was 6 again.

  82. From TerriK

    Love the idea that Stefano is perhaps pretending EJ isn’t his son to protect him in some sort of way (fingers crossed because he is pretty dedicated to being a DiMera) And Roman always seems to not give a damn about his family when the “law” is being broken. He could have come to Sami’s rescue many times but chose to believe she was guilty instead of giving her the benefit of the doubt.
    Really would like to know what’s behind the whole Dr. Dan issue. Was Nicole looking smug because she thinks she somehow wrapped Daniel around her finger with one kiss? Daniel should have looked worried that he was depriving a man his right to raise his child (as he also. Had that right taken from him)but he too looked smug which leads me to believe there is way more to this story then meets the eye. I’m looking forward to something being revealed there!

  83. From MAB

    Will is beyond pushing the limits w/ his cocky attitude, but that attitude certainly didn’t come from any DiMera influence. He’s always had an attitude like this. It’s just more evident now that he’s older. And this isn’t the first time Will has acted like an @$$, but some want to claim he was just because of Sonny’s reactions. A lot of what Sonny said yesterday is what ‘some’ of us have been saying about Will all along. Also, Will was using Sonny, and I’m glad Sonny confronted him about it. If Will don’t watch his attitude, he’s gonna loose Sonny as a friend, and it would serve him right the way he acts. I also liked when Sonny made it clear that Sami needs time to come to terms w/ Will being gay…again something some of us have said all along, while others bashed Sami for her actions. Of course, Sonny shouldn’t have to point out the obvious to Will, but that is why Sonny is head & shoulders above Will in the ‘having class’ department. I thought Will & Sami had come to a new understanding, yet he was right back to treating her bad again…again w/ the smirky grin, groping Sonny, and what was w/ the lying down on the couch while she was trying to talk to him? She was worried about him, and w/ good reason when he was freaking out and carrying a gun around just the night before. And the next morning, he acts like everything is ok? There is no doubt that he needs therapy and quick!

    Apparently Stefano’s will that Roman had is useless, and EJ would know, being a lawyer. But I’d like to know how Roman got his hands on it. Wouldn’t Stefano’s lawyer have his will, or wills, in his possession? I don’t think it customary for the police to obtain a will from the deceased, especially the day after his death.

    I don’t get what Nicole is up to. Daniel knows she switched labels, she admitted to it. But what was that look all about on her face as she was hugging Daniel?? Seems she’s plays Rafe, and Daniel, but then cries after her talk w/ EJ, like she’s still in love w/ him. She is becoming very confusing lately. I assume Rafe thinks Daniel came thru and altered the test for them, and Nicole didn’t let him think different. And Daniel, is something gonna happen between them and she’s gonna hide it from Rafe? As far as he discussion w/ EJ, I didn’t see where he begged Nicole about anything. If he begged about anything is was about keeping his child from him, and I certainly don’t think there is anything wrong w/ anyone begging on their child’s behalf. At least Nicole offered her condolences to him over Stefano’s death, and even Daniel, but of course Rafe had to offer his, while being his usual @$$hole self.

    Why is Marlena giving her clothes away that she wore to Stefano’s? Did she go back and get blood on her? And if she did, why would she give the clothes away instead of burning them?

    Rafe was never determined to save his marriage, because if he was, he & Sami would probably still be together. He went off and fell for Carrie and fantasized about her, and wanted her, and I bet they would’ve cheated if they hadn’t got caught kissing. All Rafe & Carrie was doing was cheating, and they were doing it before knowing about Sami & EJ. He was already giving up on his marriage, and Carrie has been giving up on hers since she met Rafe, and no matter what she claims or does w/ Austin, she still wants Rafe. Rafe was going behind his wife’s back w/ her sister, and he & Carrie were going behind Austin’s back as well. Rafe & Carrie are no more innocent than Sami & EJ.

    We don’t know for sure if Will is innocent at this time. We don’t know who killed Stefano. Will tried killing EJ once before, so what excuses him from killing Stefano this time around. Rafe can think what he wants about Will.

    #34 Shani – well…bye!

    #35 TerriK – thanks! Just wanted to say that if you should watch your back, it’s from the ones who told you to do so in the first place. Of course, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that. The proof is in their writing. I’m glad you are posting now. I’m enjoying them very much.

    JiBi – don’t ever apologize for spelling mistakes, we all do it. And hopefully you won’t get an English lesson like I got awhile back from a disgruntled blogger.

    kat – ditto on pretty much everything you said. And like I told TerriK, the proof is in the writing. I don’t get what fascination patty has w/ me??? She can’t post w/o mentioning my name.

    lc – thanks for the kind remarks too. I try to come on here and talk about the show, but get berated for my opinions, which ultimately begin the personal attacks. Then they get angry when they get fired back at. They blame others for the things they start and claim we are the trouble makers. Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed your posts, and have missed seeing them. Like kat said, don’t be a stranger. We need your input on the show too.

    How does one get bullied off this board when it was that person’s choice to leave, saying this site was not for them?? NO ONE is being bullied off here and I dare the person claiming this show any proof where anyone was doing it!

    patty – what part of leave my name out of your posts do you not get??? What is your obsession w/ me??? I have asked you NOT to address me, and if you keep doing so, I will address this issue w/ Admin. I guess threats are the only way to get the point across to someone like you.

    Grandma Judy – ignore what you will, but it was you and patty who started the remarks about me, so I just plainly called the remarks what they were…hate.

  84. From MAB

    Meant to say…

    We don’t know for sure if Will is innocent at this time. We don’t know who killed Stefano. Will tried killing EJ once before, so what excuses him from killing Stefano this time around. Rafe can think what he wants about Will, but that doesn’t mean he’s right. And it doesn’t mean Will is innocent just because Rafe thinks so.

  85. From BA

    They are breaking up Steve and Kayla because Steve aka Stephen Nicholls is on another show, and by not bringing in another actor a) they save money and b) they do not make it look as though they are trying to dupe the fans

  86. From Richard

    Of course, Will has residue on his hands. Stefano is blackmailing him, after all.
    Take this, as a scenario. Stefano creates a look-a-like for himself and places him in his chair. Will is forced to fire the gun without wearing gloves, thus getting residue on his hands. Will, wearing gloves, shoots the gun through the chair to set up the remaining suspects.
    It never crossed my mind that Will would not be the one suspected of shooting Stefano.
    Roman, I believe, will take his time on the case, before the governor’s investigators show up, to implicate all the Brady’s. I believe that EJ will turn out to be the least likely suspect for Roman.

  87. From TerriK

    Apologies in advance if I have similar double isn’t working well for me lol so I’m finding myself having to re-write everything I’m posting and can’t always remember word for word what I’m writing..I’m afraid the mind is the first thing to go :)
    I’m really looking forward to finding out what the whole Dr. Dan/ Nicole exchange was all about. Was Nicole looking smug because she thinks she now has Daniel wrapped around her finger as she has done with most men in the past? And Daniel SHOULD look concerned about “switching” the results and denying a father his right to raise his child (since he was denied his right with Melanie and knows how badly is hurt him) Instead, he too was looking awful smug, which tells me there’s something going on here. I hope over the course of the summer this mystery reveals itself..and as i’ve said before why was Stefano so concerned about breaking EJ & Nikki apart??
    I really like the idea of Stefano possibly telling EJ he’s not his real father to protect him from something because EJ is so dedicated to carrying on his fathers legacy that it would be a shame to deny him of that right. And although Chad does seem like he could work into this role, could he really be the next EJ? Not in my opinion..but I do enjoy his acting and anticipate some intriguing story lines :)

    MAB- I just call it as I see it and I was really upset when “Shani” came online and tried to stir up trouble when it was all really unnecessary & childish. I really enjoy reading your blogs and I think you are very fair in your comments and sensible. I’ve been reading your blogs for a very long time and I have never seen you personally attack anyone so I didn’t understand what her deal was, other than to start trouble.
    Kat- you are who you are and I hope that doesn’t change. Snappy comments or not- I enjoy your blogs and will continue to read them and be entertained :) Nobody has the right to take away your freedom of opinion and as long as people can constructively disagree without throwing out ignorant responses attacking you personally, there’s nothing wrong with that. Some people just seem to enjoy crossing that line when there’s really no need of it.

  88. From Kat

    82 MAB, good post, your friend agrees with you….
    How about this one, Stefano is the Fatha of Nicole’s baby….LOL
    well Hope and Stefano slept together when they were locked in the turret… and He took care of Her… Hope feared then that either John or Stefano were her baby’s father….
    Just thought I throw that out for fun.
    Nicole seems to do everything, incl. muddling things up, strange,
    to avoid getting a real DNA reading.
    Would an honest test show, that EJ
    really is not the Baby’s father after all.
    Her playing scared of EJ just does not ring reasonable anymore…

    Sidney and Johnny are just fine with their mother Sami. Why wouldn’t he be the same with Nicole and her child.
    And yes, EJ begging for his child, is not a laughable matter, it shows a Fathers love for his child.
    As a matter of fact, I think, that Nicole has dished out so much hurt to EJ when it comes to deceit about
    babies, she lied and lied to him,…
    She really has No credibility to act the way she does. “There is No poor Little Nicole” and I am beginning to think – she is up to no good now…..
    I could be wrong, but there might be a new twist coming up,
    About Who is the Real Daddy,
    and of course, Who (Not)killed Stefano…??

    Is Will capable of shooting Stefano, yes, of course, he shot EJ,
    and he is his mother’s son, Bang,Bang Sami, and let’s not forget Bang, Bang, Grandma Marlena.
    This is so funny, almost like watching The Orient Express, LOL.

  89. From kat

    86 TerriK,
    your post was not up when I posted mine…
    Good stuff, to me you sound very well rounded and levelheaded, one of the reasons that I like MAB’s
    blogs so much.
    99% of the bloggers are great,even if we don’t agree on SL’s and characters all the time.
    But I respect their right to their opinions,
    all I ever want is the same in return.
    I don’t mind little friendly battles,
    a little funny crossfire, nothing wrong with that at all, just don’t go over the line…

  90. From Grandma Judy

    MAB, – there was no hate in my blogs. Anyone who cares to can go back and read. We can disagree and butt heads all day long but I just think there is no place on here for accusing other bloggers of hate. Strong word that you have used before about bloggers and I doubt anyone on here hates anyone. I know I certainly don’t and I would guess most on here know that of me. If you don’t know that, then I’m sorry you feel the way you do.

    I meant to say when I posted before that I agree with those who mentioned how Marlena is with Will. She seems to be all over him all the time and it’s kind of strange.

  91. From Grandma Judy

    I had to laugh at myself when I re-read my post. Am I really defending myself against someone who doesn’t even know me who said that my blogs contained hate?! I’ve never hated anyone in my 70 year old life and I’m sure not going to start now, on a site for discussing a fictional soap opera! How ridiculous!

  92. From MAB

    #86 TerriK – I’ve thought too that there was something behind this ‘EJ not being Stefano’s son’, and that Stefano did what he did to protect EJ in some way. I’m think Chad will become part of the family, and he will be interesting as a DiMera, but he is green and has a lot to learn. No way could Chad be the next EJ, until he is groomed for it, and that will take some time to do.

    I do the same as you, I call it the way I see it, and that includes the show, and the people on here. I agree Shani was just stirring up trouble too, and that certainly wasn’t the first time. Thanks for what you said about me. It’s nice talking those, like you, kat, Maryl, lc, JiBi, etc., who respond to your post maturely and knows what it is to have a discussion whether ypu agree or not, instead of an on-going argument (although I think some secretly enjoy it). I’m strong in my opinions, but that doesn’t mean I personally attack people, like some will have you think I do. Although that doesn’t mean they won’t get a response when they get personal w/ me, but at least I maintain some class in doing so, and do it in a dignified manner.

  93. From MAB

    #89 Grandma Judy – I did not accuse anyone of hating anybody…I said the comments were hateful. I’m tired of people putting words in my mouth, and then having to constantly explain what I meant. And at this point, I really don’t care, because I know what I read. And if you want to go back and read it, it’s on last week’s blog page. You were taking jabs at my opinion just because it differed from yours, saying I reprimanded you, etc. I think it was childish, and IMO hateful. And, you’re right, I don’t know you, never have. Your comments are spotty when it comes to those who disagree w/ you. You claim you’re fair when it comes to everyone’s opinion, but you’re quick to jump on other’s bandwagon when they start ranting…and then when someone calls you on your behavior, you retract what you said.

  94. From Kat

    Sorry Grandma Judy, not knowing someone personally does not mean, that a bloggers can’t feel some other bloggers “hate” come through in their words..I am not talking about YOU,
    but the defense you are using.

    Trust Me, I have felt a lot of Hate in some of the bloggers words to me/about me, since I have been on this site.
    I have endured 4 letter words, you should remember, because you came to my defense, a la “Lola”, etc.
    I have read a lot of blogs towards MAB, that contained Hate…
    Let’s be real here, it has happened.

    Austin, to me, is one of the nicest characters on DOOL, but a bit Naive…
    I hope that Carrie and him can make a go with it, Baby and all, it would
    be a fitting finish to their love story, after 20… years or so, and all their ups and downs.
    Mel and Chad did the right thing, to finally tell Rafe,
    what if something happened to Gaby,
    according to “blog rules”, they would be guilty of whatever, since they allowed to “Stalker” to run free
    and go after Gaby……

    Will’s face today, He knew that the Test would come back Positive….
    What is wrong with that kid, he has the strangest looks on his face, it ain’t funny anymore….

    Hurray for Lucas, a realist, for setting Sami straight, of what Will is capable of……or for that fact, Will’s mother, he sure is becoming Sami’s Son more and more… that could mean, great Character SL’s ahead for Will, make him half and half, meaning good and bad,
    what a character to play that could be for Chandler’s career….

    Please All, let’s move on, get out of the Cross Fire, but if any have any unfinished business, get it out and over with.
    Then let’s start fresh, I am willing
    as I have always been….. forgive and forget…

  95. From TerriK

    Maybe Marlena is all over Will because she thinks (well obviously) she is 100% responsible for the way Sami turned out. She screwed up that poor girls head bad and now she sees the pattern repeating itself with Will. Probably trying to stop the downward spiral he’s heading into. But she is so over doing it. And a few months back when Johnny went missing and her and John returned I enjoyed watching Sami put her in her place when she said she’s never there when she needs her. Yet Carrie is the golden child in her opinion- cant do wrong. But her character has always been over the top and a bit arrogant. Maybe she gave away her clothes to attract some attention so the police wont keep looking at Will as the suspect. Marlena the marytr (i know that it’s spelled incorrect) She’s like the Erica Caine of Days lol

  96. From kat

    Just read MAB’s blog, but I have to agree with what she said…
    sorry to say, and I read both of your comments more than once, to be sure.
    Please having said all this,
    let’s move on please,
    because for different reasons I like you Both, MAB and Grandma Judy.

  97. From Cougar

    Kat & Grandma Judy

    Nice that you gave a shout out and missed me. I missed it. Actually I have been a little blue and down lately; only been taking time to watch the show. I guess you could say that Im one of those people who are too sensative to the bumps and tumbles life throws you and have been thrown a little curve ball. Don’t mean to be a downer but Im feeling better now.

    I usually down join in the negatives and get involved in the little spats but . . . Now guys, lets all just get along life is short. Thats all Im going to say.

    OMG watching the show as I type just saw the rat in Gabser’s lunch! Looked pretty real, eeuuww!

  98. From Kat

    94 TerriK, thanks for saying it for me, I so agree with you….
    Will will be the New Sami….why not, Great Character Role, and long lasting….

  99. From BeenWatching

    Hey! The whole lot of you! Out of the sandbox! Go on, get!

    I would think most interpret “hateful” as “full of hate”. But, as always, there are alternative meanings to nearly everything and every word, aren’t there? So much so, that anything written or said, without further commitment or explanation, can be basically meaningless when dissected. So, is anyone even saying anything? Ever?

    Words on a screen: How will YOU interpret them? I could call you all a bunch of asses, and mean absolutely nothing offending by it, if I don’t commit to my intention. It’s a neat trick, isn’t it?

  100. From kat

    Every time I am ready to log off,
    there is another good blog.
    Cougar, of course we missed you, you are one of the “Old Crew”.
    You know you can tell us anything,
    if it helps, we are after all “Strangers”, and sometimes unloading does help a lot, I know.
    Why are you so blue,
    I go through that at times, I think we all do, but is there something going on with you in your life that you want to share,..
    If Not, of course, no problem, just trying to help.
    They say talking to a friend/s, is the best medicine, but it has to be a friend that will not repeat your secrets to others, you have to feel safe, and you are safe with us…..

    Chin up, kiddo!

  101. From Grandma Judy

    Kat, I thought you knew me better than that by now and that there’s no hate coming from me. This all got started with MAB because of my “woodshed” and “reprimanded” comments, and those are hate?? It’s your choice to feel as you wish.

    Cougar, so sorry you have been down lately. I hope whatever is troubling you will soon pass. The rat was awful!!

  102. From Cougar

    Kat & Judy thanks so much for caring. Right now it is still hard for me to share and talk, just want to move on and get past this experience. I really appreciate your being here that makes me feel so much better.
    Luv ya guys.

  103. From Cougar

    Its interesting you ladies writing your life story down. I have always wanted to do memoirs of my Grandmother and Great grand parents. Great grand parents immegrated from Germany 150 years ago, struggled in the tennaments to save money then came by buckboard and settled the family farm. My grand mother remembers with great shame being hungry and scavanging left over picnicer’s crumbs in the city park. She refered to them as rich people because the had enough food. Of 12 children only 3 made it to adulthood. Life was so hard back then and we really take so much for granted. Anyway,now theres an interesting read my life not so much. LOL.

  104. From Grandma Judy

    BeenWatching, – I feel as you do about words being in print. Can’t really tell the full meaning because we can’t hear the tone of the voice, see hand gestures, etc. But when someone accuses you of hate more than once in the course of 2 days, it’s pretty plain. It really stood out to me, I guess, because it’s something no one has ever accused me of. And coming from people I have blogged with for almost 2 years. But ok, what one thinks is what one thinks.

  105. From Cougar

    Judy it is troubling that you of all people should be in the middle of a war of words. You have always been one of the most fair and kindest of bloggers!

  106. From Richard

    If Will didn’t actually shoot Stefano, maybe he is protecting someone who he knows did.

  107. From patsy

    Wasn,t that the most sicking scean between Rafe and Carrie .Made me want to throw up .no espect for famile Your wifes sister and your sisters husband .The writrs have ruined two charaters with this stupid story line Its is also heart breaking to watch a powerful sexy man beging the likes of Nicole to come back to him .the man musthave some pretty low selfesteme to have to beg Ive realy injoyed Sami the last few weeks Someone needs to take that brat WILL behind the barn and give him a lesson on how to treat your mom .She is beging him to give her a chance and the little snot just keeps trying to hurt her more .He wants to be loved unconditionly BUT he can,t love unconditionly the boys got a bad ME problem please do some befor ots too late .

  108. From patty

    # 104 Cougar I totally agree. Grandma Judy is one of the most considerate blogger ever and is being accused unfairly.
    Sorry to hear of your troubles and yes the rat was so gross just lying there in the salad.
    #98 Been Watching, neat trick!
    Grandma Judy, you have done nothing wrong , you my lady, have class!

  109. From Cougar

    Me thinks Dr. Feelgood Jonas may have met his match with Nicole if they decide to pair those two. Thats what you get when you get involved with your patient as that seems to be the case with him. Has ever been involved with a woman who was not his patient. Not sure about his deceased wife Rebecca but if memory serves not one pairing has come from out side the patient realm. That kind of makes him a predator doesn’t it? For a man who fails to have an interest outside a woman who looks up to him for help, guidance & gratitude. It just seems the empowerment is almost always his in the relationship.

  110. From JiBi

    Patty your blog should be for the show not starting a fight with Kat, Mad and now TerriK! Kat is right I’m one of the people that are starting to pick up on your Little agitations. All the other are here to agree and disagree and you it’s always to attack. And now telling people to Watch their back WOW lol you are getting so boring. Don’t you see that you are making no sense. Sorry but I have to tell.

  111. From MAB

    Hey! The whole lot of you! Out of the sandbox! Go on, get!

    Too funny!!

  112. From MAB

    Like I said, I know what I read, and you can list the words all you want, it was the way they were used and it was a jab…and I call that being hateful because I disagreed. I’m done w/ this and moving on. Some just aren’t worth it.

  113. From MAB

    #109 JiBi, excellent observation!

  114. From Kat

    100 grandma Judy, would you please read my blog 93 again. Right there in the first sentence, what does it say. please, read it again.
    I was Not accusing you of being a hateful person at all, yikes, this is getting a bit ridiculous,
    I was talking about the defense you were using for other bloggers,
    please read that again, if not,
    then you are not the person I thought you were. Give me a break here, and read my blog again.
    After all these years on here, why would I accuse you of being a hateful person.

    I agree with patty, GramJudy, You have class, but patty IMO does not..sorry,…to say.

  115. From Cougar

    I agree with the comments that will is getting too big for his britches and needs to be taken out behind the barn or as we used to say out behind the woodshed. But, and this is a big but . . . The writers are finally showing us his “Sami roots”. They may be mellowing Sami out a bit, her age doesn’t allow for all the outrageous shenanigans that she used to pull and some one has to take up the slack. We all complain about the recycling of story lines with out fresh twists. If we did not evolve some of the characters to some degree DOOL would get pretty stale. This evil Will that we see coming out (pardon the pun) has really been a long time coming. As far as the Gabi character being messed up that was a long time coming too. She has been plain vanilla working and putting hersself through high school and now college with out any visible support from the perpetually invisible Mama Hernandez. Kind of like the role of Maris-Niles always absent wife on the old Frazier show. Rafe was absorbed in Samiville and now he’s mixed up with Nicole and Carrie. Rafe even got an apartment for Sami and the kids but left GAbby to her own devices waitresing and rooming above the Brady pub. Not too much guidance for her. I say lets bring on the disfunction, thats what keeps soap operas going tragedy, missunderstanding and villans.

  116. From gerri

    hope these bluesy days pass soon.
    we are all here for you,if you need us,I wish we could send personal e-mails,but not allowed.
    your family sounds alot like my father was youngest of 11,and the last to pass away(his grandfather came from Germany as well)my mother was next to youngest,of 11 children,and all 11 have passed on.there were 8 of us,so I know all about sharing,and hard times.there is only 4 of us left,my twin sister was 1st to die,at age 53.
    I find It interesting,to know a little history,about each of us.
    Have enjoyed reading about Kat’s family,sounds like she has had a really interesting background..

    Grandma Judy,you have always been a favorite,amongst the bloggers,as well as Patty,and Daisy(haven’t seen any posts from her in a while)Daisy where are you???

    haven’t watched todays’s episode yet,(babysitting my g.grandson Logan)5years old and a very short attention span,have to entertain him,as he knows he is the center,of our lives.he will begin kindergarten in august,…he’s excited!!!!

  117. From Grandma Judy

    MAB, – you said there was no having a reasonable discussion, or something to that effect, “with haters”. And it was directed to patty and me. I beg to differ, no retractions from me. I said “geez, take me to the woodshed”. Because your blog was plainly directed at me for saying patty had “nailed it down” about Sami and EJ. Then after I explained myself, I said “have I been reprimanded enough”. That’s it. That’s what caused all of this “haters” talk. Amazing! Quite obvious I was joking around, but there was no hater speech there.

    Thanks patty and cougar for your support of the kind of person I am. Kat, I see what your’e saying in #93. But at the end of it, I have to say I think patty appears to be a very nice lady. And a fellow grandma! Yes, let’s move on. I think we have entertained the other bloggers enough! They’ll be tuning in to this site every afternoon instead of the show!

  118. From Grandma Judy

    gerri’s post just popped up. Hey, you are a favorite of mine, too! Just so sorry for your husband’s ill health and your daughter’s hand injuries. Hang in there. . . .

  119. From WI Girl

    Rafe be objective, please!

    I think the writers are definately making Will out to be his mother’s son. And just like Sami he will need a level headed partner to keep him in check… say Sonny! :)

    Ok EJ there is a blood stained chair unguarded at the mansion. How about you take a swab and get that DNA test. Or go find Stefano’s hairbrush and get the DNA test that way. Find out once and for all if you are in fact his son or not. I truely hope you are, and the new writers will be able to explain away the the other paperwork Alice had, and undo the old writers bad judgement on that one.

    Ok a few things I’d like to see in the future… EJ really being Stefano’s son or if not Stefano’s then John’s because he would still be a DiMera.
    Then Stefano, while faking his death, investigates the coin and finds out that Lucas is actually Kate and his love child from way back when. Then maybe Stefano and Kate could reconcile over the news they share a child together. They could then scheme to get Lucus to join the dark side. lol And as much as I love Lucas and Sami/ Ej and Nicole, both the men should find women worthy of their greatness! They can then run the DiMera empire together and take over all of Salem. mooowwwaaa ha ha ha ha!!!
    Ok that is just my little dream of what could happen in Salem.

  120. From kat

    116, Grandma Judy, well I guess that you say you read my blog # 93, that you know I did not accuse of being a hateful person.
    Would have been nice, if you would have said that to me…..
    So we both have different opinions about patty, fair enough,
    but just because somebody is a Grand Mother, does Not give them instant Sainthood, LOL.
    106 patsy, good blog about Will, I like and agree …

    So in closing Grandma Judy, I want to be very clear, I Never did accuse you of being a hateful person , stuff like this makes me mad. If I am guilty of something, I have no problem admitting it, and I have proven that, unlike others.


  121. From WI Girl

    Oh and also can we please stop breaking up the super couples. Leave Kayla and Steve alone. Why not just, he is working for the ISA so he is not present on the show. And when Jack leaves can TPTB just leave Jack and Jen together. Maybe he has to go be with JJ for awhile. Please don’t break them up!
    Ok now I’m done.

  122. From MAB

    I haven’t denied one word I’ve said, and I stand by everyone one of them. Yes, I said ‘haters’, and it was directed to you & patty. I’m not trying to bail on what I said, unlike you. I gave my opinion on the ‘nailed down’ comment you made, and I disagreed w/ it…then what always happens, happened. My opinion got knocked around, then you jumped on her bandwagon (as usual). Then came the comments between the 2 of you, directed toward me, as if you were making fun at my expense. Now you’re retracting, saying that it’s obvious you were joking. Well, no it wasn’t, and I still don’t think you were, and it was obvious to me that you weren’t being kind about it. That’s when I ‘tried’ to end it, w/ the statement ‘there is no having a reasonable discussion w/ haters’, because that is how both of your comments were perceived. So if you think that much of yourself to tell everyone how kind you are, go ahead. Tho anyone on here can make that same claim, but that doesn’t make it true.

  123. From Carol

    I think that Celeste shot Stefano, drugged him to appear dead and will take him to the same tunnels that killed Lexie. In the drugged state Stefano can hear all the words said to him in his casket.

    I think that EJ is really Stefano’s son and the mother changed the results just like Nicole has changed the DNA results of her baby’s paternity.

  124. From MAB

    Grandma Judy (continued from the prior post) I will continue to defend myself if I have to, but I’d rather talk about the show if we could just be done w/ this and leave well enough alone. I’m gonna be the bigger person here and say I’m willing to do that if you are. I don’t want to argue w/ you, or anyone else. It’s exhausting and not worth it. I’m on here to talk about Days.

  125. From patty

    Well geez, I spend the day cleaning and cooking and I still get unprovoked attacks and insults thrown at me! But it’s ok, keep them coming, I got thick skin , just don’t act surprised when I call it as I see it.
    JiBi, your post should be for the show too but I guess nobody’s perfect.
    Thanks gerri andGrandma Judy, I am a nice person and a super Grandma( ask my grandkids)…and I don’t pretend to be a saint. :)

    Now I’m out of here because Days wasn’t on today and I do have a life with wonderful people in it, go figure! Now be gentle.

  126. From LadyLumps

    This is for all the EJami fans, myself included. Apparently it’s the EJamiversary today.

  127. From patty

    #124 LadyLumps, thanks for the link. James looks so much nicer when he’s not EJ.

  128. From TerriK

    I wasn’t going to say anything because I thought enough was said, but patty you must understand MAB & Kats frustration with you? You told me to watch my back when it concerned the 2 of them as though they were going to rip me apart like 2 pitbulls and you really weren’t justified in attacking either one of them. In this current string of blogs Shani came on here starting trouble and it all sprung from that. Let’s just leave it alone. So not worth it and its so overdone now

  129. From Cougar

    Gerri thanks for the kind words.

  130. From Kat

    Lady Lumps, don’t know what looks more delicious, James/EJ or the Cake. What a yummy guy he is and such a beautiful smile,
    and what a powerful character he plays on DOOL. Such a lucky guy….
    126 TerriK, thank you again for all your support, it is greatly appreciated, JiBi same to you.

  131. From patty

    TerryK, glad I caught this. If you’ve seen what is being done today to Grandma Judy then you can see that being ripped apart is par for the course on this blog and that was what the warning was about. Grandma Judy did nothing but agree with one of my posts .
    Shani didn’t start the trouble, she told everybody she was quitting this blog and why, then she was unceremoniously dumped on for speaking her opinion.
    I have left it alone, I wasn’t here all day and my name and the insults kept being thrown around anyway so that is on them, not on me. I won’t accept the blame for this one. Now I suggest you leave it alone also, I agree, it has been overdone.

  132. From TerriK

    Patti- Shani came on here when things were all fine & good and felt the need to stir the pot. You felt the need to get even more ignorant when I asked her why she’d do that when things were clearly peaceful and Kat &MAB were clearly. Getting along again. You dear are a trouble maker and when you saw perhaps a small. Misunderstanding between Judy and Kat you instantly threw a line at Judy to lure her over into your condescending little world. Judy is a sweet lady and I also enjoy her blogs..but I tried to give you a chance, I was nicer than you deserved and now I just can’t take the fakeness. Now I’m done. I will say nothing more – but I needed to say that because I’m tired of all of this. I’mhere to ttalk about the showw. Just pretend I don’t exist.

  133. From Vivian

    Gunpowder residue – - Wake up someone…EJ fired those shots past Stefano and into the wall, how come he didn’t test positive? And how come Salem’s finest didn’t find those bullet holes yet???

  134. From SandyGram

    Back from my Grand-Daughters 8th Grade Graduation….what a beautiful day. 250 young folk, spit shined and dressed in their best party outfits moving on to High School. I don’t remember having an 8th Grade Graduation or as they call it today Promotion Ceremony. As I mentioned before, my sweet grand-daughter had a bad couple of years, but around Christmas last year she made a 180 degree turn and she’s a totally different young lady. She graduated with a 3.8 and 4 of her High School Class will be College Prep classes. What a day seeing all the young folk saying their good-byes and well wishes to each other for a terrific summer, while the parents and grand-parents stand by with amazement and pride in their eyes. Now we are waiting for 3rd great-grandchild to be born, I keep saying any day, but she’s not quite ready to pop out yet, but I will be excited to see her graduate in the footsteps of her Auntie, Uncle and siblings.

  135. From LadyLumps

    Kat I agree, although I think James looks a tad more delicious than that cake! :-D

  136. From kat

    130 TerriK,
    just a small question, when you say Kat & MAB were clearly getting along again…
    I must be not reading you right, because MAB and I have ever never had a conflict. Sorry if I misunderstand…..
    I agree totally about Judy, she is a good lady,
    and you my dear are a very strong Lady to stand up for your principles, I do admire that very much. We need more good people to finally stand up for what is right,
    tired of Agitators…and then claiming they are the victims.
    Time to go and ride our bikes…such a beautiful evening.

  137. From Kat

    133LadyLumps, just saw your blog pop up, I agree, want to share a slice of ……..
    132 SandyGram, nothing like a proud Grandma. Mine is starting 8th grade this fall..
    At events like this, the hardest part for me is, Grandpa is not here to share our wonderful boy with me. That always hurts, but I am sure he is watching, just not the same….Good luck on becoming a GG again.

    Bike and Man are waiting….

  138. From TerriK

    I thought you guys disagreed about something small in the previous blog around the same time you and I had a slight disagreement. I could have misunderstood I don’t know. I’m just tired of all the flack. You guys are getting..especially MAB and its just getting under my skin lol so I needed to voice it slightly

  139. From patty

    #130 Will do TerryK! Looks like another one calling the kettle black as a $hit disturber . This was none of your concern to begin with and you have stuck your nose in it as you called out Shani for doing. You want me to leave it alone but you’re the one that kept it going, as a matter of fact who started it. You came into this board getting in trouble with Kat from the get go and telling her you were going to leave again because she wasn’t worth the stress but you jump down Shani’s throat because she wants to quit this place because of Kat and Mab. She is not the first one and she won’t be the last. Now I am out of here too and I am done with this crap. I also just want to blog about the show and I can’t do it here obviously because freedom of speech on here is limited to the bullies and trouble makers. You can pat yourself on the back, you’ve managed to drive away a blogger on your first days on this board, quite a feat that even Kat and Mab couldn’t accomplish no matter how hard they tried.

  140. From TerriK

    Whatever you say victim. Kat & I had a slight disagreement and it ended quicker then it started. You threw the first threat telling me to watch my back. Get a clue lady- you are far from an innocent victim here and all. I’m doing is standing up for a couple of bloggers whoo have been taking crap for the last 2 days

  141. From michelle

    I agree with #7 lc it might be lexi killing stefano for harming everyone she loves. and byside she is dying and it is too bad that she is leaving. Besides how are they going to arrest someone who is already the time lexi confess of the murder of stefano she has already gone herself. now I can’t believe mel is going to be kidnap but I would figure that once stefano is out I would think chad goes the other and become a “Dimera”. who knows. and gabi god she okay but her whinning and wanting to be with chad sickn’ me I wish mel would slap the sh*t out of her!! GOD she is annoyng. Chad this Chad that. uuuhhh. it like get over it already and I wish mel or that other girl (jen’s daughter) confront her already .

  142. From Innocent bystander

    I just came on here and read the posts. Oh my! Such cattiness! I don’t know any of you but you can surely see the line of those who are bullying and those who are being bullied. How sad. Looks like MAB has a following with her being the head bully. Shani maybe this isn’t the forum for you or myself. I M getting off of here. I thought it was to talk about days. Vicious woman on here. Shame, shame. Grow up and stop the bullying! MAB. If you stop your minions will. Come on and stop this.

  143. From Kat

    137 patty,
    please stop, because you are making a fool out of yourself.
    Anybody that has read all the blogs for the last few days, knows what happened.
    Look in the mirror and you see that you are, what you are accusing Me, MAB and TerriK of.
    Let it go, take a break if you must,
    but NOBODY on here has ever tried to throw anybody of this blog, and includes You and Shani,
    You leave, it’s Your choice, nobody else’s period.
    I am getting very annoyed of all

    your untrue accusations.

    TerriK, let’s just ignore her from this here on. It is not worth it,
    but again thank you for all of your support, you saw the truth, and so have some others. Thank you.

  144. From Grandma Judy

    MAB #122, – I already said in my post #116 that we should move on. So in the spirit of that. . . .

    Will has really messed up with the guns. Sami being so supportive of him but Lucas has doubts. I still think Will is innocent. In fact, I’m doubting anyone of the usual suspects shot Stefano, since he isn’t really dead.

    Gabi is another one who has really messed up now, with Chad telling protective brother, Rafe, what’s been going on with her “stalker”. I’d already seen the rat scene (YUCK!!) beforehand but I just finshed watching the show due to yardwork this afternoon. Got such a kick out of Melanie’s facial expressions when Gabi joined her and Chad and baiscally horned in.

    I thought things were settled between Carrie and Rafe that they were going their separate ways so I wasn’t thrilled with their conversation today. Carrie appeared to have come to grips with their parting more than Rafe, – until he watched her rubbing her tummy. Then I saw a “yes, it has to be this way” look come across his face. I’m glad they didn’t take the extra step and sleep together. I thought it was nice what Carrie told Austin toward the end of the show, and I feel Austin is right that he and Carrie both were responsible for their marriage turning rocky. I thought Billie looked pretty good today (face). She just doesn’t want Austin to get hurt.

    PATTY, – DON’T LEAVE!! Not 2 great boggers gone in 24 hours!!

  145. From Grandma Judy

    May I say that patty’s “watch your back” was not a threat in the sense of a real threat that she was wishing anybody ill. It’s a saying, “watch your back”. She meant that the squabbling on here spreads to everyone eventually so watch out. Not pointing fingers, just sayin’.

  146. From TerriK

    Hey Kat- I’ll definitely take your advice. I guess it just bugged me because based on your blogs you have always been sweet to Judy and I didn’t like her try to start something there..I was too quick on our first encounter to be snappy..I’ll blame it on a bad day..and you showed me what kind of llady you were when you simply let it go & when we spoke again it was water under the bridge and I instantly gained respect for you. And now you and MAB are under fire and you’ve still been decent about I thought id take the snappy role off your hands for this one because you deserved a break. :) Moving on…
    I too am sick to death of Will and his stupid expressions just wanna slap the arrogance off his face lmao.

  147. From barb

    I thought this was a DOOL site,not kindergarden !

  148. From grandma to many

    made a comment on here last week about how pleasant it had been that people seemed to be stateing opinions more and argueing less OOPS ! my bad guess I spoke too soon ! lets please just squash it , agree to disagree and go back to blogging what we think we see and feel I value everyone’s opinions as sometimes when people state something different it gives me a different outlook

  149. From BeenWatching

    Patty, don’t leave. You know how these boards work. You know that things won’t change, so what the hell? Just stay and have fun watching the fur fly and ripping some fur out while your at it!


    Nah, you’re a fine “blogger”, who’s wonderfully expressive and articulate. I enjoy your viewpoint and logic. Without you, these boards would lose something good.

  150. From SandyGram

    patty and Shani or anyone for that matter….same as Grandma Judy and BeenWatching your viewpoints about the Show is enjoyed by many on this Board. Not that I’m a saint, but I try real hard to stick to the Show and not engage in the rest. Like a friend told me recently, “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails”. But if you must maybe I’ll see you on another Fan Site.

  151. From BeenWatching

    I have to say that I love the resolve of the members who don’t get involved with or respond at all to the board drama. You want to see wisdom and maturity? Look no further than these smart cookies! I’ve seen specific members get called out, even, and they still didn’t get suckered in! It’s impressive.

  152. From jill

    Wow really i can’t..Rafe on the case ? Really Roman ? It just show they don’t know what to do with this character, why can’t they get rid of him ? WHY? WHY? WHY?
    And Kate and her undying love for Stefano..whatever i don’t mind them, they can be entertaining together but it is seriously an abusive relationship..typical real behaviour of woman being in an abusive relationship..make me quite uncomfortable..

  153. From patty

    Before I go I want to tell you Grandma Judy how sorry I am to leave you and for the mistreatment you’ve been getting. It is a pleasure to blog with people like you and SanyGram ( thanks for the invite, we’ll talk), gerri, Just Moi and all the other nice bloggers. Been Watching is right, it is impressive how you all manage to stay away from the drama and remain the class acts that you really are.

    Now pot shots and jabs I can live with and God knows I’ve taken some low blows( questioning my role as a Grandma being the lowest), but I can dish it out with the best of them and I take my responsibilities in that. What I won’t do is share this blog with some self admitted fake newcomer who has took it upon herself to become the blog protector by jumping down people’s throat when it’s obvious she’s clueless as to what is even going on and deliberatly taking things out of context. What she calls voicing slightly is more like attacking viciously and going for the jugular so yes I’ll go because I have no room in my daily life for people like that. I like the good guys remember? :) But I will miss you guys and this blog because I loved discussing my favorite show.

    I won’t explain my watch your back coment again because the intelligent ones here know what I meant and didn’t choose to twist it into something it was not.
    Happy blogging to all.

  154. From Shani

    patty 148 good for you. Really bad treatment of you & G. Judy & she has been on here a long time. I didn’t start this. “Haters” is what started it & what got to me. I have seen all the jabs at bloggers fly by but that one was too much. Over the line. Not all sites are like this one. See you on one of those. Good luck!

  155. From Maryl

    Have been very busy lately but I am enjoying the soap very much. Love all the suspense and am ignoring all the goofy stuff–such as everyone having a love affair with Abe’s gun. However, I suppose that was the easiest way to create all those suspects. I’m inclined to agree with the idea that Stefano may have deliberately alienated EJ to protect him–although, he sure seemed devastated and overwrought when he first read Alice’s secret–making it appear that it was true that EJ was not his son. Very good mystery. Hope these new writers don’t mess things up too badly. I think they have already implemented some of their own ideas and are trying to turn things around, back to the usual. I believe that they will write EJ up to be even more vindictive than before. You can almost see it coming–so predictable. I truly had hoped that the writers would take all that power EJ exudes in a more positive direction. I wouldn’t want all his “badness” to disappear–just stop him from doing all the stupid stuff like he has in the past because of Sami or Nicole. EJ, no matter what, is still the most handsome, interesting, imposing and dangerously charming character on this soap–the perfect fictional bad/good guy.

    Grandmother Brag–don’t read this if that annoys you:
    I’m taking care of my two grandsons this summer–ages 4 and 8. I’m also a self-employed bookkeeper. The 8 year old gets bored easily, so I thought I would put him to work. I gave him the job of placing batches of charge invoices in ABC order–explained once on how and what needed to be done. Had him also add batches of credit/debit card receipts using my calculator. I was so amazed–he did everything almost perfectly! He actually helped me a lot. I know as grandmothers we can really see how smart these little ones are. He just completed 2nd grade and is at the top of his class, but what made me so proud of him was his ability to use his common sense–something you cannot learn from a book.

  156. From MAB

    TerriK – I really appreciate your support, and it is refreshing knowing that kat & I are not the only ones who can see people for who they really are. And oh how I’ve asked the same thing you have…’just pretend I don’t exist’…but it’s like she just waits for me to post something so she can pounce. Like I said, I don’t know what her obsession is w/ me. I’ve asked her numerous times to stop mentioning my name in her posts so I can skip over them like I usually do, but she continues to call me out by name, then claims I’m the one doing it to her. Again, like I said, I think she secretly enjoys the drama. And her saying you stuck your nose in?? Well all she does is blame others for the things she does on a daily basis…talk about calling the kettle black!

    Kat and I have disagreed on a couple of occasions (we disagreed a lot on Jack), but never argue. Contrary to what some say, it is possible to respectfully & maturely disagree w/ others on here. Kat & I are proof of that, and we’ve always been able to do this. I’ve done this w/ most on here, w/ the exception of a few.

    I’ve never seen ANYONE question one’s role as a grandma…or mother, sister, etc., and I know for a fact that I have NEVER done that. You claim this has been done to you, then in the same breath call yourself a kind person, while insulting a select few’s intelligence as if they don’t get your meanings. Well, I certainly don’t call that being kind. And my intelligence is very much in tact, but to grasp your meanings is beyond me, because your rants go from one extreme to another. And when you warn someone to watch your back, and blatantly are referring to people specifically as the culprits…yep, I call that a threat, and hateful. If you claim to be a kind person, and really are, then you wouldn’t be throwing personal insults like this around. Just more made up accusations, and IMO, w/ that kind of thinking, I’m glad that anyone who thinks like that is leaving this site. So to those who ‘choose’ to leave this board, I say bye!

    On to the show…

    They did find the bullet holes in the wall. Roman mentioned them the same night, to Bo & Hope. And it is true, EJ should also have gun powder residue on his hands as well. Can you have gun powder residue on your hands if you took a gun apart, like Will claims? If so, then maybe that is how he has it on his hands, otherwise he shot a gun sometime, somewhere.

    I think Rafe was right in treating Gabi the way he was, telling her he was taking her home, which I assumed meant his apt. I did not agree w/ him telling her she can’t model anymore tho. He doesn’t have the right to order her not to make a living at something she loves doing. But I guess since that’s been put on hold, it really doesn’t matter right now.

    I never thought Carrie & Rafe and settled anything. But maybe that is what yesterday was about. It doesn’t seem like it’s over tho. I felt a little sorry for Rafe, as he seemed really hurt. Although, he was never innocent from the beginning, and dropped Sami like a hot potato for her sister, he seemed to really love Carrie and want to be w/ her. And although Rafe was at fault, like the others, for what transpired from the get-go, Carrie is the one who has lingered it on, and currently has kept Rafe hanging on until she decided what she was gonna do. And that is not only unfair to Austin, but Rafe too. And I don’t think this is over, and probably won’t be until her & Austin leave the show. Carrie is still lying to Austin IMO, and I feel for him, that she is only choosing to stay w/ him because of the baby.

  157. From MAB

    Shani – thought you were gone?? It wasn’t the haters that started it, adn you know it. The proof is in the writing, and those posts are still there for everyone to see, and proof of when it got started. And why should you care anyway? It wasn’t directed toward you at all, but you just had to have an opinion about it, didn’t you now?

  158. From kat

    (questioning your role as a Grandma,that is the lowest..)
    I just have to address that one,
    GramJudy when defending you mentioned that you are a fellow Grandma,
    and all I said back to Her, …being a Grandma does not give you instant sainthood….
    Nowhere did I question your role as a Grandma, I am not there to see you as a Grandma,
    but you had to twist that one around also to keep your little feud going,.You read your blog, calling TerriK a Fake newcomer, etc. it is always you that calls people names etc.and than poor
    innocent Shani who started the whole mess, all of you playing victims. Note, as always I am not calling anybody Names…. I am just stating a few facts.
    Name calling is your forte….

    MAB, yes we disagree on some SL’s and characters, but the reason we are still friends is,
    we are Mature Adults about our disagreement, don’t get ueber sensitive about every little thing, and try to have some humor about this
    goofy little soap….

    Patty and Shani, it’s Your choice to leave, nobody is making you do so, so cut the Drama. You read your own blogs, the two of you are pretty strong bloggers when it come to dishing it out. And you are surprised when some strike back at you. You are Not Innocent at all, so stop sounding as if you are so misunderstood and mistreated, you are not.
    I wish you the Best, a Drama free life.

  159. From Kat

    GramJudy, when have I Mistreated you,.. are you going to let these accusations stand, if you do, than
    you have never been my friend at all.
    I have apologized to you before, when maybe I thought I was a little ….whatever, but I have never mistreated you.
    You patty’s friend, and I respect that, but you also have some responsibility not to let her run wild with untrue accusations.
    If this happens, this blog will never work.
    I would like to hear back from you on this, otherwise I guess I never knew you at all, and that would be sad, because I like you.

  160. From kat

    Not done yet,
    as for “Haters”, this board is full of “Self admitted Haters”, and Lovers, when it comes to especially EJ. So when some are referring to the haters, IMO that means, people that openly voice, they hate, like EJ, or Rafe…..We all know, that patty “hates” the character of EJ, so that it is her right, but then when somebody talks about her in regards to the Story, she is mentioned – among others- as one of the “haters”. Can’t have it both ways.
    When reading that, I always assume, the it’s meant as EJ “haters” etc…. Never occurs to me
    to think that somebody on here calls a Blogger personally a “Hater”. So if you don’t want to be referred to as a hater, don’t call your self an EJ/etc Hater of Lover, but then again, you can call me a “Lover” anytime, I don’t waste my time on Hate…
    So many misunderstandings on here,
    to much jumping the gun, without Really reading what somebody’s actually says or means, to quick to start Big Drama and all that over Opinions that conflict. To many Hurt feelings, to much thin skin, no sense of Humor, but yet,
    we are still here, because most of us get over it quickly and move on.

    150 Maryl, Hi, nice blog.
    So you are employing your 8-year old Grandson, that is so neat, be sure you pay him and also pay the FICA tax, LOL.
    Enjoy the summer, you might need a rest afterwards…but it keeps you young….I know…My fav.thing, being a Grandma.
    I agree, EJ is a great character to watch, no matter what he does, good/bad, he is entertaining to watch.

    I still believe that EJ is a DiMera, right now it is a good SL,
    Chad and EJ couldn’t look more like brothers- Great Casting -_

  161. From TerriK

    Respectfully I’m not going to shoot back after receiving wise advice from Kat. Patty you can have the last word that you so obviously crave. And I may be new to this blog, but I certainly wasn’t born last night.
    I feel so awful for Lexie..I truly don’t think her or Abe were involved. Abe wouldn’t do that to her and Lexie wouldn’t want that to be the legacy she leaves behind. I’m very sad to see her character go.
    I loved seeing the stand off with EJ & Rafe. Call me crazy but he’s even sexier when he’s being a bad boy lol maybe it’s the accent :) the two of them deserve more shirtless scenes if you ask me. I think we’re all in for a shocker when it comes to the true dna of the baby Nikki is carrying.
    I wish they’d make Will’s character a little less moody but he is definitely Sami all over again. I love that she’s taking the high road when it comes to his sexuality.
    Jack & Jenn- how many more times are we going to see the break-up/make-up
    Dr. Dan- I wish they’d pair him with someone worthy..Chloe was an almost..Jennifer was a never was…Nicole is a NO NO..who’s left? New character needed.

  162. From TerriK

    Oh and MAB – Anytime :) Hopefully after all this feuding we can all be adults and just share our opinions of the show. And if we all didn’t like a little bit of drama how could we call ourselves fans in the first place.
    And these are The Days of Our Lives haha

  163. From Grandma Judy

    patty and Shani, – No worries, I’m just fine. Blessing, and take care!

  164. From MAB

    #155 Maryl – do you remember the scene where Stefano was holding a letter from Alice and was laughing? That has still not been explained, then he gets the paper from the safe deposit box that supposedly tells him EJ is not his real son. Who knows what the truth really is.

    Oops, my mistake. EJ was wearing gloves when he shot at the wall, so maybe no gun powder residue will be found on his hands at all.

    Is it me, or do these young guys need a hairstylist. Will’s isn’t too bad, but Chad & Sonny?? Sonny looked like he combed his hair w/ a crooked comb, and Chad’s was just sticking straight up. Chad did get a haircut tho, which looks a little better.

    kat – yep, most people can maturely have a disagreement w/o getting sensitive about the difference of opinion, and then getting on a personal level w/ that person. Also, w/o trying to start anything and get anyone else riled, I just wanted to mention to you that I also used to get along w/ GJudy, or I thought I did, until the recent events w/ patty & shani. She can like & agree w/ who she wants, that is her business. I was surprised when she poked fun at me w/ her little friends. And lastly, thank you for getting what the word haters means. I never came out and said anyone hated anybody, but when it comes to talking about EJ & Rafe, and then making insulting comments, I call that being a hater. I agree too, if you’re not sure what someone meant by what they said, what happened to ‘kindly’ asking that person what they meant, instead of assuming the worse, and arguing about it??

    #161 TerriK – I agree, I don’t think Abe or Lexie (especially) shot Stefano.

    #162 – TerriK – it’ll be nice w/o all the feuding, and just talk about the show.

  165. From kat

    163 GrandMa Judy,
    well your Non Answer to me,
    gives me my answer.
    I am truly sorry GrandMa Judy that you feel that way about me,
    letting it stand that I mistreated you…….
    At least once and for all, I know where I stand with you.
    A very disappointed Kat….
    if I am wrong however, disregard this note…

  166. From kat

    164 MAB, You got my points loud and clear, thank you for that.
    Agree with you, what a shame, that things have to get that way…..
    Right about EJ wearing gloves when he fired his wild shots…
    maybe Will did fire the other gun, before he got rid of it, who knows, they lie so good about everything,, but that keeps the SL going.
    While Stefano is gone… I would like to see EJ take charge, with Chad by his side, could be great stuff. Chad needs a good SL, get him out of the coffee house. Like to see more of Sonny and his mature way of looking at situations and not holding back, telling his friends what he thinks, his opinions…refreshing for a soap ..
    Later….or maybe sooner, who knows…LOL

  167. From Lissa

    I think it’s possible Stefano’s shooter is someone not on the suspect list already. EJ wouldn’t have gunshot residue(on his hands anyway) because I remember when he fired his gun he had put gloves on first(black ones). When Stefano was shot, the shooter was also wearing gloves(also black ones) so I don’t know. I just have a hard time accepting EJ could have carried it out because no matter he loves the man. EJ is a big reason why neither Roman nor Rafe are able to be objective enough to handle this case. He is the one out of everyone they would hope would be to blame. I enjoyed the “Clue” theme leading up to the shooting but couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the ridiculousness of everyone’s ungloved handling the gun. Especially Bo and Hope who in law enforcement should have known better. Then Abe leaving it there at all even though I was glad he explained why which could be plausible. Almost comical, but already am sort of annoyed with the storyline because of where they choose to take it.. namely bringing Rafe back on board to run things when it is a conflict of interests being he is friends with many of the suspects just like Roman is relative.

  168. From Maryl

    MAB–you’re right!–I forgot about the scene with Stefano holding Alice’s letter and laughing his head off. This SL will have a real twist to it is my guess.

    Kat–I “pay” my grandsons everytime we set foot in our local Walmart! When they are with their Gran (that’s me), they head straight for the toy section and never come home empty handed–much to the chagrin of their parents! HA! Gee, it’s fun to spoil them rotten! And all those hugs & kisses you get in return are just icing on the cake.

  169. From Lissa

    Sorry, missed the last posts clarifying that EJ was indeed wearing gloves. All the more reason I especially rolled my eyes when he handled Abe’s unidentified gun that night :)

  170. From jolie

    I wish we didn’t have this bickering. Bloggers, get along, don’t comment on the opinions of others, just state your own. If we all thought alike, wouldn’t that be dull?
    Lissa, I agree about everyone running in to handle the gun. Good grief,it was like a bunch of kindergarteners on a playground handling a goose cigar. Everyone wants to pick it up and look at it closely to figure out what to do with it. Don’t pick it up if you aren’t going to use it…goes for guns and goose cigars. And you would think those characters who are or were with the Salem PD would know better but then this is the Salem PD we are yacking about.

  171. From Maryl

    Lisa, I think you read my mind! I feel the same way about Rafe being brought back on board with the Salem PD. Of all people, he should be considered to have as much or possibly more conflict of interest. I guess they just need another stooge to come back to work. Even though he has been fired for overstepping his boundaries by both the FBI and the Salem PD. Must be very easy to work for the Salem PD since they can hire and fire at will without thought to any past transgessions. I guess that’s “Roman power” in effect.
    You can bet the Brady bunch want the shooter to be EJ. I really do not think EJ could shoot Stefano, but then we have these new writers coming on board and who knows what they will do.

  172. From gerri

    Grandma Judy,and Patty,please reconsider,about leaving,this site,each of you along with Sandygram,Just Moi,Daisy,and Cougar,We pretty much like and hate the same characters,and S/L’s.
    I’ll continue to post my opinions,and If I get any negative remarks,thrown back at me,I won’t take the time or energy,to respond.

    I will ignore,the comments,and my thoughts and feelings will stand…..

    No show today,but yesterday’s was good,Glad that Carrie and Austin,will be leaving together.
    agree Chad and Sonny need a hair stylist badly.
    hate to see Melanie leave,because Gabi will,finally have a chance with Chad,not a good match…

    I agree with some,that Stefano,has faked his own death,very possible,that with his connections someone, somewhere has created a clone,you know this is his specialty..,or else is injecting drugs into him,so he appears dead,and after everyone has left the cementary,the coffin opens and he steps out… know “Evil” Is hard to stop.

  173. From Mopy

    This is dumb. That’s all I have to say about this message board drama crap. I hope Patty doesn’t really go. It’s nice to have a fellow Canadian on this site.


    As much as I enjoyed troubled and tortured Will and Chandler Massey’s performances, I tend to agree that it’s time for the character to simmer down a little. Give peace (and Sami) a chance!

    Has anyone yet suggest Victor as a suspect in the shooting? Hmmm… This thing could go anywhere, really. Stefano didn’t have much else BUT enemies, did he? I’m not really into this murder mystery thing, nor most of the other storylines at the moment, so I’m kinda bored with the show presently.

    I found it unpleasantly surprising that Nicole and Dr. Dan had absolutely no chemistry. I was under the impression that Nicole would mix well with just about any of Salem’s men, but watching those two kiss was a bit painful for me. Ick!

  174. From TerriK

    Hey Mopy! I’m from Canada too :) New Brunswick actually- what region are you blogging from?

    I. Too felt awkward watching Daniel & Nicole chemistry..Just as awkward when Rafe was trying to get info outta Nicole and they went at it…did not enjoy

  175. From Mopy

    I’m from boring Ontario! :P

    The east coast is nice. It’s my goal to relocate and set up home in Prince Edward Island one day.

  176. From TerriK

    Maryl- you sound like my Mom when she has my 2 boys. Walmart is their toyland :) She & my Dad spoil our 3 year old & my 6 month old has yet to feel that wrath :) but it’s coming. Afterall what are Grandparents for?

  177. From TerriK

    I’m in a little fisherman’s town. St.Martin’s. Reminds me of a mini PEI (mostly because of the seafood) i- like a lot of Maritimer’s- haven’t had the chance to venture to Ontario..I hope to someday. My furthest in Cananda has been Montreal (have to admit it’s because my hubby & I are diehard Habs fans! Lol)

  178. From TerriK

    how embarassing to spell my countries name incorrect- Canada!

  179. From Debbie

    Mopy, I’m bored with the show too overall but am enjoying the murder mystery. Your suggestion that why not Victor be a suspect is an interesting one as he’s been under the radar lately and no one’s suspected him. Just because Will’s been busted for it doesn’t mean that that’s all there is to it. At least I hope there’s more. And I agree that it was stupid for SO MANY of them to touch Abe’s gun. What a bunch of baffoons.

    Mopy, I hear you’re from Ontario. I’ve got relatives in Hamilton and I’m just across the border from Windsor about 20 minutes away in Michigan. I like hearing from the Canadian bloggers because you’re one day ahead of us and post before we see the episodes, but it’s my own fault if I choose to read and not be surprised.

    I hope those who’ve left or wants to leave decides to come back as everyone’s opinion matters here. I may like some people here more than others but that’s the same for everyone on here and is what happens in every life situation. And I’ll say this much…I’ve always gained a new perspective on a story detail or character that I didn’t “see” before from those I “dislike” so those people’s opinions matter very much to me too, because I’m interested in hearing what others are speculating about in the story. I’m not that creative so I appreciate the sometimes outlandish speculations as well as the more realistic and logical ones, and others here know more about the history of the show than me. So post on, blogger friends, and forgive each other. Life’s way too short for strangers to be arguing.

  180. From Maryl

    TerriK–sounds like you have your hands full with a 3yr. old and a 6 month old baby! Two little boys! Aren’t they great! I’m sure their grandparents will enjoy “spoiling” them as much as I have enjoyed spoiling ours. Just wait till they start playing sports–it’s really fun then! Ha! I don’t live in a fisherman’s town, but I do live about 30 minutes away from one here on the Texas Gulf Coast. My husband and I are avid fishermen–we take our boat out every chance we get. We fish the shallow waters of the bay–do not care for off shore fishing at our age.Ha! Nice chatting with you.

  181. From Maryl

    Well said Debbie!

    I had expressed this thought on last week’s blog, but I’m not sure it got on. Could the person who shot Stefano be the mysterious Yvette (from the coin)? Maybe Yvette would be too old if she was someone in Santo’s life so that probably wouldn’t fit the puzzle. I do feel like it will wind up being someone we have not been introduced to yet. Ian is another one of my suspects–maybe he didn’t actually do the shooting but had someone else carry it out. I don’t believe that it’s any of the suspects that are being questioned at this point.

  182. From LadyLumps

    Question for Jolie, what is a goose cigar?

  183. From kat

    177 TerriK, I have been to Montreal/St.Ann’s De Bupre(??)Quebec City and way up north several Times.
    Cruised on St.Lawrence river.
    My best friend is from Montreal
    beautiful country.
    St. Martin sounds romantic.
    Also have been to Toronto and the Canadian Niagara Falls many times.
    Great shopping in Toronto, very fashionable.
    180 Maryl, come on girlfriend, you and hubby do your best fishing in the Pond…watch out, you might get EJ on the hook.
    Please I am being funny,,,,

    Debbie, I have said the same thing many times over, I like to read others opinions/because I learn new things, even if at first I thought I disagree.
    It can change your perspective on things…
    TerriK, you must be very young, to have such little children, but you sound so wise and mature when you blog.Kudos to you. I am surprised, nicely ….

  184. From Vivian

    Anyone considered Susan Banks (EJ’s Mom), Celeste, Anna, CIA hit, or Caroline Brady? I don’t think it is any of the eight that Roman has questioned.

  185. From TerriK

    Kat- I’m 35..sometimes feel much older at the end of the day with Dominic & Ryder. I dedicate every second of my life to them) and when I get a spare minute, this is the site I enjoy visiting the most. My hubby & I just found out we have another little one on the way and I’m very excited about that.
    Love Montreal- well because we are big hockey fans in our house…go figure EH lol Montreal Canadiens are our life in the winter months & we’re trying to brain wash our boys into believing the same haha shame on us I know.
    Mopy- I’d love to make it to Texas some day..we hav a cattle farm here..but I know its nothing compared to the beef in your parts.

  186. From TerriK

    Kat- I’m 35..sometimes feel much older at the end of the day with Dominic & Ryder. I dedicate every second of my life to them) and when I get a spare minute, this is the site I enjoy visiting the most. My hubby & I just found out we have another little one on the way and I’m very excited about that.
    Love Montreal- well because we are big hockey fans in our house…go figure EH lol Montreal Canadiens are our life in the winter months & we’re trying to brain wash our boys into believing the same haha shame on us I know.
    Mopy- I’d love to make it to Texas some day..we have a cattle farm here..but I know its nothing compared to the beef in your parts. And believe me..I love my red meat hahaha. Nice chatting with you too :) and keep at the fishing. So much fun regardless of the turn out. My 3 year old & I do it almost every day in our brook out back. Nothing like fresh trout

  187. From TerriK

    And Kat if I ever hooked Ej on the end of my fishing line, you better believe that’s a fish I’ll never throw back hahaha

  188. From SandyGram

    #135 TerriK….
    Congratulations on your coming event and baby makes three. When is the little on due? You’ll find on this board following a Mommy-To-Be is one of our favorite things to do!

  189. From kat

    Yes – what is a goose cigar, good question Lady Lumps.. I have no clue…
    TerrK sounds like your days are full with your two “angels”,and when is the 3rd one due…We have another friend here on this blog,
    with a baby due this month.
    Kass, but we have not heard from her in quite a while, and I am getting a little concerned….
    I live on Lake Erie, but I am more into just boating, not fishing… I like Jet skiing,
    broke my rib once quite some time ago, hit a big wave the wrong way….
    However I love Trout and other fish…
    specially done on the Grill.
    184 Vivian, all the names you mentioned
    have been tossed around, who knows, Maybe Roman did it, the least likely suspect at the moment.. Isn’t Roman supposed to leave the show, that could be a reason.
    Maybe Richard is right about all his Roman Theories …..
    wouldn’t it be nice to get a Female Commissioner, not Hope, her Record is not the best. Could be Billie, or somebody new, like the Gov’s person coming to town to do the investigation,
    Could be a woman….

    186 TerriK, I am trying to picture EJ, mounted over your Fireplace,
    wonder what kind of Fish EJ would be….

    By the way, my neighbor just had a little baby girl, Avery, they also have two little boys, Aidan and Alex, Mommie is about your age. It’s fun to have them around.

  190. From WI Girl

    Ok do any of these people wash their hands!! Apparently Will doesn’t. Washing your hands with some soap and water will remove gunpowder residue. And lets see, its not like Roman took each one of them to the station himself. He left them and told them to come to the station. Um they could wash their hands before coming to the police station, especially since you told them why they were coming to the station. Then again the writers have always made the SPD look like complete idiots. Can they do any research before they write such unbelievable crud!
    The writers must really think the viewers are dumb. I’m suppose to believe that Abe, a former police office, would leave his gun behind at Stefano’s. And that 2 other police officers, Bo & Hope, would just pick up a random gun lying around the mansion without gloves. Come on!!
    I sure hope the writing gets better and they start to care about details! Oh and the history of the show. Its so hard to get into a S/L that is so unbelievable.
    Like I stated in my previous post, I am hoping the new writers switch EJ back to being a DiMera and explain away the birth certificate as a fake or something.

  191. From Maryl

    Kat–you know me well! I take EJ with us (from the “pond”) and use him for bait–I always catch the biggest and largest amount of female trout. Just like us, they can’t resist him–he is just way too “delicious”! Ha! Speaking of EJ, I sure do love him in that black shirt he has been wearing! And of course, the jogging outfit was perfection too.

  192. From Maryl

    Girls, It’s for sure that EJ could never be a angel fish. Ha! He could only be one kind of fish and that’s a barracuda–sleek, strong, and dangerous. But the only problem with that is that our EJ can be so sweet and lovable when he wants to be while a barracuda is always mean, mean, mean! At least that’s what EJ’s momma would say!

  193. From Timbits

    #142 Innocent Bystander

    Right on!

  194. From Kat

    WI Girl,
    I also hope, that it turns out EJ is Santos’ look alike Grandson, one way or the other.
    Fake birth certificates what else is new,
    look at all the stuff going on right now, Nicole making sure, that her baby is not a DiMera, making him a Hernandez, LOL not, I am COL. In Salem you can’t trust anybody, not even the doctors (Dan), the police (Rafe)etc.
    so Sami, the Paternity Switch Queen, not any worse than Dr. Dan or Rafe, denying a Baby his/her Birthright….
    I also agree with you, the Salem PD has never been very bright, and therefor they always think they have to go outside the law to make their cases. Roman, what’s all of a sudden going on with him, when for so many years he overlooked so much….Some is Watching him…. why, because Stefano has big clout somehow….
    Maryl, so cute, EJ is a Dolphin with a hidden built in Shark fin… push a button, and the “Fin” will come out…

    My fav. outfit on a man, has always been, tan slacks with a black shirt, and of course a nice suntan.


  195. From Carly Cauthen

    I will NEVER watch this travesty of a show again if you don’t put my favorite couple back together! Steve and Kayla belong together and I REFUSE to watch these idiots tear them apart again after we waited 16 years to see them reunited! This is a slap in the face to S&K fans and I won’t be a part of it! Days Of Our Lives sucks! I honestly would rather see Mary Beth Evans go and have them reconcile off-screen than to be put through this crap! I started a Facebook group called DO NOT split up Steve and Kayla for all the folks who are as opposed to this as I am. It’s a private group,so if you want to join,please look me up on facebook( Carly Cauthen) and add me as a friend so I can add you to the group. Thanks!

  196. From Timbits

    #142 Innocent Bystander

  197. From janiebell

    WillE.J. be able to keep secret that Stefano is not his “rill farther”? Who is E.J.’S DAD?

  198. From zoe

    Stop this BS with Ej begging Nicole whereas he was not with her when he hooked up with Sami and now she schemes against him, keep him away from his child (or at least it seems to be) and it is NOT THE FIRST TIME, she even went as far as let him mourn a child who was not his for pete’s sake..and yet he begs her and want to raise Rafe’
    s child..whereas he went very far in the revenge mode when Rafe did the same thing aka raising his own (i mean Ej’s) children. This PATHETIC guy i see right now in this story (he is great with the Lexie and Will and Stefano stuff) is NOT Ej Dimera, stop this CRAP right NOW !!

    because Rafe did the same thing..aka raising his (Ej’s) children..come on this PATHETIC guy is not Ej Dimera, stop this CRAP NOW !! As a viewer who enjoy the E

  199. From TerriK

    Kat- I’m just a little over 3 months along now. Yes the babes keep me very busy but my hubby drives I’m alone a lot & I couldn’t ask for better company.
    E.J wouldn’t just be a fish..more like a great white shark lol king of the ocean :)
    Ouch – I’ve never broken a rib before but I can imagine that it was quite painful! You must have hit some big wave!
    SandyGram- thanks! Id have ten children if my hubby would agree to it haha I’m sure I could at least get 5 out of him even though he says we are stopping after this one..but we’ll see!

    I don’t know about Roman..I just can’t see him doing it..he always acts this way everytime someone is murdered in Salem..
    I really don’t want to see Gabi & Chad together. I think Rafe is going to get to the bottom of it all and she’s going to come out looking awful dumb& Chad will drop her like a tonne of bricks.
    I’m done trying to guess “who done it” It’ll all be revealed in a few months I’m sure. But I highly doubt it’s anyone obvious. Maybe he is going into witness protection because of the Russians..who knows

  200. From Clear

    Could Ian be the shooter?

  201. From patsy

    Hey ABC,CBS and NBC IF we wanted to watch sports we would watch THE SPORTS channel .IF we watch the sports channel will we be ableto see out SOAPS I think not, so why do they have to enterrupted our soap ? Just asking Not every one likes sports I do but go to Sports channel to watch

  202. From tb


    “I just came on here and read the posts. Oh my! Such cattiness! I don’t know any of you but you can surely see the line of those who are bullying and those who are being bullied. How sad. Looks like MAB has a following with her being the head bully. Shani maybe this isn’t the forum for you or myself. I M getting off of here. I thought it was to talk about days. Vicious woman on here. Shame, shame. Grow up and stop the bullying! MAB. If you stop your minions will. Come on and stop this.”


  203. From SandyGram

    SPOILER….From Network 54 Day Aead dated June 11th:

    Abe and Kyla are in the HTS taking when Abe gets a call saying Will has been arrested. Kyla asks Abe if he thought Will could have done it, Abe’s response, quote “Abe says I know Will didnt do it. I know it for a fact.”

    Abe is the second person to ‘know for a fact’ that Will didn’t do it, the first being Marlena. Somethings up in River City, what could they know that others don’t? What evidence is on Marlena’s Red Rain Coat that she wants to give it to a woman shelter? I don’t believe they did the shooting, but it is conceivable that one or both saw something. If that’s true and it was some one other than a family member that did the shooting, they probably wouldn’t conceal what they know. I would think to clear Will they would tell what they saw. Another intriguing week coming up when more of the real facts come out.

  204. From TerriK

    Ok…this is so far fetched but I’m looking at every possibility. Maybe Will & Roman are working together to bring down the DiMera’s
    Perhaps they knew EJ would “come to the rescue” knowing Sami wouldn’t dare call Carrie…and they r expecting E.J. to pull the blackmail card?

  205. From kat

    Beautiful Sunday,
    and the plot thickens,
    Who knows what, Who did it,
    but even more, Who is behind the whole set-up, who is keeping Stefano alive, who is deceiving all of Salem and the world….Pretty sure the CIA is in there somehow, but why…
    Well, the Six pack let everybody believe they were dead,
    now Stefano/or whoever is doing the same thing……..
    To bad, Lexie will die without knowing that her Father is alive,
    but somewhere deep in inside, it might give her some peace, thinking
    that he can do No more Harm to anybody…and that she will “See Him Soon”, or not, he might have to go South first, hopefully only for a little while, who knows….

    But for My Entertainment sake…..I am so glad that one of My Main Man on this show will be back..

    TerriK, that means you will have a new family member for Christmas if my math is right. You sound very happy, (already planning for more)….
    Nothing on DOOL is to far fetched anymore…..

    WHO SHOT JR, I MEAN STEFANO???????????????????

  206. From kat

    TerriK, I had to come back on…
    I looked up St. Martin’s, and you truly live in God’s country..
    It is absolutely beautiful, like a Dream World….Lucky You.

  207. From TerriK

    Hey Kat! I actually just got back from the caves with the boys. It’s definitely worrry free living here. The most crime we see is the occasional mailbox knocked over :)
    Can you believe Dallas is making a come back!

  208. From Vivian

    Go to GOOGLE – type in “Who shot Stefano” and look at the hits…lots of speculation going on all over the internet.

  209. From Cassie

    STEFANO IS NOT DEAD. I think he tricked some sucker to change their face like he had that jail bird change their face to look like Rafe’s. Little did he know that he would be shot in the back. Stefano is hiding somewhere.

  210. From Missy Miss

    Anybody think it could be Danie Jonas?

  211. From patsy

    I read where next week EJ has Willo to begg Nicole to come back to him .What are the writers doing to EJ??? Go ahead and put EJandNicole ANDRafe and Sami back together so DOOL can be canceled and get us all out of our misery.It doesnt matter what the fans wants any way

  212. From MAB

    #142 – You coming on here ranting certainly don’t make you better than anyone else. You single me out and say I’m a bully, but you certainly are worse then I could ever be when you judge people you don’t know, call them names, and get on a personal level. Oh, and that goes for the others who agreed w/ you insulting comments too.

    #179 Debbie – very nice comments about the current events taking place on this board.

    #201 patsy – I agree, why don’t they show sports on the sports channels instead of interrupting Days?

    Kat – isn’t funny they are bringing back Dallas just as we are in the midst of the ‘who shot Stefano’ s/l? I’m thinking of watching the new Dallas…looks like it’s gonna be interesting.

    #209 Cassie – spoilers have said Stefano is not really dead, and will be returning, but in the meantime, I guess they’ll be playing up the ‘who shot Stefano’ s/l that will most likely last throughout the summer, or until his return.

  213. From TerriK

    Well I have to say I enjoyed Will challenging EJ. today. He didn’t overdo it with the facial expressions and it was a pretty intense scene. I think EJ may have gained a little bit of respect for “William” by seeing he does have a bit of a back bone. I truly believe Will feels terrible for betraying him, and I can understand why he did it…he had blackmail coming from all directions from very powerful people.
    Loved Sami’s smart remarks to Rafe about raising “Rosemary’s Baby” haha still giggling a little over that. Rafe deserved everything he had thrown at him.
    I heard a rumour that Kristin might be returning with a BANG..for revenge on Stefano for leaving her in that sex house to forever be a stripper slave..but we’ll see..would be nice to have her back…loved her character!

  214. From Cougar

    Kat I herbored the some thought too about Lexie thinking she will get to see papa on the other side but he might residing in the basement rahter than the pent houseI can hardly wait to se if the new Dallas is any good. I was always a big Dallas fan. I think to some extent the reason its back is that there a few of us out there who miss the big, splashy, dynamic soap opera dramas. Its become a dying breed with fewer soaps out there especially daytime in decline.

    It seems that they have been declaring war on the long time couples. Rumors that Jack is leaving and Kayla & Steve having troubles. I do hope that they deal with the absences of Jack and Steve with a bit of wisdom and try to preserve the unions. Send Jack away on business with his book deal. Steve is a little more difficult since he is on another show. But they had an absent Michey for how many years!?! So, yes it can be done.

  215. From TerriK

    MAB- I wouldn’t read much into these random attacks on you. If you ask me they are all the same blogger under a different name because anyone can see you are being singlled out.I’ve noticed the simlarities in what they are saying.
    Any intelligent person reading your blogs can see your awesomeness! I couldn’t even come close to how well you & Kat write. Forget the haters. Not even worthy of your time

  216. From kat

    Hi MAB, funny yes, I think I will set my DVR for Dallas. My friends today at lunch also are looking to Dallas again. We also talked a lot about EJ and Stefano…
    Cougar, like the basement/tunnels and Penthouse remarks, and of course Dallas,
    well with JR, it was Kristin (??) that shot him, maybe our Kristin will come back… having done the Bang, bang…

    215 terriK, I agree with you, …
    always think and thought that MAB writes very intelligent Blogs, and looks at it from all sides, but so do you, I like your blogs.

    I have for a very long time believed, that when out of nowhere bloggers appear to defend an agitator/…. but never do any blogging about SL’s, that they are the agitators themselves. They are hiding behind another “Name” and then they really let it rip… LOL

    It’s been going on, and I doubt very much that I am wrong, but If I am, silly me..!

    Cougar, hope you are doing better, — you are not alone, your Anonymous Friends are here for you…
    Also I hope, when Jack goes on a Book Tour (???) Jenn does not get involved with somebody else and waits for him.
    She can still have a SL, it does not have to be a Man….MAB, I know, you already see maybe Dr. Dan closing in on her, ha, ha,
    I guess we’ll see, and I don’t even have to qualify to You, that I am “toying” with you,
    go figure that….

    201 Patsy, good point about the “Sports”….

    203 SandyGram, what’s up with Abe and Marlena, knowing for a Fact, that Will did not do it…You Are Our “Big Snoop Dog”, go find out what’s going on…. and I mean that in that in an endearing way, trying to be funny, but that is ME.
    Anybody, that knows me personally, knows that
    I have a bit of a Dry sense of Humor,… NEVER any Malice, and I have mentioned that on here, Many, many times….
    Have to watch Today’s show, Later…

  217. From VoiceofReason

    A) You’re not bloggers. You post on a message board. Two different things.
    B)You’re acting like a bunch of little old ladies. Grow up.
    C) E.J. and Rafe aren’t real. They’re fictional characters. Quit basing your happiness on what other “bloggers” are saying.
    D)Kissing someone and/or fantasizing about them outside of marriage is not worse than actually sleeping with someone else, on this planet or any other. Stop defending EJ. The guy is a scumbag. Rafe is no Mr. Perfect either but last time I checked, he hasn’t tried to kill someone, take their identity, kidnap someone’s baby, you get the picture…

  218. From VoiceofReason

    Oh, I forgot. Rafe hasn’t stolen a bunch of people’s life savings and then tried to frame someone else for it. Oh, and he hasn’t basically raped someone. But other than that, he’s a good guy.

  219. From MAB

    #215 TerriK – you’re probably right. Kat & I were accused of being the same person at one time as well, when it’s obvious we aren’t, even tho we agree a lot, we write differently. Thanks again for you kind comments. And hey, don’t sell yourself short…your writing is great!

    #216 kat – I agree, most of the agitators rarely talk about the show. They only take the time to post when they want to insult someone on a personal level. No need to explain you toying w/ me about Dan & Jen, we get each other and don’t have to explain ourselves. But you know what, I think the moment for them has passed. I don’t know if they’d be interesting together any longer.

    Haven’t watched the show yet today, will have to comment on it later. I read tho that Will has an alibi, saying he was at a gay bar the night of the shooting. Really now?? With all the running around he did all night, in the rain, w/a gun, going to the seedy part of town, to the mansion, to the pub, etc., how in the world did he have time to go to a gay bar? I don’t believe it.

  220. From Kat

    Thank you “Voice of Reason”,
    but I/We know all that, watching it for the entertainment factor, just like reading a book,
    but also having a whole bunch of fun, throwing out our thoughts/feeling, …
    I am not planning on having any kind of life with any of these n
    Fictional characters any time soon, but I do enjoy all these Different type of characters, EJ’s good and bad,
    Stefano, the Master of Evil, also the Star of the Show, Rafe, Mr. goody goody, but not really, but oh so boring,…

    See, we/I are Not a bunch of little old ladies, but We are grown up, to know what we are watching is entertainment,
    Just like any other “Stupid/goofy, etc.
    TV show or Movie out in the Theaters.
    We get it, I do, and my life does not revolve around that stuff, it’s just a small little kick I get, watching DOOL and discussing it.

    So my Voice of Reason, don’t belittle us, we know what is going on totally.
    P.S. My dear again, if I had to base My Happiness on this blog, my life would have to be very empty,, and believe me, I have lived and still live a very interesting Full and rewarding life. I have traveled the world, lived all over the USA, etc.
    please We do not need your Pity at all.
    Thank you for your kind “advice” – however not needed….

  221. From MAB

    #217 VoiceofReason – hmm, I guess you’re another one crawling out from under a rock. So let me reply:

    A – Why does it bother your that some say bloggers? It’s not that big of a deal to get so defensive over something that doesn’t mean squat!

    B – I’m not an old lady, and even if I was, where do you get off calling anyone old? Just another personal attack by another disgruntled individual.

    C – Who said EJ & Rafe are real? No one, but for someone who is preaching that to the rest of us, you sure have a strong opinion about these 2 ‘fictional’ characters. One would think you wouldn’t be so worked up about it if you didn’t take it so seriously. And what does one’s happiness got to do w/ what others say on here? I for one don’t care that much.

    D – Sleeping, kissing, fantasizing is all a form of cheating…so Rafe & Carrie are just as much at fault as EJ & Sami. Also, why would I stop defending EJ? Because you say so…don’t make me laugh! I admit when he’s wrong, but I don’t see him as a monster, because I see all layers of his character. Too bad I can only view Rafe one way, because his character is pretty much one-sided…dullsville!

  222. From VoiceofReason

    LOL. Do you think I was pitying you? No, I was actually trying to implore you all to act your age. It’s like Days of Our Lives right here on this weekly spoiler report except that nobody’s getting shot or having sex. Truthfully, Richard’s posts are the most enjoyable. He doesn’t argue and he doesn’t carry on with the ridiculous Rafe/EJ bashing. He just puts his opinion out there..period.

  223. From VoiceofReason

    MAB, if you think you’re going to bully me with your pyschobabble, think again. I can leave just as easily as I came in and not care one way or the other.

    By the way, if you don’t care that much, than why do you get so agitated and defense about what other’s say? Why does all the drama around here seem to center on you? Your response to my post proves that much.

  224. From VoiceofReason

    By the way, when did I ever CALL anyone here old? I said you’re ACTING like a bunch of little old ladies.

    And if you all end up hating me, good. Maybe it will get you to stop bickering with each other all the time. lol

  225. From VoiceofReason

    Oh, and if anyone cares, I think Richard is dead on. I don’t think Roman is the real Roman. The only thing I can’t figure out is how in the world they would ever explain that Roman has Chris Kosichek’s face and that Alex North had Roman’s face. They really screwed things up with those two things.

  226. From VoiceofReason

    In summary, I guess I would just like to ask, “Can’t we all just get along”? You’re obviously all on here because you enjoy the soap. Let that be a middle ground. Leave your opinions but don’t expect others to hold the same ones. Maybe you can agree that Rafe and EJ are both idiots and the only sane and honest guy on the show is Theo.

  227. From TerriK

    Hey “Voice of Reason” would you like me to reveal whose IP address matches yours? You realize this is the internet and all it takes is the click of a button to see who uses the same computer? Oh dear Patty you really have sunk low this time. Entertaining though. Now who takes this stuff too seriously? Laughable. You would think knowing the people who “comment” on this site are pretty good at figuring out drama. Well yours has been revealed. Stop. Hiding behind that name because based on the ip address you are the same person. Good Rafe, Evil Rafe?

  228. From Kat

    Voice of Reason, IN MY OPINION, you are either Hatch, or Richard himself, LOL,
    and no way Did MAB bully you,
    I think you are a very creepy blogger, who ever you are, and Yes I said it loud and clear,because that is exactly the way I Read YOU… are a bit off IMO…. and I stand by that, and let
    ALL the other “Defend Bloggers” come out with their “Outrage”, being Victims, etc., so boring anymore, so annoying, and you know what, Why am responding to you, that annoys Me the Most, LOL

  229. From VoiceofReason

    What in the world are you talking about? Trust me, I’m not Richard. I said MAB is not going to bully me like I’ve seen her bully others, because again, I don’t care enough to let it bother me. What makes me laugh is that you guys complain about other “haters” and how others get personal and yet you’re here calling me a “creepy blogger” and saying that I’m “a bit off” because I think you guys should quit bickering and driving each other off? Wow. I guess I rest my case.

  230. From BeenWatching

    VoiceofReason sounds like me. :D

    I also tried to teach the difference between a “blogger” and a “replier” months and months ago. It didn’t work. Of course, you know WHY, right? LOL!

    But, the difference is a big deal, depending on the ACTUAL blogger in question. Repliers to a blog calling themselves bloggers can be taken as an insult to someone that took the time to write the blog in the first place. Oh, before my words get changed around and I get jumped on, I’d better cover my arse and write that I’m not saying that Matthew Purvis is definitely insulted. I wouldn’t know, would I? If it were my blog, I’d be annoyed.

    “Can’t we all just get along”

    -Never gonna happen, dude. Fine by me. It’s not me who’s going to be upset when the comments get shut down again because people just won’t take some humility and stop replying and feeding into whatever they imagine is offending them. They just can’t help wanting to have the last word and getting offended over absolutely nothing. Not for the sake of these boards, not for the sake of all the smart “bloggers” (LOL) who all stay out of the board’s drama.

  231. From BeenWatching

    Oh, and watch this! We’re also going be told that we’re the same person. :D

    They do that all the time, and they’re never right.

  232. From SandyGram

    Episode June 11th:
    These scene’s with Lexie and her different friends really tear at the ole heart strings. I did ok until she hugged Jennifer then out came the tissue box. I’m going to have to buy stock in Kleenx if this keeps up!

    Jack and Jennifer to be or not to be? I guess this will be the question if Jack leaves to go on Book Tour. But then the second second question to this story would be why wouldn’t Jennifer go on the Book Tour with Jack? If this is to be Matthew Ashford’s (Jack) way of exiting Salem I’m glad to see the writers give him the respect due for the “PTSD” story line. And, leaves the door open for a return some day!

    SPOILER included: What was with the closeness we saw between Abe and Kayla, just old friends or something more after Lexie is gone? Especially know that we read in the spoilers that Kayla and Steve are having serious problems now that he has returned to the ISA.

    SPOILER included: I’m having an issue with Roman arresting Will. Does anyone else think this may be a ploy on Roman’s part to have the real shooter come forward to save Will? Something just feels off to me. But then Will has concealed so much, just maybe the spoilers are going to be right this once and Abe being so positive Will did not do the shooting is because he saw him at a Gay Bar, giving Will an alibi. So what Will would be concealing from his grandpa Roman is the fact that he is Gay. That part is believable.

    Then in slims the good Mayor of Salem to bail Will out of jail. Out of the goodness of his cold dark heart? NO! Because he really respects Will as a friend and the things he has done for him in the past? NO! Because he’s sorry for the horrible things he has said and done to Will? NO! Because he believes Will is innocent? Ummm…NO! Could it be the earnest, good hearted, honest, upstanding citizen of Salem, Mr. Mayor bailed Will out so he could continue to abuse him and threaten him into doing his dirty deeds? YES!

  233. From SandyGram

    #231 Continued:
    Almost forgot to ‘blog’ about one of my favorites the Rafster. Looking good as always, love the camaraderie between Rafe and EJ. They need to have more of this lighthearted rapport, they work very well with each others timing and delivery of lines.

  234. From kat

    Voice of reason and been watching,
    sorry I ever sank so low as to respond to you or others like you,
    shame on me,
    so done, you are not worth it, and lord help, don’t get me suckered in again, I should know better, to respond to low class insults.
    We all like to blog about Salem, I have always agreed that we All should have different opinions, so as always, live and let’s live, and let’s All ignore the Morons (????) that constantly want to stir up trouble…..

    SandyGram, I agree, why doesn’t Jenn go with Jack on the Book tours, she has no job holding her here, and lordy, if JJ is old enough to be alone in London,
    than certainly her grown up daughter Abigail can survive alone in Salem,give me a break..Rafster looks good to you, so be it, but EJ looked real “cool” to me, and he did outsmart Rafe, please — SGram, take that as just good fun blogging, I am so tired of having , to defend every word I write.

    So what is up with Abe and Kayla, good point

  235. From barb

    If anyone is interested in a comment on the reason for this site,Days of Our Lives,I now think it was someone who has not even been considered as a suspect,such as Ian.My husband says they should have had a two-fer and killed off Stefano and Lexie at the same time.Thats now quite as outlandish as some of the junk I’ve been reading on here lately.

  236. From BeenWatching

    See? Case in point. She just couldn’t help but respond!

    And, check out the name calling on top of that! LOL! Classic. Yeah, let’s not get personal and sling insults, but let’s also not practice what we preach as we call people morons. :D Love it!

  237. From Kat

    Voice of reason, been watching… who eve you are,
    I think now, and have way back in the past always thought that you were some kind of a sicko,
    I know you pride yourself in changing your names, you used to talk and taunt us about it in the past, I do remember, still think you are not quite there, even told the Admin. that…. so be it.
    I hope you got your sick kicks, and you move on, because there will be no more “Satisfying” your sick ego from Me, but I had to call you out….
    Get your “kicks” some place else….

    And of any of your “cool” bloggers have any problem
    with my response to that person,

    I really don’t give a darn….

  238. From Liddie

    The soap is SO predictable. They have a story line and then run with the same cheesy story line for weeks on end. The “stalker” story for example. How can someone that is half way smart NOT pick up the fact that somethings fishy when calling the cops on her stalker ISN’T an option? And the old man really isn’t dead because then who’d be the nemesis for all the “old” actors? Maybe they should bring
    aps can have a little variety but this one seems to always go back to the same story..Good ‘ol Stephie is torturing the distraught citizens of Salem. I really like some of the actors on this soap and hope the new writers can do something better.

  239. From BeenWatching

    More replies with fresh new insults! :D

    Fun Fact: I didn’t dish out a single insult on this blog. I’ve actually complimented “bloggers” who were being mature and keeping their nose out of the bickering. Now that I look back, VoiceofReason didn’t call anyone names, either. Therefore, no insults were made, which means, no reason to be offended.

    Yet, we’re both met with name calling (“morons”,”sicko”). LMFAO! :D

    Keep it coming.

  240. From kat

    You know what you are, and so do I, Done with you my dear little agitator, with a silk glove…..

  241. From Kat

    Sorry TerriK and MAB, I dish out advice and then I don’t follow it,
    go hit me, stupid me….

  242. From VoiceofReason

    Look at post #226. Does that look like the post of someone who is calling someone names or getting “sick kicks” out of anything? I’m trying to encourage people to play nice with each other. For that, I get called a “sicko”. That’s hilarious. If I cared what you thought, I too might be offended. Unfortunately for you, I don’t.

  243. From NeeNee

    I check out this site sometimes daily, then again just a few times a week. And honestly, there’s almost always some kind of snarky feud going on.

    Every blog site seems to have its members who have been there since day 1 and who invest hours daily in commenting, staking out the territory with that seniority. But it’s interesting that newbies show up and many end up in a rumble with Kat and MAB. It’s too bad that you ladies can’t email each other personally and get all this stuff ironed out privately.

    That being said, I really appreciate those posters like SandyGram and Richard who bring spoiler news and long-time viewing savvy to the table. I also read Michael Fairman’s Soap site and have commented there occasionally, too.

    I always said this site was my guilty pleasure (kind of like eating a pint of ice cream!). But as the weeks go on, I will probably exit this site in favor of spending time staying informed on the political scene today. While we sit here debating Rafe vs. EJ, there are movements afoot to remake our beloved USA into a socialist/communist country. And all of us need to be vigilant and support true patriots!

  244. From BeenWatching

    Kat, do you even know the number of times you said you were so done with people, including me? I can’t even count, but I know how many times you’ve ACTUALLY followed through with that: zero.

    You are never done, dear. You never were, and you never will be in the future. ;)

  245. From kat

    Watching Abe today talking to Kayla, telling Her .. Kayla, I don’t know what to do without Lexie,, but there she sits Kayla, from what we are going to find out,
    perfectly Fine to live without Steve, the love of her Life, by being in Salem, for what, really,
    and then because he joins the ISA, just like our John, she can No longer be his Wife or whatever…Help me out here.

    MAB, You My dear must be one of the greatest bloggers ever on here, because for some reason they
    All want to go after You, Jealousy, is all I can think of anymore…. they All should be able to articulate opinions like you, fair and balanced, and I for One admire you for that, I am Not Jealous, only the contrair (???). Spell check….

  246. From VoiceofReason

    NeeNee, I appreciate your post. Your comments about the political scene are a good example that there are indeed more important things to worry about than what EJ and Rafe are doing. That’s why I can’t understand the constant fighting in these weekly updates. What’s sad is that you can miss a couple weeks, come back and the same exact arguments are happening between the same people. I’m not going to keep arguing with Kat or MAB, but my hunch is that someone else will be arguing with them the next time that I check out the update. I’m no psychologist, but that says something.

  247. From Kat

    241, NeeNee, about your last sentence, what makes you think we are ignorant to that, whats going on in this country,
    however this site as you know very well is for EJ and Rafe and Etc.etc.
    no harm done NeeNee, I do appreciate your great concerns, we all have them.
    This blogsite Has nothing to do with politics at all, that is another different basket of Eggs,
    speaking of Eggs, what is going on with the Egg business and Victor and Co.????
    Really, not to much to talk about todays episode..

  248. From NeeNee

    Kat, your first language is not English, is it? I really think some issues you take offense at may actually be rooted in misunderstanding what people say. Figures of speech many times don’t translate well. Pastor at my Lutheran church told me he has to choose his words carefully in sermons for late church because we have several Sudanese men who speak “textbook” English. Slang expressions are hard for them to understand. And also—lest I be called the ‘grammar police’—at times incorrect punctuation, spelling and run-on sentences can also alter what people think they are saying.

    I did NOT say you & others are ignorant about what’s going on in the country. This was my statement: “I will probably exit this site in favor of spending time staying informed on the political scene today. While we sit here debating Rafe vs. EJ, there are movements afoot to remake our beloved USA into a socialist/communist country. And all of us need to be vigilant and support true patriots!” I was merely saying that there are more important things than DOOL coming up in the next few months that we should be aware of. That means devoting time to informing ourselves on topics that will affect our lives & those of our children/grandchildren for decades.
    If you re-read my statement, then it should be apparent that I was not calling anyone ignorant. Just encouraging you to give current affairs a little more time than Days!

  249. From Kat

    246 NeeNee, thank your for your post, I do appreciate your taking the time.
    Something I really never discuss on here, is that I am a totally political involved person, and I am so totally with you about our beloved USA. I understand, I am from Europe, I do not approve of socialist/communist country, I understand More than Anybody, what you are talking about.

    All I meant to say, there is a place for
    politics, and Here on this blog, it’s a time for EJ, Rafe, whoever floats your boat.

    Again NeeNee,you be surprised how much time I give current affairs,

    but this blog is my time away from REALITY, I am in Salem with all the troubled citizens, and I know it is fictional, …
    NeeNee, good talking to you, and I hope we got things straight..
    and my blog buddy, can’t you do Both, care about the country, and blog
    with us Nitwits!…. You might just need a comic relief now and then, and you will find it here…

  250. From Richard

    I go by one name and that is “Richard”.
    I don’t ever use an alias, there’s no need because I just state my opinions and it don’t affect me one way or the other, who agrees with me or disagrees with me.

  251. From susan

    what a read this has been! More exciting than Days a lot of times. I missed some episodes.Would someone fill me in on what Maggie overheard Victor say about her eggs? thanks. And how do you think they will get rid of Melanie?

  252. From TerriK

    Voice of reason – its so obvious who you really are. Wanna know how? You are repeating things from last weeks arguements. Yes we already knew your opinion that you stated word for word again from last week about the difference between fantasizing and committing the real act. All you are doing is continuing an arguement that is so done.
    Oh btw, you realize how easy it is to determine that you are the same person? Just have to compare the IP address. Not hard. So stop embarassing yourself by insulting the intelligence of transparent.

  253. From TerriK

    And this is a place to blog. Why don’t you check out the web address. BLOG SPOT. So yes I consider people here to be bloggers. They regularly submit their opinions about the show and that is what bloggers do. And who, after a reign of insults, ends their “comments” with can’t we all just get along? Even funnier that most of the people who “support” voice of reason always seem to post within minutes of each other. You’re not that clever my dear and I’m sure going forward you won’t make that mistake knowingit has now been noticed. When you have to come on here and back up your own insults using another name- that to me says no you aren’t a psychologist, you may however need one.

  254. From Cougar

    Kat thanks for asking, yes I’m feeling better these days. Guess I’m going through the seven phases they talk about grief, anger, acceptance etc. Now back to DOOL.
    One thing I wondered about last week is how stupid can eveyone inSalem be, touching a gun then putting it down without wiping prints off?

  255. From Itty Bitty

    I often come to this site because I truly enjoy reading the view points of the bloggers on here. You all make the show even more interesting because it helps to enlighten me on the different avenues the story lines could be taking. Kat & MAB i enjoy reading your blogs most of all and I also have to agree with you guys- whoever this “voice of reason” or “patty” person is really seem like trouble. I don’t think it’s you that has issues with someone disagreeinng with your view seems they are making it a point to antagonize you to bite back.. and I personally don’t blame you one bit. And TerriK I think you are on to something when you say they could be the same person. Little fishy..Just sayin…

  256. From kat

    254 Cougar, you worry me, there are two reasons that I can think of, for going through all these phases…. We are here for you, should you ever be ready to unload.

    TerriK, I have also picked up the same wording, especially One phrase, and I have hardly any doubt who the new attackers/defenders are.
    251 susan, about the Eggs,
    a long time ago, Maggie froze some of her eggs and kept them in a clinic. Seems Victor took them,
    to help out Dr.Dan’s Parents, who could not have a child of their own,
    so now we found out, that actually Maggie is Dr. Dan’s mother, but we still don’t know, Who is his Father….??
    I hope I helped you understand..
    TerriK, you sound like a very smart young Lady, one that cuts through the chase and sees things for what they are.However, just like in real life, there will Always be Conflict on Here, it’s human nature, attack and defend, over and over again.

  257. From voiceofreason

    TerriK, nice try. I’m in the IT field, so I’m well aware of IP addresses. I know for a fact that YOU, unless you are an admin of this site, can’t check IP addresses. If you could, you would see that I’m not the same as anyone else on this site. Also, admins of this site wouldn’t take the time to check those kinds of things unless there was something bad going on, which clearly there is not. Next time you want to try this kind of slam on someone, find out who you’re talking to first.

    Besides, I already said I was done with arguing with them (and you apparantely). I’ve said my peace. Whether it’s me or someone else next week, your little group will keep arguing and trying to maintain some perceived aura of control because that’s what you do.

    On another note, does anyone know when Nick Fallon is supposed to be back on?

  258. From Maryl

    EJ had me laughing again yesterday!I loved his “prancing” across the room when he broke into the house–all under Rafe’s nose. Leave it to James Scott to add a little humor to his actions–this was supposed to be a serious thing, him breaking into the house and retrieving the documents, but EJ made it fun. Of course, the phone call for Rafe was perfect timing too. I was wondering why Rafe had to guard the house if he is supposed to be this valuable policeman–seems this would be a menial task for someone as qualified as he is supposed to be and that his talents would be put to use elsewhere. Usually patrol officers guard a crime scene. I guess the writers had to put Rafe inside the mansion so he could act like Mr. Macho and confront EJ. Rafe tuned down that usual smirk when EJ let him know that he would be looking into the paternity test, and if he found that he was connected to “fixing” the results, he would answer for it. Sure was glad EJ called him on that one. As far as EJ breaking into the mansion–maybe it wasn’t right to do that, but under the circumstances, it was very understandable why EJ did it–he was, just recently told that he was not Stefano’s son, so given that, he was driven to try to retreive the documents that could help shed some light on the situation and possibly help put together the pieces of his shattered life as Stefano’s son. I’m sure these writers will turn up EJ’s vindictiveness and have him hide the fact that he is not a DiMera and that he will try to take over the DiMera empire. I’m wondering it this might be the ultimate test of EJ by Stefano to see if he can overcome the worst possible obstacles and rise above them to claim the DiMera throne. Stefano loves to test members of his realm.

  259. From Just Moi

    WOW, reading this stuff is better than Days lol.

    I hate that Lexi is leaving, well until she starting crying over daddy dearest. I found it so unrealistic that she was crying and carrying on that much over her low life father. Beside being the sperm donor what has Stephano ever done for Lexi, beside trying to ruin her life and marriage. Come on writers, a few tears are fine but the scene was so overdone IMO. I think tears of Joy would of been more appropiate.

    Ohh Eel J, still slimming around. I am sure he is only going to bale out Will so he can have something else to hold over his head. It can’t be from the kindest of his heart because Eel J doesn’t have a heart.

    OK Stephano has to be the worst mob boss in history. How can a big crime lord live in a house with a revovoling door? How can so many people have access to his house? I think Im going to have to agree with those who say it was a set up, because even Stephano can’t be that stupid, can he?

  260. From MAB

    Ok Abe, lay off Lexie when she is talking about her father. He kept saying I can’t believe you still feel that way after all he’s done. Well why don’t he try to put himself in her shoes and imagine if Stefano was his father and how he would feel, especially if he was dying as she is. Whoever killed Stefano has NO feelings whatsoever for Lexie (or Theo). She is so hurt by his death that it’s probably gonna speed up her last days.

    Hmm…I thought Roman said EJ was their boss, so why can’t EJ fire Rafe since he’s obviously gonna be biased in this investigation? Rafe was his usual snide self just because EJ wanted to come into his home. EJ who always has the upper hand and gets under Rafe’s skin, handled himself perfectly, and got what he came for anyway. The scenes between them would be so much better if Rafe wasn’t so predictable. He can’t come up w/ anything new to say to EJ. Maybe if he’d work on being a little more witty like EJ, their confrontations would be a bit more interesting.

    Well I guess Will’s mad at Sami again. If I were Sami, I’d be SO tired of trying to explain myself to him and tiptoeing around everything I say. He needs to stop this war w/ his mother. It’s getting old.

    I think Will was arrested because he’s no good at being discreet about what he did. Instead he lied about everything, and now Roman knows he shot a gund he said he didn’t and knows he was at the DiMera mansion when he said he wasn’t. And I think all this boils down to EJ bailing him out and making him his whipping boy again. And that is what Will gets when he decided to get involved w/ the DiMeras in the first place. Oh well, he loves the perks of his job so much, so I guess he’ll be happy about that part anyway.

  261. From MAB

    Everyone puts their opinion out here just the same as everyone else…the problem rests w/ those who get hot under the collar when they disagree w/ EJ fans, like me, and instead of discussing each other’s opinions maturely, they post personal comments about people they don’t know.

    VoiceofReason – you just can’t stand when someone shoots it right back at you, huh? I don’t care what you think about what I say, and tho you say you don’t care, you apparently do when you can talk about nothing else. And it’s obvious your blood is boiling w/ the nastiness you’re spewing. Look, if you feel you’re being bullied by me, as you childishly claim, then STOP addressing me personally and skip over my posts! What is SO hard to understand about that???????? If you would ignore me, as I try to ignore you, then you wouldn’t subject yourself to anything I have to say, and then you’d have nothing to complain about. But you continue to keep the drama going because it apparently gives you some kind of safisfaction. Also, if you’re gonna threaten to leave, then do it and stop talking about it. I know I don’t care if you leave, and I highly doubt anyone else would either, especially when all you’ve done is insult everyone and mentioned nothing about the show. As much as I love this show, it certainly doesn’t rule my every thought and make me as sad as you are…one who can’t have a single thought w/o personally attacking someone. This will never stop as long as you continue to address me personally, so don’t think you won’t get it back in spades.

    TerriK – I’m not surprised in the least that some sink to the level they do…changing their screen name so you can continue to their uncontrollable ‘personal’ rants.

    BeenWatching – insulting, you’re not excluded from that title, and apparently you haven’t changed from the last time you came on here and babbled. Hey, how about trying something new for a change…and talk about Days of Our Lives!

    kat – thank you! Yeah it seems I am the center of attention…maybe they are jealous and that is why they get so bent out of shape because I have a mind of my own, along w/ my own opinion, and I’m not one who goes along w/ the crowd. Hey, your posts are just as good as mine, and you don’t misunderstand what others are saying as it was insinuated, just because English isn’t your first language. It’s my first language and you understand everything I say all the time. There is no need to think otherwise just because someone said that, which to me was very rude assumption of you. This place is to talk about Days, not hurling insults, but unfortunately that rarely gets done as much as it should.

  262. From BeenWatching

    Yo! Notice the wording after the ACTUAL blog up on the top, there? It reads “leave a COMMENT”, then after that, it reads “(###) REPLYS so far”. Not “leave a blog” or “(###) blogs so far”. The only blogger on this entire page is Matthew Purvis. The rest of us are simply commenters or repliers, as worded appropriately every single week after the actual blog. Calling yourselves bloggers is self-flattery.

    There was no reign of insults by VoiceofReaon, TerryK, as I pointed out. There wasn’t even ONE insult flung by either of us. Without twisting words around, I challenge you to find one insult. And, if you stumble across the words “moron” and “sicko” thinking you found one, nope, keep searching, as those are names that Kat called us.

    Don’t you just wish that you COULD see the IPs? I’d love for the accusers here to eat their words about that, once and for all. I know I’m not VoiceofReason, or any other username that is suspect of wingmanning themselves. How shocked would you be for being (a) wrong, and (b) called out by more than a few of what some have labelled “troublemakers”?

    But, that defending the blogger title stuff by TerryK is almost exactly word for word the same defense I read nearly a year ago on these boards. Hmmm… Should I also be so sure of myself that it’s the same commenter? Or, should I just realize that more than one person can have the exact same viewpoint, and it doesn’t mean that they’re the same person with an alternate name?

  263. From Kat

    261 – Yawn…….I know who you are, your own words gave it away…more yawn….

  264. From MAB

    I must have a different perspective on what it means to loose a parent, because when it happens, it’s earth-shattering, and it changes your whole life. So Lexie being so upset over Stefano’s death is very realistic to me. Like she said, regardless of what he did, he was her father…she loved him and he loved her. And w/ all the other circumstances surrounding her predicament, it’s not a wonder she is a basket case. I feel so sorry for her. She doesn’t deserve any of this, loosing her father, or her own life for what Andre did to her.

  265. From MAB

    #257 Maryl – ditto!

  266. From MAB

    I’m glad we’ve all now been straightened out on what the wording is on the top of this page. Not that anyone has ever read it…no…we now are just so appreciative for someone finally coming on here and explaining it to us…thank you so much!

  267. From VoiceofReason

    #260 is so full of reading comprehension errors and condradictions that I’m not even going to justify any of it. All I will say is this:

    “If you would ignore me, as I try to ignore you..” TRY HARDER.

    For my THIRD show-related item (since some people obviously can’t seem to read entire posts), I will say about #263, Stefano created Andre, so he deserves much of the blame for his actions. And yes, that would make anyone a basketcase, especially with what she’s already dealing with.

  268. From TerriK

    Hey “been watching”the only person who has ever spelled my name wrong as TerryK was patty. Giving yourself away too easy. Yep. I’m saying that. You bore me. Kat read my mind as she wrote yawn. I’m so over providing excitement in your life. I have 2 children and one on the way and no time to waste on weirdos such as yourself.
    The End.

  269. From MAB

    VoiceofReason – everyone knows YOU started w/ me, calling me out by name. It’s there for everyone to see. I had never heard of you until you posted calling me out…so get it right! You are the one who apparently can’t ignore me. And my #260 post was dead on, no comprehension errors or condradictions, just another way for you to take a jab and sling personal insults, although I’m not surprised YOU don’t comprehend anything I say.

  270. From MAB

    VoiceofReason – again, you just can’t seem to let it go, can you? What I posted was MY opinion. Do you have a clue as to what that means???? Apparently not when you have to rattling off about what MY opinion. I agree w/ the others, something is off about you, especially when you’re obviously obsessed w/ everything I say.

  271. From kat

    267 TerriK, I hear you about patty, because, even way way back, whenever patty “left” the blog, been watching would appear, the writing style, same whatever.
    I figured it out who been watching is, by her own word….very specific own words…LOL
    If that gives them a Thrill, so be it.
    Richard, I am not saying that you are any of them, the only ironic thing to me has always been, whenever you dropped out, “hatch” shows up like your Guardian Angel…
    and you guys stay so quite, letting them do the dirty work on us bloggers.

    Roman finally did good work, wow,
    Marlena and John awfully smug, at least for Me, and yes they did lie to Roman, glad He pointed that out to them….”Are you accusing us of lying”…. Darn right, you did lie to me….
    EJ and Will, what a great combo, I love
    watching them together, some day EJ might just find out, that Will is just as good as he is, but that will a long time yet.
    Will, as an actor is lucky, if they turn him into a “Sami, EJ,Stefano” kind of character, because he will have a Job on this soap for a long time.

    Maybe putting Rafe, the most honest, unbiased, not personally involved person… my foot, taking over the investigation…could it be, that the ” Watch Dog” officer will be His nest love interest, since He can’t have Carrie….??
    Question, did I hear right, that Roman will also be leaving the show…..? And the Beat goes on….

    Admin. just being curious, what are we doing on here….. Blogging, Commenting, Discussing, Arguing – Oh yes -!

    Person # 217 told us, We are not Bloggers, so what are We, Curious in PA.

  272. From grandma to many

    it sure seemed way to easy to get into the Dimera mansion both when everyone came to threaten Stephano and when EJ entered with a knife or letter opener where is the security both electronic and man power ? EJ’s threats to Rafe were nothing to worry about as Nicole changed those names all by herself with Dr, Dan full well very suspect of her actions there seem to be a great number of enablers in Salem

  273. From kat

    271 grandma to many,
    not arguing with you please, just responding with My opinion,
    Rafe is an accomplice in Nicole’s actions, He knows very well, that He is Not the Baby’s father, but he is backing up her Deceit.
    Just, if it ever comes out, he did the Cover up for Sami’s shooting, that makes him an accomplice… Does anybody besides Me see, that Rafe is not innocent, he is a supposed trained and sworn man of the law, supposed to be an officer of the court, but boy does he do a lot of Covering Up.

    However, I do agree with you so much about the security in a so called Big Mobster’s house, pathetic…. Revolving door hospitality….LOL

  274. From patty

    Well, if it ain’t my name being thrown around AGAIN!!! I come back here to read and low and behold, the feuding has gone on without me so it proves who the real trouble makers are. Hate to burst all your little bubbles but you have it all figured out wrong as far as who is who, so I guess you’re not as smart as you think you are. I post with the moniker “patty” only. Must be some of your tactics to blog under different names but not mine.
    Hi Voice of Reason and Been watching, great observations! You have them figured out and I couldn’t have said it better myself, even though I didn’t.
    Now I’m gone so bullies, could you leave me out of your $hit fest. Before I go , EJ looked like a ballerina skipping and hopping in the living room like a girl. His mancrush on Will is growing.

  275. From TerriK

    What a convenient coincidence lmao..Next..

  276. From patty

    No coincidence that this place has gone to $hits since you came along. So you’re comparing IP adresses now? Breaking a few rules are you? Obviously you suck at it because you got it all wrong as usual.

  277. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Re: Kat #270
    (Cited from Wikipedia)
    Although not a must, most good quality blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other via GUI widgets on the blogs and it is this interactivity that distinguishes them from other static websites.[2] In that sense, blogging can be seen as a form of social networking. Indeed, bloggers do not only produce content to post on their blogs but also build social relations with their readers and other bloggers.[3]

    A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability of readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs.

    More recently “multi-author blogs” (MABs) have developed, with posts written by large numbers of authors and professionally edited.

  278. From TerriK

    Lmao Patty- as I’ve said…I’m no longer donating to your “need a life fund”

  279. From kat

    276, Dyeing to be Blonde,
    remember I am just a simple “Non American”, second language,

    you are loosing me, I don’t really know what you are trying to say, and I mean that in a Truly very respectful way…..
    I am just on here, and have been, to talk about the SL’s, the characters,
    agree or disagree with others, all in good Humor…
    This is starting to get to Technical for me… Where is the Fun we are supposed to have,
    Somebody, just give me a Name of what We are doing on here….

    not that I really care, I am going to blab right on, and I hope the Rest of You Ladies/Gentlemen will do the same thing.
    Can we just Talk…….

  280. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Kat, okay, I understand. It’s direct from Wiki, so they wrote it. In essence what they are saying is to be a ‘blogger’ you have to have ownership of building, managing, tweaking, authorship of content and hyperlinks.

    Unless you are doing the work you see on the screen, you are a reader and commenter.

    Carry on..

  281. From kat

    279, Dyeing to be Blonde, thank you for your effort, I do appreciate it,
    so now I am, and we all are a Reader and a Commenter….
    Thank you, nice commenting with You.
    P.S. Don’t be such a stranger on here this Comment board, Kat.

  282. From TerriK

    Indeed, bloggers do not only produce content to post on their blogs but also build social relations with their readers and other bloggers.[3]
    Doesn’t that imply that although not the offical blogger of this site, Kat, as well as others, can still be considered bloggers?

    Sorry dyeing to be blonde..I really am blonde lol so the definition confused me too :)

  283. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    You can be bloggers if you so desire. Pretty sure Wiki won’t care. Most people use it interchangably anyway. My Mass Communications book was less clear than Wiki. That’s a hoot.

    I’m not really a blonde, but I guess you knew that already.

    I come and go, Kat. Don’t really have many opinions about the show to comment on. Mostly, it drives me crazy because it’s not very well written. Always been my opinion, when comparing to other soaps, but it sure seemed to have outlasted the better ones, so kudos to the fans who keep it on the air (for now, but its day is coming)

  284. From JiBi

    I’m sorry I have to get into that I think that bloggers is more cute to say that Readers or Commenters but the most important, it doesn’t matter if we call us blogger, Reader or Commenter the most important think is we are here to Blogg respectfully IMO of course :)

  285. From Kat

    283 JiBi, my thoughts exactly, who cares what I am, I am me, talking to you and so many others….
    and TerriK, right on, we don’t care
    what MY/Or Anybody’s “Title” is on here,, I just like to Yap…babble, whatever….
    I am not really a blonde, but I have been for a long time, sort of blended, looks very natural, I am told…

    282, Dtbb… more coming than going….

  286. From kat

    MAB, I do remember the Pain you went through when you lost your Mother, If I am correct, it was some time before Christmas,
    so many of us shared Pains in our lives back then, and sadly to say,,, Grandma Judy was right there with us,… puzzled,we abused her……help me…. and she thinks Been watching is a great blogger,,,, since when….
    Lexie lost her Father, it does not matter who or what he was, He was Her Father, get it.

    273 patty, just give it up, you finally have been exposed…..

  287. From patty

    #285 No Kat, you give it up. I was not exposed, you and TerriK are just wrong as usual. Shows how little you know and how smart you think you are. I’ll explain slowly, Been Watching, Voice of Reason, patty, different bloggers. Is that clear enough for you?

  288. From kat

    286, Nope, sorry,
    just like handwriting analysis,
    you can compare writings …
    IMO, you are it,…

  289. From patty

    Lmao Kat! You can’t compare squat and you really are dumber than a box of rocks. You just can’t believe that three people or more would have the same opinion of you and your croonies can you? Well, guess again. And those are the only ones that spoke up. You are dead wrong lady. Unlike you,I don’t hide behind others to say what I have to say. Now leave me the heck out of your posts and stop accusing me of things when you don’t even have a clue what you’re talking about.

  290. From SandyGram

    Episode June 12th:
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sure showed up in spades today, quote “my humanitarian gesture didnt have anything to do with making amends”. As he added, “you didnt think I would pay your bail out of the goodness of my heart (what heart), I did it for the reasons I do most things in life its serves my purposes”. And the final blow to the Young Squire, “I do something for you and you do anything for me once again William I own you.” Just when it seemed there was likeability in the character of EJ DiMera as a human being. The writers work even harder to show his egotistical, narcissistic, self-important personality which any young child would want to say ‘hey that’s my Dad’…..or NOT!

    Then there’s William who is not only showing signs of Sami’s traits, but the traits of (unfortunately) EJ. Kind of anxious to see what Will thinks he knows about EJ that he wouldn’t want his constituents to know about. Not to mention, there’s still something suspicious about Marlena’s actions. It just seems like there’s more there than her getting rid of that red rain coat.

    Hopefully Will’s alibi will appear soon to clear him of any involvement in the shooting, then we won’t have to see Carrie get into more of Sami’s business.

    Even Officer Kent, the ‘Shadow’, is an odd character. She will now be working with Rafe as he takes over the investigation. Could she also be a DiMera plant?

    Although Roman is more connected to the suspects, for me, Rafe is just as connected with what the DiMera’s did to him personally. So it’s baffling why Rafe would be a good candidate to take over the investigation.

    Finally obviously any effort on Sami or Lucas’s part to conceal any past deeds of William will surface eventually. It’s just a matter of time. Just look at EJ and his trying to conceal the paperwork that says he’s not a DiMera. There are enough people that know that little piece of information it will raise it’s ugly head. In fact I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Samantha Gene, his new found BFF, doesn’t blackmail ole Mr. Mayor to get him to back off the Young Squire.

    SPOILER: Tomorrow even the young and innocent will have something to say about the death of Nonno. Excerpt from Days Cafe Days Ahead “Johnny misses his grandfather and innocently remarks they are still DiMeras. As Sami watches, EJ uncomfortably agrees.” To be so young and to be thinking about being an all important DiMera, that is brain washing for me at this young tender age!

  291. From Kat

    288, you are starting to sound a bit challenged… sorry, but that’s the way I see it, to bad for you.
    Being dumber than a box full of rocks, never heard that one before, out of my league,
    Who am I hiding behind, that’s a new one, I always thought that I was a person, confident in herself,
    I will leave you out of my posts, when I feel like it, when I think that you are so innocent, and that I have been so wrong about you,, until then, I think, I have a lot of clues….Thanks to you….
    Sounds like you are getting desperate, so sorry my dear, but you started that “Sorry Game”, not me, you and Shani, so live with it..

  292. From TerriK

    Well patty I’m proud to be one of Kat “croonies” if that’s what you consider me to be. You and your multiple personalities are creepy. Kat & MAB both respect the opinion of others..they may disagree at times but NEVER do they hit below the belt like you. You get ignorant and talking to you is like talking to a brick wall when it comes to a difference of opinions. I think you just enjooy getting under the skin of others…because…well you have no life. I’m sorry for that.
    You want to get rude? I can be too. I love this site..I love the opinions of most who “comment” but you are just messed up

  293. From Kat

    TerriK, big mega ditto my dear.
    Wanted to tell you before, but one of my jobs for over 23 years,
    was being the OfficeManager/Dispatcher to always at a time of about 18 – 20 truck drivers…. I went through a lot of drivers, but never had a personal problem with them .. I was their Queen, and still they come to see me, miss me, I go visit the place …..They tell me, that nobody can ever replace me, because I was so FAIR.
    I understand, what it is to be married to a Truck driver, even though I never was,
    but all the Wives were my friends and still are. It can be a lonely life, but If you have the right guy, it will be ok. Take care Terri, Kat

  294. From TerriK

    wow we have many things in common! Prior to my pregnancy with my 3 year old I worked for ExxonMobil. As a disptcher for their marine division.
    It can certainly be a lonely depresses him even more to be away from me & the boys. He works his butt off to provide for us &j I wouldn’t trade him for all the tea in Salem lol ;)
    His Dad is a cattle farmer only 15 minutes away and our plan eventually is to build another home on the farm & raise the boys there :) you are such an easy person to talk to! Was

  295. From kat

    293 Terri,
    like I have said before, I have done so much in my live,
    I am writing a book about it for my kids and my grandson, and the rest of what ever family….and friends.
    I am grateful every day for my life, I love making new friends, and I do so every day in my life.
    I had an 93 year old friend I took care of for so many years,he died last year, I talked about it here.. but now his Granddaughter had a Baby boy Sat.AM and I saw them on Sund. I will be very much involved again with the baby, they are living in Grandpa’s house now, Mom and Dad bought it out for them…What a wonderful caring family they are, all of them, sticking together,
    and I am so happy, that I will be part in that little boys life… Little Alexander Connor,
    unfortunately, there is not a Dad, “Right Now”…
    But that little boy I held Sunday, does have all kinds of loving family,,,,always, and that is a promise.

  296. From gerri

    that little boy sounds like he is going to have a great life.Families need to stick together,thru the good and bad times,no one can ever get too much love.
    tell his mom congrats….

    haven’t watched yesterday or today’s show,so can’t make any comments,but as far as days goes,we have different opinions,about most everything,but can share news about family and
    friends,hope Cougar is feeling better.
    Miss Grandma Judy’s posts.come back on please,I agree with pretty much everything,with you and
    also with Patty,Daisy,Sandygram,Just Moi,Clear(where Is she at?)that doesn’t make any of us bad,we just see things differently.
    So let’s all be nicer……

    Update.Daughter will be facing more surgery on One of her fingers,but the other two,are doing very good,she Is in the middle of therapy 3 days a week.
    sure hope this next one will be the last…

    with Patty,Just Moi,Sandygram

  297. From SandyGram

    #295 gerri
    Good Luck on your daughters next surgery, would the doctors ever be able to fit her with some kind of prostheses. The medical community is doing wonderful work in the prostheses world.

    We haven’t heard from Grandma Judy since June 7th and one little posting on June 8th. I sure hope she’s off on a nice vacation and will be back soon.

  298. From Kat

    296 SandyGram, I truly hope that Grandma Judy will be back,
    once She truly realizes, that I was not Mistreating Her one bit,
    give me a break,
    quit listening to all these agitators, that are doing nothing but starting problems on this site…. We have blogged ( or whatever we have done), give me a name…
    for so long, she should know better by now,
    but it is Her choice, if she believes, that I am that horrible, heartless person that I have been made out to be. Truly sad and disappointed, well I guess, Shani, patty and Been Watching are her true friends.So be it…
    GrandMaJudy, I truly wish you the best, and I hope that you made the right choices in your friends…..

  299. From kat

    Hey, hit me, I just saw, below it says – Submit Comment,
    We are All doing “Comments”,….

  300. From BeenWatching

    This is going to show up three times tomorrow, isn’t it? Ever get that message that you’re posting too fast, and you can’t post for the rest of the day? Nice.

    It’s not the first time I’ve been accused of being Patty, but sorry, I’m not her. Just because I incorrectly spelled your name with a “y”, instead of an “i”? And, “the only person who has ever spelled your name wrong”? You’re new (supposedly)! How many people have even addressed you by name, yet? It really IS too bad that you can’t see the IP addresses here. You’d feel mighty sheepish with that foot in your mouth. But, I can’t knock you for it, really. I’ll admit that the misspell would have me convinced, too, if the tables were turned. Yes, Patty and I write similarly. No, we don’t write exactly alike. It’s because we write (aside from the rare mistake) correctly. What a novel concept, huh?

    Oh, and you’re welcome, MAB! It’s always a pleasure to be of service and to point out the blatantly obvious when most seem to ignore it.

    And, here it is again: more comments from Kat addressing me when she vows, and even pleads to God, to be sooo done with me. As usual, I called it for the empty words that they were. As usual, Kat didn’t disappoint, with another reply full of wrongness. I really don’t care that she can’t help herself but always feeding in, but at least don’t attempt to fool yourself or anyone else by saying otherwise. Heck, I’d never say that! I’ll mostly always respond back when I can, or if I feel like it. That much is obvious and here I am, calling it for what it is.

    Still, no one can meet the challenge and provide proof, in quotes (without twisting words around), of mine or VoiceofReason’s “personal insults”. That’s because there were none.

    About the blogger thing: You could call yourselves blogees (like employers vs. employees). Or, you know, just never mind the technicality and frigging stick with what you’ve been doing for years!

  301. From JiBi

    Kat 285 – I start to cried when I read your message to Mad, I also lost my mother last year 2 months after Christmas and I can very say that yes no matter who is our parents and what thinks the other That hurts.

  302. From TerriK

    Voice of Reason- for someone who writes “correctly” your spelling and grammer really stinks. I wouldn’t pride myself in that if I were you. And my accusing you of being the same person goes beyond the mispelling of my name.
    When exactly are you going to start commenting on the show & quit it with your need to “call people out”
    How about something original rather then your constant repeat rants?
    This is my last post to you. I simply had to point out the obvious and now that I’ve done that I’m just going to pass by your comments as though you aren’t even here. Unless I notice you have something intelligent to say about the show.

  303. From Kat

    299, I have Not addressed you since blog 23??????? something.
    But I have replied to “patty”,
    you must have felt addressed then…. getting confused with your dual blog names….

  304. From JiBi

    Terrik – :( I’m the worst person here in this Blog that my spelling and grammer really stinks. But I have a good excuse lol I’m French and I’m trying very hart to lol :)

  305. From TerriK

    no no JiBi- mine isn’t the greatest either :) this person just felt the need to pride themselves in how well they write while insulting the intelligence of others. You’re a sweetie & and I’m soooo sorry if that offended you :)
    That’s it…I don’t care how much I’m provoked I won’t be engaging in these arguements anymore. I feel terrible now for making u feel that way :( happy comments from now on- cross my heart- unless it has to do with the show ;)

  306. From JiBi

    TerriK I know what you wanted to say and to who, I understands you very well :) you did not offended me, I just tried do be funny but I guess the result was I’m the one that make you felt bad and I’m sorry for that :( Please don’t feel terrible cause now I’m the one that feel terrible for making u feel that way lol please continous to be your self :) I like your comment a lot samer thing for Kat and Mad cause I’m a Demera fan as well :)

  307. From JiBi

    Oupsss (DiMera) lol

  308. From BeenWatching

    Kat: Yay! I love when there’s timestamped documented proof that you’re wrong and I’m right! Not like many should need the proof, by now. Both of your posts, #234 and #237, show you shouting to the heavens of your being done with me and how you’re not going to feed in (even though replying to my #236 with your #237 already shows your lack of resolve). And, although you didn’t address me directly, you responded to me later in #240. But, if you don’t want to count it on a technicality, I’ll wave it. However, you can’t deny your #262 (“261 – Yawn…….I know who you are, your own words gave it away…more yawn….”). Since I’m #261, yeah, there you go, absolutely replying to me again. Heck, let’s not forget your #302 which leads me to this response back to you! The confusion is yours, darling. You obviously can’t keep up with your own comments and empty promises and vows within them.

    Case in many, many points. As I’ve said, you are never done with me. You claim to be, but you never are. You’ll always respond. You just can’t help yourself. So, be honest with yourself. You must honestly love this crap, and rather have a message board full of conflict, instead of peace, because it’s more exciting for you. That’s why members are starting to drop like flies off this board, and that’s why I’ve showed up again. Honestly, you were almost doing pretty well for awhile there (aside from a few snares and hiccups), after my last appearance. But, when 2 or 3 members swear off these boards in a matter of days because of the same names that crop up in arguments or spats week after week after week, it’s time for BeenWatching to reappear.

    TerriK: you responded to my comment, but I’m not VoiceofReason. You would have to think my spelling and “grammer” (really, now) stinks, if you think you’ve been writing properly at any point on these boards. For one basic thing, have you ever heard of a comma? It seems like you have the exact same failure of resolve as Kat. You’re so convinced that I’m Patty, and have also sworn up and down that you won’t be responding, but you keep doing it every single time.

    I do write about the show. UNLIKE Patty and VoiceofReason, I DO admit to using two handles on these boards, never to wingman myself, but because I’m of two minds. I like these boards when the people are likable, but I use BeenWatching when the people do unlikable things. BeenWatching will stay for as long as she’s fed, and for as long as there’s unfair conflict on these boards (or until Admin decides otherwise). I’ve explained all of this before somewhere. If you care, you’ll search it out and read it. With my other handle, I discuss Days nearly every week, and my comments are generally welcome and well-received.

  309. From nancy

    Did not read all of these comments so not sure if this has been asked Kayla asked Abe is he wanted to bring Theo over for a play date with Joey. Has anyone seen Joey yet on the show?? (I don’t get to see it everyday)

  310. From URL

    Exceptional post even so , I was wanting to know in case you could write a litte far more on this subject? I’d be quite thankful in case you could elaborate slightly bit far more. Thanks! 327087

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